A Family Threatened


Chapter 12

Booth wrapped his arm around Brennan, pulling her to him as the video was started. The sound was low but they could hear the voices as they spoke before the two men brought Brennan in, dragging her by her tied arms and tossing her to the corner of the room where she tried to curl. Booth pulled her to him tighter as the video continued.

"Get what you can from her. As soon as we find out where the kid is we'll have more than enough leverage to kill him." Broadsky could be heard saying.

"Why don't we just kill her now? We can find the kid." Powell's voice came through.

"It would be easier to have her tell us where he is, besides killing them right now will only make him come after us. Draw it out, have patients and it will all work out." Broadsky started walking away.

"Where are you going?"

"I have to meet with him. To be a real sniper you need to learn patients first. Make sure you start getting information from her any way you have to." Powell nodded as Broadsky was walking away. Caroline paused the video.

"You can clearly see and hear both defendants. Let's watch so the slandering of the best FBI agent and forensic anthropologist in the world can stop." She pushed play again as Max stood taking the sleeping girl from Booth, letting him hold Brennan with both arms.

"Where is your boyfriend's kid?" Powell asked kneeling down. Brennan did not answer, he rolled her to her other side to look at her better. "Where is the kid?" He asked before they saw Brennan swing her arms hitting Powell between his open legs making him fall backwards as Brennan tried to get up but fell back down several times as Powell recovered enough to walk over and grab her by her hair pulling her back. Booth felt Brennan's grip on him become slightly tighter. "If you're not going to talk…" Powell trailed off as he grabbed rope and quickly tied Brennan's hands to her abdomen before he sat her up and punched her several times before she fell to the side he pulled back to kick her when they heard Brennan for the first time.

"If you want to know where he is then you'll have to ask nicely." She threw at him. He put his leg down and looked at her as she was lying on the ground.

"Then tell me please where the boy is?"

"I'll have to kill you if I told you." She said with a smirk before he pulled back kicking her in the back.

"Fine then. We'll just see how your friends enjoy a little show." The film started to become fuzzy before it jumped clear again as they heard Brennan's voice.

"Booth will find me." Suddenly Powell's fists went flying knocking Brennan over before; he started kicking making her roll and try to curl up as much as she could to protect her swollen belly before she cried out in pain making him stop and chuckle. He took a step and kicked her in the head knocking her unconscious before he turned the camera off. Booth felt Brennan pull tight at the sound of her cry of pain. He glanced at the others as they tried to keep strong. Angela had turned to lean into Hodgins' arms.

"Bones, let's go outside." He said making her shake her head before she moved her head to bury her face in his neck.

"That will make him think he won." She said as she held him hearing the video jump a bit before it came back. Cam looked over to See Booth holding Brennan tight as he whispered to her. This was difficult for the friends to see and she could not imagine what it was like for her to hear and see what she went through all over again. She looked back at the screen as Sweets continued to stare at the two.

"Where is he?" Powell asked as he paced back and forth in the celler.

"Booth got him." Brennan said weakly before Powell kicked her back again making her cry out in pain again and again as he continued to kick her.

"My father is the greatest man alive. He's the greatest sniper in the world. There is no way a bastard like your precious boyfriend, would be able to do anything to him!" He yelled and kicked again. Brennan pulled all of her strength together and rolled as far away from him as she could before he grabbed her.

"He is nowhere near as smart as my team and Booth, and if you think Booth will just go along with your plans because you told him you would kill me otherwise you're dead wrong!" She yelled back only to have him gab her and throw her into a wall making her lay still.

"You don't know anything!" He screamed at her as she started to move to try to curl against the wall to stop him from getting near the baby. He left her laying there as he went to the TV in the corner and turned it on.

"Escaped murderer, Jacob Broadsky was arrested in the home of FBI's Special Agent Seeley Booth. Sources say he and an accomplice kidnapped an eight-month pregnant forensic Anthropologist Dr. Temperance Brennan from the parking garage at the Jeffersonian. No word yet on who the accomplice is or where he is holding Dr. Brennan, but the FBI is putting their full force into the investigation of the kidnapping of one of their own." Powell shoved the TV to the side smashing it as Brennan laid still. Powell turned and glared at her before he walked over turning the camera on and kicking her to wake her up.

Booth felt Brennan shake in his arm. He knew what this was doing to her and he knew he needed to get her out of the room. He glanced at the video knowing what was coming next before he stood pulling Brennan to her feet.

"Let's go." He said making her walk out with him as their friends watched her shake with sobs in his arms as they left the room making Broadsky grin happily before everyone went back to the video.

She rolled her head back and forth before he drug her up and attached her tied hands to a construction hook as he slapped either side of her face making her open her eyes and look at him before her head lulled a bit.

"This is the last video I am send of you alive so you may want to start telling your goodbyes." He said as he moved the camera closer to her.

"I refuse to give up even though this 30 year old man had beaten me and locked me in a room of this cabin. I know you will figure everything out and that is why I refuse to say any goodbyes. I know you will come get me. Especially you Booth." She paused for a moment. "Just think back to that case when we went to China."

"You might as well give up trying to give them hints. They'll never find you. There's no sound with the video." Powell said as he made her look at him.

"I don't care if you are sending sound and you are trying to get me to give up. My friends and family will figure it out and when Booth gets here you better hope there is a god." Powell pulled back punching her in the face hard making her go limp before he turned the video off.

"You cannot win." He said before walking away and the video fizzed out before jumping again to Powel walking back in with a grin. He reached over turning the camera back on and punching Brennan making her come to. "They won't listen so we're going to be sending them a video of what they caused. Your death and the death of the unborn child is on their hands now." He swung several times hitting her ribcage and as he tried to hit her swollen belly she turn to be hit in the back. Every time she turned, he would hit her in the chest knocking the wind from her before he stopped suddenly and looked up. He ran and grabbed his rifle and was looking up when suddenly the back door flew open and Booth fired twice before Powell know what was going on. Booth lifted Brennan free of the construction hook as Max and Jared came into view and Booth went to the ground cradling her in his arms before sirens were heard.

Booth walked Brennan out of the courtroom to sit on the bench beside the doors as she cried into his chest and he just sat and held her tight. He had only seen her cry a few times and the only time she really needed to be held was when Vincent had been killed. He knew this was difficult, any time she needed to face strong emotions it was difficult for her. Even after years of working on it and the past two years of giving up her thoughts on marriage, the past two years of being a mother, she still had a difficult time of confronting her feelings and emotions.

"It's going to be okay." Booth said softly as he held her and kissed her head gently. "Just relax. Everything is okay. They're definitely not getting out now." He said as he kissed her head again.

"Booth…. I can't… he will keep doing this… he knows…. He knows I can't…" She trailed off into sobs as Booth pulled her closer to him. The courtroom doors opened and Angela stood looking.

"They want Brennan to take the stand again." Angela said softly as Booth looked at her.

"Stay with her Ange." He said as he kissed the top of Brennan's head and switched places with Angela. He walked in to see everyone turn and look at him as he walked over to Caroline. "Caroline, there's no way you can let them put her on the stand. She can barely breath let alone talk." He whispered.

"What do you want me to do charee? They called her not me."

"I don't know."

"Is there a problem?" The judge asked.

"Caroline you can't let them put her up there. Not right now." Booth said before he looked at Sweets and the others wondering what was going on. "Sweets." He said waving him to follow. Caroline looked at Booth before she turned back to the judge.

"Your honor, this woman suffered a horrifying trauma and after seeing this video, is it truly necessary to continue this line? The pain of those sitting behind me and the four out in the hall right now is too great to force them to continue after a piece of evidence proving everything we have said has viewed"

"You are the one who entered the video, Ms. Julian." The other lawyer said.

"You and your Clients are the ones who began this, Mr. Miller." She shot back.

"Enough." The judge said. "I will call an hour recess. Afterwards she will be expected to take the stand."

"Your honor-" Caroline tried.

"That is my ruling." He said slamming his gavel down making everyone move quickly to talk with Brennan who was in the hall sitting with Angela who was still holding her, Booth was standing beside the bench and Sweets knelt in front to talk with Brennan.

"Dr. Brennan, they are going to prison. There is no way they can get out of it. You need to talk to us." Sweets said as the doors opened and their friends started walking out.

"I hate psychology." She said softly.

"I did everything I could; they're only giving an hour to get her ready for the stand." Caroline said making Booth take a deep breath and look back at Brennan still in Angela's arms as tears ran down her face. "She does look in bad shape."

"There's nothing you can do?" Booth asked.

"No, Charee. I did everything I could. They want her up there in an hour and I bet its to dig through those wounds even more." Booth nodded as he saw Max walking over with the sleeping Christine in his arms.

"Max, can you watch her for a bit?" Booth asked as Max nodded and looked at Brennan. "An hour you said?" Caroline nodded.

"whatever you think will get her through the stand, do it and do it fast." Caroline said before he turn moving his friends away grabbing under Brennan's arm and pulling her to her feet to walk with him. As soon as she was on her feet, she leaned into him as he wrapped an arm around her shoulders. "Whatever he's got in mind better be good."

"Caroline are you sure there's no way around this?" Cam asked.

"There's no way she'll be able to sit on that stand while they make things worse." Jared said with looking to where the two were still walking.

"I'm sure Shrimp will be able to get her through it." Pops said as the others settled down to wait. They knew the trial tore her apart and the first appeal broke her back down. The only thing that had held her together was the fact she had a newborn daughter and she was getting married. The wedding had brought them all out of the gutter and they felt that finally Broadsky would not be able to threaten the happy life they had all created. Then they received word that he was working on another appeal, which brought them all back to the horror of what had happened.

Booth and Brennan walked into the courtroom both looking determined and ready for anything. Broadsky's excited grin fell away as Brennan took her seat next to Angela and Booth sat on her other side, both looking like this trial hadn't done anything to them. Miller stood and called for Brennan to take the stand. Booth gave her a small squeeze to her hand as she stood and walked to the stand while his friends looked at him trying to figure out what he had did or said to change both of their attitudes.

"Let Bones do her thing." Booth said to Caroline making her smirk and nod

"What'd you do have a quickie in the car?" Max asked leaning forward as Booth turned to look at him as if asking if he were serious while Jared smiled at the comment before looking down at his niece who was lying in his arms still asleep. Booth turned back around and adjusted to sit more comfortably on the hard seat.

"Dr. Brennan. Your relationships have been open with other men, open enough to date several men at once?" Brennan narrowed her eyes.

"When I was younger and before I fell in love with one man." She said as the Lawyer looked at her and she saw a look in his eye she had seen many times before.

"How long had you and Agent Booth been in a romantic relationship before this tragic event occurred?"

"How is that relevant?" She asked without missing a beat.

"A simple number will do."

"I do not see how this pertains to the case in which three people were murdered and I was kidnapped." She said daring him to press.

"Dr. Brennan, answer the question." The judge said.

"Is this an appeal for the cases of three murdered and myself a kidnapped victim or is this a trial for my relationship I hold with my partner? The very partner that I've work with over seven years before we began our relationship that no one knew about until we decided it was time, since our work ethics and our attitudes at work were never affected once we put ourselves on the time clock." She asked the judge making the judge look at her as the lawyer glanced at Caroline who sat back in her seat with a smirk. "I am here as a victim on my kidnapping case and an expert witness on the cases of the three murdered, not to have my decisions in my past brought to the public. Not to be insulted by the accusations of some lawyer, who is trying to get their clients free by slandering mine and my partner's good names and accusing one of us of murdering or concealing evidence. I am certainly not here to listen to someone walked around the court room trying to cause problems and make my husband and I look like we planned it all or that I am unfaithful to him." She paused as the judge looked at her.

"Are you finished, Dr. Brennan?" He asked.

"No. I'm not finished."

"Bones." Booth called as she glanced at him before going back to glaring at the judge and lawyer.

"The videos we have entered into evidence shows that they are the ones who took me from the parking gauge and beat me. The guns they stole from two other solders had their fingerprints all over them. While exploring their hide out we discovered the machine and materials that were used to create the bullets that had passed through each of the victims and lodged into the crime scene. We have particulates and fibers placing them both at each of the crime scenes and the body dump site. There are also video of them firing on the victims. There is more than enough legally obtained material to hold them in prison for the rest of their miserable lives. There is no reason once so ever to pull me or my co-workers away from our important jobs to sit and listen to some lawyer who thinks he can work around the compiled evidence by make the two leads in the case look as if they had a motive to kill three people. Let alone the fact of why would I kidnap myself, and have them beat me for over 12 hours while I went into labor four weeks before the baby was due. I would appreciate it if we would stay on track with why this appeal is even being considered." Brennan paused and took a breath. "Now I am finished." The judge looked at the lawyer as he looked at Brennan with his mouth agape not knowing what to say.

"Court is adjourned until ten am tomorrow morning." The judge said breaking the silence. "I want you in my chambers, Dr. Brennan, Mrs. Julian and Mr. Miller." He said slamming his gavel and walking out. Brennan climbed from the stand as her friends all smiled. She walked over to where Booth was standing talking to Caroline when Broadsky stopped her.

"You are stronger than I thought. Too bad I can keep this going for years and that sweet innocent child will know what really happened." He said before he and Powell were pulled away

"What did he say to you?" Booth asked as he walked over to her.

"Nothing that is worth repeating." She said shaking her head before they wrapped their arms around each other with smiles.

"We better go see how angry you made the judge." Caroline said as she walked over and they let go of each other. "Let her do her thing, you say. Pft." She said looking at Booth who shrugged. "let's go." She walked with Brennan towards the room the judge had walked into with Mr. Miller following behind them.

"She was on fire." Cam said as the group of friends started moving towards the hallway. Booth turned and took Christine from Jared as she started to stir.

"She had her mother's fiery attitude." Max chuckled.

"How did you get her like that?" Sweets asked as he walked over. "She could barely talk before you two walked off and then you come back and you're your old self and she….. She was incredible." Booth smirked and shrugged.

"We've been partners for nine years; you think I don't know how to talk to her?" He said making everyone smile. After seeing her the way she was on the stand they were able to take back their strong personalities, they all felt stronger. Booth set Christine on her feet as she looked around at everyone and held her hand.

"Where mommy?" Christine asked as she looked around.

"She had to talk to someone. She'll be here in a little bit." Angela smiled down at her and Brennan and Caroline walked over.

"Mommy!" The little girl cheered and ran over to Brennan who lifted her quickly as they rejoined the group.

"What happened?" Angela asked.

"Looks like her little outburst got some things settled with the judge. He is making his decision tomorrow morning, but she has been warned that if she does it again she will face a hefty fine. The only reason she got off was because of me and a well-placed called to the FBI deputy director." She smiled. "Don't be late." She said as she walked away leaving the friends gathered together.

The next morning Booth and Brennan walked into the first row with Max, Padame, Jared, and Pops sitting behind them. Booth turned handing Christine to his brother who sat her on his lap with a smirk.

"Come here, princess." Jared said as the girl smiled up at him. They all stood when the judge walked in and then sat as he did. Brennan and Angela were holding each other's hands tightly waiting to hear the judge's decision. Booth had his arm along the back of the bench as he gently rubbed Brennan's shoulder absently.

"I have considered all evidence and information presented in the case and I am prepared to make my ruling in the case of the three murder victims and a kidnapping by Jacob Broadsky and James Powell. Defendants rise." The judge looked at Brennan who was waiting anxiously. "During this appeal I have reviewed your case and all information and I am prepared to make my ruling without hearing any further testimonies of witnesses and or consultants."

"Yes your honor." Mr. Miller said as the three stood waiting.

"This appeal should not have even been filed. You have not come up with any new evidence, or information, if anything you have just made the prosecution's case stronger. I suggest you accept the fact you have been convicted of your crimes." He said as the courtroom erupted in mumblings of relief. "I am ruling in the favor of the prosecution, and I suggest you leave the victim, their family, friends and co-workers alone." He slammed his gavel down as everyone jumped to their feet happy. Brennan hugged Angela as they both had tears in their eyes before Brennan turned to Booth and they kissed each other with all of their passion before pulling apart with bright smiles.

"You did it with your little speech, Bones." He smiled as he gave her another kiss.

"No Booth. We did it. You know that." She smiled before she turned to her daughter as Jared set the girl on her feet on the bench. "Come here baby." She said as she lifted the girl and stood at the end of the bench while Booth and the others talked for a minute.

"I will have another appeal and you will relive that day over and over again." Powell said as Brennan smiled and Booth wrapped his arm around her shoulders.

"You know, if it weren't for you I would have had to wait four more weeks to see my daughter." She said before turning to walk away with Booth smiling beside her.

Hours later the friends all gathered at Brennan and Booth's apartment, they had gotten just after getting married. They all sat talking and having a good time as Brennan sat on the arm of the chair Booth was sitting in and they looked at each other with smiles as she handed him a beer.

"Brennan, why aren't you celebrating with us?" Angela asked as she noticed Brennan was not drinking any wine.

"It seems I can't celebrate with alcohol." She said as Angela looked at her then Booth before she had a bright smile and then ran over to hug her sister as the others caught on, all saying their congratulations.

"Mommy. Paper." Christine said as she stood with Michael both holding crayons. Brennan set her glass of water on the table before walking with the two children into the other room.

"So what did you say to her to make her come back like that yesterday?" Sweets asked. Booth took another drink of his beer before he answered.

"I told you, I've been partners with her for nine years now. You really think I don't know how to talk to her?" At the disapproving looks he got he sighed and sat forward in his seat. "One thing I've learned how to do really well in those nine years is pissing her off." He said making several laugh as Sweets shook his head.

"So you made her mad? Really?" He said disbelieving Booth as he sat back drinking again.

"Bones is really not someone you want to mess with when she's pissed." Booth smirked.

"I second that." Angela smiled. "You gave her the rundown of what they did and why she should be pissed and make sure they stay where they are, didn't you?" Booth smirked making her laugh.

"There a reason you didn't want a beer, Padame?" Booth asked his sister in law and got a look from Jared as Padame looked around.

"Two baby Booths? This just gets better and better." Angela smiled before the paused. "The lab is going to be destroyed."

"It better not." Cam said as she sat beside her fiancé, Paul as Brennan walked back over to sit on the arm of the chair only to be pulled down into Booth's lap.

"To our growing family." Angela said holding up her glass of wine

"Our family of misfits." Booth said holding out his beer as Brennan held up her water.

"The family that can never be beaten, even when threated." Max said as everyone raised their glasses before drinking and celebrating the rest of the night.

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