The Way It Used To Be


After the war on the moon, Maka and Soul are sent to cover Justin Law's place and stabilize his section as death scythe and miester. While away a new life blooms. Things will never be quite the same.

Drama / Romance
Lauren Boerner
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

I do not in any way own Soul Eater.

Chapter 1

Maka stood beside Soul as they looked at the pile of things they were taking with them to the Europe division where they would be covering Justin's position until Kid was able to straighten out everything and take his full position as Lord Death. Maka sighed, glancing back at the apartment. "You ready?" Soul asked.

"Yeah, it's just weird that we're moving to Europe." She said looking back at him.

Soul gave a small smirk and nodded. "It's not like we'll be gone forever. Kid said it was just to settle things down in the region and we'll be right back here." Maka nodded as she glanced back once more before looking at him with a smile.

"Okay. Let's go." Soul smirked at her as she turned to her father who was going to send their things for them. "You're sure you can send all this stuff to us?" Spirit sniffled as he looked at his daughter. Maka rolled her eyes, "Papa, this is important. And we've been over this a million times."

"I know but… Maka!" He cried.

Soul shoved his hands in his pockets and looked at Spirit, unamused. "You're the one who recommended we go cover the Europe Division, get over it."

"What'd you say you octopus head?!" Spirit yelled as he turned narrowed eyes on Soul.

"Papa." Maka stopped the two from starting an argument. "We need all of this here sent over to us. I'll let you know when we land and are settled." Maka started towards the door with her suitcase and stopped with a sigh as Spirit stopped Soul.

"You take care of my Maka over there or you'll have me to deal with, got it?"

Soul looked at him a minute. "I won't let anything happen to my meister." The two stared at each other a minute before Maka yelled at her father again. Soul pulled his and Maka's packs over his shoulder before grabbing his suitcase and following Maka out the door. Spirit sighed before looking back at the small pile of boxes that needed to be shipped. He knew Maka was growing up she was sixteen years old and it was just like yesterday she was a little girl who loved listening to him read to her.

Soul smirked as he glanced at Maka beside him sleeping against his shoulder as the driver took them to their new home. He knew for a while now that his heart belonged to her. He knew what her father had done when she was a child and growing up stayed with her; it was constantly a painful reminder not to become involved with anyone. He knew he was slowly showing her that not all men were like Spirit, Soul could see she trusted him and he was the only man who she would let close to her.

The car pulled to a stop out front of a little house. "Maka." He said softly making her shift and push off his shoulder to look around. "We're here." He said as he opened the door and helped her out as the driver opened the trunk. "You want to open the door? I'll bring our stuff up." He said and watched her nod and go up to the door. Soul pulled the packs over his shoulder and carried the two suitcases up the few stairs and into the house where he found Maka dosing on the couch to the right. "You might sleep better if you sleep in a bed." He said making her open her green eyes and look up at him.

"I know, but I figured I'd wait for you so we can pick our rooms." She gave a small smile as he rolled his eyes.

"Alright, let's get going then." Soul said but saw Maka shook her head and let it rest against the couch as she let her eyes close again.

"Can't we just sit here and relax for a little bit? We've been traveling and running all over all day. It feels good to just sit here. Come on, try it." Soul shook his head as he walked over to her.

"It'll be here in the morning when we get up. Come on, let's get some sleep." He reached his hand out, watching as she took it with a smile. He handed her pack to her and carried the rest up the stairs as they looked at the three rooms. "You take the big one."

Maka shook her head. "No, we can use that room for storage and all, I'll take this one here, and you can have that one across the hall." Soul nodded as he handed her suitcase to her and they went to their new rooms. They were too exhausted to do anything more than change and fall into the beds in the rooms.

The next few days were filled with setting up their new home and meeting new people from their new post. They began setting up plans for how things should be run with them in charge to settle the area and make sure it was once again a stable division. Maka was sitting on the couch curled up with a book in her hands when Soul walked down stairs and smirked. Being away from Death City, away from Spirit, the constant reminder of why she should never let anyone into her heart. He walked over and plopped down beside her making her look up at him over her book with a raised brow.

"What?" Soul asked.

"Did you want something?" Maka asked and saw him shake his head. She shifted and went back to reading her book. "I figured we have off for the day so we can just relax here. We've been working since the day we got here, I think it's a really good idea to just relax. Don't you?"

"Yeah I that sounds like a good idea." Soul said with a small smile. They had a whole day to themselves with no work to get in the way. "Or we could go explore the city. We need to know our surroundings after all." She looked at him with a raised brow for a minute before she shrugged.

"We do need to know where everything is." Maka shut her book with a smile. "Let's go." The two pulled their shoes on and were off walking together down the street trying to figure out where to go first. Soul let Maka lead the way through the city. He watched her take in the sites as they found the shopping malls and markets, then they came across a park next to a little zoo. Maka's eyes lit up before glancing at Soul.

"Let's go to the zoo and then we can grab something to eat." Soul suggested before watching Maka smile and start for the zoo. He could not help the smirk as he followed her.

He watched her enjoy herself as she ran from on enclosure to the next; looking with wonder at each new animal they came across. Maka left the zoo with a bright smile as Soul took her hand and they walked towards a restaurant across the street. Once seated Maka looked at Soul who was reading over his menu and she could not take her eyes from him. She felt her chest tighten with happiness and she knew it was her feelings she held deep inside for her weapon. The feelings she could never allow herself to feel because she could not let anyone close enough to hurt her. Not after everything she had seen her father put her mother and herself through. She needed to push it back down. She took a deep breath and looked down at her menu as she shoved what she felt back down where she had always kept it.

"This was a really good idea." Maka told Soul as they ate. "I'm glad you suggested it."

"Figured it would be a good idea to know where we live now incase anything goes on." Soul shrugged. "It was good to see you acting like a brat." He smirked as she narrowed her eyes at him.

"It's a new place; I like to see the sights." She mumbled as she looked down at her now finished food. "Just 'cause you're broody doesn't mean I have to be." She told him making him raise a brow as the waiter dropped the bill on the table. Soul knocked her hand away and took the bill. "Soul…"

"You pay next time." Was all he said as he left the money and stood up. "Come on, we still have that park you wanted to walk through." Maka again felt her feelings bubbling up as she stood and followed him out into the streets again. She had seen the shift in how he acted with her over the years of being partners but being away from home, it felt so much different.

As they entered the park, Soul glanced at her walking beside him, her bright eyes looking around at the trees and the scenery all around them. The sun was beginning to set and the lights were flickering on as they continued walking. Maka looked at him with a smile as he took her hand in his. She knew he hated touching people and people touching him but she had always been that exception. He continued looking straight ahead but he caught her smile before she turned and continued looking around.

"Soul, I want to sit for a minute." She said as she led them to a little bench looking out over a lake as the sun set in the sky. The two sat silently just taking in the sights, holding each other's hands comfortable to just be together. Soul saw her shiver beside him.

"Here." Soul said as he pulled his jacket off and put it around her shoulders. "We should get home, you don't want to sick and I don't want to have to take care of you." He told her but she could see the smirk on his lips as he offered her his hand. The two slowly walked back through the park towards their new home. Maka could feel her feelings fighting to burst free as Soul put his hand on her lower back as they walked. She could not stop it, her heart was pumping faster, and she could feel a slight blush across her face as she continued glancing at him.

"It's so strange being here. I still can't believe we're living here now." Maka said pushing her feelings aside, trying to stay normal. "It's strange but I think it's nice. We can really just relax and not have Kid calling for us to take all kinds of jobs and we don't have to worry about Black Star breaking down our door at any time." She smiled as he chuckled.

The two fell silent for a minute before Soul stopped making Maka turn and look at him confused. He needed to say it; he needed to tell her how he felt before he exploded. His heart sped up even more and he closed his eyes trying to calm himself. He was the cool guy, cool guys didn't get nervous and tongue tied. "Maka…" He paused as he took another breath. "Maka, I need to tell you something." He watched as she looked at him concerned. "I know how you feel but I want you to know how I… how I feel."

"Soul, what are you trying to say?" She asked as she gently touched his bare arm.

"I love you." He blurted out and heard her gasp. He could not chance looking at her, afraid of what he would see. "I just…"

Maka stepped closer and rested her hand on his chest over his heart making his red eyes snap to her green ones. "I love you too." She whispered. She had not even realized it had she had said it. She looked as if she had been startled by what came out of her mouth. As they stared at each other she felt like the weight in her chest had lifted, and she started to smile at him. "I love you." She said more confident.

Soul looked at her for only a breath more before gently pushing her long hair back and resting his hand on her cheek. He looked into her green eyes before pulling her into a kiss. They parted; taking a deep breath as they locked their eyes, then Soul pulled her back to him for another kiss and felt her arms snake up around his neck. Maka leaned back making Soul walk towards her and pinning her to the tree on the walkway. "Maka…" He trailed off as he pulled away and looked at her. He could not believe what was happening. After so many years of being her partner, after several years of holding back his feelings for his meister, he was finally able to hold her.

"Soul, I don't…" She trailed off looking away.

"Don't worry." He said. He already knew her fears about being hurt, about the same thing happening to her that had happened to her mother. "I'll never be like that. You know I won't ever hurt you." Maka looked at him before she smiled and nodded. "I know you're worried and afraid that it will turn out like your parents but we're not them. I love you Maka."

"I trust you." She smiled before she leaned closer and placed a quick kiss on his lips. "Come on. We need to get him. Can't have either one of us getting sick." She smiled as she looped her arm through his, still in his jacket and walking back towards their new home. Soul watched as she pulled him to the living room where she put a movie on and sat down, taking his jacket off and handing it to him. "Thank you for letting me use it." She said with a small smile before he tossed it on a chair and pulled her to the couch to watch the movie.

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