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Moonlit Night

Chapter 1

Mousekit stretched forward, yawning and padding Fishkit, her brother. "Wake up, silly! It's the middle of the night, and I want to explore! But not outside the camp... I don't want to get eaten by badgers!” she shivered. As her brother woke up, she patiently waited.

“But what's the fun in it with no danger?” Fishkit inquired.
The brown and red tabby replied, “Do you want to make it to be a warrior?”
“Yeah, this is how we train.” chuckled the tomkit. “Huh..?” Stormkit woke up. Realizing, she shook her head and purred, “You're not going without me!” Crud. Mousekit thought. “Fine, but don't ruin anything!”

The three kits padded out of camp, the current lookouts, Opallight and Kangarooface, had fallen asleep. “Uh... Wh-what’s that... Red thing..?” clearly in shock, she pointed at a red animal. Oh, it’s just a fox- wait a minute... “I heard my mom saying that there were foxes! We have to attack it- we’ll help the Clan!” blinking, Stormkit charged to the fox. “Come on!” the siblings raced after the she-kit. Fishkit leaped onto the fox, trying to attack when another one came behind him. “Fishkit, look out!” the gray tabby attacked the fox, and then Mousekit saw blood. From Stormkit’s... Throat. “S-Stormkit... I-I-” a blueish she-cat, completely matured, sliced the foxes’ bellies open. “Murderers! You murdered a kit!” she screeched, blood dripping on all sides of her. After the red creatures’ whimpering stopped, the cat cried, “A little kit has been lost, for let her lie in the paws of the earth, she will watch over us!” Mousekit raced over to her friend, as her brother did. “Stormkit...” the blue-gray she-cat lied next to her. “She rests with the earth now, and in your hearts.” Mousekit looked up. “She’s in MoonClan now.” standing up, the unknown cat meowed, “I’m Moon. She is larger than you two, where do you want her?” Fishkit replied, “Back here...”

“I’m sorry. She died trying to save you, kit.” Moon reminded him. Fishkit looked up. “It should have been me! How mad will Riverripple be at me? If I had listened to Mousekit, she’d still be here!” Mousekit herself heard pawsteps. “Wh- Stormkit!” Opallight cried. Riverripple was her sister. “I-I’m sor-” Moon interrupted him. “She died saving this tom. I don't know his name, but she saved him. I tried to save her, too, but I failed. But if I hadn't seen them, they might’ve died.” Kangarooface stared at her. “Do you need help in life, or somewhere to... live?" The blue she-cat stared at the brown one, thinking, and then nodding. "Okay. You will be assigned your warrior name in the morning."

Mousekit jumped to Darkkit and Fishkit shaking her. "Moon's getting her warrior name! Moon's getting her warrior name!" they chanted, racing out to the Tunnelrock. Darkstar's tail flicked. "Well, Moon isn't the only one getting a name change, Darkkit is too." He glanced to his son. "As you all know... My daughter, Stormkit... was killed last night. And... Well, Moon tried to save her.” the dark tortoiseshell’s eyes were full of pain, as Riverripple’s were. “Moon, from now on, until you hunt in StarClan, you are Moonstorm.” Moon, now Moonstorm, nodded. "And Darkkit, you are now Darkpaw. Your mentor will be Opallight." seeming pleased with that, Darkstar was about to jump off the rock, as Mousekit could see, when Shadowshine stepped up. "Darkstar, I'm-" she hesitated, took a breath, and continued. "I'm stepping down from deputy back to a warrior. I don’t think I can keep this a good Clan, and- well, I’ve already checked in with RainClan, and I’ve fallen in love with Brindlemouse, and she told me she feels the same.” a pair of amber eyes glared at her. “You’ll be found in the Dark Forest soon enough! Toms are meant for she-cats and she-cats go with toms!” Darkstar screeched. Mousekit saw her brother gulp. Is he... She glanced at Moonstorm. She looked angry. Then, she charged at Darkstar, crying out at him, “You monster! I saw you about to attack her! Just because of love? You’re the one who’s going to the Dark Forest!” the Clan yowled in agreement. Slice. There went the black tomcat. He started rising again, Slice! She knew... “Y-you-” he rasped, then, dropped. “Darkstar is dead.” Moonstorm got off him.

Briarsong stepped forward. "Well, now that the leader died, and Shadowshine wants to leave... I must choose the next leader." she stepped onto the rock. "Moonstorm... You just earned your warrior name, but you..." the young medicine cat sighed. "You saved our kits. You are worthy of leader. It's hard work- are you willing?" Moonstorm stared at her. "Yes." Briarsong nodded. "Now, does any cat object?" one or two cats opened their mouth, then closed it. Yes! Mousekit thought to herself. But this is a long, long, Clan meeting. With a lot of drama, too. Wait, who's gonna take Darkstar's body?

The blueish she-cat hopped onto the rock. "Uh, what do I do now?" she blinked. Briarsong sighed. "Well, we go to the Starrock and you'll share tongues with MoonClan." turning to the brown she-cat, Moonstorm repeated, "MoonClan?" sighing again, Briarsong told her. "MoonClan is out ancestors... We took some from the old Clans. Riverripple raced over to the to-be leader. "M-Moonstorm!" the suddenly seeming majestic she-cat turned around. "Thank you... for freeing me." Mousekit was confused. "Darkstar forced me to be his mate when he became leader. I was already his mate, but he changed suddenly. I was pregnant with Darkpaw and Stormkit, and he said if I refused to continue being his mate, he'd... kill me and my kits."
"You're welcome." Moonstorm replied.
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