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Collection of short stories ( BL )


A collection of hot sexy steamy stories containing some of our favorite anime ships, mainly AOT and MHA I'm not the best writer but good at the steamy stufffs, well in my opinion so give these a shot plz!

Romance / Fantasy
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My little omega~ Levi x Eren

HI, Just letting every know I'm now also on Inkitt and this book will be up on there too

Levi x Eren

Dirt filled my mouth as my head was pushed into the ground, my body hurt from the force, there was a knee between my shoulders holding me down. "This is were a filthy omega like you belongs". The male whose holding me down spits in my face, his friends follow his action before they all left laughing, I sigh heavily and gratefully that they left.

I removed myself from the ground and continued my walk home from work, our world picked on omegas like myself, Alphas think they own us while betas are jealous of us. Either we omega are along and only have each other.

We work hard to scrap at savings to cover for when we have our heats as some of us don't want to be mated to an Alpha, they treat us like things, but once you do you do you don't have to lift a finger.

It's nice yet horrible. You either work like a slave or not but be a toy for some Alpha to use, some omegas prefer it this way as its easier for them, not I. I don't want an Alpha mate, I wanted true love, but it's hard. I've really been struggling as of late, to the point of having one meal a day, it was bad.

I arrived at my apartment door to see a box by it, it wasn't labeled or anything so ignored it, I tried to unlock my door but it wouldn't budge. What was going on. My neighbors door flew open and Hanji came out, I sigh, she didn't have that stupid look of her face like she normally dose so I knew something was up.

"I don't know how to say this but the landlord's kicked you out, thats your belongings there-" she points to the box "- I know you don't want to hear this next part but there's a singles party at the bar down the road, I thought you and me could go."

"Fuck!!" I kicked the door, this sucks, I didn't get paid till next Wednesday and there's no way I'll make it till then. I grit my teeth and clench my first, this is the worst, this just made my day.

"Levi?" She tries to get a better look at my face.

"No!" I shout with hate, but not towards here, towards this situation at hand. A look at her. "But I have no choice, so let's go." I mutter. She cheers happily as she grabs my box of things before leading in side her place.

She let my have a wash in her shower before getting changed into faded black ripped skinny jeans that made my ass look way bigger than what it actually was, a grey shirt that had a brand name in black on the front, with a red unbuttoned checkered shirt plus some black vans on my feet.

After that she dragged my sorry ass down to the pub and ordered us some drinks, she paid and whispered in my ear that it was her shout, she may be annoying but she looked out for me. She was the only beta I ever meet who actually liked omegas. The room was mostly filled with betas, the were a few Alphas, but only a handful of omegas.

"I'll be back in a minute, need the loo." She giggles and runs off, too much information, i sip my drink as the music pounds away. A large hand falls on to my shoulder, surprising me, I look towards the owner of said hand only to stare into deep aqua eyes.

"Hey there little one~" He spoke softly and sweetly like it could rot my teeth like that, I couldn't look away from those deep alluring eyes, he was letting off Alpha pheromones that invaded my nostrils. He came in close and basically placed his cherry lips against my ear.

"Your staring too long~." He purred in my ear, I gasped and pushed him away before turning back around towards my drink, I drown down my drink in one go. I was flustered, no Alpha had this much affect on me before, though I am a omega. We're supposed to get like this at the smell of an Alphas pheromones, i hate though, the affect they have on us.

I took a small glance at him to see he was smiling at me, his smile was just shining and bright, his hair looked like delicious milk chocolate that bearly touched his shoulders. He sits down beside me before calling the bar tender over to order himself and me a drink, he wants something is all that went through my mind, the drinks arrived.

"So whats your name." He asks smoothly. I look towards him through the corner of my eye, I unconsciously bite my lip but stopped not long after, his eyes had moved to me and looked like last had filled them. I became slightly nervous but I pushed that feeling away.

"Why should I tell you." I mutter coldly.

"Thats fine, I'll just call you little omega~ or maybe little one~ which do you prefer?" I just stared at him dumbfounded, heat rose to my checks, I'd rather he know my name.

"Levi." I mutter before taking a sip.

"I'm Eren it's nice to meet you little one~" He says warmly.

"Did you not hear me, it's Levi not little one." I frown at him while he just smiles and laughs lightly at the look I give him, he doesn't take me seriously, asshole.

"Levi I'm gonna get straight to the point here-" I take another sip before facing him. "I came here to find a mate and I'm only guessing you did to, this is a singles party, I want you because I can tell your not like most omegas, after awhile they all let us use them how we please, you, you won't, well I hope. I promise that I won't lay a hand on you unless you want me too, of course we'll have to complete the mating process but then after that, nothing." He finishes his drink off.

"How do I know your not lying." He now has a very serious look on his face, one that says he's not, but I can't trust an Alphas word.

"Take a look around you, have you noticed that there's other Alphas with there eyes on you, they want you but not like I do, they will use you in till you break, you can either take a chance with me or know exactly what your getting into with them." He was right, at least 3 other Alphas were watching me with last filled eyes, I shiver in disgust, I hated it.

I look down on my drink, staring hard into the liquid, he puts his large hand over my smaller one. "Nothing after." I spoke uncertain of my choice.

"Promise." He smile was genuine and I felt all my worries flot away, he had stopped releasing pheromones a wee while ago as his smell had nearly vanished.

Hanji finally came back and clang to my back while staring at Eren, her smile not as bright but definitely bigger than his, as she began to speak. "Whose this Levi?" She questions.

He stands up and hold out his hand, she takes it as he talks. "I'm Eren and Levi here has agreed to be my mate." He states.

"I haven't said yes yet." I mutter before finishing my second drink, I felt a small buzz, well to be expected as I normally drink for many reasons.

"Oh, so you don't accept." He questions me in a way that asks me if I was sure with my answers, I take a look around to see that there were still Alphas staring at me. I sigh.

"No... I accept." Hanji pulls me up from the chair and shoves me into the arms on the Alpha.

"Then what you still doing here, go have some fun-" She wiggles her eyebrows. "Go mate~" She whispers to us. I blush at her and look away, this just makes Eren laugh making his chest vibrate, I could tell he was very well toned through his shirt.

"Shall we go then my little omega~"

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