Vice & Virtue: Madam Slay


She'd begged him to leave Erik alone, to not challenge him, but her pleas fell on deaf ears. Now she's dead, or who she used to be is, and Erik's imprisoned. Her hatred for T'Challa consuming her, she wants his head. Free, after months in prision, Erik wants the throne back, so that he can finish what he started. With the help of his lover, he sets out to send T'Challa to rest with the ancestors for good. His love for her enduring past her death, T'Challa falls for the woman she's become, but she's determined to kill him. Her imagined slights by him, will end up costing one of them their lives. For the memory of a fallen warrior, our BLACK PANTHER...

Erotica / Fantasy
Madame Noire
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

He’s large, hovering over me... Pain, so much pain....

I can feel the needle, working in and out of my skin. Tiny pinpricks, that lets me know that I’m still amongst the living.

Reaching for him, he gently settles my hand back beside me.

“Erik... where’s... Erik?” I inquire, hoarsely.

Water filling my mouth, I cough uncontrollably, knocking the bowl from his hand.

I receive a grunt in reprimand, before he sets back to tending my wounds.

I remember being attacked, an animal... a leopard. Then nothing...

T’Challa, he’s the cause of all this... his greed. I owe him, and he’ll get his just deserts.

Mute, that’s what I’ve named him, he can’t talk. Bald, strong, a giant... he saved me.

My wounds healed, he’s training me, more like kicking the shit out of me.

A hit to the face floors me, and cradling my sore jaw, another punch and it’s lights out.

Upon waking my body’s sore, looking in the mirror, my eye’s blackened, the side of my face’s swollen. I look a mess, but it’s worth it.

Carefully applying the ointments to my face, I mentally prepare for another fight with Mute.

The prison’s lightly guarded, Mute putting the Dora’s guarding the door to sleep.

We find out why, when we enter the area housing the prisoners. Vibranium cells, the bars glowing hotly.

“Wake them up...” I say, agitated.

They literally put him up under the prison. Locating his cell undrground, he’s at a loss for words when he lays eyes on me.

Forcing the beaten Dora to open his cell, I try to will away the butterflies in my stomach.


“It’s Madam Slay.” I state, my anger rising.

Moving away from his attempt to touch me, Mute growls in warning.

“Well, Miss. Slay...”


“Madam, we can make up for lost time later.”

And on cue, an alarm sounds.

He’s taken his place as the Lord of N’Jadaka Village, the people are welcoming, and have a festival in his honor.

He’s dancing with the women, and I want to be jealous, but I’m not.

Mute coming to rest by me, watches the lively crowd with mild interest.

“What do you think?”

A sarcastic snort...

“Yeah... but I love him.”

Retiring to our appointed dwelling, my father seems to have been in the process of modernizing the place.

This will be our new base, our new home, a safe haven...

Retreiving my daggers, I head out towards the palace, to ensure that N’Jadaka village remains a secret.

Using the hidden passages, I navigate my way through the palace. Coming across the patrolling Dora’s, I duck back into the shadows, letting them pass.

Quietly making my way to his room, he’s waiting for me.

“I thought that he would come for me.”

“He doesn’t know that i’m here.”

Turning to face me, he’s not afraid. His weary eyes, red rimmed... gives me pause.

“Did you tell him?”

“No, but that’s not going to stop you is it?”


His body does a small lurch, from my dagger hitting him in the chest.


The force of his body slamming against mine into wall, knocks the wind from me.

Struggling to break free of his grasp, im pushed back against the wall. Held in place by his strength, I try again to break free.

“Stop this!”

Lethu sinking to his knees, T’Challa struggles with his options to stay or go to him.

Planting my back firmly against the wall, I hope that he’ll choose the latter.

“T’Challa...” He says, blood coming from his mouth.

Calling for the Dora’s, he’s over to him, holding Lethu in his arms.

“Hold on, help is coming.”

One final knife, protruding from the top of his head with a quiet thud, I take flight.

The dora’s giving chase, I disappear back through the hidden passage.

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