A Family Threatened

New Evidence

Chapter 11

Brennan and Booth sat next to each other again as the appeal started once again. This time they were able to have Jared and Padame watch Christine and Michael as they ran around just outside the courthouse playing with each other while Pops watched. He had decided that a visit with his grandsons and grandchildren were in order and he asked to stay with Brennan and Booth. As the court began, Brennan grabbed Booth's hand making him look at her before he wrapped his arm around her shoulders. Broadsky and Powell walked in both looking at the two as they all stood while the judge entered before sitting.

"The court would like to call Max Brennan to the stand." The group of friends turned to look at Max as he looked for a moment before making his way to the stand. "Can you tell the court your relationship to the two leads on my clients' cases?"

"They are my daughter and son in law." Max said trying to see where the lawyer was going to spin his story.

"Your son in law has arrested and put you in jail twice. Correct?"


"Please tell the court why you were arrested and sent to prison." Brennan looked at Booth who was watching the appeal as he absently rubbed her shoulder with one hand while he held her hand in the other.

"The first time it was for allegedly killing the assistant Deputy Director of the FBI and the second was for being in possession of lethal weapon."

"Where were you going with the weapon?" Max paused and looked at the lawyer.

"To protect my daughter."

"Is it possible that if you knew your daughter was in trouble, in harm's way, that you would take the law into your own hands to protect her?"

"No." The lawyer looked at him.

"Max Brennan, also known as Max Kennan, an armed felon who belonged to a gang of murdering thieves would not take the law into his own hands if one of his family members were in danger?"

"No." The lawyer looked at Max surprised he was saying that as Brennan smiled at him.

"Then what were you doing at the cabin the night of the alleged rescue?"

"I was following directions." He put simply.

"You were holding a gun. Agent Booth's side firearm to be exact and you were walking through a cabin in the middle of the night. Where was Agent Booth at this time?"

"He had gone around back to go through the celler door."

"Did you see what was going on when the shots were fired?"

"No, I did not."

"Is it possible that what Agent Booth said was happening never actually happened?" Max shifted in his seat not liking where the lawyer was going.

"Booth loves my daughter, he has always taken care of her and protected her in the past, and this was one of those times he took the lead in taking care of her."

"A simple yes or no will do. Is there any possibility?"

"No, there's not."

"You must have a lot of trust in him to take his word over something such as this."

"I always have, especially when it came to Tempe."

"So if he were to tell you that a man she was sleeping with had raped her, you would believe him and go after the man?" Max saw Brennan lean over to Booth as he whispered to her.

"I made a promise to my daughter that I was no longer Max Keenan. I promised her I would not leave her again and that I would never be like I was when I was some young kid stealing safety deposit boxes. I would not go after the man but I would trust Booth."

"What can you tell me about the other men in her life?"

"Objection. Relevance your honor." Caroline called

"I'm sorry; I thought I was called up here to testify what I knew in regards to my daughter's kidnapping. Not to try to discredit and make my daughter look like some cheap slut as you are insinuating." Max said getting angry.

"I'm sorry your honor." The lawyer said before looking at Max again.

"How is it that you never asked questions when all you saw was a man lying on the ground bleeding after two shots went off?"

"Booth is the only man in law enforcement that I trust completely. He has always taken care of Tempe and stuck by her. He had no reason to tell anything different than the truth."

"Except for the fact that he caught his, at the time, pregnant girlfriend having an affair with Mr. Powell." Booth felt Brennan squeeze tighter as she tried to contain her anger for what this lawyer was suggesting.

"Objection." The judge agreed making the lawyer rethink his questions for a moment as Max looked at Booth as someone walked over and leaned down to speak with him. He quickly let go of Brennan to lean forward and talk to Caroline. "Your honor. The prosecution would like to request a recess for two hours."

"We request the ability to recall Max Brennan and we also request Jared Booth to the court." The lawyer said making everyone look at him. The judge agreed and slammed his gavel.

"What's going on?" Brennan asked as the group all gathered to speak.

"The FBI found a hidden camera that was in a wall of the cabin. When they started to try to forget the forensics, I told the FBI to break apart the cabin. Ange you think you can work on it?" He said handing the disk to Angela

"If it was in the basement there should be a little water damage but I should be able to get it to work." She said taking the disk as she and Hodgins went for the lab.

"What are these guys trying to pull?" Max said as he stood beside Booth.

"They're trying to make Booth look bad." Cam said. "They split you two up and leave doubts in the judge's head that you could be some jealous boyfriend and they could pull through this."

"Yeah I know, but I'm not going to make it that easy to explain everything off." Booth said taking a breath. "I better let Jared know they're calling him to the stand." He said turning and walking out with the others following.

"Is court over already?" Pops asked as they walked over.

"Not exactly." Booth said and looked at Jared. "The defense wants you in the court room when we go back."

"Okay." Jared said with a shrug as Booth shook his head and walked over to where Brennan had gone to talk with the two children,

"Jared they're not just asking about the cases." Max said. "They are trying to make it look like Tempe was cheating on your brother."

"That would never happen. Tempe wouldn't do that." He said concerned.

"No, we all know that but they are trying to convince the judge that she did." Cam said. "They want the judge to believe and Booth was about to find out and she called kidnapping, or that Booth did find out and this was all a way to get them out of their lives."

"Let's hope Angela has some luck with that disk, or we may just be in trouble. This lawyer refuses to turn away from the couple theory. I knew it was a bad idea when they finally got together." She said as they looked at Booth lift Michael up with his back against him with his arms under the boy. The boy let out a squeal of laughter before Booth set the boy on the ground again and the little girl ran over wanting to do the same things.

"But you can't deny that it's a relief." Cam added.

"No, it was about damn time they sucked it up but they made this case a whole mushy mess."

"What? Were Temperance and Seeley not supposed to be together?" Pops asked looking at his grandson and Brennan's co-workers.

"There's a rule against it. Their partnership should have been broken and Booth should have been fired. It's just luck they had a deputy director and an Assistant Deputy Director who likes both of them." Cam explained.

"They only found out when they showed up at the crime scene." Max said. "If that didn't happen they would have never known she was his kid."

"Grandpa! Grandpa!" They heard Christine scream as she ran over to him with a bright smile, making Max bend down and lift the girl into his arms. "Look!" She said showing lady bug crawling on her arm making her giggle.

"That's a ladybug." Max said as he looked up at Booth handing Michael over to Angela's father who was to take Michael for the next few days.


"Yeah." Max smiled as the girl looked at it intrigued as it crawled around on her arm. Booth and Brennan walked back over to them and saw her staring at the bug as she giggled.

"She's been spending too much time with Hodgins." Booth said with a smirk before the ladybug flew away.

"No ladybug!" She cried out not happy it had flown away

"Come on; let's go find you a new one." Padame said taking the girl from Max before walking off to find another ladybug.

"At least she's not going through my drawers at work." Brennan said making Booth smirk and nod as Max looked confused.

"Chrissy seems to take after Tempe." Jared said with a smile. "An anthropologist in the making." He said making the group laugh.

Booth and Brennan sat on the bench outside of the courthouse with a sleeping Christine in Brennan's lap. The girl had been asleep for an hour while the others were scattered getting food and drinks. Booth handed Brennan a sandwich making her smile.

"Can't have you going hungry." He said making her shake her head and eat. He finished his food and he glanced at Brennan as she sat thinking. "What's wrong, Bones?"

"Nothing. It's just…." She trailed off looking at him. "They are trying to make everything point to us committing the crimes."

"They can only go so far with it before they get caught with the forensics, and ballistics. Nothing's going to happen." He said before he leaned over and kissed her. Pulling away, he pushed some hair back behind her ear making her smile at him, a smile that no one else ever saw. They leaned in for another kiss before they heard Angela calling as she ran over.

"I got it!" She stopped by them and handed Booth the CD. "I got what I could, some of it's fuzzy and some I couldn't save but everything I could I have on there and I took out the broken apart pieces." She explained as Booth went to find Caroline as Angela sat to talk with Brennan. The two were laughing by the time Booth and the others came back to get the two women. The group walked in together as Booth took Christine from Brennan as they sat down.

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