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The Winter Rose

Chapter 2

I’ve been following him, ever since he dragged the Captains body from the river. My spying has currently led me to the “Smithsonian institution”, where James is visiting the “bucky” memorial. It’s too soon to make myself known, and so I wait for the right moment.

Which never comes, I’m vexed that he’s retreated to the mountains of Virginia. A recluse, only venturing out for monthly supplies. Not even a pet to keep him company. I’m starting to resent my job, when I decide on a course of action. I’m up at daybreak, hiking through the mountains, with just a backpack filled with a couple bottles of water, protein bars, a flashlight, lighter, knife and gun. Wanting to appear authentic, I’ve been at it for hours, and finishing off the last bottle of water, I make my way off of the trail.

“You’re a long ways off the beaten track.” His words give me pause, coming from behind me. I’m five feet from the door, and I want to kick myself for thinking that this would be easy. “Slowly...” He says, as I turn to face him. Five feet nine inches, brown eyes, shoulder length hair, a bionic arm, and a neutral countenance. He’s even more attractive up close and personal.

“What do you want?”

“I got lost.”

“Well the trails back that way.” He says, with a nod of his head in the direction that I came from.

“If I can’t find my way in the light, how am I supposed to in the dark?”

“That’s not my problem.”

I guess a pretty face doesn’t get you that far nowadays, whatever happened to chivalry? To hell with being nice... “Look, there’s a whole house right here, it’s getting dark, I’m thirsty, hungry, and I’m not going anywhere until I’ve rested.” In a blink, I’m pressed up against the door with a hand on the back of my head. “What the hell!” My backpack’s stripped off of me, and a knee’s pressed into my back as he goes through it. “You’re not packed for hiking.” The backpack’s tossed at my feet as he releases me, my gun aimed at me. “I didn’t plan on getting lost.” I snap.

Scrutinizing me with a hard gaze, I’m trying not to lose my cool, from the way that he just manhandled me. “You’re going to have to leave.” He says, taking the clip and offering the gun back to me. “I’m not going anywhere, not till the morning.” I say, taking the gun and gathering up my backpack. Another unnerving stare, before he walks past me into the house. “Your choice and just so you know, there’s black bears and wild boars in these mountains.”

Waking up, my backpack underneath my head, I stretch, and try to work the kinks out of my back. I can’t believe that he left me outside all night. Getting my bearings, he exits the cabin, a bottle of water and two apples are dropped at my feet. “Don’t be here when I return.”

“You’re a verifiable monster!” I shout to his retreating back, which halts his steps. Oh shit... Knowing his background, i’m expecting the worst. There’s a tense moment of quietness, where i’m unsure of if i’ll have to fight for my life or not...i’m relieved when he continues on.

What the hell was I thinking coming out here.. “Fine, well screw you to!” I add, angry with myself for coming up with this uber fail plan. The damsel in distress act was never my forte. “Oh well... time for a shower and a decent meal.” I say, watching him make his way to the woods.

He’s back, with a bear and a few porcupines. I’m throughly disgusted, and hope against hope that, that was beef stew that I’d found in the fridge. No personal effects, just a couch, and a bookshelf, with a few books. A bed, dining table, and nothing more. What kind of existence is this?

“I thought that I told you to leave.”

“If you want me gone, then I suggest...”

He’s fast, but I anticipate his attack, and have my gun aimed at him, which doesn’t deter him from his goal. Popping off two shots, he dodges them, knocking me back into the wall. His fist making a hole in the wall, where my head was, I latch onto his neck, coming up behind him. “What the hell was that?” He’s on his knees, resisting my compulsion. “You just tried to punch me in the face!”

“I know...what you...are....”

“Yeah, and what is that?”


“Wrong... I’m Libertine...”

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