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I'm Not a Hero


A young girl moveds to New York City in an effort to start her life over free from the family drama that weighed her down. She is quickly swept up in the mythical world of demigods despite her best efforts to avoid it. This fanfiction combines the mythical world of the Percy Jackson series with elements from the vampire diaries lore in a strange combination of betrayal, life changing revelations and forbiden romance.

Fantasy / Romance
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1. Here we go again

I never wanted any of this to happen. I never wanted nor expected to meet someone who would completely turn my world on it's head, again. I could have gone through my entire life without ever finding out I was a half blood if only I wasn’t addicted to peanut m&m’s.

As per my usual routine I was ending off a long day of rounds at the hospital with a treat to give myself a little energy boost before getting settled into the long night I would be spending in the ICU checking in on patients and making sure things were running smoothly. Since I wouldn’t be able to operate on anyone without supervision from a senior attending for another few months this was as close as I could get. Working in the ER all day and volunteering to take night shifts in the ICU. After all I had no loved ones to get home to so why spend time alone at home doing obsessing over the past when I could be working my ass off every night instead, distracting myself from my obvious loneliness and misery that filled my life.... oh and helping people of course. Yeah.... that’s why I’m here; to help people. Or so I tell myself every day. It’s funny how easily your mind accepts something if you say it often enough.

Anyway, there I was innocently standing by the vending machine in the empty employee lounge watching the rain endlessly drip down the glass of the window while quickly scarfing down the sugary treats that I should have known better than to love so much, when the door suddenly bursts open, causing me to jump, dropping my candy in the process.

“Oh come on, what the hell...” I started, frowning down at the colorful mess on the floor.

I angrily whip around ready to verbally destroy whoever was at the door, but immediately close my mouth when I lock eyes with a stranger. The tall dark-haired intruder stops by the door for a brief moment and rushes into the room, closing the door behind him. The slightly deranged look in his shifty eyes momentarily scares me as I look him over, trying to discern his intentions. I look closer at the stranger who I soon come to notice is only a boy around my own age. His dark shaggy hair is damp and stringy from running through the rain and his deep sea green eyes are captivating. Mud and traces of something I can’t quite place stain his otherwise handsome features and almost completely cover his rumpled orange shirt and blue jeans. I glance down at his converse sneakers totally caked in mud and only then do I notice the trail of blood oozing from a tear near his knee, slowly soaking through the fabric, barely visible as it blends into the dark blue of his jeans.

I gapped at him, the slight frown on my face growing into worry as he takes a few tentative steps forward, studying me as if asking himself if he could trust me. As if you’re the one who should be worried right now I thought.

A loud bang I concluded came from the door in the next room jarred me from my thoughts, and causing the boy to jump. His body stiffened and face filled with fear as his eyes darted wildly around the room before landing on the door to the storage room behind me.

He looked at me and back to the door as if silently asking for permission to go in there. Still stunned and slightly uneasy I nodded slowly, not totally sure why I wasn’t frightened by the wild looking, soaking wet, blood stained boy that seemed scared out of his wits and running for his life. Somehow I could tell he needed help. Besides, whatever was chasing him, I knew I had definitely faced worse, so I had nothing to be afraid of.

As he rushed passed me I caught a glimpse of a shiny metallic object slightly concealed in his jacket sleeve. Almost as soon as I saw it, it was gone and for a moment I got a sickening feeling in my gut. I ignored the feeling and turned back to the door the boy had come in from just as it burst open for the second time that night.

“you haven’t seen a young boy around here have you? Dark hair, green eyes?” An older man asked, suddenly staring deep into my eyes searching my mind for answers. I could feel the magic in his words as he spoke and knew exactly what he was doing.

“He went down the hall towards the bathrooms” I said plainly, feigning the mindless honesty he knew his magical words always compelled. With a small satisfactory smirk he was gone and I let out a breath of relief, turning towards the door hiding the strange boy. Feelings of dread and a tinge of curiosity filled my mind as I urged myself forward.


What do you think of the first chapter?? There will be manyyyy more to come if you guys like it. Later chapters will be a lot longer this was just a little taste.

All thoughts, corrections and suggestions are welcome. Thanks for reading this far!

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