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Flowers For A Ghost

By Alou0278

Drama / Romance

Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, other fictional characters here and his Wizarding world. The great Joanne Rowling, Warner Bros., and various publishers owns it. Also, the song Flowers for A Ghostis a song by Thriving Ivory is owned and published by BMG RUBY SONGS OBO ABSURD MUSIC. All rights to them.

You disappear with all your good intentions

See I never meant to hurt you. I never meant to hurt you at all. I had to protect you. I had to keep you safe even though it hurts. I can never let you in. Never will I let you fall in the hands of Death Eaters... in the hands of people like me. I can never fathom you being hurt or being impure because of me. Because you had to choose me.

I can never follow you. They will hurt you if I did. They will kill you if I disobey them. I longed to be with you there in your side even if Potter is there. I'll follow you everywhere even if it kills me...But it's too late. Too late right now.

And all I am is all I could mention

We were in the lake when you asked me. You asked me why I had to leave you. I looked at you and kept my face passive. I said that I had to keep away from you. You might be hurt if you keep diving in inside of me. It was the hardest thing I ever did. The hardest. You then looked at me with your glassy eyes and understood me. Understood what I had to. You kissed me for the last time and I felt your pain. Felt your sorrow and anger. Felt every excruciating thing that was happening to you. I just wanted to take it all away. Take all the sorrow and anger and replace it with love... But I can't. I can never replace it now.

Like who will bring me flowers when it's over

I never understood why you cared. Never will I understand why you talked to me in the first place. I longed for the days when you were by my side and listened to me. Listened to me when I ranted about life. You were there when I felt sad or weary. You gave me another reason to go on with my life. Not just because they told me to do this or that but because I decided to do it.

And who will give me comfort when it's cold

You took me in when I was weak. When I felt restless and tired, you were there. You kept me sane when I felt that the world was coming down. You accepted my every flaw yet I despised myself for it. Despised me for being me. For being evil and dark. We were so different. You with your goodness and mine with my darkness. I would always hit myself for being like this. Being what I am right now and not having the damn courage to change it.

She took a plane somewhere out in space

I heard you followed Potter. Followed him when you know that I will never approve of that. Never will I approve of that. You will get hurt in the process. I fear for your life before I fear mine. I'd rather be killed than you to feel any pain.

To start a life and maybe change the world

You folowed him because you want change. You didn't want darkness to reign. You wanted peace and a life that wa free from my kind. I was at the side you were fighting... I was with the Death eater's side... I was with the people you loathe.

See I never meant for you to have to crawl

When I saw you at our manor, I was shocked. You were bruised and wounded. You were dirty and weak yet you smiled. You kept your will and determination that I so loved. You were weak physically but you were powerful mentally.

No I never meant to let you go at all

I wanted to take care of you. Hex all the people who did this to you. Take you away to some faraway place they can never hurt you. Just us in that place. No more wars, no more ridicule, no more criticisms. Just us. But courage was such a foreign word to me.

Oh no, oh no

Every day I visited you; visited when you were asleep. You were so angelic; so peaceful and tranquil. I wanted to be there with you. I wanted to take all away your pain. Accept all the wounds you had and hope that it was all inflicted on me. I would always go inside your cellar and touch your smooth face. Even though you were dirty, you were still the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.

Don't ever say goodbye

I didn't tell anyone it was really Potter. Bloody Potter, stupid Weasley and Mudblood Granger were here in our own manor and with the looks of it, doomed. I did it because they were your friends. You would have been devastated if I did.

I saw you leave with Potter. The pain was there but there was also relief. Relief that you will now be safe. Away from this prison I call home.

See my head aches from all this thinkin'

The days passed by and I kept thinking. Thinking where you are or what you are doing. Maybe you were dead in some far away place because of my people. But I hope you weren't. Potter will never do that. I hate him yet I believe that he will take care of you. Even better than me when we were together... I wish I was there by your side and be with you.

Feels like a ship God, God knows I'm sinkin'

My senses are going down. I'm going weak and I can't help it. I just live off from my distant memories of you and I. It is still clear to me when we first held hands. When we first hugged and kissed. I wish we were just like that. I wish we were back in the old days.

Wonder what you do and where it is you stay

I don't live a day when I don't think about you. Did you eat? Did you sleep well? Are you still thinking about me? I hope I could share my food with you or clothes with you if you didn't have any. I wish I had the damn courage to do all my plans for us. I always hoped that you will be my wife, my lady, my soul mate. We would have had beautiful children I think... But it will forever be a distant dream.

These questions like a whirlwind, they carry me away

These questions in my head keep bombarding me with all its power. I can't fathom you being away in some place I didn't know. I understand that you were with Potter but I still worry. You can't help it if I worry about you. I still and forever will love you.

And I said, who will bring me flowers when it's over

The battle in Hogwarts started. I saw you there. Fighting with the teachers and all your friends. You were brave and courageous while I was weak and afraid. I was fighting for a side I didn't even care about.

And who will give me comfort when it's cold

I saw you throwing hexes and being bold. I can't help but worry about you. I worry for your life before mine. Maybe you will be hit by my people or maybe I would have hit you by a stray curse of mine. I'll kill myself if I did that.

And who will I belong to when the day just won't give in

The fight was going on. We were fighting for different reasons. You for your freedom and me for nothing. Just fighting to survive. You rushed to a person's side and fought with him. Fought to protect what you both love. I watched from a distance as you did this.

And who will tell me when it ends and how it all begins

I wish the war was over. I wsh that it would all damn end. I wish I was by your side. Fighting with you and protecting with you. Damn I will start right now. I don't care if they hex me off to oblivion. I just wanted to be by your side.

Don't ever say goodbye

I rushed to your side and hugged you. "Luna, Luna..." I chanted on and on. It felt so good being with you and feeling your skin. "Oh Draco." You whispered to my ear. It was as if I breathed for the first time. Oh how good it is to hear you say my name! I saw the surroundings and I wanted to carry you off and forget this damn war. "If we survive this, I swear I will never leave you."I said as my emotions rushed in. "Sectumsempra!" A female voice I recognized screeched. You turned me around and pushed me back. I was shocked. I felt something wet ooze out from your back. Blood oozed out quickly.Blood.

And I'm only human

I said I'm only human

"Luna don't leave me! Please!" I cried on and on. I laid you gently on my lap and hugged you tight. I rocked you back and forth and held you to my arms before anything happens again. Why did this happen? Why her? Why? You touched my face and smiled. "Draco, It's alright. It's alright." You whispered. "How could it damn be alright Luna?" I shouted. You just continued to smile you angelic smile. "I'm departing this world for a great cause."

I'm only human

I said I'm only human

The war continued on. Voldemort and Harry faced each other but I don't care. I don't give any Merlin's beard who won. I just wanted you to survive. There was now a puddle of blood beneath us. Why did you continue to smile at me and comfort me? "Luna! Please! Try to live for me!"I wept. I tried my best to keep the blood from oozing out and gave every healing spell I knew but it's not working. It's not freaking working! "It's alright Draco. I think it's faith doing this. Maybe there I can see my mother now."you grinned. How can she smile at this time?

I consoled myself with lies to keep me sane.

I'm only human

I said I'm only human

Potter had won. Voldemort was dead but they can't help me now. You were slowly dying and they can't help me. They damn can't help me. It was getting hard for you to breathe. I know that your going away but I still have time. "Will you wait for me?" I whispered to your ear. Your smile became bigger but it was strained. "Forever I will wait for you."You said with your dreamy voice.

I'm human

I hugged you tight and kissed you on the lips deeply. Kissed you goodbye for your departing gift. We broke apart and I hugged you tight. "I will love you forever my dear Luna." I whispered to your ear. You flashed your smile to me and I know I will live. "I love you forever too my dear Draco. Never forget how to live even if I wasn't here. Love again. Have kids. I will be with you always."You said through your fading voice. I knew my world was about to crash

I'm human

You breathed your last breath and smiled at me. "I love you. I'll try." My lips were quivering as I saw my angel breathing what I know her last breaths are. 

"Don't try. Do it my love." You then breathed your last breath and became still. Your eyes weren't alive any more. Your body became still but there was your eternal smile on your beautiful face. I hugged you tight and let out the cry I was holding in for you. My world is now destroyed. There's no more reason to live.

Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny and my parents went to my side and cried with me. People tried to comfort me but they will never understand it. Never understand my feelings. I took your wand and intertwined your hand with mine.

"I'll try my best for you. Wait for me..."

I'm human

Day by day, season by season, never once did I forget about you. Through every laugh every achievement, every tear, I felt your love by my side. I felt you during graduation, cheering for me and beaming with that smile I loved the most; during the first day of my job when I was putting on my cloak. I felt you tightly hug me and whispering, "Good luck my dear. You'll be as great as a Crumple Horned Snorcack."

Each step I took, I did it for you. I managed to live my life as you have wanted me to. I laughed, I cried, I seized every opportunity that was given to me. And the most important thing I did was to extend my love. I learned how to love even though I was afraid. After some trials and errors, I learned to love because of this one boy, Scorpius. He was the result of my drunken stupor with Astoria Greengrass during the days I longed for you. I tried my best to love that girl but you were always there in my mind. I cannot be unfaithful to you nor to her. So, Astoria and I parted our ways and left our son with me.

I gave him unconditional love and did my best to be a father my father never was to me. I raised him to be the son I imagined you hope our son had been. I told him stories and you know what he loved the most? My stories with you. It was as if your charm and love even extended to my son who practically knew you with his heart and even preferred you to his own mother. Would you look at that?

And now, I am in my ripe old age, sitting in my favorite rocking chair and looking at the rolling hills in front of the cottage I bought when  I was young. I imagined us being here for summer vacations with our kids but now here I am, sitting with my hot cup of tea and reminiscing my memories with you.

"You would have loved it here my dear loonie if you saw this." I whispered as my eyes were closed and rocking my chair to the tune of the wind singing its summer song. Short after, I fell asleep.

"Oh I do.
I'm proud of you my Slytherin..." a voice whispered into Draco's ears. 

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