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The promise


This is a short story inspired by true story. Happily married young couple Karthik and nandini. One day they ramm into diaster phase of their beautiful life, Karthik gets a biggest shock news of Nandini. Will Karthik able to win back Nandini's love?? Confusing na?? So read this story n find out.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

"The Promise" is the tale of a love that refuses to be forgotten.

It's tenderhearted love story abt two young couples Manik and Nandini madly in love with each other.

MaNan are just married couple."Promised each other to be there for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and health, until death do us part"

Manik is hot handsome caring husband unconditionally in love with Nandini, no matter what never leaves a chance to make her happy with surprises, dinner date, gifts, outings. Nandini is breathtaking beautiful, sweetest smile, caring, kind hearted, loves her husband distances of earth to moon n back. Both are madly in love. They look great together. They lived happily in Paris.

It was a snowing night, Manik took Nandini to movie theatre to watch ..... They had lots fun with little watching, little eating, little romance ..umm.. to say actually little more. They come out of a movie theatre n moved towards their car n headed to their home sweet home.

On their way home, at a stop sign, Nandini unbuckles her seatbelt to lean over and kiss Manik. At that moment, a truck rams their car from behind and Nandini crashes through the front windshield lying unconscious with pool of blood. On other side, Manik hit a stair wheel, due to sudden hit more like a shock goes into unconscious state. Both of them were rushed to emergency room.

Manik wakes up opens his eyes slowly finds himself in hospital. His head was aching badly. He was trying to get up holding his head with hands because pain on head due to mild head injury. Nurse come hold him, makes him lay down and says because of accident last night, Ur head is injured, you need to take complete rest. Hearing word accident, all flash back of last night, accident comes to his mind. He runs out of ward like maniac without even second thought to find Nandini, now all his pain was secondary ..only Nandini was clouded in his mind.. he enquiries at receptionist n runs to ICU room where his wife was undergoing surgery. He tries to entry but nurse stops him tells him to wait untill doctor comes out . He sits down covering his face with palm with eye filled with tears thinking abt miserable phase of their life. ICU light goes green and doctor comes out.

Manik gets up n asks abt Nandini. Doctor tells him due to accident, Nandini has a serious head injury and she remains in a drug-induced coma to assist her brain in reducing its swelling. She will regain her conscious after swelling is reduced. Then After her checkup, I can make sure abt her condition. Till then we need to wait her to regain her conscious. Be strong Mr. Malhotra everything will be fine and take care abt your health, you also need rest. Manik just nodded sadly n asked he can meet her. Doctor said yes n patted his shoulder for assurance and left.

Manik entered the room his hands n legs were shaking cudnt see his life lying on bed like this condition. He went towards bed, tears started continuously flowing seeing bandages around her head. He cared her face and placed a kiss on her forehead sat beside her, never imagined his love cud go through such a phase. He was staring past 3hrs waiting for her to wake up. There was no sign of slight body movement. He rest his head reversed on the bed board. All flash back of their sweet memories came like a movie scene in his mind. The scene of how their first met, how they courted, proposed, marriage at the Art Institute of Paris and shared their first kiss under Eiffel tower.

Precape : Manan flashback and Manik heartbreaking shock news.

This is first part of short story. Hope you will like my story.

Inspired by true story.

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Loads of love ♥

Thank you.

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