Moonlit Night



Fantasy / Thriller
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Note: this is a story about four new clans, and all the leaders are the first leaders.

RainClan lives near the river.
GleamClan love the moors.
DarkClan live in the tunnels and pines.
BranchClan like the oaks.
Unlike the original clans, these clans have ranks for apprentices. first-moon, second-moon, third-moon, all the way to twelfth-moon- they can flunk and skip a moon.



Rainstar - Broad-shouldered blue and gray she-cat with violet eyes - lives: |||


Crookedpool- slender tortie with amber eyes and a tail that leans to the left

Medicine cat

Softpad - beautiful lithe calico with a stub tail and folded ears


Owlwings - brown tom with a white face

Nightfur - small black she-cat with blue eyes

Thornpatch - white tom who often stumbles into holes

Sweeteye - red she-cat

Brindlemouse - stunning gray she-cat who likes mice

Whisker - she-cat with tons of whiskers


Sneezenose - reddish she-cat with gray eyes; mother of three

Dewydrop - blue she-cat expecting kits

Sweetsneeze - light gray, dark gray, black, and white tabby shecat with green eyes and darker gray dapples; perm queen

Dappleapple - tortishell shecat with two kits;asks why the heck Rainstar did this to her


Applepaw- soft-hearted golden tom

Silverpaw - all grey she-cat with green eyes

Streampaw - silver she-cat with grey spots and green eyes

Blackpaw- black tom with white belly and chest

Aspenpaw- gray she-cat with brown paws

Mistypaw - gray shecat with blue eartips

Burrpaw- brown tom with a gray tail


Deadkit- dark red tom with black circles around his gray eyes - my friends oc

Twistedkit- red she-kit with gray eyes and a twisted paw

Brokenkit - gloomy Bombay with amber eyes

Birdkit - odd orange tom with a black belly, ears and paws;gray tail

Sweetkit - black she with an orange muzzle


Lostfoot -



Gleamstar - purple gray shecat with purple eyes and a star under her eye - lives: ||||


Brightsong - bright orange tabby she

Medicine cat

Songbird - young pale orange she-cat


Longleap - swift black tom

Swiftpelt - white shecat

Goldenapple - golden she-cat with shining green eyes

Mistbird - large tortie

Batears - brown she-cat with a black belly and big ears

Shinegem- gleaming purplish she with green eyes


Bluemoon - bluegray she-cat with one kit

Moonbright - white she-cat who loves the moon;mom of four


Graypaw - black shecat with a gray face and paws


Birdkit - awkward gray she

Blackkit - black she

Ivykit- white she with a black tail and paw

Oceankit - bluegray tom



Branchstar - dusty gray she-cat with green eyes - lives: |||||||


Motheyes - old golden she with bad eyes

Medicine cat

Lightshadow- pale yellow she


Snakeflower - friendly shecat that wears multiple flower crowns and gives them away and makes more

Crookedflash - mouse brown tom

Cinderwillow - dark gray she with beautiful yellow eyes

Bearheart - brave brown tom

Berrypatch - white she-cat who will give ya some berries

Boulderflash - all gray tom

Flintspots - white she-cat with gray spots


Cloversoar - lucky she with black clover markings under her eyes;she also wears some on her ear and asks if you want some and has one kit

Seedshadow - brown she-cat with light stripes and likes to eat seeds; three kits

Emberpatch - pretty red shecat with four kits


Mottlepaw - tortie

Shortpaw - stub-tailed tom


Mistkit- black she with white clovers on her legs

Patchkit - brown and red tortie

Darkkit - dark orange tom

Sunsetkit - orange she with purple eyes and dots like suns

Sunrisekit- orange she with purple eyes and dots like suns

Shadowkit- brown almost black she

Aspenkit- light brown she-cat

Beakkit- pale yellow tom



Darkstar - old black tom with amber eyes - lives: ||


Shadowshine - black she

Medicine cat

Briarsong - dark brown she with a light brown face


Barkdream - brown tom with light brown eyes

Dreamface - dreamy, drowsy she

Mousenose - brown tom

Smallpaws - pretty she with little paws

Opallight - white she with light purple eyes

Kangarooface - ginger she


Oddpurr - quiet she the size of an apprentice;mother of three

Riverrustle - strong light gray she with two kits

Lightstep - father of Fishkit and his sister - since their mother died, he's taking care of them. Light red tom.
Blackfang - black she with green eyes


Whitepaw - white she with a brown face, ears, paws, eyes and tail and light blue eyes


Littlekit - small black she

Tinykit - black and white tom with a long tail

Smallkit- sweet white she

Stormkit - light gray she with a thin body and a black tail, one back paw and one front paw, and one ear;one front paw and back paw are white, and the other ear and jaw- light green eyes

Snowkit - white she-cat with stunning violet eyes

Violetkit - rough violet-brown she-cat with amber eyes

Mousekit - pale brown and red she-cat

Darkkit - black tom with gray speckles

Fishkit - reddish-pink tom


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