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Doors To My Forgotten Memories [SeungJin FF]


Kim Seungmin experienced a past filled with trauma, as the world narrows down on him, he meets someone whom used to be a part of the trauma in his life: Hwang Hyunjin.

Romance / Mystery
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Chapter 1

He met him on an unexpected day; he waited for him for years, not remembering his name after the incident occurred. A traumatized feeling crept to him as he saw his old friend but he was absolutely different. He was still the brave one, although he didn’t expect him to be like that.


I felt the warm breeze against my skin, sitting down on the cold hard wooded floor. Tears welled up in my eyes trying to hold it in, though it seemed impossible. Looking back at that day, I can’t believe I would see the building again after so many years. I was only 8 that time, and my friend was 8 too.

I could remember the inside of the structure when I was still little. Cold, clammy, and crowded with children. We were approximately fifteen children. In this kind of way, I felt traumatized but one person was there for me.

His name was forgotten in my mind, though when I see him through the campus, court, and maybe through the cafeteria: I look at him as a different person. As if he wasn’t traumatized like me, as if his memories with me weren’t special.

‘What are you thinking, Seungmin? You almost died and you’re thinking about an athlete that doesn’t even care anymore!’

Yes, I almost died, this is why I’m crying. The feeling looks fresh and I felt untraumatized, but my feelings have changed and my mind has too. It was all because of me being abducted.

Walking out of my room, I looked at the empty, lonely hallways. I laughed under my breath, “I miss my parents.”

The doorbell rang.

Quickly, I wiped my tears away, flashing a bright smile in front of my body mirror before opening the door.

“Seungmin!~” Lee Felix, one of my best friends, he stayed with me since first day of 4th grade. I didn’t care much about his attention before, but when I noticed he started crying on 6th grade because of how much he actually struggles, I told myself I should level up my care.

I saw the real Lee Felix as we grew up together, I saw his determination. Back then, I asked him why he stayed and he responded with saying he considers me as a friend, so he never gave up. Now, I’m the one who gives the efforts that I didn’t have before.

“How are you, Lix?” Closing the door, I slipped in my boots. He laughed, “I guess I’m fine.. you?”

“You guess?” We walked to the elevator from my apartment. He gulped, and nodded.

“What’s wrong?” He sighed, “I failed my exam.. it was a 86 percentage, I failed..” I patted him on the back, “This is sophomore year, Lix, you’ll get it next time. We just have to study harder.”

He nodded. The beam in his eyes are visible. I noticed his freckles are revealed, which is something I’m proud of. Back then, he hides his freckles because of the pain bullies have been saying how ugly he was, when he’s literally an angel from heaven.

We walked out of the elevator and went out to go to a milktea place where Felix and I hang out a lot.

A ring from Felix’s phone came around and he picks it up, smiling widely. “Babe?”

Ah, yes, I can’t forget why he’s actually one of the reasons why Felix revealed his freckles.

Seo Changbin--17 years of age, boyfriend of Lee Felix for 2 years, a member of basketball team, and the school’s “spit fire rapper”-- a nice guy, I must say. He acts cute to cheer Felix up, but it makes me want to laugh at how much he tries.

I find it cute, but not really. Relationships don’t last. It ends. That’s why boyfriend has the word END in it. Though, I wish Felix and Changbin stays for more years.

“Hey guys.” A looking like bambi came to our table with a notepad. I laughed as I looked at him.

“Han Jisung, shift still on?” He shook his head warily laughing, “Yup. Can’t hangout with you guys, I am quite busy.. I hope you understand.”

Han Jisung-- another spit fire rapper, a squirrel, a scholar, boyfriend of Lee Minho-- one of our best friends.

I mean, there are only three of us as friends.

I met Jisung when we were in sixth grade, when he comforted Felix too. He made me realize that Felix is human too. And the rest was history.

“So, the usual?” I nodded and we looked at Felix who is basically still talking to his lovey-dovey sweet boyfriend-ew-. “He’ll have what Changbin hyung’s having..” I rolled my eyes with Jisung’s statement.

“Be there in a sec~” Jisung waved to quickly run to the counter to help the cashier and everyone who makes milk tea.

I sighed, and sighed even more when someone smacked his hand behind the nape of my neck.

Growling, I met eyes with him. The kid who I was with back then, and now my school’s gangster.

Hwang Hyunjin.

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