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The Era of The Two Chieftains

Chapter 2

“Get rid of it!” States Yu’an violently kicking the cage, which sends it and the human inside toppling over.

“Fuck you, you ugly bitch!” That comes from the human inside the cage. One would think that she’d have the decency to cower, to at least show fear.

Yu’an doesn’t understand the language but she definitely understands the heated expression on the human’s face.

For her insult, she receives another harsh kick. This time the cage slams into the wall rattling the occupant. “Leave her be.” I advise Yu’an, who’s not done terrorizing the woman.

“I want her gone, now!”

“So do I, but Astba thinks that I should keep her as a pet. Set the example for the clan, that we can live peacefully with them.”

“We don’t have to set anything, kill it.!”

“What is it about this human that threatens you so? She means nothing to me.”

“Your family has a history of mating with these things. You’re the product of that, a half-breed.”

My mandibles flaring angrily at the one word, she stands her ground. “We all know of your father’s and uncle’s legacy, insignificance is in the blood. You’ll end it or I will.”

“I said, leave her be.” My statement halts her steps in the human’s direction.

“I demand that you...”

“You don’t command me, I am the clan leader. And no matter how insignificant part of my bloodline is, I am still your superior. Now leave me.”



A quick glance in the human’s direction, she’s seething with rage but unable to do anything about it. an angry growl at me and I’m left with the human.

Watching the exchange from the cage, she backs away as I draw nearer. Setting it to rights, I unlock it and head outside.

It only takes a few seconds for her head to appear before it disappears right back inside.

“Come with me, if you try to escape you’ll be hunted and killed.”

“You know my language?′


It’s early, the heat from the rays of the sun are restorative. Eyes closed, I raise my face to it, reveling in the health-giving heat.

“Are we going to stand around all day looking stupid, or are you going to take me where we need to go?”

I don’t know what to make of her, splashing around in the water without a care. She’d removed her clothing, and ran into it happily.

I’d only met her the other day, and she doesn’t seem fearful at all.

She acts as if this isn’t new to her. “Come out of the water.”

“I’m not done.” She goes under again, this time reemerging with a leer as she’s farther away from the place where she disappeared.

Rubbing the water from her eyes, she surveys her surroundings and proceeds to move a greater distance from the land.

“You’ve gone too far, come back.”

A mocking laugh and she’s moving quickly in the opposite direction. I’ve never seen any being move that fast in the water.

Ignoring my warning about being hunted, she’s attempting to escape.

With a sigh and one last look at the path that she’s taking, I head back to out to our encampment.

“I’m not a hunter.”

“We all know that, but I’m asking that you help the others search for her.”

My half-brother’s a problem, he and the others like him. Other half-breeds that were hidden underneath the ground.

I haven’t made it known yet, but I want them removed from our lands. “I have better things to do.”

“Like what, you contribute nothing to the clan.” I counter.

“You’re right, but I will soon.”

“What do you mean?”

Waiting for his response, he takes his time answering. Eyeing me as I watch him, I can hardly wait for my mother’s refuse to be forced out.

We’ve never gotten along, no matter how hard my mother tried to force us.

“I’ll help in the search for your ooman.”

“Good, bring her back unharmed.”

Leaving him, I’m confronted by Yu’an. She’s doesn’t seem to be in a good mood either. She’s stepped in front of me, stopping me from moving forward by blocking my path.

“You’ve sent the hunters after her, why?”

“To bring her back.”

“Yes, but why? She chose to leave, let her go.”

I don’t know why, either. For some reason, I feel responsible for her. “She’s my pet.”

“So, you’ve claimed her?” She inquires.

Have I? I know nothing about her, and I don’t want to know either. I’m going down the same path that my forefathers took.

I can’t have this. It goes against all that I stand for and believe in.

“I’ll send word for the hunters to end her when they do find her.”

Her smile is rewarding as I will away the feelings of guilt.

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