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Jungkook is the CEO of Jeon Corporation, one of the leading companies in South Korea. When he receives the job application from Jimin for the position of his personal manager, Jungkook is furious. Jimin is his ex-boyfriend who cheated on him and left him heart broken. He decides to use this opportunity to finally take his revenge. What happens when they meet again? Why did Jimin come back to work for his ex-boyfriend? Will Jungkook have his revenge?

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Chapter 1

“Mr. Jeon, here are the shortlisted resumes.” Sang Byeol, the front office receptionist and assistant dropped two black folders on his desk. “If there’s nothing else, shall I leave for the day?” She clasped her hands in the front.

“Yeah, you can leave,” Jungkook answered without taking his eyes off his computer. Once she left, he turned to his best friend for over ten years and senior vice-president Kim Taehyung who was on his phone. “Taehyungie hyung, can you go through the files? I’ll need one more hour before I can call it a day.”

Taehyung lifted his gaze from the phone, his boxy smile disappearing. “There are hundreds of them this time. You want me to go through them all?” He pouted for a moment before putting the phone aside on the rich, mahogany table and reached to pick a file.

Jungkook just smiled at him with a small shake of his head. The fun loving and flamboyant Taehyung always complained. But he was the best he could ask for. A genius in his own terms and a crackhead when he wasn’t working.

He eyed the files briefly. His company has had a high reputation in the job market. The position as his personal manager wasn’t that simple. It came with many responsibilities. He never had to worry with his former personal manager Jasmine around. She started as his father’s personal assistant and then became Jungkook’s personal manager when he took over. Now that she has retired due to health issues, he wanted highly qualified male candidates. However, he wasn’t sure if they’ll be half as good as her.

Taehyung lazily flipped through the pages. “They are all well-qualified with years of experience. Impressive,” his friend talked to himself as Jungkook worked.

Of course, they will be impressive. This wasn’t just any other company. This was Jeon Corporation, one of the top and most influential companies in the country with 180 branches across the world. They were also the highest paying company with the best employee benefits in the industry. Getting into Jeon Corporation was a dream for many.

For the next hour, Jungkook immersed himself in his work. Year-end was always busy and as usual their company ranked number one even this time for the fourth consecutive year. His father would be impressed. After he took over the business five years ago, he was able to beat their rival of two decades and managed to stay on top.

A sigh drifted off his lips as he sent the last email, shutting his computer. He rubbed his tired eyes and stretched his neck. “Are you done?” He lifted a brow and glanced at his friend when he didn’t respond.


No response.

“Tae hyung?”

It was then Jungkook noticed the frown on his face. What made the cheerful one in the room all gloomy? He suppressed the urge to tease. Tae wasn’t that easily affected by something. Intrigued, he stood and went to his friend who was glaring at the file. His blood ran cold as soon as his gaze landed on the resume. He snatched the file from Taehyung with a low growl.

Is it…him?

His breathing quickened as he searched for the name.

Park fucking Jimin.

It was a name he thought he’d never hear again. A name associated to a face that still haunted his dreams.

With a shaky finger, he traced the photo of the brown-colored hair man with a genuine smile. Beside him, Taehyung jumped to his feet. “He dared to apply for his job after everything he has done to you?” He snatched the file back. “Bastard.”

Blood rushed to Jungkook’s head. How long had it been? Five or six? He shook his head. It was six. His heart hammered as memories from the past flooded him. Why now?

It’s really him.

“What was he even thinking?” Taehyung ran his gaze through the paper. “He will never get anywhere near Jeon Corporation. Leave him to me, Jungkook-ah. I’ll blacklist him.” An evil smirk replaced his furious frown. “Now that we know where he is…I’ll make sure he never gets into another job again.”

Jungkook stopped him. “Is he qualified?” he asked though already knew the answer.

The latter frowned. “Of course he is. How else do you think his name is on this file?” He ran a hand through his hair. “His profile is strong.”

Jimin has always been good at work. Efficient and smart. A suitable candidate for the role if it wasn’t for… Jungkook clenched his fists. “I want him on my payroll.”

“What?” Taehyung’s jaw dropped. Then he laughed without humor. “You’re joking, right?”

But Jungkook’s serious expression said otherwise.

“Jungkook-ah…there are six rounds of interview. You know how hard it is. The bastard might not even make it to the end.”

Jungkook smirked and he could tell Tae was just trying to convince him. Because both knew how wrong they were. Jimin was intelligent, hardworking and dedicated. He took the file from Taehyung and pointed at the notes left by the human resource department. He definitely left an impression on them. “I don’t think so. But…” he drawled. “If in case he failed, I want you to make sure he makes it to the final round.”

Taehyung gulped. “This is a bad idea. You sure you want him back in your life again?”

Not just bad, it was foolish of him to let him back into his life. Jimin was his weakness. He almost destroyed him and left him broken. No, I’m not the same anymore. I’m stronger. I can do this. He clenched his fist. I have to do this.

Jungkook didn’t know where that sudden urge came from. He once vowed never to turn back, to never even say the name but now that Jimin was once again in his arm’s reach, he couldn’t help it. He understood why Taehyung was worried. He should just shred this paper and move on with his life like this never happened. But as he started at the photo… He took a shuddering breath. Jimin owed him answers. Yes, that’s it.

“Jungkook-ah…” Taehyung shook him.

The young CEO composed himself with a smirk and inched closer to his friend, staring him in the eye. “He came to us first. He should have stayed the fuck away. He didn’t. He is coming back for something.”

What would he do when they meet again? Will he apologize? Will Jimin beg him to take him back? Jungkook had hid his real identity from his friends when they were together. Jimin never knew his family background except for the fact that Jungkook was loaded. Was he coming back now because Jimin thought he still had a chance with him? Or did he have other plans? Why now?

Whatever his reason was Jungkook would find out.

His friend chuckled. “He definitely got some balls.” His expression soon turned into a serious one. “What if he blackmails?”

“Possible.” Jungkook perched his hip on the table. Their past might be a secret, but Jimin had captured some of their compromising moments in his phone. A scandal like that was bound to take a hit at his business like a sledgehammer. He had worked his ass off to get where he was now. That was why he needed to think this through. He would let Jimin close so that he could see what he wanted from him after all these years. “We can’t ignore this, hyung.”

Maybe Jimin wanted to blackmail him. Jungkook was quick to shove that thought aside. Jimin wasn’t like that. His heart raced. Whatever it was Jimin won’t be back without a reason. That much was clear.

“I don’t like this,” Taehyung grumbled under his breath.

The CEO stared at the photo again. “Jimin-ah… you should have known better.” He started something, he shouldn’t have. Now he will pay for it.


“Why are you grinning like an idiot?” Dongwon asked as he placed the two iced Americanos on the table before dropping on the empty chair across him.

Jimin beamed at his friend and waved his phone at him. “I’m shortlisted.”

“Wow, man. Congratulations!”

Jimin grinned. “Not yet. I just got through the preliminaries. The next rounds will be harder.” He’d learned everything he could about Jeon Corporation’s recruitment methods from a friend who now worked in their Europe location. The employees went through a strict screening and several rounds of interviews. But it was his dream to work for the company. It offered the best employee benefits there was.

He thought the next rounds would be harder, considering the position. If selected, he will be working closer with the young CEO who made the heads turn with his innovate ideas that changed the game in the industry.

“Nah. You worked hard. I know you’ll make it.”

“Thanks. So, when are you leaving?”

Dongwon, his ex-colleague and one of the few friends he had at his old office was moving to Italy to be with his longtime girlfriend he met online.


The friends continued to chill as the sun set in the drop with Jimin unaware of what awaited him.


A week later…


Jungkook looked up from his phone to fix Taehyung with a questioning glance.

“You were right. The bastard made it to the final round with the top score.”

If it were some other person, he’d have been seriously impressed. But with Jimin, he only smirked. So excited, Jimin? Soon you’ll regret it. Coming here is the worst mistake of your life.

“What do you plan to do?” Taehyung asked.

“Have you ever seen a spider caught in its own web? I’ll show you.”

Taehyung gave him a knowing smile, but it was soon replaced with what Jungkook could realize as sympathy. “It won’t be easy.”

“I know.” Jungkook’s shoulder slumped.

Taehyung’s features softened as he gave his shoulder a squeeze. He was the only person who knew about his bitter past and heartbreak. After all, he was there to witness it all. He had been his pillar of strength and a shoulder to cry.

Jungkook’s parents were separated and he grew up with his mom in Busan before moving to Seoul when he was fifteen. There he met Tae and Jimin who were in the same class. Jungkook, two years younger was their junior in school. They played for the same football team and became close friends. When he followed them to college, they began living together in the apartment Jungkook’s dad gifted him for his high school graduation.

Tae and Jimin came from a simple background. Jungkook never told them who his father was because he wanted to live a normal life with real friends, who weren’t after his father’s money or fame.

Tae was that genius kid who topped in everything he did. His parents supported him through college. As for Jimin, he was also very good at studies though not as good as Tae but good enough to get a scholarship that covered his university education. Jimin’s parents had died when he was young, leaving him in the care of his grandfather, who too passed away when he graduated from high school. He worked hard and took part-time jobs while studying. Tae and Jungkook was all Jimin had to call friends and family. Everything was going fine until one day Jimin started working for a famous model.

Jungkook closed his eyes and clenched his jaw as he forced those thoughts away. “I will make him suffer, hyung. I will make him regret.” His breath shuddered out.

His friend nodded. “You know I will support you in everything you do.” He patted Jungkook’s shoulder. “Just be careful not to get hurt again.”

He swallowed. “I won’t.”

There was a time he was whipped for the shorter male. Not anymore. What he felt now was pure hatred and the need for revenge. Right?

“I have a meeting in five minutes.” Taehyung glanced at his watch. “He joins coming Monday. I’ll see you later.”

Jungkook nodded. A shiver ran down his body, as he suddenly grew anxious. It was already Friday. That meant they only had two days before meeting again. With a deep breath, he composed himself. I can do this.

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