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The Truth in the Dark


Harry is not who he thinks he is.When he finds out the truth of the what the Light has done, he will be forced to choose which a side.With a new family, no more pretending, no more lies. War is coming

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Chapter 1: Prologue

Dumbledore's POV

It was the night of July 31st, and Albus Dumbledore paced the hallways of St. Mungos Hospital under the pretense of being there for the birth of a friend's baby. It was a few weeks ago, when he had interviewed Sybil Trelawney for the Divination post at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, which was not going very well for the poor girl. That was at least until she'd said the prophecy; her eyes glowed and she talked in an otherworldly voice. This Prophecy stated that at the very moment that July turned into August, a boy would be born that would either defeat the Dark Lord or join him and make him unstoppable. Dumbledore knew in that moment that the Light side of this war needed to control the boy, thus controlling the power that the boy would have when he came of age. For years he had manipulated the Wizarding world into believing Tom Riddle was a Dark Lord wanting to take over by force, willing to kill anyone who got in his way. He'd started the first war very successfully between the Light and the Dark. A few murders in both the Wizarding and Muggle worlds, blamed on Lord Voldemort and his followers; a few headlines in both papers about the atrocities committed by the Dark with the Light fighting back and everyone was choosing sides and terrified. Dumbledore already being the great Light hero that defeated the Dark Wizard Grindlewald, he was beyond reproach. No one questioned his word, not even in the Minstry itself. This was his world and he was not going to lose it to an infant and a fake evil Dark Lord. It was this that really brought the great Albus Dumbledore to St. Mungos.

The boy in question was currently being born to one of two families that very night, in private rooms across the hall from each other. Tonight could go either way, either he would have to enact the plan he had spent the last few weeks developing or he would not have to worry about it. The boy could either be born to The Longbottoms, a light family that was firmly amongst his supporters so controlling the boy would not be a problem. This option was preferable as it required less work on his part to bring the boy firmly to his side. He could easily slip in as mentor and grandfather, so there would be very little risk on his part. But the boy could also be born to the Lestrange-Snape family, a dark family that was close with the Dark Lord himself. To make matters worse they were a family with creature inheritance, with multiple mates. This was certainly in principle not a family that should be raising a boy that was of such importance to the Wizarding world. He would not allow it. So now he waited to see which woman gave birth first, he was tense and cautious as he waited. The moment he heard the Longbottom boy cry first at ten of the hour, he waited a few minutes to see if when the other baby would be born. Nine minutes later he cursed silently to himself as the Lestrange-Snape boy was born. He quickly composed himself and went in to congradulate the Longbottom family on the birth of their son. Providing him with an alibi for when the other boy went missing. His image intact and being the great Albus Dumbledore no one would question why he was there, and he could not be connected to the missing Lestrange-Snape boy.

As he left St. Mungos a few hours later he took the boy with him under a disillusionment charm, walking out the front doors with one even noticing yet that the boy was missing. He summoned James Potter and Sirius Black with his patronus. Having already discussed with James that he and his wife Lily would take the boy and raise him for the light, to defeat Tom and cement his position in the Wizarding world. James and Sirius were firmly on his side and Lily followed wherever they did. He'd already implanted fake memories of Lily Potter being seen with child, so there would be no question that the child was theirs. He'd already placed several glammers on the boy to make him look like James and Lily's son, not to mention several charms to bind the boy's power and his creature inheritance enough to make the boy more controllable. He'd also given the boy a bottle with a blood adoption potion in it, to make the boy bound by blood to the Potter's and their family magic.

Bellatrix's POV

Bellatrix woke up the morning of August 1st, still exhausted from giving birth to her son Hadrian, in her private room at St. Mungos Hospital. She was so happy and excited to fully bond with her new born son and formally introduce him to her mates, his fathers. She knew they would be just as excited as she was to finally be able to hold him. She could remember last night when she had first held him; his messy dark hair, pale complection, and ice blue eyes that had flecks of purple in them. Severus had held seen him last night as she held him after his birth. She could still remember the look of pure joy and awe on her first mates face last night when Hadrian had cried for the first time. She knew Rodolphus would have the same look on his face when he finally got to meet their son. Her second mate had been out of town with their Lord on urgent business, but had hurried back the moment he heard about Hadrian's birth and would be here today. Today she would get to bond with her family, and her son. The creature inside of her demanded time to complete the bond with their baby and cement the connection that would help them protect the newest member of their family. That way when they arrived home they would be able to meet the rest of their family and introduce Hadrian to his godparents and cousin, and to their Lord. They were all just as excited as Bellatrix and her mates to have the new born.

But the excited on Bellatrix's face as she woke up, turned suddenly into another as yet undefined emotion, as she saw the looks on her mates faces, that was screaming there was something wrong. They didn't look excited or happy; they were pained, angry, and outraged. She looked around for her infant son and could not see him in their private rooms. Her thoughts were full of questions, 'Where was Hadrian? Where was her baby? Was there something wrong with him?' She had seen him last night and he was perfect. She closed her eyes and focused on her son. The bond was weak and not full, but it was there and he was alive. Her senses were screaming at her. She needed to hold her son and strengthen the bond; she needed to know what was happening that had her mates looking so distressed. "Severus, Rodolphus? Where's Hadrian? I want our son…my son?" Her tone was urgent and demanding, the distress clear in her voice. She knew her mates could hear it, but she could not bring herself to care. "Bella…" Rodolphus started toward her with his hands up, urging her to calm down. Tears started in her eyes, confusion, pain, and anger surging to the surface. She wanted her son, and instead of telling her what was happening and or giving her their son, they were trying to calm her down. Some part of her knew that her mates were not to blame, but right now they weren't helping either. 'Where was her baby? Why was he not in her arms where he belonged?' the one questions kept running through her mind on repeat. "Bella love…" Rodolphus' voice broke into her thoughts. She knew they could tell that she was teetering on the edge. She wasn't sure what state she would be in if there was something wrong with her baby. She could sense they were afraid of losing her, she could feel it coming through their bond. In one move both men rushed forward and pulled her into their arms to comfort her before they explained what was happening. She knew they needed her rational and calm, to listen. She both felt and heard Severus take a deep breath and knew he was going to be the one to tell her what was happening. Her thoughts were now jumping all over the place. 'Oh, my sweet Sev, Please don't. Don't say there's something wrong with our son. Please just don't.'

"Bella sweet, you need to listen…" The moment Severus started; she knew what he was going to say. There was a reason her son was not in their rooms. She's known it from the moment she saw their faces. But everything in her was screaming for it not to be true. She could not stop her reaction even if she wanted to; even though she knew they needed her to listen. The madness already setting in, the pain of the loss even if she was in denial. "Where is our son Sevy? Where's Hadrian?" desperation and pain lacing her voice. She could feel that both men were trying to hold it together, be strong for her at the moment, but she could sense her pain reflected from both of them. She looked up at Severus with pleading eyes. She knew that as her first mate he would take her anger and her pain, and leave Rodolphus to comfort her if it came down to that. She was sorry for it and she had not even lashed out yet. But she would, once he finished telling her what she did not want to hear. 'Don't, please don't say it. Maybe she was wrong and there was another reason…' Severus' deep soothing voice interrupted her thoughts once again. "Our son, Hadrian…he's missing sweet; taken during the night." As he finished both men embraced her and shared the pain, as they finally mourned the loss of their son. She knew he was alive, but she could not find him their bond was not strong enough. But the silent promise that they would find their son no matter the cost, echoed through and cemented in their bond.

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