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Prom night A night to die for


6 teenager’s experience a prom night of there life will they all survive or will only a couple read to find out

Mystery / Romance
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Lana’s morning with Jackson

6 seniors all friends ready to go to prom. There all excited but until they know what’s going to happen. The smart one Lily Gibson she got A in all her classes. The soccer player Jonathan Larson he was good at PE not at anything else but only if you count sex. Next Jonathan’s girlfriend Lana Wendingburg she had sex with all her classmates but stopped when she met Jonathon. He’s the love of her life but he has a different image of. Enough of Jonathon, she’s a cheerleader her best friend Mackenzie Lars. Next we’re gonna talk about Mackenzie Lars the leader of the group her farther was a rich business man he had many businesses all around America. She was rich the most popular girl and the girl that had the most sex in Richard Smith the high school they all go to but Jake Reese is the only one she’ll get dressed up for and send pics too they’ve been together for whole 2 years of there high school. We’re finally finished with Mackenzie Lars, next is the one and only Jake Rees he’s had a crush on Mackenzie for a while but she never paid attention to him finally, when he turned 16 she looked at him differently, at first just a hookup, then it turned into something that made them feel something to each other, enough talk about them together, Jake was a basketball player that was his passion Mackenzie always came to his games sometimes with Lana and Jonathon but Lily doesn’t have that much time with all the studying she has to do. But next is probably my favriote person of the group which is Amelia Tilburg she is a fashion icon but one thing about her is she’s a virgin even lily isn’t a virgin. Lily used to flunk out of class drink do drugs but ever since she met Amelia she changed Amelia let lily see the best in her. Amelia loves fashion it’s her passion she what I did there ok never mind. Everyone thinks she’s going to be a famous fashion designer, but she thinks her designs are ugly and horrible she know Lana and Mackenzie by creating outfits for them but they met lily because lily introduced her to them they all became best friend in the nic of time. So now let’s get on with the story. It was a Wednesday morning obviously Lana and Jonathon we’re together in bed yesterday was there anaversiry and she wanted to look sexy for him and of course he loved it. Lana’s parents were out of town on holiday they went to visit trisha’s parents (lana’s mum) but Tom (lana’s dad) was coming with her because trisha’s parents loved him, but Lana hated her grandparents know one knew why even Lana “Baby you know when you asked me to prom.

“ Yeah , he said with a grumble.

“ It was so cute , it was way better than how Jake asked Mackenzie , Lana said with a giggle and a seduce face while looking at Jonathon.

“Did you see her face she was like ,Jonathon showed Lana the face.

She started laughing so hard she fell out of bed and screamed

“MY HEAD “ UHHHH WHY DIDN’T YOU TRY CATCH ME,she screamed so loud I bet the whole neighbourhood couldn’t hear but definitely Jackson heard and her little brother Rocky. He came running in screaming

“AHHHHH I think there’s some people coming to get us ,but he never knew it was just his sister’s (by the way her brother was 7) Lana and Jonathon started to giggle.

Then they both said at the exact same time “No it was just me ,Lana, Rocky quickly answered in a rude way “ well I’m going to tell mummy and daddy there going to be so mad at ,YOU,he screamed at th end of his sentence. They were bickering while Jonathon quickly ran into the bathroom since he was a jock/soccer player he knew how to run FAST. Lana came running in which starteled Jackson since he was half naked.they both got ready, and jumped in to Jackson’s car which wasa mustang from 2015

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