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Reader x Judy?

Reader x Judy?

~reader's POV~

This is a beautiful sunset.. I kinda wish someone sat with me..

You get up and start to walk along the beach and you see Judy sitting by herself.

Before things get crazy I'mma do lesbian first then regular, it also has s*x in it too~

Lesbian story

Y/n:Hey judy, what's up with you?

Judy:Nothing.. I'm just watching the world go by..

Y/n:Can I join?

Judy:sure.. But do you think our lives is a lie and we are only game characters and we're being dressed by the people who is controlling us and making us do stuff?..


Judy:Sorry, just wondering..

You try to sit closer to her but you blush and get nervous. Judy sees you trying to move closer but she lays her head on you. You start to blush then you chuckle a bit and kiss her head.

Judy:Wanna come over my house?

Y/n:Sure, I'll be glad to


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