Sliced Open

Chapter 3

"ED! Ed stay with us!" Havoc's voice rang in Ed's ear.

Mustang was untying his hands as fast as he could while Havoc was applying pressure to the wound.

When Mustang finished untying his hands, Ed slumped over right into Havoc's arms.

He didn't move.

"Fullmetal, wake up!"


"Al, go after him." Mustang commanded him.

Al's metal face showed the smallest emotion, but all the emotion it was capable of showing said the same thing.

But Mustang knew that Edward's death was a very real possibility and he did not want Alphonse to have to witness it if it did happen.

"Alphonse, that's an order." Mustang said in his cold and stern tone.

Al jumped through the hole in the floor and chased after the man.

"Ed, stay awake, don't you dare fall asleep."

Now that he was sitting right next to Ed, Mustang could see the true extent of his injuries. He was going to kill that bastard.

Mustang put a finger on Ed's wrist, feeling for a pulse.

He felt it, steady beating, no matter how shallow it was, it was hope.

"He's still alive, Mustang breathed a sigh of relief."

Havoc quickly tore off his mask, and Mustang followed with his coat.

Havoc covered the bullet hole with his mask, attempting to stop the bleeding, while Mustang used his to cover the gash in Ed's side.

"Edward, you are NOT going to die here, do you understand me?" Mustang said firmly.

Edward didn't respond, he didn't open his eyes either.

He's lost too much blood...

Was the only thing going through Mustang's head.

Ed could hear what they were saying, he could feel their makeshift bandages applying pressure to his wounds, he could feel Mustang's fingers on his wrist.

He could also feel that they were shaking.

He wanted to open his eyes, to tell them he was still conscious, but his eyes and mouth would not allow it.

He just wanted to take a little nap, he'd feel better when he woke up...

"NO! Stay awake!" He yelled at himself inside his head.

"Just rest now little alchemist, you've earned it..." Another voice revealed itself.

"Shut the fuck up!" He screamed at it.

In an act of defiance, he willed his mouth open. He was going to talk to them.

Mustang watched as Ed's mouth opened, feeling more relief than before.

Ed smirked

"T-Took y-you long enough..."

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