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Peter Pan and his Second Star


A girl who lived most of her life in an orphanage, not seeking for a family. Her life was uneventful, until the day she was taken to a place only known to children in their dreams. Neverland.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

In every baby’s laughter, a fairy is born. These mystical creatures are rare to see, but they all come from different origins. But one night, no laughter was heard, but except for the sound of crying. Down in the streets of London, in a basket, a baby girl cries out in front of an orphanage. Lily, a baby girl with bright green eyes, and black hair wailed loudly echoing the streets. Big tears ran down her rosy cheeks and her tiny hands grasped the thin blanket that gave her little warmth.

The night was silent, cold and dark. The only light that was seen was the bright star up in the sky. The door opened and a grumpy lady hovers a candle over the basket. She sees the poor baby and gives a distaste look. “My goodness, people always leaving children here. And I’m the one in charge of these brats. I guess this little one has to live here from now on.” She shook her head and brought the baby inside. The candle light faded as the nurse closes the door.

Few years later, the child grows up, living a difficult life. She was mistreated, only for looking after the other children. Families have tried adopting Lily many times, but she always returned back to the orphanage eventually. It was as if she didn’t want to leave where she came from. She wanted to be with all her orphan friends. She felt like it was her responsibility to protect them.

She wore rusty black boots, washed out pants and a huge sweater that was too big for her. She was always mistreated by the lady who was in charge of the orphanage. Lily didn’t care if she was abused, if it took her to protect her friends, she did it for their sake.

All the children admired her because was brave, funny, and generous. They compared her to the savoir figure named Peter Pan. The children would make up stories about this Peter Pan, but Lily never understood why. She thought Peter Pan was a sleazy ghost, leading children to doom.

One night, she couldn’t seem to sleep. Her eyes wouldn’t shut as she tossed and turned on her lumpy bed. Everyone was sound asleep, so she quietly sneaked out of the orphanage. She was outside, wandering around at night where the moon reached the sky and the stars shined bright. She climbed up the vines that were growing on the side of the orphanage. She sat up on the roof and breathed in the fresh air. She exhaled in satisfaction as she watched the clouds on the sky. “Man, it’s so hot in there. I can’t stand it. I should start sleeping on the roof,” she said to herself.

Suddenly, she spotted an odd cloud, the shape of a ship. “Huh, that’s a strange cloud...” She squinted her eyes and saw that it was getting more closer, more clearer. She realized that it was an actual pirate ship. It past over the orphanage swiftly and went straight to a museum. “What the, did I just see that?“, she said dumbfounded. Lily was suspicious of the strange ship flying so magically.

She jumped off the roof and ran after the ship. She was panting in exhaustion trying to keep up with the ship’s speed. Her fast footsteps echoed the silent neighborhood and she continued to run after the ship. Suddenly, it stopped. She looked up as the anchor came down silently. She wondered to herself,“What is going on?! Is this a haunted ship? There’s no way a ship can fly.”

Lily grabbed onto the chains of the anchor and started to climb. Once she got up, she peered through the ship. She gasped at the sight of Pirates getting off and going inside to the museum to steal priceless relics. She grumbled and jumped onto the ship, sneaking through the smelly pirates. She hid behind a cannon and looked as the pirates put the golden artifacts and jewels of the museum. “Filthy pirates. Thinking they could steal such priceless pieces of history,” she said in outrage.

Lily wanted to do something about it, but she was outnumbered. Suddenly, she heard a loud wickedly laugh. A hook scrapping through the wooden rails. “Hurry up, you scurvy rats! I need all the treasure you can find!,” said someone from the darkness of the ship. A hook glistened from the shadows, and emerging from the darkness was a tall man with a red coat and dark hair.

Just then, the alarm from the museum rang and the captain yelled,” Let’s get out of here! Lift the anchor!” The pirates got on the ship with all the gold they could find and went to their posts. Lily heard the anchor coming off from the ground and the ship was rising to the sky. “Oh no!,” whispered Lily. She heard footsteps inching closer. so she ran toward a barrel and got inside. “Ugh, it smells!,” she whispered.

She looked through the cork hole and saw they were lifting to the sky. They past the clock tower of London and reached higher to the atmosphere. They headed towards a star, a very bright star. Lily was blinded by the bright colors the star gave off. Lily closed her eyes tight, preventing herself to be blinded by the bright light. She opened her eyes and couldn’t believe it. They had arrived somewhere sunny, surrounded by water.

Lily was startled when they started carrying the barrel she was in. The pirate hurled the barrel over his shoulder and let it drop on the boat deck. “Ow!“, she exclaimed. The pirate quickly turned around and said,“What was that?” Lily held her breath, not daring to make another sound.

The pirate suspiciously looked through the barrels. He opened a couple, but he only found gunpowder, fish, and water. When he hovered his grossly buff hand over where Lily was in, a small pirate with glasses came along. “Come on now, the captain will get furious if your’e not in your post. Go on!“, the little pirate said. The buff pirate grumbled and stomped to his post.

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