Sliced Open

Chapter 4

Al chased after the man, he could hear his laughing, he heard gunshots. He could mildly feel bullets hit his chest and bounce off.

The man stopped laughing, and Al couldn't hear his footsteps anymore.

After about another 10 feet, Al felt his foot step on something relatively soft.

The man.

Al stumbled back and leaned down, if he could, he would be panting and maybe hyperventilating. He kneeled and put one of his huge hands on the man's wrist.

He didn't feel a pulse.

Mustang didn't take his fingers off Ed's wrist, he was too scared that if he removed them for a split second, the small beat would stop.

Mustang had been in wars, watched his friends die, and killed people himself, but only now when such a strong person like Ed lay dying next to him that he realized how fragile life really was.

He knew they would have to move him, but he was scared that the slightest disruption to the boy's body would make Ed's control over his life fade.

He couldn't let that happen.

"Sir, go call for help, I'll watch over him."


"Sir, if you don't get help he'll be worse than if you stay." Havoc stated without any emotion in the look he gave Mustang, but obvious fear in his voice.

Mustang ran out of the room and down the stairs.

He saw Al kneeling in the hallway.

"Al? What happened?"

"The man... he shot at me and... the bullets ricocheted..." He didn't finish the sentence, he didn't need to. Mustang understood perfectly.

"Go upstairs to your brother, he definitely needs you right now." Mustang commanded.

Al didn't argue.

Mustang continued his run outside of the house and down the street to the nearest phone.

He called the hospital.

"Hello this is the hospital, what is your emergency?"

"Hello, this is Colonel Roy Mustang, I am at 129th and Mitt avenue (Stupid I know, couldn't think of anything better), and I need an ambulance right now." He said sternly.

"Are you injured sir?" The woman on the other line asked, concerned.

"No, one of my subordinates is. Please hurray."

Mustang put the phone back on the holder.

He prayed that Ed wouldn't die while the ambulance took its time to arrive.

10 minutes later...

Mustang heard sirens as the ambulance pulled up.

Fucking Finally! He thought as a group of 5 men exited the vehicle.

"Are you hurt sir?" They asked as they exited.

"No, its my subordinate." He stated and proceeded to lead them back into the house as quickly as possible.

When they entered the room, Mustang saw Havoc with his finger still on Ed's wrist. Al was shaking slightly.

The men ran over and attached small devices to Ed and began properly wrapping his injuries.

He's going to be fine, he's going to be fine... Mustang thought to himself,

But there was a part of him saying,

Keep telling yourself that...

Keep telling yourself that...

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