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Bring me back to life


Kim Taehyung just can't bear it anymore . He has killed involuntary his brother Namjoon and he couldn't assume it....until he meet Marie Chen, a Chinese student and dancer...

Drama / Romance
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First Chapter

Kim Taehyung is a 22-years old singer and dancer. He was happy some months ago. But at that time his brother was still here with him. Since Namjoon is gone, Taehyung has nothing and no one to hold on to...Not even the one who was his childhood best friend, Park Jimin. He hasn't seen him since years, as Jimin didn't want to be friends with Taehyung anymore...

But even Taehyung don't want to be him anymore. He feels way too guilty... he just can't get the death of Namjoon over in his head...it's his fault of Namjoon is dead...

*Flashback : 17th July 2017* *Taehyung's point of view *

We were all together at a party, Namjoonie was with me,he didn't want me to get in trouble...but I am already drunk.

This Day of hell when Namjoon is dead. We were all together at Hyunjin's party...I must admit that I was drunk this night. But everyone else is drunk anyway and there wasn't any fight. Everyone was chilling, talking, dancing on the music. No one was aggressive. All has gone well until I had an argument with my brother.

Namjoon was two years older than me. The two of us were really close all of our life. I loved him so much... But his night I was too drunk to think straight and I argued with him...

Furthermore it was for something little: Namjoon wanted to go home and I wanted to stay here with Hyunjin and Sehun. I got angry and when I go past my brother I pushed him involuntarily. We were on the balcony,and Namjoon fell down from a 6-meter height. I had the impression that Namjoon fell like in a slow motion. But it wasn't. When I saw him laying on the floor, unconscious and covered in blood, I ran to him. But something in my mind told me that it was too late. I came near him,I shake his body and tell him to wake up. But Namjoon doesn't answer.

I say, on the edge of crying

- Namjoon, wake up! It's not funny and you know it!

- Taehyung, you already know that he will not wake up,say Jin.

- Come on! Jimin! Call 911,and Jin help me to get him on his side!

When the ambulance arrived and bring Namjoon to the hospital, I already knew it was too late...

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