This is a love story between Felix Lee and Bang Chan.

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Having been a member of Stray Kids now for many years, Felix has grown very comfortable showing affection towards the other members. He loves cuddling while falling asleep. Mostly, he would cuddle Jeongin or Jisung.

As a fellow Aussie, Chan would be lying if he said it didn’t make him the slightest bit jealous. Infact, sometimes he’d ponder over it at night, pout present on his lips.

′ Doesn’t he like me as much?, am I not cute enough towards him? Why doesn’t he cuddle me at night? Why isn’t he initiating skinship with me as much as with the others?′

Chan sat by the computer in the studio this particular evening. He had been working on a beat, when his thoughts began to wander. He saw Felix’s face before him. How his eyes would light up when the two of them hung out, how energetic Felix were.

He thought about how soft Felix’s hand used to feel in his. Felix had this habit of grabbing Chan’s hand when they spoke sometimes. Chan would get butterflies in his stomach at the sensation of Felix’s hand on his. He got very selfconcious. Do not blush! He thought to himself, so afraid of the younger noticing what kind of effect he had on him.

That didn’t really help though. He’d often feel how his cheeks heated up, and how he had to force himself to retain from turning his head and kissing Felix.

He knew he couldn’t do that. Felix did only cuddle with him ’cause he liked skinship, not because he felt anything more than friendly feelings towards Chan.

Chan got cut off in his train of thoughts by a knock on the studio door.

- Yeah? It’s open. He said, still having his back facing the door. He heard the door opening and closing behind him.

- It’s late, hyung! A deep voice said, breaking Chan’s bubble. The next thing he knew, Felix had closed the distance between them, crawling into his hyungs lap.

- What are you making? He asked, back resting against Chan’s chest, studying the computer screen.

Chan almost felt like he’d pass out, having the cute boy of his dreams literally crawling into his lap like this. Why did he do this now? He’s never done this before! Studying Felix’s freckles, he melted at how pretty the other Aussie was, heart thumping in his chest.

- Uh... yeah, just working on some summer vibes. Chan answered trying to sound as casual and unbothered as he could.

- Ok, Channie. Felix said. I’m sleepy.. he added in a whining, cutesy voice- sinking further into Chan’s embrace.

- Ok, Lixie, go to bed then? Chan said while carefully running a hand through the other boy’s hair.

- mm... Felix answered Don’t wanna sleep alone, I’ve got nightmares.

He added quietly with a pout on his face, staring into Chans eyes.

- Aw, baby! Chan said in a teasing but loving tone.

Felix started blushing, hiding his face in his palms.

- Felix... Chan uttered calmly. You wanna sleep in my bed? He asked.

Felix dropped his hands, his face a little less red.

- Yes....? He answered carefully. Having a hard time keeping eye contact with Chan- it felt too intense.

They all had their own bedrooms nowadays, which suited almost all members fine. Except Felix, who still needed his cuddles at times not to have nightmares.

- Ok, then. Just go get your things.

- Ok! Felix Smiled, jumped off Chan’s lap and ran out the studio.

-Cute. Chan muttered to himself, shaking his head.

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