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Under The night Sky (ongoing)



"Ms. Chou Your father is outside."

I hide the picture I'm holding in my pocket before replying.

"Let him in"

I sigh. What does my dad wants this time? His request last time was for me to take over the Chou Luxury Cars Company.

"Princess! How are you?" Dad said and dashed towards me for a hug.

"I'm good. Where's Mom?" He sat down in front of my table, strange smile is visible in his lips.

This is not good. I sigh for the nth times

"Your mom is on meeting with Minatozaki's."

I sat on my swivel chair. Minatozaki? Japanese?

"Since when did mom decided to get involve with Japanese? In meeting? Mom doesn't have work dad!"

Dad just let out a chuckle.

"Calm down sweetie. Your Mom is meeting her friend not meeting with company involve."

"You should have said earlier. Anyway, why are you here? I'm sure you're not here for nothing dad."

"Oh about that, here" He gave me a folder.

"What's this?"

"Open and read it." I don't like his smile. It feels weird.

I open and read what's inside the folder.

"Dad!" I exclaimed

"What?" He gave me a smirk

"I'm not getting married!" I said as i handed the folder back to him.

It was a Marriage Certificate.

"I'll give you the private plane and a Ship that you always wanted. And Your mom will donate billion on Your charity"

I looked at him. Now I'm hesitating. Since highschool, I always wanted to have my own plane and ship. And the charity.

"Sweetie, Your mom and I are getting old. We want to see you in altar saying I do. and after a year and you won't still fall inlove with her then we will help you to get divorce."

"I'll think about it dad." I read the paper again.

"I need your answer tomorrow sweetie. I gotta go." He said hopping with joy as he storm out of my office.

One year and dad will help me with the divorce.

This is a win-win situation for me.

"after a year and you won't still fall inlove with her then we will help you to get divorce."

Alright Chou. You can endure it. It's just a year and you'll be free again. but i need to be sure that i can divorce her after a year.

I took out my phone and dialed my sister's number. She picked up after three rings.

"Hey min"

"Oh. Unniee!"

I smiled at her tone. She's always excited when she's talking to me. She's Chou Minju, My little sister. she's studying abroad.

"Min how's school there? How are you?" I ask and played my pen in my hand.

"I'm fine unnie. Our midterm exan will be next week. It's so tiring"

"That's good. Study hard and take care of yourself. By the way can you give me Attorney Choi's number?"

"Why? Yena unnie's number? It's ********"

"Thank you. I just have some business to discuss with her. I need to hang up now, I still have meeting."

"Alright unnie. Take care and send my regards to Mom and Dad. I love you byebye"

"Okay. I love you too. bye"

I ended the call and scan the number i wrote in a piece of paper. Attorney Choi is Minju's highschool Friend i already met her since Minju always bought her friends at home.

Choi Yena is the one who's running the Choi's Law Firm. The most famous law firm in South Korea. I'm pretty close with her

I dialed her number and it didn't take a second before she answered.

"Attorney Choi speaking. How can i help you?"

"Attorney huh?" I said mocking her as i sat up and stand on balcony of my Office.

"Ya! CHOU!" She shouted, I immediately distance my phone away from my ears.

"Calm it Choi. I'm not deaf you duck!"

"HAHAHAHA sorry. you surprised me. so what's up?"

"Stop laughing you're ruining my ears."

"Still savage huh?"

"Whatever. Let's meet now. I need your Monkey business."

"Chou you know i don't do business for free."

"Let's discuss that later. I'm in my office. I'll go there or you'll come here?"

"Alright. I'll go there. fetch me here."

"Oh C'mon Choi. Drive your own ass here, It's not like you don't have a car."

"I'm lazy Chou."

"Tss. Whatever"

I ended the call and called my secretary through intercom.

"Ms. Jo Please tell Mr. Jung to go to Choi's Law Firm and tell him to wait for Ms. Choi."

"Yes. Ms. Chou"

Time skip.

"So what business you have with me Chou?"

I handed the folder to her.

"Like i said earlier, I need your Monkey business here."

She read the paper and nods her head.

"Fake that Marriage Contract."

"What do i get in return?"

"What do you want Choi? I'm sure you don't need my money."

she smirked at me

"You know me too well Chou."

"Just spill what you want Choi"

"So i bumped into someone earlier, i bet she's one of your employees. Give me her number"

she cross her legs, she's tapping the table with her fingers.

"I don't sell my employees Choi. And i know how your hormones work."

I've known her for years and she changes her girlfriend like she's changing her clothes.

"Just her number Chou!" she said and pouted her ducky lips

I smack her head

"Stop hitting with my employees you dumb!"

"Ya ya ya! You're the one who needs my help here. Can't you just return the favor?"

I was about to answer when my secretary entered. and this duck immediately stood up and greeted my secretary. I massage my temple, so Ms. Jo is one she bumped into? I'm going to lose my secretary in this case.

"Ms. Choi, Ms. Son wants to see y-you" she stuttered, she looks flustered

"Chaeyoung's here?"

"Let her in. and please bring us coffee" i ignored Yena's question. My secretary just nod and excuses herself.

"Tzuyuuuuuu!" Chaeyoung entered my office stomping her feet and sat across Yena.

"Why are you here?" I ask Chaeyoung and raise my right brow

"Tzuyuuu! My penguin is angry, what should i do?" she whined like a kid

"Ya Chou! Come on give me her number!" The duck also whine

I want to smack their heads.

"Both of you, Get out." I massage my head tightly, This idiots are stressing me out

"I won't get out until you gave me your secretary's number!"

"Tzuyuuu help me."

"Choi why can't you just ask yuri's number, you coward! And You smol bean! You know i don't know anything about those dating stuff!"

"But you have so many girls!" They both shouted at me

"I bed girls. I don't date them! Get out!" I pushed the two out of my office and slid a piece of paper on Yena's pocket.

I slammed the door close, i can still hear them whining. Aish! Those dorks really.



"Mom, Dad, I'm going." I kissed mom and dad on their cheeks

"Where?" My dad asked as he put his fork and spoon down.

"I have a date with Dahyun" Mom looked at me with worried face.

"Sana you know you're getting married!" Dad stood up, his viens are visible on his neck, he's mad

"You also know that i already have Dahyun when you arrange those stupid marriage thingy dad!"

This is fucking unfair! How can he decide my marriage without my consent?! Right! because of that stupid business!

"It's for your own good." Mom was calming dad.

"Own good my ass! You're selling me for your stupid company!" i burst out and run towards the door

"MINATOZAKI SANA!" I closed my eyes when i heard my dad shouting my full name but i ignore him and hail for a cab.

I run my fingers through my hair due to frustration. I won't marry someone i don't know, I'm not a fucking fool and besides i Love Dahyun.

I paid the taxi and i saw my Girlfriend patiently waiting for me, I walk or more like run towards her, she immediately wrapped her arms around me, hugging me tight.

"Sorry for making you wait." I whisper softly and tucked my head on her neck

"It's okay love. I didn't wait that long tho" she kissed my head multiple times before pulling away from my hug.

"Shall we start our date?" I smiled at her and nods, she's holding my hands and pulls me inside the mall

"I'm hungry." i said pouting, i heard her chuckle as we headed to our favorite restaurant which is inside the mall

"Stop pouting love. I might end up claiming your lips here." i slapped her arms playfully, she's grinning like an idiot.

We had our lunch done and we just stroll around the mall, enjoying each others company.

we're in han river now, sitting on the bench. silently gazing at the stars. It's already 8pm and we decided to stop by.

Dahyun's playing with my finger and sometimes kissing the back of my palm. She's really sweet and adorable. she's always understanding me. but I'm afraid she won't if i tell her about the marriage.

I sigh soundly making her head turns towards me.

"You seems off love. Is there something bothering you?" she ask worriedly and cupped both of my cheeks.

She's always like this. She's really a wife material, I promise myself to marry her since the first day i saw her and I'll fulfill that promise no matter what. She's the one i want to marry. so i need her to understand me now

"U-uhm. I have something to tell y-you." I looked down. I can't bear to see her reaction. i know she'll be hurt.

"Love look at me." she lift my chin making me meet her gaze. she squeeze my hand tight and smiles, assuring me that it's okay

I let out a heavy breath before telling her.

"I'm getting married."



"Tzuyu move your lazy ass now or else you'll be late."

"Unnie do i really have to go?"

"Of course! For Godjihyo's sake you need to meet your fiancé!"

I got up lazily. I really don't want to attend the family dinner with the Minatozaki's but i also don't want to hear Nayeon unnie scolding me here all day. Aish!

It's Saturday, 5pm. I'm currently at Nayeon unnie's Hourse with Jihyo, jeongyeon unnie and chae.

"Are you a turtle tzuyu?! Move faster you dumbass!" I just pout at nayeon unnie's words

Nayeon unnie is fixing my hair.

"Stop bugging Tzuyu Nayeon unnie." Jihyo unnie said and she walks towards us pushing nayeon unnie aside to fix my dress.

"Unnie stop pampering Tzuyu. she's getting married" Chae said and give me a teasing look

I glared at chae. But she's now laughing her ass off with jeongyeon unnie.

"There. You look like a woman now." Jihyo unnie said and smiled at me,

"Thanks unnie. I'll go ahead now." My unnies just give me a thumbs up as i bid my goodbye.


I arrived at the restaurant just in time. I saw mom and dad sitting across the couple which i assume it's Mr. and Mrs. Mintozaki, I approach them and greeted them politely.

"Oh our Tzuyu is here. C'mon, sit down sweetie."

I sat beside mom. the seat across me is still vacant. My so called fiancé isn't here yet.

"Tzuyu you're such a beauty." Mrs. Minatozaki said, she's staring at me adorably which is making me uncomfortable.

"Thank you." I smile politely

"Sorry we have to wait for a Minute because our Sana is—" Mr. Minatozaki was cut off when a rude girl sat on the seat across me.

"Minatozaki Sana fix your attitude!" Mr. Minatozaki hissed and the latter just scoff and cross her arms.

Tss. What a rude girl

"I won't stay long. I still have a business to take care of" She said as she greeted my parents with a fake smile. she turned her head to me and raise her brow.

Our parents started talking about the "Marriage". I was just sitting patiently while the rude girl in front of me is busy with her phone.

I examine her face, reading her emotion. She's pretty i can't deny that but her attitude is— nevermind. I averted my gaze when she look up to me. she caught me staring at her.

"Staring is rude." She said, giving me a teasing smile.

"Then you're rude." I said as i notice her drooling over me.

"I'm not staring at you! you were the one who's staring at me earlier!" she exclaim. she's annoyed? already?

"Yeah. You're not staring, you're drooling over me" I smirked at her before standing.

"I'll be going. It's nice meeting you Mr. and Mrs. Minatozaki." I bow at them and look at the mad squirrel

"Bye dad, mom." They nods their heads. I walk towards My "wife" and lean closer to her.

"See you around, wife" I whisper against her ears and take my way towards the exit, leaving the red face squirrel behind. I guess this so call "Marriage" wont be boring at all.


[ A/n; sorry for keeping you wait :> ]

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