The Era of The Two Chieftains


Amara's sons, one from each of her mates are at war over the Vohtou tribe. Adhuin, Vata's son claimed control over the clan after Da'sal's reign has ended. Ta'jaal, son of Da'sal declares his right to the clan and will do whatever it takes to get what's rightfully his. Neither will give in to the other's demands and a fight to the death is the only deciding factor as to who will lead the clan. Miska was captured and brought back to Prime as a gift for the clan leader. Earth was her home and she's determined to get back there. That is until she meets Ta'Jaal. He's kind, patient and courageous, fighting not only for the clan but for her love. Adhuin wants to do what his father and uncle couldn't, keep their bloodline strong by not mixing with the oomans. He's dead set on breeding out the ooman ties to his blood when Miska's arrival threatens not only his will but his heart. *This story is part of the "Predator & Prey series - Catch up on what happened before all of this! Predator & Prey: Amara Predator & Prey: Amara II The U'darahje: Da'sal

Fantasy / Erotica
Lizzy Landon
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

It’s been a long day, waiting for my mother’s mate to pass on into the other realm. Ta’jaal my half-brother waits by his side. He knew the end was near and at his request, lies in his burial chamber.

A solid container marked with his familial name. His last breath is taken on a whisper, words for his son’s ears only. Letting out a small breath of relief that he is no longer amongst the living. I can now take the throne, the clan is mine to lead.

Alone in my home, I make ready for the preparations. A ceremony is to be held in my honor. Watching my reflection on the reflective surface, I take one last look at the old me. I will no longer be the son of Vata, the half-breed.

The hated moniker strewn about in provocation by would-be usurpers, causes instant anger. My fists clenched at my side, I take a deep breath to temper my rage.

“I am Adhuin, tribal leader.” I state arrogantly and with another deep breath, I head out to greet my clan as their chieftain.

The drums keep a steady beat, as I watch my people gathered in celebration of their leader. Proudly I accept the offerings placed at my feet by the mothers of young females. They’re lined up bearing gifts, eager to please.

As the son of the previous leader, I’ve had my choice of many females. One specific one, in particular, Yu’an. Her place by my side secured, she’s not threatened by the females being presented to me.

A mother greets me with her daughter who has a small smile for me. I receive a bow from each of them before they’re promptly ushered away by the guards. Another glance in Yu’ans direction and she’s watching the spectacle.

All it would take was one scowl of disapproval from her and I’d send them all away. Instead, I get a small enticing smirk, before her attention is returned to her company.

“Tribal leader Adhuin, we have a special gift for you.” A hunter states, as two others carry in a large covered cage.

The cloth is removed and all goes quiet. The drums have stopped their beating and conversations have ended. The contents of the cage peers back at me as I stare at it.

“Your father and elder father’s approved of these beings, we thought that you...”

“Well, you thought wrong, dispose of it.”

The uprising in my father’s time by the humans has left a rift between them and the Yautja. My mother’s dying wish was for me to let them be, to not eliminate them all as I’ve a mind to.

They’re a constant reminder of who I am, the sullied weaker part of my bloodline.

“Let’s not start your reign off with deliberate cruelty.” Says Astba quietly. An elder, he’s seen nine generations of my family rule the clan. His words are deeply valued.

“I have no use for it.”

“Take her in as a pet, for show. Treat her well, tensions are already high between the humans and Yautja. Let’s set the example for your mother’s memory. We can coexist, we just have to try.”

For my mother... “Take her to my dwelling.”

The drums resume their beating and everyone resumes their conversations. A look in Yu’ans direction and this time I do see a scowl, deep and menacing.

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