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Vkook-PETAL...(Forced relationship!!)


when An immortal,heartless and cruel alpha who was notorious for his cruelty and killing his own family for throne,finds his mate who was just of 13 years old.........but the problem is that alpha is cursed,will his omega mate break his curse or will always hates him for forcing him........

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

He was sitting on cliff,moon shining above him as cold wind breeze.He let it pass through his dark pitch black fur as he growled. Maybe his wolf was sad cause he was alone. Without family,without care,without love and probably without "Mate".
His wolf whispered as he smelt a pleasant scent. He started to follow that scent on his own.And then stopping in front of a hand made beautiful wooden house in middle of the forest.There were two women sitting on wooden bench near the camp fire and a 13 years old kid playing around them.And as soon as his eyes met with kid's,his wolf growled in shock and arouse."He is our mate'Wolf howled.As he eyed that 13 years old boy,plying and laughing with ball."Isn't he too little?"His human side said."Cut the crap...he is ours..don't you wanna make him ours..what if you get late and someone else mark him huh?"His wolf tried to make him eager to get their mate.He just looked at that bunny looking beautiful kid."He is an omega"his wolf howled again in arouse."Yes..he is"human side assured him."Then why don't we just go there and take him?"his wolf said in annoying tone.And as he was about to step further.door opened and came out an old alpha."Is he the son of our enemy?"wolf asked as he eyes his mate calling that old man"Appa"And clinging to him.And that old man seemed to notice the danger lingering around them as he signaled all of them to go back in house."Who is there?"Wolf heard that old man seething but did't want to fight.No he was not afraid.Instead he was the one from whom the whole world was scared.He just didn't want to make his mood bad by fighting right after he found his mate.So he just stood there,watching silently as that old man went inside that house.And that wolf retired himself too from there and went back to his palace.Off course to do preparation for his mate's arrival.

"I don't care...just go and ask for their hand's son for me...and if they don't agree,threaten them...i am sure they will not say 'no' to supreme alpha"He roared at his older omega cousin,wanting him to go his mate's house and officially ask for his hand.But his cousin was wise.He didn't want the innocent kid's purity to get ruin by alpha."Ok..i will ask...but what if they still refuse?"his cousin,Kim seokjin,asked as supreme alpha eyed him. "Then i will do what i have been doing to one who don't obey me"supreme alpha said smirking as jin sighed and prayed in heart to let the alpha go of them.

"I think you are wise enough to say things like these"Alpha jeon said as he talked to seokjin in harsh and cold tone.He knew..he knew that what could be the circumstances of refusing supreme alpha?But he was a father and his son Jeon Jungkook who was just of 13 years old,was being asked to be come to palace to live with supreme alpha.and he didn't want this.His son was just too young."I know..alpha jeon..that your son is so young..But plz,,believe me i will take care of him on my own...you don't have to worry...But if you refuse supreme alpha...you know the circumstances"Jin warned him."I am ready to take the risk...but i can't just hand my son to that heartless monster..who killed his own family."Alpha jeon stated the fact with rather harsh and loud voice."Plz...mind your language..aftermath don't curse me to not to warn you before...you know he is a heartless monster and you have seen and heard his cruelty but if his cruelty comes at your pack then don't come to me and curse me for not warning you before"Jin said as he excused himself and went back to palace.And tell the unfortunate news to supreme alpha.And then
what happened?Everyone knew that already.

"yoo..yoongi...just run my son...take..take your baby brother with you"Their mother said as she handed him his younger brother. Jungkook who was only a pup cried,not letting his mother's shirt go.Well what happened?
It was midnight when screams and bells of danger ringing could be heard in whole area.Supreme alpha had attacked the pack along with his companions..who were just like him.Mighty,cold,cruel and heartless monsters. Yoongi who was the adopted brother of jungkook,a beta,only of 18 years hid in his room along with some pups and his younger brother jungkook. Who was hugging him tightly."Baby..plz...don't worry..appa..will protect us"yoongi said,trying to comfort his baby and other pups.But they all flinched when door slammed open and their beta mother walked in."Yoo...yoongi plz..take your brother and run away from here..they are here..they will take you all...just run"She said as she pushed yoongi outside of their pack house as they saw their members getting slaughtered by those heartless monsters.But then suddenly a cinnamon lavender bossy scent lingered in air,making yoongi stop in his tracks as he slowly looked back.And shrinking more in corner when he saw a big gray wolf staring at him...boring holes in his soul.His mouth was full of blood.Must be of yoongi's members. Yoongi whimpered in submission when that gray wolf growled. Yoongi got snatched back when he heard jungkook whimpering.Both were in their wolf forms.As yoongi widened his eyes,looking behind his mate,Yes that gray wolf was his mate...the power was radiating from that wolf indicating that he is an alpha.As yoongi closed his eyes,but heard painful groans and opening his eyes,he saw one of his members getting slashed by his mate.As tears gathered in his eyes. And that was when he fainted...even when he was supposed to take his baby brother away.He felt his vision getting blurry.as he fell down but not before hugging his baby brother jungkook tightly,as trying to hid him in his own self.The only thing he saw before going unconscious that his mate along with one black pitch colored furred,a very big alpha wolf coming toward them.

**To be continue**

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