Voldemort's side of Story...


Sure, sure, we've all heard about Harry Potter's side of Story, but did anyone let Voldemort get a say in that? No! Back off Harry Potter and the rest of Hogwarts...let's hear what ol' Lord Voldemort has to say...( P.s I have made this story for fun while free writing lol hope you enjoy!)

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Joanna L.
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Voldemort's story...

Harry Potter

Voldemort’s Story

By Joanna Lee

Voldemort was getting ready to prepare a battle he was sure to win.

He had most of his power back, but the seven parts of him, otherwise known as Horcruxes were all crushed and destroyed because of Harry Potter and his friends.

He was on his own. If he dies, he will die and never come back again.

“My fellow death eaters,” he said in a cold, cruel, loud voice,” We are here, to prepare for the biggest battle of your tiny pathetic lives.”

No one moved a muscle.

Bellatrix gazed at Voldemort and nodded in approval, completely ignoring the fact that he had just called her ‘pathetic’.

“We must get Harry Potter,” Voldemort continued,” We must have the victory over the battle!”

There was a loud cheer from the crowd.

Voldemort gazed at his army before adding.

“As you might have known already, I have killed Severus Snape, for he was the one who killed Dumbledore, the holder of the Elder wand. The wand, which was not working for me, will soon be working again.”

The cheering Death Eaters stopped cheering and started murmuring to each other throughout the crowd, each one looking fearfully at each other.

Voldemort held up a hand to silence them before speaking.

“We must get Harry Potter,” Voldemort said his voice getting raised,” I gave them an hour to decide. They still have not come. It is time to—“

Tap, tap.

Someone had tapped Voldemort on the shoulder.

Voldemort turned around and saw two little girls standing behind him.

One holding a camera and the other one was holding a pencil and a notepad.

“Hello Mr. No-nose,” the girl with the notepad said.

A few of the death eaters gasped. Some even fainted, other’s coward back.

“How dare—“ Voldemort began, but the girl continued talking.

“Last night, I saw you walking around the city, and I couldn’t help notice that you had no nose. So me and my friend here decided to interview you on why you have no nose.”

Voldemort was about to cast his famous, and most deadly spell on them, but something strange seemed to twist in Voldemort’s heart.

He could tell these girls were not ordinary little girls, and his heart somehow melted for them. He decided to give them a chance.

“Alright,” Voldemort sighed,” We might as well get this over with.”

The Death Eaters gaped at Voldemort in shock as he made himself comfortable on a large boulder.

“It all began,” Voldemort began,” When I was a little boy. Back then, I had a nose. But this nose was special you see, no ordinary nose. When it got mad, a booger would fly out, making me get laughed at, in Hogwarts. When it got really mad, it would sneeze, causing me to mess up when I was hanging out with girls you know…AHEM…anyway, when it got really, really, really angry, a nose bleed would happen.

Once, I got a nose bleed, I was so mad, I punched it. It got even madder, and started bleeding more. That’s when I couldn’t take it and cursed it with the curse I had learned in Defense Against Dark Arts (trust me, it wasn’t a friendly one) and it got yanked out of my face. My own nose! It hopped off, and was never to be seen again.”

The girls were practically leaning on Voldemort, but Voldemort didn’t care. He was sharing his life story, and it was very unusual about him.

“But little did the nose know, was that I had a crush on Lily Evans! (A.K.A Lily Potter) But I had realized, as I got older, I wasn’t the only one. James Potter and Severus Snape also had a crush on Lily! It was like middle school drama all over again!”

Bellatrix was totally not enjoying the conversation. She was fuming angrily about something.

“That Lily Potter,” was what Voldemort heard Bellatrix murmur before he started again.

“When I realized James Potter had married Lily Evans and had stolen MY woman! I was so angry, I wanted to get revenge and kill James Potter and their newborn Harry Potter, so I could be Lily Potter’s husband instead. We could be dark lords together. My faithful servant Peter Pettigrew was my spy, and fed me information about James Potter.

When I realized that Peter Pettigrew became their secret keeper instead of filthy Sirius Black, I took advantage of it when Peter told me about James Potter.

I was delighted. I stormed into their house at night and killed James Potter with the flick of my wand. That dirty old fool was as weak as dirt, and didn’t even have his wand to defend himself. I used my famous deadly curse ’Avada-“

“Don’t finish that sentence!” the girl with the notepad screamed.

“Yes! Yes, of course I won’t!” Voldemort stuttered.

The Death Eaters almost fainted in hearing this.

“Thank you. Now continue.”

“Anyway, after I killed James Potter, I went upstairs and into the room where Lily Potter was hiding Harry Potter. I bashed open the door and marched inside, just in time to see Lily Potter putting Harry Potter into his crib.

When she saw me, she gasped, and went onto her knees and begged to me.

She had said’ No, not Harry, please not Harry.’

And I, having been so cruel and harsh and angry that I hadn’t got James Potter’s nose, snapped at her,’ Stand aside silly girl. Stand aside.’

‘No, kill me, kill me instead.’

I was heartbroken that the love of my life was asking me to kill her. I didn’t want to--I couldn’t . I pointed my wand at Harry Potter and cursed him with my famous deadly curse. But that Lily Potter foolishly jumped in front of Harry, so the spell cursed her instead. I remember how she shrieked in pain as she fell to the floor with a thud. I felt as if my heart exploded.

I had killed the girl of my dreams.

I was angry, and turned my attention to Harry Potter again. It was all his fault. He looked like James Potter. Except the eyes. They were Lily’s eyes. And the nose…that was Lily’s nose. Lily’s perfectly shaped nose.

I roared in anger and pointed my wand at Harry’s perfect nose, never wanting to see a perfect nose like Lily’s ever again. It was Lily’s nose. It didn’t deserve and belong to be on Harry Potter’s face, a face that looked like James Potter. I wouldn’t have killed Harry if he hadn’t looked so much like James, but he was, and so I had to do what I had to do.

I cursed the deadly curse at Harry Potter again, but it bounced off and hit him on the forehead. Lily’s nose protected Harry Potter.

But the thing was, as soon as the spell touched the nose, I felt weak, I felt sick, I was withering. I went into hiding, seeing Lily for the last time, and seeing the scar on Harry’s face forming on his forehead. I hid. I had become weak.

But I didn’t care about being weak. I had cared about Lily, and how I killed the girl of my dreams. It was Harry’s fault. If he didn’t have a perfect nose, Lily wouldn’t have jumped in front him. From then on, I tried to kill Harry Potter, thinking it might bring Lily Potter back. But I knew I was foolish. Nobody could raise their loved ones from the dead. Not entirely.”

He felt hand on his back, and he turned around to see his Death Eaters crowded around him, patting him on the back of the sad story Voldemort faced that the Death Eaters didn’t know.

He turned to see the girl with the notepad giving him a sad, but happy smile.

“I’m sorry to hear about that,” she said kindly,” If only people know who you really are, especially J.K Rowling, I’m sure you would have been loved more often.”

“Don’t worry about it,” he said, then raised his voice,” WE HAVE A BATTLE TO PREPARE!”

The Death Eaters cheered and raced to the Hogwarts castle, where a battle was already raging because of the giants and the spiders and werewolves.

The girl with the camera left with the footage of Voldemort’s story, but the girl with the notepad stayed behind.

“Little girl, why aren’t you leaving?” Voldemort asked,” There’s a battle and you might get hurt.”

That’s when the girl burst into tears.

Voldemort was startled.

“What’s the matter?” Voldemort asked.

“Oh,” the girl sobbed,” It’s just that no one cares about me, and I bet they would be happy if I got hurt, or even killed.”

“Why’s that?” Voldemort asked.

“I’m an orphan,” the girl explained,” I have no parents. No love. The only person who likes me is my friend, but I had to cast the memory charm on her so she forgets everything, all the mean things she’s done to me and only remembers me as a friend.”

“Oh,” Voldemort said. He didn’t know what to say. He knew exactly how the girl felt like. He had been through the same.

“So, you don’t have any parents to go to? No love?” Voldemort repeated.

The girl nodded and tried to wipe away her tears.

“Then live with me,” Voldemort said,” I’ll be your father. You’ll be my daughter. We’ll live together as a family. I will give you the love you need, and you will give me the same.”

“Oh!” the girl gasped,” Thank you! Thank you so much! You are so kind! That Harry Potter was so evil to you! If he wasn’t alive, you wouldn’t have lost your power and become weak, and Lily Potter will still be alive right now! If only I could go back in time and warn you.”

Voldemort gave a smile.

It was the first real smile he ever gave someone, in a very,very, long time.

“What’s your name little girl?” Voldemort asked.

“Delphini,” Delphini said,” but everyone calls me Delphi.”

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