Sliced Open

Chapter 2

Oh shit, oh shit...

Ed had had hope, he'd been happy they were there, but now someone was gonna die.

And it probably wasn't just gonna be the bastard with the gun.

"One movement and this boy's brains are on the wall!" He proclaimed, once again making it clear that Ed had a gun to his head.

The stickiness of the blood covering him somehow felt more profound, he began to feel lightheaded.

Damn it! I've lost a lot of blood...

"Put the gun down. Just stay calm." Came Havoc's voice from across the room.

"I'd prefer to keep the gun up if that's okay with you." The man replied.

He was enjoying this!

"What do you want?" Mustang's voice came, firm and emotionless on the top, but Ed could almost hear concern under that disguise.

"Well now, what do I want?" The man asked himself, and the gun left Ed's forehead.

"I do want someone to suffer... I love suffering..." The man said.

"I think you've made that boy suffer enough." Mustang said angrily.

"Keep talking to me like that and you'll never get him back alive!" The man laughed and he returned the gun to its position against Ed's skull.

Ed could almost feel a raging aura coming from Mustang. He was pissed.

"Ah, ah, ah" The man said and pressed the gun harder against Ed forehead.

Ed's best guess was that Mustang had lifted his finger to snap. Or Havoc had lifted his gun.

"I don't just want people to suffer physically, I want them to suffer emotionally. I want them to be damaged." He smiled like the very thought filled him with uncontrollable joy.

"That boy is damaged." Mustang replied.

Ed wanted to yell at Mustang just for saying that, but right now he had to focus on breathing.

"Oh. How?"

"He's been through hell and back. How do you think he lost his limbs?"

Ed knew Mustang was just trying to help, but he was seriously pissing him off.

Once he was better, Mustang was gonna lose some teeth.

"Well boy, have you? Tell me the truth now..." The man said with a certain edge to his voice.

Ed moved his mouth as if he were speaking, and was surprised to hear the faintest whisper leave his lips.

"What?" The man asks, moving his head towards Ed's face.

"Yes..." the smallest amount of sound left Ed's mouth.

"Oh... I guess I could give you some more..." The man now had a smile on his face.

The gun left Ed's forehead, and at first he was relieved. Until he heard it cocking.

Then a loud bang and a shockwave was sent through his body, setting off even more pain.




He heard cackling before more loud bangs then the sound of wood crashing into wood about twenty feet below.

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