Kurt, Blaine and Aiden

Chapter 9

Kurt tossed and turned that night. Ever since they were teens, he never slept well when Blaine wasn't in the bed with him. The room was too quiet, he had turned off the TV a while ago because he couldn't sleep with the lights. He tried to close his eyes again but couldn't when he heard Aiden whimpering at the end of the bed in his crib. Kurt could have sworn he was asleep.

Kurt listened to his breathing which was different than normal. It was shallow and it sounded like he was struggling. Kurt sat up immediately and turned on the light. He lifted Aiden out of his crib and held him to his chest. He was burning up and pulling at his ear. Panic shot through Kurt as he listened to him try to take a breath again. Aiden struggled so much he started coughing. He had been coughing since they left New York but Kurt had thought nothing of it at the time.

In a swift motion Kurt grabbed Aiden's jacket, putting it on him immediately. He strapped Aiden into his car seat and checked the straps to make sure they weren't too tight. He carefully placed the red quilted blanket over the carseat before standing up. He grabbed his wallet as well as Blaine's, the diaper bag and the car keys before heading downstairs.

He found Blaine asleep downstairs on the Anderson's brown soft leather long couch in the living room."Blaine wake up."

Blaine groaned and opened his eyes slightly. It took a moment for his eyes to register in the darkness before he sat up once he saw Kurt packed and ready to go with Aiden.

"What's wrong?"

"He's not breathing right, and I'm really worried. I want to go to the hospital." Kurt's voice rose slightly like it did when he was nervous.

Blaine got up immediately, and without even thinking twice he got the keys from Kurt, "Let's go." He grabbed a sweatshirt from the hall closet and closed the front door behind him.

Blaine started the car as Kurt sat in the back with Aiden. Now that Kurt had mentioned it, Blaine could hear Aiden's breathing patterns and they were definitely off. He looked to Kurt who was fidgeting in the backseat like a little kid. "He's fine." Blaine assured Kurt.

"But those dreams I've been having..."

"They're just dreams." Blaine said as Kurt bit his lip. In all honesty, he was worried too. But he knew he couldn't let Kurt see that. He knew he had to keep calm or Kurt would panic more.

They got to the hospital and Blaine parked the car as Kurt took Aiden inside. When Blaine got in, he saw Kurt arguing with the nurse.

"My son is having BREATHING problems. I'm not going to wait until the morning and take him to the pediatrician. My partner and I are visiting from New York. We can't just fly back like that in a day and expect my son to be fine."

"Well sir, you're welcome to wait until the doctors are available. We're very busy tonight." The nurse raised her eyebrows and swiveled her chair around. "He looks fine to me." She muttered under her breath.

"My son is not FINE. He needs to see a doctor now. Who is your supervisor? I want to speak to them immediately!"

Blaine put his hand on the crook of Kurt's elbow. "Let's just wait. I brought some blankets from the car. The last thing we need is nurse drama." Blaine tried to lighten the mood but failed when Kurt huffed and turned to the nurse, "Your concealer isn't hiding anything!" He walked away angrily, still clutching Aiden his chest.

Blaine sat next to Kurt in the waiting room. Kurt held Aiden who was now coughing again. Kurt held his hand to his forehead. "He's still really warm. What if it's something really bad Blaine?"

"Let's just wait until we see what the doctor says, okay?"

Kurt nodded and about another twenty minutes passed before a nurse called, "Aiden Hummel Anderson?"

Kurt stood up and held the coughing Aiden to his chest. He draped a blanket around him before following the nurse past the lobby. Blaine followed as he braced his hand on the small of Kurt's back.

The room was small, stuffy and uninviting. "What's going on with this little cutie?" The nurse motioned for Kurt to lay Aiden down on the scale.

"My boyfriend woke me up saying he had difficulty breathing. He's had an ear infection for about a week now and just recently he's had this cough too." Blaine said to the nurse. He played with Aiden's hands to distract him while the nurse checked his vitals.

Kurt pulled papers out of the diaper bag, "Here's the list of his allergies and the medicine he's currently on too."

The nurse took the papers as she felt Aiden's forehead. "Hmm he's really warm. How long has he had the cough?"

Kurt looked at Blaine, "Last week? He was coughing a little and his pediatrician said it was probably because the weather was changing." Blaine nodded, "It started a couple days before his last play date.

The nurse nodded, "Okay I'll be sure to send the doctor right in." She looked at Aiden's chart again. "You know what, I'm going to request him to come as soon as possible. His fever is too high for his age."

Kurt raised his eyebrows, "Is there a problem?"

The nurse frowned, "We try to take infants in critical condition first. I'll send him right in."

"Critical?" Blaine frowned.

"I'll send the doctor right in." She said closing the door.

"Stop it." Kurt turned to Blaine.


"You're trying to put in a brave face for us. You don't have to."

"I'm fine. I'm just trying not to worry until the doctor comes."

"But you are worried." Kurt said while he rubbed Aiden's forehead and bit the inside of his cheek.

"Knock knock." The doctor walked into the room. "Hi I'm Dr. Frank Hopkins." He shook Blaine's hand and then Kurt's.

The doctor walked over to the table where Aiden was coughing. "Now let's check out this little guy, that cough doesn't sound so good."

He ran through the normal tests and glanced back and forth at Aiden's chart. He was quiet for a long time until Blaine cleared his throat.

"So what's going on with him doctor?" Kurt finally asked. "Is he okay? We know he has an ear infection."

Dr. Hopkins had a serious look on his face, "I'm afraid it's more than just an ear infection. His breathing isn't normal and his fever is too high. I want to do tests before we get any further."

Kurt felt his chest get tight. "What kind of tests?"

"Hmm. Let me get a nurse. I'll be right back." He left and Kurt instantly walked to Aiden's side.

"It's going to be okay." He rubbed and kissed his forehead again.

Kurt turned to Blaine, "What if there's something really wrong with him Blaine? What did we do...?"

"Shh, don't think like that. We can't worry until we know for sure what's going on."

Kurt bit his lip, "It's fine, let's breathe."

The doctor came back in accompanied by a nurse who was setting up a moving cart. The doctor looked at Kurt and Blaine, "I want to do X-ray's on Aiden. He is showing some signs of an ear infection but that's not the problem. He also is showing symptoms of pneumonia."

Kurt reached for Blaine's hand. Blaine squeezed it. "Pneumonia's not life threatening though."

"Normally no but…"

"Normally?" Kurt whispered.

"Aiden's struggling to breathe right now, and at this rate he's not getting enough oxygen. We want to do X-rays and get him on a breathing machine as soon as possible. We're going to have to keep him overnight to monitor his vitals."

"Overnight?" Kurt let go of Blaine's hand, "But what if he gets better?"

"I still want to run tests. With his breathing, the last thing we want is for him to start turning blue." Dr. Hopkins nodded to the nurse before looking back at Kurt and Blaine, "If you guys would like to wait in the intensive care lobby, we'll have Aiden in that unit after his tests."

"ICU?" Kurt felt his chest get tight.

"Can we stay with him during the tests?" Blaine asked.

"Unfortunately not, we allow very limited personals in the room with patients when they are in testing. Only trained doctors and nurses…"

"He's just a baby, he won't know…We're his parents. I want to be in the room with him." Kurt said walking toward the cart as they started to wheel out.

"Mr. Hummel, you can't be present in the testing room, but as soon as he's done you are more than welcome to come in the room."

Blaine held Kurt back a little. They heard Aiden start crying as they wheeled him down the hallway into one of the rooms. Kurt fell into Blaine's chest in a mess of tears.

"It's okay. It's okay." Blaine rubbed Kurt's back and whispered in his ear. "He's going to be okay."

Blaine felt his own tears fall down his face, as much as he tried to keep it together the fear he felt for his son outweighed everything.

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