What a way to kill time


After the Voidhound defeats the Voidwolf, he decides it's time to relax with his wife, Akaavi Spar.

Adventure / Romance
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Chapter 1

A/N: Hey everyone, am back with a new Star Wars story, been in a Star Wars mood, so I decide make this story of my second favorite class in SWTOR, the Smuggler. Hope you guys enjoy.

I don't own SWTOR or it's characters.

"... Hey Captain, there you are, I was looking for ya." Said a tall tan skin human wearing red Republic Trooper armor, looking be in his 20s, his hair was long tiled in braids, a scar on his right cheek and brown eyes.

This is Corso Riggs, a member of the ship Jenessa, captain by a Smuggler name Kondian Matunga. They were rather interesting group, unlike most Smugglers, Kondian has code of honor and does what he can help people, while still pissing off the Empire.

They also recruited a rather interesting crewmates, the daughter of a crime lord, a Wookie warrior, a Mandalorian warrior, and a ex Mon Calameri Jedi padawan.

They had just came back after talking with Republic after defeating Voidwolf and turning his pirate fleet against Empire, yep it was a good day.

Corso walks towards his captain who was going over some things on a data pad. Kondian was human like him, but light skin, short black hair, small beard, and intension blue eyes, wearing white and green Mandalorian armor.

He looked up to him, smirking little. "Oh hey Corso, something you need?" Kondian and Corso do get along quite well, they been through lot together and ain't willing back out now. Plus he was the one who gave Corso that set of Republic Trooper armor.

Corso stops front of him, rubbing back of his head. "Yeah, ehh I need some advise, you remember that Mandalorian woman we met while in Keldable, Trinla?" Kondian nodded. Kondian and his crew spend some time on Mandalore when his older brother, Grand Hunt Champion was being hunted down by that Jedi, Jun Seros.

Corso while hanging out with Torian Cadera, met a Mandalorian woman, a real beauty one at that, but also tough fighter too. Corso and Trinla have been getting that relationship point, but he wanted advise from Kondian since his married to Akaavi.

"Yeah well, I think am ready start relationship with Trinla, but I wanted some advise from you, I don't know what Mandalorian women look for in a man, so I was hoping you can help." Corso become confused when Kondian started laughing.

Corso was raising his brow. "Ehh, was it something I said?" Kondian wave his hand at him, getting himself calm down. "No no, it's not that, I was just honestly finding it funny it took this long for you work up the nerve ask her out." Corso gave a glare at Kondian.

"Hey I could ask you something with Akaavi, it took you quite while." Kondian have a scowl at him, okay so it took 4 weeks till they hit off, big deal, besides Akaavi can be very very very scary, he really wanted do it right.

"Fine point taken, still as for advise, just be yourself, treat her like a person and as a warrior as well, try not do anything that could insult that, overall you don't have too much worry about, I can tell Trinla likes you the same way." Kondian and few others have notice Trinla giving Corso glances, the kind of glances that would suggest something.

Corso was thankful of the advise. "Alright, thanks for advise captain." Corso then thought for moment, he begins become curious the story behind Kondian's armor, though he was never one ask someone's personally stuff, he figure he earned enough respect from him.

"Say Captain, if you don't mind me asking, but what's story about your armor? where you get set of Mandalorian armor?" Kondian frown, yeah he had feeling this was gonna happen, he figure Corso should know since they been through a lot.

Kondian place his datapad down. "Tell you what, let's go grab ourselves some drinks and we'll talk." Corso nodded and follow him out of the room.

"So how did my little sister or my brother tell ya about our past? I know one of them talked." Said Kondian as he leans on counter within bar of room, holding Coreilian ale in his hands.

Bowdaar was out in moment, taking care of a small job involving protecting a scientist team with Risha and some of his brother's team, so he and Corso can talk privately.

Corso looked grim as he leans on wall. "Your sister, Kreila told me your parents were killed by Trandoshan Slavers, she didn't say anything another then that." Corso frown as he remembered the pain look in Kreila's eyes, she might been tough, but eyes don't lie.

Kondian nodded grimly. "Yeah I don't blame her for telling another wise, it was a... horrible experience for all of us." He takes sip of his drink, "but what she probably didn't tell you, that about week after that, our whole lives changed once we end up meeting one person that changed our very lives... a Mandalorian bounty hunter name Shae Vizla."

Corso's eyes widen, spit some of his drink out. "Wait wait, hold on here, you mean tell me, the Shae Vizla, same Mandalorian bounty hunter that play part in destroying Jedi Temple, saved you and your siblings?" Corso was shock as hell here, he heard of Shae Vizla before in his time.

Kondian nodded. "That's right, same Mandalorian woman, she saved my life and my siblings, I owe her great deal for that, some people like say she's nothing more but scum, but me and my siblings don't see that way, she show me what it means be a Mandalorian." Kondian remember her fondly, she told him and his siblings many things about being Mandalorian, she trained then long enough for them protect themselves in galaxy.

She couldn't take them with her though, there were quite few people after her, she didn't want out them in danger, but she did however left three sets of Mandalorian armor for them when they get old enough, after that she left, they haven't seen her since.

Corso then got curious. "So what happened after that?" Kondian went on explain, "well after Shae Vizla left, me and my siblings were able make nice home on Datooine, started do little farming, but some Jedi discover us and asked if we were interested joining the Order." Corso nodded, he was aware his captain and his siblings were force users.

"Well me and my brother, Jaylan weren't interested, but Krelia however was interested in knowing how use the force right, but she made sure they agree that Krelia get's keep her set of Mandalorian armor. I remember one of the Jedi was upset about this, not wanting someone with Mandalorian traits in the Order, but luckily the other Jedi with him agree to that and let Krelia join." Kondian remember that Jedi, Yuon Par if he remember right was her name, he liked her.

"After that, me and Jaylan finally decide travel the galaxy, he took bounty hunting and I took smuggling, turns out were really good at it. Eventually I end up on Ord Mantell, the rest you know."

Corso then glance at his armor. "Is that where you got the armor? from Shae." Kondian nodded, "that's right, it..use to be her brother's armor before he was killed, I made sure take care of this great deal." Corso eyes widen slightly, Shae Vizla had a brother?

That was when Corso remember how Kondian reacted when he and him encountered Montai Drai and his Mandalorians on Balmorra.

"Is this the reason why you went mad when fighting Monta Drai and his men?" Kondian scowled at mention of the man. Monta was a Mandalorian mercenary who had slaving operations, he was gonna turn Balmorrian villagers as slaves for Sith Empire. It disgusted him, seeing a Mandalorian using his skills for crap like that, he and Corso didn't leave survivors, taking their armor with them, most of the armor are now being use by Kondian's new shock troopers.

"Yeah, seeing what he did, it disgusted me, when I think of Mandalorians, I think of Shae Vizla and how she saved me and my family, how she show me their honor, their culture, how they hold family. Not pieces of shit like him, or that Tarro Blood guy." Yeah Jaylan told him about Tarro, he was even worst then Monta, he shamed the very name Mandalorian, disgracing Hedarr Soongh's teachings only made him angrily.

Corso was now beginning understand his captain bit better now, now he understand why he held Mandalorians at high regard, why he was able dealing with those Mandalorian prisoners they encountered on Belsavis, able get them work for him and become his new personally shock troopers for this new privateer fleet his building for Republic, welcoming Mandalorians in ranks.

Corso then realize he better go ask Trinla out now. "Thanks for telling me that Captain, it's nice know you trust me with that kind of info." Kondian nodded, after all they been through, he couldn't see why not let him know about that.

"No problem, after all the things we been through, I didn't see why not, anyway go ask Trinla out." Corso nodded and went out the door, closing behind him. Kondian actually felt like great weight was lifted there, he never had pleasure talk to many about his past, there was his wife of course but the chance has never presented itself.

However that would not be the case as Kondian made his way out, a woman's voice stop him. "So that is how you know so much about my people's culture Kondian." Kondian turn around, leaning next to the door was a tall beautiful red skin female Zabrak, some of greenest eyes his ever seen, black markings across her face.

She was wearing blue and yellow Mandalorian armor, few cuts on it from many battles she has fought. This is Akaavi Spar, Kondian's wife.

Kondian place his hands on his hips. "Ah so you heard that cyra'ika, sorry I didn't tell ya sooner." Akaavi smile and walked towards him, swaying her hips. "It is fine, we all have things we like keep secret, besides I believe Corso has earn his right ask Trinla out."

Though Akaavi Spar has had her doubts about Corso Riggs before, but as they fought more together, he soon earned her respect, and she figure spending more time with Trinla might add more character to him.

She cling to Kondian, rubbing her body against him, Kondian did same, getting tight in his nether regions. "You know, no ones on ship for moment, we cou-" Akaavi was already ahead of him.

"Bedroom. Armor off. Now!" She races to bedroom before Kondian reacted, his eyes following her body. "Huh, she always seen beats me in this." He mutter, before he runs to the bedroom, not wanting keep her waiting.

"Hey commander, you see where the boss is?" Said a male human in light armor, similar to Mandalorian, he walks up to one of the privateer commanders in hanger bay that Kondian has set up.

Kondian made sure keep only trust worthy people in his privateer armor, making its not scum his getting in his ranks, he also made sure they get good armor, using credits his been collecting for while, which was a lot.

It was similar in Mandalorian armor, not made of Beskar but still damn tough and was gonna protect ya, it was color red and had the T visor. He also assign high experience commanders with rookies, so they can learn from them, most of them were Mandalorians or highly experience people, friends his made in his adventures or from his siblings adventures.

The one such commander this male human was getting his attention was a tall Mandalorian in brown and gray armor, he was bulk of muscle, dents and scars on his armor shown his very experience.

He turned to the human in light armor. "No I did not Verd'ika, his probably with his wife at the moment." This is Eric Ericsen, he was once working for Empire doing Battle of Coreilia, however the Imperials had try get him kill whole street full of people because they were either in way or they were aliens.

Either it didn't sit well with Eric, he was a warrior damnit! give him worthy foe fight, not some butcher job. That did not sit well with the Sith who offering job and had actually attempted kill him... Before Eric blast him in face before he knew it.

Fastest fight ever... of all time.

Anyway after that, he found himself defending the poor from people who used harm them, that would lead him meeting Kondian's sister, Kreila, she defeated him in fair combat, before she realized his true goals when three poor children try defend him from her.

It touched him, even though he won't admit it. Kreila soon decide direct him to her brother's growing army, though he wasn't sure at first, he was starting like it.

And it now looks like things between Sith Empire and the Mandalorians are going down hill, Mandalorians were getting very tried of the Sith keep pressing them for control over them, and Mandalore was having none of it.

Of course the Republic hasn't gotten on Mandalore's good side either, not after killing their champions. Reasons why Kondian makes sure his men and Republic forces stay on different sides, he does not want a fight blowing between them.

The private raise a brow. "Huh, looks like I got wait." If those noises some people tend hear come from the ship, then sounds like he was gonna wait quite a while.

"Oh fuck Akaavi, you trying suck me dye here?" Moaned Kondian as he lay on his back on bed, naked with Akaavi Spar as she bury's her face in his crotch, deep throating him.

Akaavi gives her husband a smile as she sucked his cock, she twirls her tongue around the dick, bobbing her head fast.

Kondian moaned, he throws his head back on the pillow, he'll never get over how Akaavi could just hold control over him in this position, she starts sucking harder on him, hoping get him cum big.

Kondian place his hand on Akaavi's head, being careful with her horns, begins holding her head tight as she quicken the paste with her bobbing.

"Gak! HMMMLP!" Mumbled Akaavi as she feels Kondian getting close, his dick throbbed from hard sucking, her large breasts bounce wildly from bobbing.

Finally after a minute did Kondian couldn't take it any longer. He threw his head back and yell out. "Here it comes Akaavi!" He starts shooting down cum in his wife's throat.

Akaavi moan as she sucked Kondian dry, bits of cum dripping out of her mouth. Finally she pull back, lasts of cum shooting on her breasts, she smile at Kondian's on her breasts. "You made quite mess captain, though thanks for the meal, it was quite good." She gave a naughtily grin as she took piece of cum on her breast and place it in her mouth.

Kondian smile at her. "Your welcome, bet you want me repay the favor?" Akaavi was already ahead of him, she went over and lay her cunt over his face. "I would be very thankful if you would." Kondian grinned, he grab Akaavi by her hips and pushes her cunt in his waiting mouth.

Akaavi moaned as Kondian started eating her out, he twirl his tongue around in her cunt, he clasp onto Akaavi's ass cheeks, enjoying the soft but firm feeling of them.

Akaavi really had to hand to her husband, her ex lover, Zadik Lone didn't do foreplay with her as they simply went to fucking part, it was actually nice change that Kondian make sure pleasure as she did so to him.

She moaned louder as Kondian dug his tongue further in her. "Elek! That's right, keep doing that!" Akaavi started grind her hips on his face, enjoying feeling of his small beard.

It wasn't long before Akaavi started feel herself coming close to cum. "Am getting close! don't stop!" Akaavi moaned and screamed when Kondian quicken the paste with his tongue, gripping tight onto her ass cheeks.

It didn't long until Akaavi came, her juices went into Kondian's waiting mouth as he lapped her cunt up.

"Hey you, private." Said a light brown and orange color female Cathar in orange and white Republic trooper armor, her green cat like eyes went to a young male Twi'lek in privateer armor she was trying get attention of.

The Twi'lek turned, taking note of the Cathar soldier front of him. "Ah su cuy'gar Commander Veria, something I can do help you?" Kondian has been teaching his men Mando'a. Commander Veria was a Republic Soldier that was send over with a platoon take closer look at Kondian's growing privateer fleet.

Veria didn't approve of the Mandalorians within the fleet, or of Kondian as he was technically Mandalorian. Of course that started few tension yelling between the two, overall, most of the people here were not big fans of Commander Veria, but the young Twi'lek here will attempt nice talk...for now anyway.

Commander Veria scanned around. "I was hoping you would tell me where Privateer Kondian was at? he was suppose to go over some plans for our assault on the Imperial station." Commander Veria can't say she was looking forward to her nice talk with Kondian, because of history between Cathar and Mandalorians, things tend become tension between Veria and Kondian, or any Mandalorian on board.

That of course got lot of Kondian's men angry, even few Cathar among them that shocked Veria, turns out Kondian is very popular with his fleet. Still, Veria still needed go over the plans.

The Twi'lek pointed to the Jenassa. "Last I saw, Kondian was on board his ship, his probably still there." Veria nodded and thank him, before she made her way to the ship.

But when she enter the ship, the Twi'lek then suddenly realize something. "Wait a minute... Weren't Kondian and Akaavi having sex on the ship?"

Oh boy.

"KANDOSIL! FASTER! HARDER!" Screamed Akaavi as she lay on her knees and elbows, while Kondian was on top of her, sending hard and fast thrusts into her.

Kondian grip tight on Akaavi's large breasts, lightly twisting her nibbles as he fucked her hard. He also had a good view of Akaavi's rippling and jiggling red ass, he always loved how in great shape Akaavi is in, and she knew that.

He always had trouble controlling himself when Akaavi decide tease him. "Damn Akaavi, I'll never get over how great your ass is!" He gives a firm smack on Akaavi's right ass, she turn give him a scowl. "What is with you and my ass cyra'ika?" Akaavi always notices her husband looking when ever she decide sway her hips when she tease him.

Kondian shrug. "Guess am just a ass man." He smacks Akaavi's other ass cheek, he leans in on Akaavi, picking up paste of his thrusts, Akaavi slam her hips back to met with his thrusts. The bed shook from this, hitting the wall few times, creating loud banging.

Kondian soon started feel himself getting close, his dick throbbed inside Akaavi, making her moan. "Damn, gonna cum!" For 4 minutes Kondian fucked Akaavi, it wasn't long until she came, that set off Kondian.

He send one last thrust in her, burying himself deep in her before he came, he shoot couple shots of cum in her before Akaavi pulled out, grab his dick and pumped out what was left.

Kondian shot across her chest, breasts, and face, few hitting her mouth before he was finished coming. Akaavi licked her lips when she shallow cum. "Thanks for meal again, hope your ready another round."

However before Kondian could reply to his wife, the door opened. "Captain Matunga, where were you? you were suppose to-OH!" Veria jumped slightly once she gotten good look of scene before her, her eyes widen big time, the scent of sex within room was very strong, it was blowing her senses away.

Her eyes widen further once she saw Kondian's dick, she had never seen a dick that big before, she always dismiss any stories about Mandalorian men, though looks like some of them are true. Though Kondian was very alarmed here, he had forgotten about plans he was suppose to go over with Veria.

Akaavi well, looked very annoyed, still gripping Kondian's dick, she gave a annoyed look at Veria. "In or out Cathar." Kondian raise a brow, he wasn't too sure where this was going.

Veria well... Closed the door and was already taking off her armor.

She needed blow off some steam anyway. So yeah...

"GLAK, GLAK! HMMMLP!" Mumbled Veria as she stood on her knees, holding her fairly sized breasts together against Kondian's dick as he thrusted it in her mouth, she sucked all there was worth, bits of spit came out of her mouth.

Akaavi was busy making out with Kondian before the two parted to breath. "Well, not what I had in mind for tonight, but it works." Kondian grunted as Veria sucked harder on him, he never would have thought he would be having threesome with same woman he was fighting with almost all week.

Akaavi still little piss at Veria, pushes her head further in Kondian's crotch, making her eyes go wide, she gag slightly. Kondian gave a look to Akaavi as he pull back little let Veria breath.

Akaavi shrug. "She should have learn knock next time." Looks like there's a new rule on the ship...

"Hmm Commander Veria hasn't been back for while now, think she's alright?" Said a male Republic soldier in orange and white armor, he was leaning on a crate when he was trying strike conversion with one of Kondian's privateers.

Beating on a punching bag was an female Mandalorian in blue and silver armor, she was human with dark skin and green eyes, her hair tiled in pony tail.

"She's probably too busy dealing with Captain Matunga's stamina. YA!" She sends a hard kick onto bag, sending it flying out of chain, shocking the Republic soldier.

She grabs nearby towel and whips off some sweat. Republic soldier nodded. "Yeah probably... Wait what!"

"OOOH BY THE FORCE!" Screamed Veria as she bounce on top of Kondian, slamming her ass down meet with Kondian's thrusts, her furred ass jiggle and bounced when made contact with Kondian's hips.

Kondian moaned around Veria's breast as he sucked on nibble, lightly biting on it as he squeezes Veria's ass cheeks. Akaavi herself was cleaning her armor, she might as well do something while this happened.

"The Cathar's tougher then I thought she was, if she could take you like that." Akaavi was slightly impressed by Veria's stamina, not many could keep up with hers and Kondian's stamina. Kondian nodded as he sucked on Veria's breast, Veria yelps when Kondian gives a smack on her ass, before picking up the paste with his thrusting.

Looks like no one will be wanting go on the ship for bit...

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