Chapter 3: Is now Found

Hogwarts-Dumbledore's Office

The staff meeting at the school went as smoothly as it had every other year. The professors each discussed the overview of what each year would be studying in their course. Coordinated lessons where it seemed prudent. The lesson plans were the same as they were every year for the most part with regards to the material. But Severus had already looked over the list of students and noticed one student in particular; one Harry James Potter would be starting as a first year. Seeing this as his chance to begin putting right all that had been made wrong eleven years earlier, Severus did something he never did. Right on the spot the potions professor added a change to his usual curriculum. Choosing his words carefully, ever the cautious slytherin, he posed his change.

"Headmaster, in addition to what I usually teach the students, I would like to add versions of the heritage potion to each year. Perhaps… connect it to similar projects in other courses."

Severus watched as headmaster was about to object, when to his surprise another professor spoke while the others nodded their heads in agreement.

"This is wonderful Severus. It would give the students a better understanding of their family's backgrounds and give them an understanding of both Muggle and Wizard traditions regarding family. I could easily add to something in my courses. Perhaps we could meet closer to term and coordinate this project as a whole. This great opportunity for the school to work together and to show our students how our separate disciplines work together after they've finished their education, not to mention it would perhaps it would show some house unity." Minerva said with pride and enthusiasm.

"Yes truly a brilliant idea Severus. Don't you think Headmaster?" Flitwick agreed happily smiling at the professor.

"Truly an inspired idea my boy, whatever made you think of it?" The headmaster asked his grandfatherly mask and twinkle still in place, keeping his suspicions of the man's motives clearly hidden.

"Simple Headmaster, my godson is starting school this year, and I think it would benefit him greatly to know the proud Malfoy/Black heritage that he will inherit when he comes of age." He lied smoothly, as if a son of either of those houses ever not teach heritage to their children. Not to mention his son was not a Black and would not inherit from that house. He knew it was a gamble, it not only put their entire family at risk, but it also risked chaos having the mess revealed to quickly.

The headmaster simply nodded his agreement with the idea before moving on to the last order of business that needed to be discussed, before he released the teachers.

"Before we finalize a time in two weeks to meet to discuss the newest addition to the curriculum this year, I feel we should discuss one new student in particular. As you have noticed young Harry Potter will be joining us this year for his first year. I have spoken to his mother regarding this matter and addressed her concerns; as she was consider Drumstrang would be safer considering her sons status as, well for lack of a better word, a celebrity. I have assured her he will be treated as any other student and given no special treatment positive or negative. So it can not matter who he defeated and that he is a hero, or that he is his father's son. Is that clear? Severus?"

Severus knew that the headmaster was under the impression that he was in love with Lily Evans and hated James Potter, even if both of those things were at present further from the truth. But just as he has done every day for the last twelve years Severus put on his perfect Slytherin mask and drawled "If…I must. Then the spawn of Potter will be nothing more and nothing less than every other dunderhead I have to attempt to teach."

He knew he had given nothing away when he heard his fellow teachers sigh. Inwardly he smiled at his own brilliance. He was not a vain man, but he had to admit that he was a quite the actor.

"Now now, Severus my boy, you must put these old school boy grudges aside. While it is true that Harry is James's son, he is also just as much Lily's. I will need you to help keep an eye on him, as with the others to ensure his safety while at this school. After all, he did defeat Voldemort; there will be those that will want to cause him harm." Dumbledore tone was grave and serious.

Severus wanted to roll his eyes and scoff. It was clear to him that the esteemed headmaster knew more about the situation then he was letting on. Severus made a mental note to keep an eye on not only the boys, but the headmaster as well.

"As you wish Albus, I shall endeavor to see him as something other than his father's son."

With that out of the way, it was decided that they would meet on a Tuesday two weeks prior to school starting to get the heritage project coordinated. As the meeting was dismissed Severus found himself already fine tuning his plan, to include not being able to trust one Albus Dumbledore. But at least now he had good news for Cissa and Luc, not to mention a plan that would end up in father and son being reunited.

Diagon Alley

Lucius escorted Narcissa and Draco around Diagon Alley, always upholding the perfect image of the Malfoy family in public. All three playing their roles to perfection; cold, distant, and superior just the way a Malfoy is supposed to appear in public. But inside he was planning every way possible he could be reunited with his family. His death could not be long, it had to last. After all he Lucius Potter-Malfoy did not deserve a quick death for failing to protect his family. Because that is exactly what he did, when he'd lost James to death and Harry to whatever cruel fate had befallen his son. As a Malfoy is most important job had been to protect his family, but he'd failed them and that was truly the greatest sin.

It wasn't long before they reached Madam Malkins to collect Draco's school robes; as people tended to move out of his way. He was after all Lord Malfoy patriarch of the ancient and noble house of Malfoy, pureblood politician who held a lot of power, and suspected Death Eater. People feared him for good reason. He had the power and has ruined more than one Wizard who crossed him. This was the mask he had been raised to perfect as his father had before him. James had been the only one to see through the mask that made him appear cold, ruthless, and arrogant. Mother magic had given him happiness that he had never known before and then ripped it away from him. There were those that truly needed to fear him, and not just because of his public façade.

Once in the shop Lucius found himself watching Narcissa fuss over Draco's new school robes, wishing that he were here with James doing the same thing with their Harry. The pain of his loss all to real in that moment, which caused his perfect detached mask to almost slip right there in the shop where anyone could have seen it. This was something that Lucius could not allow to happen at least not yet. He found himself saved just in time by the tinkling of a bell over the shops door bringing him from his own thoughts. He saw the group of familiar red heads walk in and fought back a sneer, as the oldest red headed wizard walk straight into him. "Sorry Lucius didn't see ya there." The smaller man all but squeaked up at him when he realized whom he had just plowed into. "Yes...I can imagine that I was quite hard to miss, Arthur." His silky voice sarcastically drawled back. If he was in a better mood, he would have simply left it at that and continued about his business. But Lucius was in a downright foul mood, and who could blame him, being here shopping with his nephew for school robes, when he should be with his own son. "After all it must be so hard having to count every gallon with so many children off to Hogwarts. I should imagine that you were quite think nothing of it Arthur. After all, no harm done except a bit of soot on my Accumetula silk robes." The man Arthur Weasley mumbled another apology as he ushered his family away from the Malfoy Lord.

After the confrontation with Arthur, he almost didn't think twice when another red head approached the group. But he would not be the slytherin that he was, if he failed to notice that even for the Weasley family there was one more red head then there should be. Besides a Malfoy never forgot and very rarely forgave those that had crossed them.

"Leave it Lucius, now is not the time. Besides, Harry is not with her." Narcissa whispered to him quietly and discretely keeping her mask firmly in place as she followed his line of sight. She had little doubt that Lily Evans had something to do with this whole mess or she at least knew who did.

"If he would be a different story." He stonily answered, sneering at the women who dared claim his family as her own. He never shared with anyone that he never once thought she was another victim of this whole mess. Though knowing his sister and best friend he knew he was not the only one who shared this opinion. After all it was no secret that the tramp had always wanted his husband, even when they were still at school. No she had something to do with this whole mess. At the very least Lily Evans knew what happened to his son. She would pay once he had his answers for taking what belonged to him. She would pay with her life.

"Let us collect Draco and make our way to meet Severus." Cissa said pulling him from his morose thoughts and back to the moment at hand.

"Quite right Narcissa. After you." He drawled in a way that only a Malfoy could manage, as he followed her and Draco out the door of Madam Malkins, looking every bit the pureblood family that they were thought to be.

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