A bride for Loki (Loki x Reader)


Odin has announced that Prince Loki is to hold a contest to find a suitable wife, before his 2,000 year birthday (18 in human years). Loki unwillingly agrees, under certain terms. young maidens come from each of the 9 realms to partake in the event. Natasha Romanoff, Maria Hill and (y/n)are also requested to join. Will romance bloom or will it cause the 9 realms to burst into chaos, only time will tell.

Romance / Fantasy
Tiffany Twork
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Planning The Contest

It was late spring in Asgard, just three months before Prince Loki turned 2,000 years old (18 years in human years). Odin had called the young prince along with Frigga into the throne room. Loki, still holding resentment towards his adoptive father, arrived late and uninterested. Frigga smiled lovingly towards her son as Odin simply looked down on him with sharp eyes.

“Loki, as you are aware, we are to celebrate your birth three months from today. Within these three months, there will be a contest held to find you a suitable wife. Ladies from all nine realms will be invited and notified about the contest.” Odin said to the young prince; his voice was booming with authority.

Loki rolled his eyes, sighing heavily. He had always thought of love as a weakness; his mother was the only one he allowed to get close to him, as Odin showed favoritism towards Thor.

“Father, I do not need to find a wife. It is a ridiculous notion which I haven’t the time for; I am far too busy with my duties as Prince of Asgard.” he retorted, casting a glare towards Odin.

“Loki, my son, we only have your best interest at heart. As you are of Jotunn descent and heir to the Jotunheim throne, you must be betrothed before your 2,000th birthday. It is a tradition for both Jotunn and Asgardian royals to host these contests. Please, my son, at least be civilized about this.” Frigga tried to reason with Loki; he winced hearing about his heritage.

“Alright, mother, I will go along with this unnecessary task. But I get the final say on who stays and who leaves. I will arrange all the events, and Thor must take over my duties until this is over with,” he countered, looking from his mother to Odin.

The king and queen looked at each other as if having a silent conversation. Frigga nodded slightly, “Of course, my son, but as your mother, I get to choose the young ladies who will partake in this event.” She said softly as Loki nodded, then he turned and left without another word.

Loki returned to his chambers and began to write down the different events and activities he would have the maidens partake in. While Loki was writing down the various games and activities, Frigga returned to her chambers to begin writing invitations:

Dear lady Angrboða Of Jotunheim,

You are hereby invited to compete for Prince Loki Of Asgard’s hand in marriage. This event will take place exactly two weeks from now. At the start of the contest, we will hold a ball. Be prepared for anything and everything. All weapons are to be left behind. Please respond as soon as you can.

-Queen Frigga Of Asgard.

Frigga wrote a letter similar letter to the following: Lady Jörð Of Jotunheim, Lady Sigyn Of Vanaheim, Lady Zidka, and Lady Asoar Of Svartalfheim, Lady Dracora of Muspellhiem, Lady Natasha, Lady Maria and Lady (Y/n) Of Midgard. Frigga had a guard inform Lady Freyja Of Asgard of the contest.

Once each of the invitations had been signed, and sealed, Frigga asked a guard to call Thor to her study, being as he was the most comfortable around the Midgardins and knew of their women and customs, she would be sending him to deliver the invitations to the three women of Midgard.

“Mother, what need is there on this beautiful day?” Thor’s booming voice sounded as he entered the room. His cape and shoulder-length hair blowing from the slight breeze coming from the balcony. He had yet to be informed of the recent contest that was to take place.

“Ahh, my son, we have much to discuss,” Frigga simply smiled, sipping on her afternoon tea. The afternoon sun was lighting up the spacious study bouncing off her delicate features, the rays causing her blonde hair to shine like gold.

Thor sat in the chair next to her; he wondered what she would want to talk about. His mind drifting to his earlier training with Sif and the warriors three to flirting with several maids and chatting to Heimdall about Jane. He had been trying to think of any wrongdoings he had done, but his mind came up blank. Usually, he was only ever called on when it involved Loki.

He sighed a mixture of irritation and boredom.

“What has Loki done this time that you would require my presence?” he asked as calmly as he was capable.

“Loki, my son has done nothing as of late. He is currently working on the list of events and activities for his betrothal contest” Frigga, said softly, smiling at her eldest. “As you are aware, this contest invites maidens from all nine realms, and I have called you here to ask if you would travel to Midgard to deliver invitations to Lady Natasha, Maria, and (y/n). I understand you are friends with them as they work with the Avengers.” she continued glancing out to the horizon, smiling softly.

“Loki agreed to this?” he asked a little shocked, though he knew his mother influenced Loki. His mother simply nodded. “Mother I understand and will do as asked; however, Midgard and members of Avengers still hold resentment towards Loki for trying to take over their home world. I do not know how they will react to the news.” he sighed, knowing Lady Romanoff would fight him on this. He rose to his feet and turned to leave before Frigga stopped him.

“Thor, as you also know, this contest will take almost all of Loki’s time; therefore, he has requested you help take over his duties until it is over with. I know his duties involve working with the court and finances of Asgard; I will be here to step in if you feel overwhelmed.” Frigga stood up, gracefully her pale blue dress shifting slightly along her slim yet sturdy frame, and she walked over to Thor handing him the invitations, hugging him briefly before dismissing him. He returned the embrace taking the parchments in hand and leaving towards the Bifrost dome. It had been a few months since he had seen his earth friends, though this visit would be a difficult one; if he could help find a wife to keep his brother out of trouble and possibly thaw his frozen heart, it would be worth it.

Loki’s Pov

I had been called to the throne room by Odin; Norns know why. He had been avoiding me since the incident on Midgard, which I may add was not my fault, stupid scepter mind control. I walked gracefully towards the throne room, my coat blowing softly from the breeze as I continued down the hall. Servants and maids were bowing or staring as I passed by. I stopped at the enormous golden doors, the guards nodding slightly in acknowledgment before allowing me access. I rolled my eyes as I enter the room, not even bothering to bow to Odin.

I stood there watching Odin look at me with disgust as if I were nothing more than an unwanted pet or monster who had dared to wake him from a peaceful sleep. Well, I was a monster, a Frost Giant, taken from my home realm when I was just a babe in the hopes of creating an everlasting peace between Jotunhiem and Asgard.

“There is to be a contest to find you a suitable wife,” Odin spoke, grabbing my attention.

I scoffed internally, “Father,” I spat the word as if it was venom. “I do not need to find a wife. It is a ridiculous notion which I haven’t the time for; I am far too busy with my duties as Prince of Asgard.” I looked up to the throne, where Odin sat glaring at him with pure hate.

Odin opened his mouth as if to say something, but mother cut him off. She smiled softly, looking towards me gently; she knew I would do anything she asked because I was most close to her.

“Loki, my son, we only have your best interest at heart. As you are of Jotunn descent and heir to the Jotunheim throne, you must be betrothed before your 2,000th birthday. It is a tradition for both Jotunn and Asgardian royals to host these contests. Please, my son at least tries to act civilized about this.” she spoke softly; I winced slightly. I hated being reminded of my true heritage.

“Alright, mother,” I sighed in resignation but responded by setting several ground rules, watching as Odin and mother looked towards each other before she agreed with the condition that she would choose the women for this contest. I simply nodded and left without being dismissed to begin selecting the events and activities.

I sat at the window seat within my chambers, letting the sunlight into the room. I opened the window slightly to allow the spring breeze to enter. It was always so peaceful within my room. I looked down at the parchment on my lap. The first on the list would be the announcement and introduction ball; that was a must as it would allow all of Asgard to know of the maidens. Then I would give each maiden a test; it would let me see how intelligent they are. I would not want to have someone stupid who only married me for my position.

As the afternoon continued, I added more to the list. I would test their fighting skills; my wife to be would have to be able to defend not only herself but also Asgard. I would see how they could ride horses; when I am not busy with my duties and need time away from the hustle and bustle of the palace, I enjoy riding out in the fields. Mother suggested an embroidery test, as many princesses must be well versed with mending.

Smirking to myself, I added one secret activity; prank Thor. Being the God of Mischief, I have a reputation to uphold, and I would not want a wife who could not enjoy a laugh occasionally. Thinking over the three months, I had various dates and evenings planned. During the third month, each maiden who remained would be allowed to travel home, accompanied by me, of course. To show off their home and traditions of the season.

I sighed contently, still upset at being forced into this, and I look out my window to see Thor flying towards the Bifrost dome. He must be either going to earth to see his pathetic Avengers or that Midgardian Jane, or he had been summoned to a battle.

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