A Family Threatened

Mysterious Body

Chapter 3

Booth stood with Brennan at the nurses' station as the doctor told them about Matt. Once he was finished, the two walked into the room to see Matt lying in the bed looking around. He smirked when he saw Booth walk in.

"It's been too long Seeley." He said before he saw Brennan walk in. "And you've brought me a lovely lady to keep me company." He said as Brennan looked between the two confused.

"Matt this is my partner Dr. Temperance Brennan. Bones, Matt Adams." Booth introduced.

"Bones? Really Seeley? What kind of name is that for such a pretty woman?" He smiled making Brennan smirk and look at Booth who walked closer to the bed to sit in the chair. "There's plenty of room in this bed for two."

"Watch it Adams." Booth said making Matt look at him.

"What? It's not like you could get with a woman so pretty." Booth shook his head and looked at Brennan who was quiet. "Right?" Matt asked.

"Actually, the fact of who Booth can be with has nothing to do with how someone looks." Brennan said making Matt's eyes flick between the two as Booth looked at him with a smirk.

"You can't be serious." He said making Booth nod. "You and her?"

"Yeah, Bones and I have been working together for almost seven years and things just fell into place." Booth explained as Matt looked at him then Brennan before settling his eyes on Booth again.

"I bet a lot of guys are pissed at you." He chuckled. "So what's up with the name? You really let him walk around calling you Bones?"

"I'm an anthropologist, so it fits my profession. He has been calling me that since we started working together. I've gotten used to it." Brennan said before seeing a small smile on Booth's face. "Even though I told him, for two years, not to call me Bones." Booth smiled before shaking his head.

"Matt, did Broadsky say anything to you? Anything that would say where he was going or what his plans were?" Booth asked getting the conversation back on track.

"All he said was he needed my rifle to get back on track. I told him he couldn't have it and that I knew what he had done and that's when we started getting into it. It's a damn good thing you told me about him. Did you get my rifle?"

"He got it while we were waiting for the ambulance." Booth said softly as Matt dropped his head back.

"You gotta find him, Seeley." He said as Brennan's phone rang. She stepped away letting the two men talk as she answered her phone. "Hey, so you've been partners for almost seven years, how long you two been together?" Booth glanced over at Brennan on the phone.

"It's been a little over two months. Broadsky killed one of her interns. He was in a construction crane and used a thermal scope to see into the lab. I gave the kid the phone Broadsky was calling and he shot the one who answered thinking it was me." Booth looked over making sure she was still busy. "She stayed at my place that night and in the middle of the night she came to me upset."

"You helped her forget?" Matt smirked as Booth smiled and shook his head.

"It was more of me trying to calm her down and things just started."

"You've been together since?" Booth nodded. "you think she's 'the one' you were always talking about finding?"

"I know she is." Booth smirked. "but she's not like a normal woman. She's something else altogether." He smiled.

"What do you mean? She seems like any other woman, just much prettier than one I've seen." Booth smirked.

"Booth." Brennan said as she hung up

"Yeah?" He asked as Brennan walked back over.

"I need to get back to the lab. Someone dropped off remains."

"What do you mean?"

"Someone left a body in the lab while everyone went to lunch. Cam said it was a shot through C1 and C2. It ripped apart the tissue of the neck and left some damage to the clavicle and mandible. She said she should be done in a bit."

"You understand any of that?" Matt asked as Booth stood with a smirk to his friend.

"Squint talk for they have remains and they're looking at stuff." He looked at Brennan. "What was it made from?"

"Hodgins is looking at it now. And they are examining the injuries that the man sustained." She said making him nod.

"That's what I said."

"You weren't kidding." Matt said to Booth with a smile as Brennan looked between the two confused as Booth's phone rang.

"Booth." He answered. "Yeah… yeah….yeah, thanks." He said writing everything down before he hung up. "We have a hit on the mysterious remains."

"That was fast."

"It doesn't take long to find an id when there's and actual face. Shane Lewis. Apparently, he used to be a judge and accepted bribes to let a few rapists and a murder go free. He was disbarred and was waiting for his trial." Booth explained when Brennan's phone rang.

"Brennan." She answered before she told the person to hold on and put the phone on speaker. "Go ahead Hodgins."

"Okay, I looked at the particles that were imbedded in the tissue and I found a bunch of particulates on the victim's clothing that were consistent with the Kalmia Latifolia, Pholcus Phalangioides-"

"Hodgins. English." Booth said getting annoyed.

"The particles I found can only be found in Ft. Dupont Park. There's a very high probability that the victim had been killed there and then brought here."

"Anything else Hodgins?" Brennan asked.

"Yeah, the particles from the weapon…. They're a match for Cuprum."

"Copper…." Brennan translated and trailed off. "Thank you Hodgins. Let us know if you find anything else." She said before hanging up. "Booth, he's already at it."

"Did Broadsky kill the guy already?" Matt asked looking at Booth as he sat thinking.

"Yeah, he's already starting to work at it. I'll call it in to the Bureau and we'll see if they can find where he was killed over there."

"Maybe he left something to lead us to where he went." Brennan said and watched Matt shake his head.

"He wouldn't do that. Broadsky is very clean and clear when it comes to his snipping. He takes the target out killing them instantly."

"One shot kill." Booth added.

"You and he were the only two I know that could pull some of the shots off and still have a clean kill. Even at a closer range, you two never missed where you aimed. Knocked them down dead with one shot." Booth gave a nod as he looked at his old friend.

"Booth, we should see what we can find out back at the lab." Brennan said changing the subject, knowing how Booth hated talking about his past as a sniper.

"Yeah, Matt, when you get out of here give me a call. You shouldn't be wandering around with Broadsky out there looking for kills." Matt nodded as Booth turned and put his hand on the small of Brennan's back, leading her out of the room.

Brennan walked into the lab and immediately went onto the platform where Wendell was standing, placing the bones onto the table. The others saw her walk in alone and went to talk with her as she tried to work.

"Brennan, where's Booth?" Angela asked as she walked over to Brennan's side.

"He went to his office to see what he could find. He's going to try to figure out where Broadsky is going." She said as she looked at the crushed vertebra. "Mr. Brey I want you to catalog the injuries the victim sustained." She said walking into her office with the five pieces that, when put together made the second cervical vertebra. She sat at her desk and started going through the files she had on Broadsky's other victims before she dialed her phone.

"Booth." She heard him answer.

"Booth, there's something off."

"What do you mean?"

"The vertebrae that he hit when he shot… his other victims were shot cleanly. This shot was misplaced, it cracked the first vertebra, and it broke the second into five pieces. This does not fit into any of Broadsky's shots."

"Then it's not Broadsky?"

"I think it's Broadsky but there's something making his shot off."

"Broadsky never missed, or was off, Bones. What else could cause his shot to be like that?"

"Perhaps because of the break he suffered on his hand from Lysinger. It wasn't set properly and it most likely did not heal properly."

"You find anything else?"

"Not yet. I'll let you know as soon as I know anything else, Booth."

"Thanks Bones." He said before the two hung up and she went back out to the bones to see what else she could find that would help find Broadsky.

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