Lucifer lives in Arthur


The book revolves around ARTHUR, who claims to have the Devil inside him. Whereas the Devil is not alone he has a twin. All three of them fall for the same girl, let's see what happens.

Fantasy / Romance
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You wanna meet the Devil, don't you? The Devil lives in me!

The world was a bewildering place to live in, but where the Devil chose to live was in me. The thing that left me astonished was he claims he's not alone.

He has a twin!

But how did Lucifer get a twin?

I still don't know the answer, Lucifer's intimidating aura was something that I was afraid of. First, they both would just haunt my nightmares, but now they're real. Like they're connected to my soul, I can feel what they feel, I can see their fantasies- fantasies that are not normal. I would never be able to do such things that they are capable of.

What do you think their fantasies would be?

Lucifer's fantasy was blood. He wants to destroy everything that comes in his way, when he sees blood in his hands he feels satisfied. The word that can define him was "STONE-HEARTED".

Whereas his twin's name was Samael, as we know is a seducer. His fantasies include immense pleasure, he likes to hurt, cause pain, torture, and torment his prey to death. He loves to please women and then plays his kinky games. Watching him do such things fills me with disgust.

Lucifer and Samael were a part of me, the part that cannot be defined how they existed. Lucifer was fire whereas Samael was a storm and I was Adam's ale (water).

Until she came into our lives, we were living in hell, neither dead nor alive. A girl who was rain to Lucifer's fire, earthquake to Samael's storm, and Lava to my Adam's ale (water).

She was an angel craving havoc whereas the Devil me found peace in her.

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