Kurt, Blaine and Aiden

Chapter 8

"Aiden's dressed, I have my wallet and where's the diaper bag?" Kurt looked around the room frantically. "I swear we just had it. I just changed his diaper. We can't leave if we can't find it."

Blaine bounced Aiden gently in his arms. "I thought it was on the bed, we just changed his diaper, but I mean we can always go to your parent's house. We left some stuff there."

"It's not on the bed or on the floor." Kurt bit his lip in frustration, "Wait it's…it's under the bed? How did it get there?" He turned to Blaine.

"Oh look Aiden, there's a football on the TV." Blaine pointed to blank TV screen, turning away from Kurt.

"Ball?" Aiden looked around the room in confusion. "Dadda no ball."

"Honestly, it's not even on Blaine." Kurt put his hands on his hips. "You're once again trying to get out of this dinner, which you ARE going to."

Blaine sat Aiden on the floor and let him teeter towards his toys.

"Is there something wrong with Aiden? He looks stiff and he looks bloated too Kurt! We should take him to the doctor." Blaine changed the subject.

"Well maybe…" Kurt picked Aiden up. "It's the three diapers you put on him?!" He unsnapped Aiden's pants and removed two of the diapers.

Kurt shot him a look, "No more Blaine. It's just dinner with your parents and it'll last two hours. Don't make a huge deal out of this and please don't fight with your dad tonight especially in front of your son."

Blaine rolled his eyes, "Fine."

Kurt handed Aiden back to Blaine and kissed Blaine on his forehead. "I know this is hard. Just please…this is important."

Blaine sighed, "Okay. I'll try."

They gathered the diaper bag and headed downstairs. Cooper and Julia were already waiting in the front hall.

"Hey buddy!" Cooper reached for Aiden. Blaine handed him over, narrowing his eyes. "Don't over excite him."

"What?" Cooper said with a smile on his face as he swung Aiden around in a circle. "Little bro? I can't hear you over my nephew's screaming."

Aiden shrieked and laughed hysterically.

"Cut it out Cooper!" Blaine reached for Aiden.

Cooper laughed and stepped back.

Mrs. Anderson came down the hallway putting on one of her earrings. "Boys! You come home and act like you're twelve. Stop being immature."

"Mom, he's…" Blaine started.

"That's enough Blaine. Cooper, if you spin that baby one more time I swear you will never see any sort of trust money until your kids have kids."

Cooper stopped and patted Aiden on the back, he shot Blaine a look and whispered under his breath, "Snitch."

"Asshole." Blaine hissed.

"I heard that." Mrs. Anderson said going through her purse. "Where's your father? We're going to be late."

"I'm here." He came into the room. "And we're not going anywhere. I had dinner catered."

Mrs. Anderson looked up, "Honey, we have reservations. Kurt and Blaine offered to pay for dinner tonight. I told you that."

"Nonsense. Let's have a meal at home like we used to. Besides the food's already here. Lobster and steak, it's a full course meal." He steered his wife to the dining room. "Come on everyone." He called over his shoulder smiling widely.

Cooper followed carrying Aiden and placing a hand on Julia's back. Blaine saw him lean over and whisper, "We haven't had a family dinner in years."

Kurt followed but stopped as he saw Blaine fall back a little, "Its fine, we can…we can take them for breakfast or something before we leave." He reached for Blaine's hand.

Annoyance spread across Blaine's face. "He's up to something."

"Stop it." Kurt hissed. "Let's eat."

They went into the dining room and took their seats. Kurt next to Aiden's high chair and Blaine across from him. Mr. Anderson took his place at the head of the table. His wife on his right and Cooper on his left. Julia was next to Cooper and Kurt next to her.

"The food looks wonderful Mr. Anderson." Kurt said smiling. "You shouldn't have gone to all this trouble."

Mr Anderson smiled widely at Kurt, "Well,I like to feed my family, and I'd do anything to make them happy."

An awkward pause floated through the air and Blaine poured himself a glass of wine, he needed it.

Dinner flowed surprisingly well. Cooper and Julia talked about the wedding. Mrs. Anderson talked about her work and debated on running for town mayor. Kurt talked about his work in New York and Blaine added comments here and there. The atmosphere finally felt like it was starting to relax. Before they knew it, it was dessert.

They were eating and laughing when Aiden yawned in his seat. "Oh. Poor baby is tired." Mrs. Anderson smiled. "He's just so polite and quite."

"It's the Anderson genes." Mr. Anderson said.

"Thank you." Kurt smiled. "He's an angel most of the time and I'm so glad he's being well behaved. He really likes you guys."

"So," Mr. Anderson broke into the conversation. "How does it work?"

Everyone looked at him, silence thickly filled the air again.

"How does what work honey?" Mrs. Anderson said giving him a look.


Cooper cleared his throat and everyone seemed to shift uncomfortably in their seat.

"Honey…" Mrs. Anderson started.

Blaine balled his fists, his jaw tightened. "Um…well." Kurt started. "We had a surrogate and mixed with our sperm, it took and nine months later we had Aiden."

"Hmm…so only one sperm took?" Mr. Anderson rose his eyebrows.

"Umm…yeah…that's how it typically works." Blaine said icily.

"So I mean technically, he's only one of yours biologically." Mr. Anderson said as he took a drink of his water.

Kurt froze.

"Honey, this isn't an appropriate dinner conversation." Mrs. Anderson placed her hand on her husband's.

"Why not? I mean we're all family. It's nothing to be ashamed of." Mr. Anderson smiled and looked towards Kurt. "So tell me Kurt, how did you guys decide? I'm really very interested."

Kurt stammered. "Well we…we didn't really. Blaine and I…we decided we didn't want to know."

"Kind of cowardly don't you think?" Mr Anderson said staring at Kurt. "I mean when he gets older he's going to ask."

"We just feel that…" Kurt started.

"Why does it matter to you Dad? Not like you're going to be in his life anyway." Blaine said looking at his father.

"Blaine, please." Kurt whispered.

"I mean it's our business, our family, mine and Kurt's." Blaine continued.

"Well I'd like to know if I should be giving any trust find money to my actual grandson." Mr. Anderson added.

"Okay, Carter. That's enough." Mrs. Anderson spoke harshly.

"It doesn't MATTER if he's yours biologically or not. He's still your grandson. How dare you talk about my son like that!"

"Whoa Blaine, there's no need to get defensive. I'm just making a point. I don't know if he's got Anderson blood running though him. That effects the trust fund money don't you think? I mean is it really fair if your son, who might not even BE your true son, gets as much money as Cooper and Julia's baby."

"Oh! Okay so that's how you want to play this?" Blaine slammed his fist on the table.

Aiden jumped and whimpered from the noise.

"Blaine! You're upsetting Aiden. Stop it." Kurt looked at him.

"I mean you're walking around playing "daddy" for a kid that might not even be yours. How can you live with that suspense?" Mr. Anderson sat back in his chair.

"It's not some kind of NOVEL Dad! I've known the whole time Aiden was biologically Kurt's, but to me that doesn't matter. Aiden is still MY son." Blaine stood up.

"Wha…What?" Kurt whispered.

Blaine's eyes widened as he realized what he said. He turned to Kurt. "Kurt I…"

"You knew? But we told the doctor we didn't want…."

"Kurt listen, it's complicated."

"It's not complicated Blaine. It's the simple fact that it doesn't matter whose Aiden's biological dad is. We are BOTH his fathers. You knew how much that meant for us to not know."


"Excuse me." Kurt got up from the table and grabbed Aiden, tears streaming down his face. "Thank you for the lovely dinner." He rushed out of the room.

"I think he's overreacting now…" Mr. Anderson piped.

"How dare you! You manipulative asshole." Blaine yelled. "You know what, just wait because this family is tired of your constant bullshit. One day you're going to look around and realize no one loves you and you're alone. You have given me so much crap my whole life, but this is it. Keep your money and stay away from my family."

Blaine left the table, before he walked out the door he turned back, "You know, you tell me I don't have what it takes to be a dad, I'm doing a hell of a job considering I never had a father."

He walked out and upstairs to his room, where he gently knocked on the door before opening it. Aiden was drifting to sleep in his crib and Kurt was packing things into their suitcases. Tears streaming down his face.

"Can we talk?" Blaine whispered.

Kurt ignored him and kept packing.

"Kurt, you know it doesn't mean anything that your Aiden's biological dad. We can just forget everything."

"You can't just unhear something like that Blaine. We made a promise, a promise that we wouldn't know. Okay. It just…" Tears flowed more freely, "I have forgiven you for so much Blaine…so much and I don't know about now."

"Kurt, don't say things like that!"

"What, the truth? We never wanted Aiden to know until he was old enough to make his own decisions. We agreed Blaine."

"I know. I just...

Aiden started fussing and crying. Kurt took two steps over to him and pick him up. "Shh. Shh." He turned to Blaine. "I wanted one weekend Blaine. Just ignore your dad and be civil. Not even for me, but for Aiden."

"I don't get along with my dad the way you do Kurt. It's not that easy for me. How was I supposed to sit at the table and let him talk to you guys like that?"

"You be a man Blaine. You ignore him." Kurt wiped his eyes. "I can't do this right now. Aiden and I are leaving to my parents."

"Your upset Kurt, don't drive like this."

"Don't tell me how I'm feeling Blaine! If I want to take Aiden with me, I will."

"He needs to sleep in one place for the night, it's getting late. I have a say in this too." Blaine frowned at Kurt.

"Did I have a say in when you went to the doctor?" Kurt snapped. "I need time to cool down and think." Kurt stood for a moment and looked away biting his lip trying not to start crying again. "I…"

"Kurt, please. You can sleep in this room. I'll sleep downstairs if you want."

"Fine." He whispered. "We'll stay here but I want you to sleep somewhere else. I don't feel like sleeping in the same bed with you right now."

Blaine nodded, "Fine, I'll just say goodnight to Aiden."

Kurt handed Aiden to Blaine and got Aiden's bed clothes out. He overheard Blaine sniffle and excused himself to the bathroom.

Tears pooled in Blaine's eyes and he kissed Aiden's forehead before setting him in his crib."I'm sorry buddy. Your dad has a way of screwing things up sometimes, even if I think it's the right thing to do. I made you a promise and I plan to keep it. I'll always protect you." He kissed the top of his head one more time.

Kurt came back into the room in pjs and had his back turned to prepare the bed so he could sleep.

"I'm sorry." Blaine said quietly.

Kurt didn't say anything as Blaine gathered his own pajamas out of his suitcase. Blaine stood in the doorframe and frowned, "I know I should have told you, talked to you about it." Blaine said. "I…I don't even know why I wanted to know but I don't love him any less, okay? I love you both so much and you guys mean the world to me. "

Kurt wiped tears quickly from his face, "I…I don't know what to say. I'm just really hurt Blaine."

"I know. I'm sorry."

Kurt started towards the door and gripped the handle, "I will talk to you in the morning, good night."

"Night." Blaine stood in front of the shut door and sighed.

Kurt turned off the light in the room, and plugged in the small night light he packed for Aiden. He checked on him twice before setting out their clothes for tomorrow. He stood over the small crib, brushing the curls out of his face. The curls he had always swore were dead on Blaine's. Tears flowed down his eyes, as he stroked his son's head.

This is not what they agreed on as a couple, as fathers. He thought back to when he called his own father one of the first few nights he brought Aiden home.

"Dad?" Kurt said holding back tears as his dad answered.

"Kurt? It's nearly three in the morning. What's wrong?"

"Oh god Dad!" Kurt cried into the phone. "Dad…I don't know what to do…"

"Kurt calm down and talk to me."

"It's the baby. I'm not ready to be a father. He won't stop crying and Blaine is away on emergency business. I told him not to go with the baby just being born and he said he had to…and…he's crying Dad…and…"

"Kurt, nobody told you marriage and parenthood was going to be easy." Burt said.

"I'm not even legally married Dad and I've been a parent for all of five days."

"It's going to be hard Kurt. You're going to hate Blaine sometimes and he's going to hate you. But you two have to stick together. Sometimes your son will just be absolutely crazy for no reason. Then he'll grow up and act even crazier.

"This isn't helping. Remind me why I called you again? "

"Because you're going to tell your son that no matter what, you love him and that it's going to be okay. Even when things suck Kurt, it'll be okay."

Kurt smiled a little. "You think?"

"I know. Now, take the baby and turn the tv to the show Cops. It should be on now."

"Dad why…?"

"Just do it Kurt."

Burt heard Kurt move around with his crying grandson in the background.

"Okay it's on…what now?"

"Just wait five or ten minutes. I'll stay on the line."

Minutes passed as the crying quieted down. Finally Kurt whispered on the phone, "Dad are you still there?"

"Yep. Just watching Cops."

"He's asleep."


"How did you know that would work?"

"You used to cry all the time and that was the only show that would get you to calm the heck down."

Kurt laughed quietly. "Thanks Dad. Goodnight. I love you."

"Night Kurt."

Kurt stared at Aiden and smiled, he turned on the tv to Cops and got in bed. He would talk to Blaine in the morning, tonight he would drift off to sleep and dream.

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