A Family Threatened


Chapter 10

It had been two years since Brennan had given birth to their daughter and two years since she had said her vows to him. Booth stood in the doorway to her office as she played with their two-year old daughter who once she saw him in the doorway ran to him squealing. He smiled and lifted her into his arms and Brennan climbed up from the ground with a bright smile. She had never believed in true love, marriage or anything such but when she looked at the man in front of her, she knew it was all real.

"You ready?" Booth asked as he held the girl in his arms and Brennan walked closer. They were to attend another of Broadsky's appeals. Another lame attempt to be released but as soon as they called the witnesses to testify the juries always sent back no.

"Yeah. I just wish this would stop. It's been two years already." She said as he wrapped his free arm around her shoulders.

"I know, but he can only do it so many times, so you don't have to worry much longer." He smirked as they walked to the car and buckled the girl in before heading off to the courthouse where they met up with the others from the Jeffersonian. As the court was called back, Booth carried the little girl in and handed her to Max who was sitting behind him and Brennan during the trial. Booth sat on a slight angle with his arm along the back of the seat behind Brennan as Broadsky walked in with his son. Broadsky and Powell looked at Booth and Brennan as they glared back. Booth looked behind him to see his Daughter looking around curiously with brown eyes that matched his own. She started to laugh making Brennan turn to look putting her finger to her lips as the girl looked at her and mimicked her mother. Brennan smiled and turned back to the court as it started once again.

"These two men, killed people simply because they believed it to be right. There was no trial, no judge, or a jury. They took it upon themselves to kill those who were already being punished by the law. The ex-wife of one and the mother of the other was killed by them so as to have the house as sniping hideout. One of them is already a convicted murderer." Caroline said standing by her seat as she addressed the judge. "Once the law stepped in to take back over the task of punishing the bad people these two gentlemen took another route. Two years ago, they kidnapped a pregnant woman. Held her captive and tortured her. While they were sending mute videos to her friends and her boyfriend, now her husband." She looked over as Booth pulled Brennan closer and she laid her head on his chest as he kissed her head. "The agent in charge of the case charged in the last minute to rescue her from being slaughtered. She is one tough woman to fight through everything she had been put through while going into labor for several hours before she was found."

"Daddy." Booth turned around to see Christine reaching for him making him pull her over the seat and into his lap. As Brennan put her finger to her lips and watched as the girl did the same.

"Today I will tell you the facts and let you see what these two men have put this family and many others through, and why they should not even be in this court room in an appeal. So while they're telling you a fancy little story about how things could be this and could be that, remember the woman who fought back against the torture they put her, her friends and co-workers, her family and her husband through." Caroline turned back to her seat as Booth watched the other lawyer get up to start his speech as Broadsky looked over with a menacing grin when he saw Booth holding the little girl who was starting to doze off. Booth took a deep breath and readjusted in his seat as Brennan listened.

"He knows he's going down. He's going to try anything possible." Max said as he leaned forward whispering to Booth who turned to listen before nodding.

"He'll get out over my dead body." Booth said back making Max smirk as he sat back. "You okay, Bones?" he asked Brennan as she sat staring off into space.

"Yes, I just do not like having to go through all of this again. It is the only reason he continues these appeals. He wasn't us all to get back through what happened." She whispered as she laid her head on his shoulder and he bent his arm up to rest his hand on her head holding it to him before he kissed her head. He glanced over at Broadsky's very angry look at the happy little family.

"We will take a short break and reconvene in fifteen minutes." The judge said banging the hammer making Christine jump awake and looking around.

"Mommy." She hummed as Brennan stood up taking her from Booth before he stood up and they filed out to wait for the appeal to start up again. Brennan stood talking with Angela as both women held the children, Angela giggled at how awake Christine was still as Michael was passed out against her shoulder.

"She's as hyper as ever." Brennan smiled looking at the little girl as she looked around before a bright smile came to her face as she giggled and bounced in Brennan's arms.

"Daddy!" She squealed as Booth walked over taking the girl with a smile and a fake groan making her giggle even more.

"He's still out?" Booth asked looking at Michael sound asleep on his mother's shoulder. Angela nodded and she stood with one hip out to rest his wait on it.

"Yeah, he is wiped out form playing earlier." Angela said as Hodgins and the others walked over to talk. "So what's their plan this time?"

"Probably the same as all the others. He wants to try to make us relive what happened, and try to make us sound foolish." Brennan said.

"Yeah but this is the first appeal since your wedding. They're definitely going to call that one up." Angela said as Hodgins took his son letting the two women talk.

"He can bring it up all he wants; all laws were followed in getting the evidence, finding the place and arresting both of them." Booth said as Brennan nodded.

"What about Max? He's criminal and was carrying weapons."

"He'll be fine. The judge threw it out last time. Besides we have the tapes and we show them it's an automatic no to them."

"No." Christine said making everybody smile at her.

"See put her in charge this will get over fast." Booth chuckled as people started to file into the courtroom. "Guess we better get back in there." He said as their friends trailed in and found their seats in the front row with Max sitting behind them once again. The trial went by as expert witnesses were called and before suddenly they heard the defense call Brennan. Her eyes snapped up and looked around. After all the years, she had only had to go on the stand once to tell her story. Booth kissed her check before she stood and started walking towards the stand.

"Mommy." Christine said as Booth shook his head at his daughter.

"Sh. She'll be right back." He said putting his finger to his mouth and watched her copy him with a bright smile before she fell silent.

"You were the forensic anthropologist in charge of my clients' case, correct?" The lawyer asked.


"Were you in an intimate relationship with the lead FBI agent in charge of my clients' case?"

"Yes, but we-"

"And you have and still are being seen by an FBI psychologist?"

"Yes, but that has-"

"Where were you when you were allegedly kidnapped?"

"I was on my way home to sleep. I-"

"Was this your own apartment or the one of the lead investigator in the case?"

"I was on my way to, at the time, my boyfriend's apartment."

"And he was the lead investigator?"

"Yes, but-" Booth watched as Brennan took a deep breath trying to calm her temper. He gave a small smile as she looked at the lawyer with a look he knew well.

"Is it true that when an agent of the FBI fraternizes with another agent or a consultant it is grounds for termination of the partnership and possibly even the agent?"

"That question would be better aimed to the head of the FBI who gave my partner and I permission to see each other socially." She said with a tone that Booth and their friends knew well as she stared at the lawyer daring him to ask more about her relationship with Booth.

"You are aware of many martial arts and techniques to be able to evade a kidnapping, or a mugging. Yet you were capture by a man the same height as you and weaker than you. Why did you not fight back?"

"I was eight months into my pregnancy and he had a knife pressed against my abdomen."

"You were told that an alleged murderer had escaped prison three months before hand and you decided to walk into the parking garage alone to drive to your partner slash lover's home?" Booth felt a tap on his shoulder making him turn slightly to listen to Max.

"This guy better watch what he's asking. Tempe hates when they ask questions like these anyway." He said as Booth nodded.

"He cuts her off one more time and who knows." Booth smirked before turning back around as Brennan answered.

"I was not aware that he was targeting and attacking pregnant women who have never had a criminal mark against her." She said making him pause.

"No farther questions." He said before he walked back to the unhappy Broadsky and sat down next to him as Caroline stood and walked up to Brennan.

"What happened when you left to go to your partner's home?"

"I was walking to my car. I was grabbed from behind with one arm under my chin and the other holding a knife to my abdomen." She said.

"What happened next?"

"I had my hands tied behind my back and I was thrown in the backseat of a car. I started kicking at the car door to try to get it open before they hit me rendering me unconscious."

"How were you able to identify the defendants?"

"When I was thrown in the car I saw the passenger as he looked back at me and he is the one who hit me and I was able to see the driver as he got into the vehicle."

"How were you able to determine where you were, so that you could convey them on the tapes?"

"I regained consciousness as we passed a sign for the four mile run park. Once I was sealed in the room in the cabin with my hands tied together and tied to my abdomen and my legs were tied tightly together as well, I was able to discern sounds coming from outside. I was able to send a message to my partner to help give him a clue as to where I was."

"What was going on when you were found?"

"I was tied up with my hands on a construction hook, and I was being beaten again for one last video to be send to my friends and family to show them my death." She said as her voice began to catch as the thought and memories started to flood passed her barrier. Caroline paused and looked at her as she took a breath and relaxed again.

"Was there any reason behind taking an eight month pregnant woman hostage that fit with their reasoning's?" She asked as Brennan glanced at Broadsky who had started to grin.

"The only reason to take me hostage was to get to my partner who was the arresting officer the first time one of the defendants was murdering people."

"Why would they want to hurt your partner so badly?" Brennan looked at Booth who gave her a small smile.

"Because the first time one of the defendants wanted to kill my partner and he killed one of my interns by mistake which ultimately lead to his capture the day after." Caroline watched Brennan, not wanting to push too hard since this appeal was not budging.

"At this time I would like to show the videos that had been taken from the defendants' camera."

"You may step down." The judge said letting Brennan walk past Broadsky and back to her seat beside Booth. She gently pulled the sleeping Christine into her lap as she laid her head on Booth's chest as he held her

"You want to go outside for this?" He asked softly making her shake her head.

"No, I will be fine. I need to get passed this anyway." She whispered back as he pulled her back to him as the videos began and Caroline looked at Brennan as Booth who spoke softly to her making her nod every now and then was holding her. Max leaned forward and ran his hand over the back of Brennan's head as Angela grabbed her hand tight. The judge intermittently glanced over to see Booth holding Brennan who had her head buried in his chest while Angela sat looking down as she leaned her head on her friend's shoulder while Hodgins rubbed her back with one hand and held the sleeping boy in the other. Cam was looking away as her eyes filled with tears remembering seeing her the day after cut, bruised and stitched and she could only imagine what she had looked like when Booth had gotten to her. Sweets was looking around, everywhere but the video. They all could not help but notice the look of pure satisfaction on Broadsky's face as he saw Brennan burry her head into Booth's chest. As they finished the room was in dead silence as Brennan pulled her head back up and whipped the few tears that had managed to slip out.

"You okay, Bones?" Booth asked as she nodded slowly and took a deep breath to calm herself again before she gave Angela hug. And the group of friends sat calming themselves.

"I would like to call Special Agent Seeley Booth to the stand." Booth kissed Brennan's forehead before he stood and Brennan and Angela held each other. The lawyer walked up to Booth who was sitting like is usual confident self.

"You are a special agent of the FBI is that correct?" Booth looked at him for a second before nodding.

"Yes, thus the Special Agent in front of my name." He said making several people laugh. He glanced at Brennan as she and Angela were smiling as they shook their heads.

"You were the arresting officer in my clients' cases, correct?"

"Yes I was."

"You see a psychologist?"

"FBI regulation partner therapy." Booth said as the man looked at him trying to think of a way to spin Booth's words. Booth sat waiting knowing where this lawyer was aiming.

"You were dating your partner, the lead forensic Anthropologist at the time, correct?"

"Yes." He answered simply as the man looked him in the eye daring him to say something that he could use.

"She was pregnant with your child, the child sleeping in her arms right now?" Booth took a breath.


"Is it possible that your personal feelings got in the way of you looking for a proper kidnapper, so you blamed the first ones you saw?"

"No." Booth said becoming a bit annoyed.

"You had seen Mr. Broadsky kill before. You were both snipers in the army were you not?"

"Yes we were."

"How many were there in your platoon?"

"Six snipers and six spotters."

"Then how is it that when word of a sniper rolls around my client is the only one targeted?"

"Because your client is the only one who would be able to make the shots. We also found plenty of forensics and ballistics to prove it was him without a doubt."

"The only man besides yourself, you mean?"

"Objection." Caroline called standing up

"Mr. Miller." The Judge said making the lawyer take a moment before nodding.

"The agent who fraternizes with another agent or a consultant is to be dismissed, and yet you still possess you're title, job, partnership and even relationship. Why is that?" Booth clenched his jaw quickly before answering.

"My partner and I have the highest crime solving rate in the world. We cannot work separately and gain the same effect. My partner and I leave our relationship at home every day we go to work. We are partners at work."

"You have the capability of taking the shot my client allegedly did, you have the mental capacity to clean up after yourself, and with your…." He looked at Brennan before he continued. "Lovely, wife, you could have all forensics, ballistics and any other evidence whipped from your slate and onto someone else."

"Is there a question?" Caroline said.

"Yes, is it possible that another sniper, such as yourself, would be able to recreate and frame my clients?"

"No it is not. Along with the forensics that were found on each victim and at the scene was DNA. And as you're well aware, no two DNA are the same." He said glancing at Brennan as she looked down to look at the sleeping girl in her arms.

"Is it possible that your…. Partner, could have been having an affair with my clients and to cover it up she cried kidnapping?" Brennan's head snapped up as did her friends as they saw Booth take a deep breath.

"No, it is not possible." He said as he tried his best to stay in control.

"Why not? You both work strange hours, she could have been sleeping with them on one of her late nights at work and she was going to see them that day and when you found her missing she cried kidnapped." He said as Booth shook his head.

"No. I've worked beside her for the last nine years; she would never do something like that." Booth said glancing at his friends as they sat wanting to stand up and protest. He saw Brennan look at him with a soft smile before her face and eyes changed completely when she shifted her attention to the lawyer.

"Is it possible she could have simply felt she needed more than one man? She has done such in the past."

"Objection!" Caroline called becoming annoyed with the lawyer as Brennan and Angela held they hands tight. Booth looked at Brennan and felt himself ease slightly at the look she was giving the lawyer. "Relevance?"

"Sustained." The judge said and watched the lawyer nod.

"No farther questions." He said and sat down once again and Caroline stood to question.

"What happened when you arrested Mr. Broadsky?"

"I had gone home to see if my partner was there since no one was able to reach her and I found him sitting in my living room. He was holding a gun on me as he spoke about how he and his accomplice had taken her and were holding her until we stopped our investigation. I knew he couldn't run because of the wound I gave him while arresting him the first time and I also knew he was unable to shoot because of the broken hand he sustained while killing another victim a few months before."

"And how did you know that?"

"The team at the Jeffersonian called and told me when we thought he had taken Dr. Brennan."

"How is it that you found Dr. Brennan?"

"We used the first video that was sent. She had given us hints in her speech. She was being kept in a cabin and she said 4 miles from the road. In the second video we received, she mentioned a previous case we had worked and we had to solve the case before the plane touched down in China. We put a cabin, four miles and a plane together with the knowledge we had every place that he had ever used covered, we were able to find out about a cabin owned by his mother's family."

"Were you and Dr. Brennan having any fights or problems that would cause her to want to cheat?"


"He brought it up while bringing to light the nature of their relationship. I am simply letting the court understand if there would have been cause for Dr. Brennan to go to another man." She said making Booth give a small smirk that he hid quickly.

"I'll allow it." The judge said as Caroline looked back at Booth.

"No, we hadn't had any kind of disagreement, fight or otherwise."

"No more questions." Caroline said walking back to her seat as the judge dismissed Booth back to his seat.

"Court will resume at ten o'clock tomorrow morning."

"Your honor." He head before he slammed his gavel. "The defense requests to be able to recall Dr. Brennan and Agent Booth." The judged sighed before nodding.

"I'll allow it. Court is adjourned until tomorrow morning 10 am." He slammed his gavel down waking both children. Before they all made their way out of the courtroom the talk.

"Daddy!" Christine called reaching out for him as he took her into his arms.

"What was all that about? They barely talked about the cases." Angela said as they walked out to find news vans and cameras looking for everyone they could involve with Broadsky's second appeal.

"And the ability to recall you two? There's something defiantly churning in the defense." Cam said as Booth nodded.

"I know and I don't like it."

"They seriously are trying to say Dr. Brennan would have an affair with one of them to try to cause a blow up. If they can plant the seeds in everyone's mind then pick a little at a time this could be bad." Sweets said walking beside Booth, as Caroline walked over to join them as they walked to the parking garage.

"They have something brewing but I doubt they're going to like the outcome." Caroline said. "You two are not a couple I would want to try to pull apart." She said making both smile.

"I would like to know how they found out about my past sex life. It is my private life." Brennan said as Angela agreed. "There's no way they would have been able to know that, and the fact that they would like to recall us to the stand tomorrow unnerves me."

"It should. They are going for the public tell all instead of following the cases. If they can get everyone to thing you two were working together or that something happened and you went with one of them and you found out and cleaned up, they could get through."

"The videos had everyone squirming and they all saw the look Broadsky had when he looked at us." Angela said.

"He was looking at Bones." Booth said as he wrapped his arm across her shoulders.

"He wants to break everyone down and each time there is an appeal the videos and memories at brought back to the surface, tormenting everyone." Sweets said softly. "Are you okay Dr. Brennan?" He asked as she looked at him and nodded.

"Yes. I'm fine." She said with a small smile as Booth looked at her. "It's just been a long day." She said as they all stopped in the garage to go to their own vehicles.

"Just make sure you don't hold it in. If you start holding it in you-"

"She's fine Sweets, stop with the shrink talk." Booth said before they all said goodbye and headed off in their own directions. Booth and Brennan walked to the SUV where they buckled Christine in and drove home. Booth looked at Brennan as she was quietly looking out the window.

"Booth, do you really think that I could do something like that?" She asked before turning her blue eyes to his worried brown ones.

"Like what?" He asked as he kept looking back at the road.

"What that lawyer said about me. About having multiply men besides you, or me having an affair with Broadsky and Powell and then try to cover it with a kidnapping?" He reached out and grabbed her head as he shook his head.

"No Bones. There is no doubt in my mind once so ever. That's not who you are." He said as she gave him a sad smile.

"But are other people going to believe that?" He sighed and squeezed her hand harder.

"Bones, it doesn't matter what other people think. I know you and I know you wouldn't do that."' She looked at him and her smile started to show through. "Why don't we stop by the nursing home and visit pops for a bit, since we're out this way anyway? He always cheers you up"

"I think that would be nice. He hasn't been able to see Addy since she was born." Brennan said looking in the back seat at the quiet two year old looking around. "She was good today." Brennan smiled.

"'Cause she takes after you." He smirked as she shook her head as he pulled into the nursing home parking lot. Booth unbuckled Christine and set her on her feet as he took her hand and the three of them walked across the street and into the nursing home. They signed in and walked down the hall to where they knew Pops would be. Booth stopped at the doorway to the game room and saw his grandfather playing someone in dominos before Brennan grabbed his free hand and they walked over.

"Shrimp!" Pops said as he stood up happily and hugged his grandson. "Temperance." He smiled brightly. "Still as beautiful as ever."

"Daddy, play." Christine called up from beside Booth who picked her up.

"Not right now." Booth told her as she started to pout.

"Is this baby Christine?" He asked looking at the girl as she crossed her arm and sat unhappily in her father's arms. "That look, she defiantly got that from Seeley." He laughed making Brennan shake her head with a bright smile. "What brings you three by?"

"We're coming from an appeal at the courthouse."

"An appeal?"

"Those two guys I told you about who took Bones."

"Tough case?" He said with a nod. "Well you two are strong. There's no way to get through both of you." He looked back at Addy still pouting. "That little pout is just like the one you used to make." He laughed as Booth smirked.

"Addy, say hi to pops." Booth said making the Girl look from her father to her great grandfather.

"Hi." She said before a smile grew on her face quickly.

"Well now there's a pretty little smile I recognize." He smiled and looked at Brennan as she wrapped her arm around Booth's as Pop's went back to talking with Christine. "Well you want to play right? How about I teach you to play dominos?" He said as she tilted her head slightly before nodding and reaching out for him. He took her and walked over to sit back in his seat with her on his lap as Brennan looked at Booth with the same nervous look he had. They were not nervous for her to play it was the other players they were worried for.

"Pops, she's in that stage where everything is hers." Booth said as he saw Christine grab a domino from the table only to have him dismiss their worries. "Okay, then you can get everything away from her." He said and watched as his grandfather sat teaching the first female in the Booth family since Pops' aunt died nearly 30 years ago.

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