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Under The night Sky (ongoing)



I walk out of the restaurant stomping my feet out of irritation. How dare her call me wife?! We're not yet married! and I'm not planning to marry a pervert girl! I caught her looking at my breast while biting her lips earlier!

"Fuck it! I need a drink"

I enter my car and drive to the OnceLight bar, I need to drink to calm my anger. I'm not really good at controlling my temper.

I was walking towards the entrance when i saw a familiar figure. I saw two girls making out beside the entrance. her back seems familiar tho. I shugged all my thoughts off and entered the bar.

OnceLight bar is not just a typical bar. tho it's just one building but it has all you need. like a bed when you're drunk, A massage area when you're tired and many more. I'm a regular customer here.

I sat at the stool on center bar and ordered a shot of tequila. I roam my eyes around, I saw some familiar faces. I took another shot and another and another and anoth—

"Alone?" I turn my head to the person who talk

"You're asking what's obvious Mister." I said and drink another shot. I'm a little bit tipsy but I'm still sane.

He let out a soft chuckle and sat beside me.

"Can i buy you a drink?" His hand landed on my bare thigh.

I slapped his hands away before slapping his face.

"Pervert!" I shouted and slap his face again. people inside the bar are now staring at us.

He grabbed my wrist tight.

"C'mon. How much are you?" He keeps pulling my wrist, it hurts.

"Tell him how much you need!" The crowd shouted

The man pulled me close to him trying to kiss me, i keep resisting but he's hella strong!

I closed my eyes tight when i felt her hands sliding down. Oh please God no. I silently pray

I heard a loud bang, someone pulled the man away from me making me fall to the ground, i opened my eyes and i saw a figure of girl beating the pervert man.

"How dare you lay your dirty hands on my wife!" My eyes widened when i realize that it was Tzuyu.

"C-chou.." The man said, fear is visible in his voice, he's trembling.

"Touch her again and I'll kill you." There's an authorization in every words she spit. Her eyes are blazing with fire. her fist are trembling from anger.

People around us gossips about the scene they just witness.

"Chou is married? Omg i died!"

"Tzuyu really fuck good but sadly she's tied with someone now"

"Its a loss. i didn't get the chance to taste Chou Tzuyu"

That's all i hear. Is she regular here?

"Chou calm down." A short girl shake Tzuyu's shoulder and seems like tzuyu snap out and starting to calm herself.

"You know i don't bluff hwang."

"I-i'm sorry Chou. I d-didn't know s-she's yours" Tzuyu is shooting the man with her glares before turning her attention to me. Her expression changed. From angry to worried.

she grabbed my wrist and pulled me out of the crowd. I flinched, her grip is not that strong but that hwang man grabbed me hard earlier so wrist is swollen.

we're already inside her car and she's staring at me intently.

"What the fuck are you doing in the club at this hour?!" I can see two emotion i her eyes. she's controlling herself.

"Drinking?" I replied.

she gritted her teeth. i pressed my lips together, why is she angry? I was just answering her question.

"Let's go home." She said, starting the engine of her car, I also have a car! i can't leave that baby sedan here.

"I have my own car. I can drive alone" I opened the door not waiting for her to reply. I walk towards my baby sedan.

I let out my breath that i was holding on.

I sat on the driver seat but I'm not planning to start the engine. I saw Tzuyu getting out from her car, she's walking towards the entrance, running her fingers through her hair. Is she going to stay?

I don't know what comes to my mind but i just found myself following her like a freaking stalker. I saw her talking to her short girl friend. I hide on the wall beside them.

"Tzuyu. You should control you anger. You could have killed hwang!"

"Tss. I'm willing to kill that bastard."

"Tzuyu this is not you. Why do you care about that Mimatozaki so much? Did you forget that you agreed to that marriage because of the deal of your dad?"

I saw how tzuyu froze at her spot but she compose herself.

"I was just helping her chae. I know you would do the same if you saw her earlier than i did."

I walk back to my car. Deal? she agreed to the marriage because of the deal? I frown. Yeah right sana this is arrange marriage. i sigh and drove off.



We're now at OnceLight bar. Chae and Jeongyeon unnie dragged me here.

"Chae, I'm not in the mood to party." I said, they're pulling me towards the entrance but someone called my name.

I saw where the voice is coming from. I saw Elkie running towards us.

"Can i barrow Tzuyu for a while?" She ask the two. I look at them with pleading eyes, But they just pushed me towards elkie, saying that it was okay. I feel so betrayed! those bastard! how can they give me se easily?! I'm hurt!

Elkie pulled me to the corner beside the entrance.

"Tzuyu. I miss you" she said and bite her lower lip. I rolled my eyes in my head. I know what she wants. I pulled her waist close to me and capture her lips.

We're literally making out. My hands traveled around her body, she was moaning and pressing her body on me, telling me to pleasure her more.

I let my lips travel through her neck, sucking her pale skin.

"Oh.. Tzuyuu~ Fuck..."

She's clinging on my neck. My left hand landed on her clothed core while my right hand gripped her ass. I'm pleasuring her down there when we heard a loud noise inside. I stopped what I'm doing and was about to leave her

"Tzuyu you'll leave me hanging here?!" She gripped on my neck tighter, rubbing herself to me.

"I need to. Chae and Jeongyeon unnie is inside." I unclasp her grip on me and runs towards the entrance.

I'm expecting to see the two dorks but Sana's trembling voice welcomed me. I saw Jackson Hwang Pulling sana's wrist.

"You little shit!" I hissed.

Someone grabbed my arms stopping me. It was Seulgi and Irene unnie.

"Don't get involve Yoda." I removed seulgi unnie's arm.

"That's my wife unnie" I said and left them hanging their mouth open

I pulled hwang away from sana and shove him aside. I close my fist tight.

I raist my fist and give him a hard punch.

"How dare you lay your dirty hands on my wife!" I shouted and keeps beating him, my hands were trembling as i throw multiple punch on his face.

"C-chou.." He muttered. fear is sensible in his voice. Tss, scaredy cat.

"Touch her again and I'll kill you." Jackson Hwang is always here with his gang. They're always causing trouble but i know he can't bump into me. He knows how i handle shit like this.

I saw chae walking towards my direction. she shake my shoulder trying to snap me out.

"Calm down Tzuyu!" She hissed. I massage my temple, trying to calm myself but my anger inside is raging. I don't know where my anger coming from.

I glared at Jackson.

"You know i don't bluff hwang." I said and pulled sana out of the crowd.

I bought sana to my car. I'm looking at the road, still trying to calm myself, I want to smack her head right now!

How can she come to the bar alone at this hour?!

I faced her and stare at her intently. I gritted my teeth, I'm refraining myself but hella fuck I snapped out at her.

"What the fuck are you doing in the club at this hour?!" I halfshouted. I rested my back and let out a sigh.

"Drinking?" she replied. I put my left hand under my legs, because i want to smack her right now. I stared at her for almost a minute

"Let's go home." I started the engine but she suddenly spoke telling me that she also have her car and leave me here, frustrated.



"There's no way I'll live with her! Dad! we're not yet even married and you want me to live with her?! Are you kidding me?!" I stared at my dad with disbelief.

"You're marrying her next month! so you both should get along." Dad said closing his fist.

"Mom say something!" I look at mom with pleading look.

"Your dad is right sweetie. Go upstairs and pack your things now."

I stare at them with disbelief. wow! Are they really my parents?! I sat up and leave the living room, stomping my feet as i walk upstairs.

"Argh! I hate my life!" I shut the door close and throw myself to bed. I buried my face on my pillow and try to sleep to forget what's happening for awhile.



Tzutzu!" i rolled on the bed trying to catch her attention. she told me last night that today was suppose to be our cuddle day but here she is, busy typing in her laptop.

"Later baby. I'll just finish this." she said, eyes still on her work. i groan in annoyance.

I sulk at the corner. i didn't bother her for a minute and she seems to notice it. she sigh and walks toward me.

"baby you know it's work." she sat beside me. i stay quiet, I'm not really mad or something, i understand her work but i want her attention right now.

"Sana.." she's poking my cheeks, i took a side glance and saw her pouting.

"Baby..." She said with her soft voice. she's now hugging me sideways. I bite my lips, hiding the smile that's surpassing on my lips.

This is the reason why i always want to sulk. I laugh in my head, she's always like this. Acting cute for me to stop sulking.

"Minatozaki Sana talk to me." She whispers on my ears softly.

"Tzu..." I breathlessly said when she started licking and biting my earlobe. I tilt my head when her kisses travel to my neck and give her more access.

"Tzuyu..." I meant to call her but it came out as a moan.

"Yes baby?" she slowly lay me on the bed and place herself on top of me.

"Hmm.. Tzu.." she's showering my neck with her kiss, her hands are starting to do their work which is unbuttoning my shorts.

"Will you talk to me now?" she pulls my shirt over my head, unclasp my bra exposing my milky toned skin.

"So sexy." She captured my lips as her left hand starting to massage my breast, i gasp when i felt her right hand touched my clothed core.

"Tzu.. Oh.. Fuck~" I moan in between our kiss.

her lips went down.

"Chewy.." i let out a high pitch moan when she took my beads inside her mouth, gently sucking and licking it.

"Lower tzu..." I moan and guide her head.

she swiftly slide my undies down, my wet core welcomed her breath. she lean in and smell my flesh making me blush. Does she really need to smell me?

"Can i taste it?" she ask and looked up to me. her lips is just inch away from me, i can feel her hot breath on my wetness.

"Uhmm... Fuck tzu just dive— ughhh~" I moan loudy when her lips touched my—

"MINATOZAKI SANA!" I sat up faster than 4 o'clock when i heard someone shouted my name.

"Fire?! where?!" I started to panick but then i saw my two dork friends laughing their ass off

"What the actual fuck?!" I exclaimed and throw pillows to them.

That was just a dream?


[ A/n: bless your souls! 🙏 Sorry for lame update hehe ]

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