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"You have 24 hours to find your soulmate or else you are going to come with us to S1NGL3" Starting from the age of 20, you have to find your soulmate but if you don't find until the age of 30, you will be send to S1NGL3, a place for Single people to live there, going through a painful death. Y/n is already 30 and she can't find her soulmate. Y/n found Jungkook by the help of her friend to act like her soulmate and they thought they will be Just Actmates.

Other / Mystery
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Part 1

Y/n P. O. V

I smiled as I pressed "Publish" on the keyboard.

I am a Writer but not famous because I don't have lots of followers but still thankful for 50 followers.

Y/n: Yas~

I danced like an octopus then stopped when someone voted it.

Y/n: Thanks guys *smile*

Then someone knocked on the door. I was confused and looked at the clock. It was 12 pm.

Y/n: Who would visit this potato right here? What if it is kidnapper? Let me go get my pan.

Then I went to the kitchen and grabbed the frying pan.

Y/n: Now, I am ready.

I walked to the door and exhaled then opened the door.

Y/n: YOU- what the hell? What are you doing here?

I was about to swang the pan but stopped when 3 guys, Bbong bbong, Bang bang and Bing Bing, in front of me. They work for the government and it's triplets.

Bbong bbong: Are you Ms. Lee?

Y/n: Yes, I am, Bong Bong.

Bbong bbong: *sigh* Why do people always pronounce my name wrong? My name is Bbong bbong, not Bong Bong.

Bing Bing: Anyways, you have already turn 30 for 6 months now. Can we see your soulmate?

Y/n: Wait a minute. He is sleeping. I will go wake him up.

They nodded and I smiled awkwardly to them and ran away from the door to the kitchen.

Y/n: Shit shit shit, the cardboard.

I took a cardboard of someone and dressed it.

Y/n: Let's go.

Then I walked to the door and they all looked at me.

Bang Bang: Um are you Mr. Lee?

Y/n: Yes, I am.

Bang Bang: Why does a male sound like a girl-

Bing Bing: Maybe he is gay.

Bbong bbong: Y/n, we aren't stupid. Get that cardboard of your body.

Fuck myself, fuck everyone, fuck universe, FUCK MY LIFE!

Y/n: Y-You think I am a cardboard? What the hell man? I am real!

Bbong bbong: Then why is your body a square?


Y/n: B-Because I like square!

Bbong bbong: I don't care. You have 24 hours to find your soulmate or else you are going to come with us to S1NGL3

Then they walked away.

Bing Bing: She make the cardboard really well! I thought it was a human.

Bang Bang: I know right!

Bbong bbong: This is why I don't work with you. Why do I have to be leader of this group? Oh! Cuz they said it will be fun.

He sighed.

Hale: Oh~ so this is how the story went.

Y/n: Yup. I have to find someone and we have to act like soulmate.

Hale: But, who is willing to be your soulmate?


I shouted making the others from the cafè uncomfortable but I don't care because this is life or death decision.

Hale: C-Calm yourself. You will find someone.


Hale: Let's go somewhere.

I nodded and we went out of the cafè, forgetting to give the money but don't worry, Hale will give it soon.

Hale: I am sorry, Y/n. If I wasn't straight then I would have help you.

Y/n: Bish, I am straight but I support LGBTQ+

Hale: *chuckle* Do you forgot? We were apart of Gen Z

I smiled at the memories.

Y/n: How many years has it been?

Hale: Nearly 5 years.

Y/n: Ok, let's talk about that later. Do you have anyone?

Hale: You know I only have you and Jimin. I don't like making friends as I don't trust them.

Y/n: Then, what am I supposed to do?

I said as tears started filling.

Hale: I am sorry.

She hugged me and I hugged her back.

Hale: I am gonna miss you so much *sniff* you know that when you are in trouble, just repeat Hale then you will feel me near you.

I nodded.

Y/n: I don't know why I have to be like this. *tears fell* I am gonna miss you too. If Jimin does something to you, I will not hesitate to cut his dick off and make him choke on it.

She laughed.

Y/n: I am going to go and pack my things.

Hale: Hey, don't lose hope. You still have an hour left.

Y/n: Nah, my hope is already lost. I will go now.

She grabbed my hands and I smiled at her.

Y/n: Don't worry, I will come back.

She smiled bitterly at the sad truth then let go of my hand. I walked away from her, preventing more tears from my eyes.

*At home*

Y/n: This, this and this. FINALLY!

I shouted as I finished packing my things. Then, the door bell rang. I opened it and it was those 3 guys.

Bbong bbong: Did you find your soulmate?

Y/n: N-

??? : Who are you guys?

I turned around and my eyes went widen. WHAT IS A BOY DOING IN MY HOME AND HOW DID HE GET INTO THE HOUSE?

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