Sliced Open

Chapter 5

Roy Mustang sat next to the hospital bed of Edward Elric. His eyes were focussed on the younger boy's chest. Making sure the boy was still breathing.

He heard the door open behind him and someone sit down in the chair next to him.

"Sir, you need sleep." Riza Hawkeye said to him, gently.

He ignored her, he couldn't take his eyes off Edward's small frame. The bandages wrapped around every wound in his body. Almost covering all his flesh.

"Sir, unless you want me to have you admitted into this hospital, you need to sleep." She said more firmly and aggressively.

"I can't sleep, okay! I just can't... What if he doesn't wake up? It will be all my fault! I'm the one who got him interested in the military, I'm the one who gave him this assignment! We should have never gone to Risembool. Maybe if we hadn't..." Roy said, not moving his gaze.

Riza pinched the bridge of her nose like an annoyed parent who couldn't deal with a child's misbehavior.

"Sir, I'll watch him. If anything happens I'll wake you up. Now sleep before I shoot you." She replied, not addressing any of the questions.

Roy obeyed, he tore his eyes away from the small frame and instead focussed on the floor. He closed his eyes, but sleep wouldn't come to him. The beeping of the heart monitor was there, and he had to listen to it.

Roy did not wake the way he wanted to.

He did not wake to Riza shaking him or Ed's sarcastic tone calling him 'Colnel Bastard with a God Complex.' Instead he woke to one loud steady beep coming from he could only assume was the heart monitor.


His eyes flew open and he turned to the bed next to him.

Ed's chest was no longer rising.

Four doctors rushed in, dragging some equipment behind them.

After a few seconds one shouted 'Clear!' And the others stepped back.

The doctors repeated this multiple times until they finally stopped. They placed the equipment back on the small table they had wheeled in with them.

They all looked down at the bed somberly.

"I'm sorry sir." One of them said to Roy, as they walked out of the room.

A minute later, Alphinse came crashing in.

"Brother!" He cried in sadness.

He kneeled next to the bed, digging his face into his arms,mad if tears would begin to fall down his face. Tears that no one could see except him.

"Brother... We weren't done yet... You promised we would get our bodies back!" Al wailed, clutching his Brother's lifeless hand.

Roy was holding back tears himself. If only they hadn't responded to that damned letter... The boy would still be alive. Pit was all his fault that Ed wouldn't get his body back.

But he would make damn sure Alphonse would.

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