A Family Threatened

The Kick

Chapter 5

"We have nothing still." Booth said sitting down on the couch as Brennan sat beside him and Matt took a chair. "I have the logs but nothing matches. The only way he would have been able to get someone would be to have them visit him at prison." Matt picked up the logs and started going through them.

"What was his wife's name?" Matt asked.

"Jennifer Powell." He sat and watched Matt before Angela walked in holding the wide-awake Michael.

"Sweetie, could you watch him for a little bit? I just want to do this reconstruction." Angela asked as Brennan stood up with a smile.

"Of course Ange." She said taking the little boy.

"Be good for auntie Tempe and uncle Seeley." Angela said and Booth looked at her and smirked. Angela left as Brennan sat back beside Booth holding the little boy on her lap.

"You're his aunt and uncle?" Matt asked.

"Angela's like a sister to Bones, and Hodgins and me are pretty close, closer than any of the others." Booth shrugged.

"Besides we are his Godparents." She smiled down at the boy as he giggled.

"Agent Booth, Dr. Brennan." They heard making them turn to look at who came into her office. "the FBI sent me over. Another video was sent in." he said holding up the cd making Booth get to his feet quickly as Brennan followed with Michael on her hip and Matt behind her. Booth took Michael from Brennan and went into find Hodgins.

"Hodgins we have another video to look at and Angela has a reconstruction." Booth said as Hodgins nodded taking the boy. The four others continued down to Angela's office where they started the analysis only to come up with the same as the first one. Booth was becoming very angry at not being able to solve this case and catch Broadsky.

"That's my Barret M99." Matt said pointing to the screen. "Is that… Williams' McMillian Tac-50?"

"Yeah, it was stolen about the same time Broadsky got out." Booth said angrily. "Damn it, what's the connection?" He asked himself aloud as the others watched him try to think.

"Does there have to be a connection?" Matt asked making Brennan walk forward to stand beside Booth.

"Booth what do we know already?" She asked making him look at her. "Tell me what we already know."

"Broadsky is taking out criminals with a gun he stole from Matt, and a gun he and his apprentice stole from Williams'. That everything that connects the two."

"What about what doesn't connect them?" Booth looked at her before looked away trying to think. "There's the particulates that Hodgins is analyzing, the places the bodies were killed in and found in. Broadsky doesn't seem to be the one in charge. All of his cases were quick and simple. On shot fired and he left the body to be found where it dropped."

"The apprentice is calling the shots. So we need to find out who the kid is we'll be able to see what's next." He said looking back at her as she gave a small smile. "Let's go Bones." He said before the two left walking back to Brennan's office.

"Those two seem off." Sweets said. "I've never seen them act like that in all the years I've known them. do you know what's going on Angela?" Sweets asked as Angela stood still and looked away. "Angela?"

"Huh, what? Sorry I wasn't paying attention." She said making him open his mouth to repeat only to shut it and leave.

"You know don't you?" Matt asked. "Seeley told me when he first came to see me."

"Yeah. They want to keep it hidden as long as they can, although it won't be too much longer before things come out if they want them to or not." Angela said going back to the facial reconstruction.

"What do you mean?"

"They didn't tell you?" She asked looking at him as he looked back confused. "If they didn't tell you, I'm not telling you." Matt looked at her before walking out and seeing Brennan and Booth talking in her office as they went through a file.

"Hey, Seeley you got a minute?" He asked as Booth looked up from one file as Brennan looked between the two before setting her file down and walking out of the office.

"I'm going to see how Mr. Brey is doing." She said walking out to the platform as Matt let the door close behind him as he walked farther into the office.

"What do you need?" Booth asked setting his file on Brennan's desk as he looked at his friend.

"You and her are together right?"

"Me and Bones, yeah."

"Why haven't you told anyone? I mean I know a couple people here know, but the others." Booth looked at him for a moment.

"Because I could be in trouble with the FBI and they will take away our partnership. Why are you asking?" He asked confused.

"I heard something that no one knows and won't talk about. That the truth is going to get out if you want it to or not. What's going on?" Booth looked at the glass window seeing Brennan working on the platform with the others. "Seeley…."

"Look you can't take this any farther than here until we tell people." Matt nodded. "She's pregnant." He said simply and watched Matt look back at him shocked.

"What? Are you serious, Seeley? If being a couple is bad, I don't want to find out what they'll do about that. How far?" He asked making Booth smirk.

"We're working some things out before anyone finds out. She's almost five months." He said as he saw Brennan walking back towards her office. "Remember, not a word. If that gets out, I will shoot you." He warned making Matt nod quickly.

"Everything okay?" Brennan asked as she walked back in.

"Yeah, everything's fine. How's your squintern doing?" He asked making Matt chuckle.

"He's almost finished with his preliminary examination." She said before she went back to looking in the file as she sat in her seat and Matt saw the bump on the stomach with the way the shirt laid against her. "Booth?" She asked making him look up curious. "What was his ex-wife's name?"

"Jennifer Powell. Why? What did you find?" He asked walking around to look over her shoulder.

"There's a James Powell listed here a couple times. Not enough to really raise suspicions."

"Looks like it's time for a trip to see Jenny." Matt said as Booth and Brennan looked at him before they looked at each other. "You two…. Without me." He said as Booth smirked while Brennan grabbed her bag and Booth took it and started guiding her out with his hand on her lower back.

It took a half hour for Booth to drive them to the house belonging to Jennifer Powell. They climbed out and walked up slowly, knocking on the door. There was no answer. Booth started looking at the front as Brennan knocked again. She went to one side to see a large bow window and she looked in.

"Booth." She said softly.

"What?" He asked as he started looking for forced entry. He walked over to her after she did not move or answer and he looked in. They saw a decomposed body lying in the middle of the living room. Booth pulled a little pouch from his pocket and started to pick the lock. He opened the door and pulled his gun as he led the way in.

"There must be windows open if the smell is mostly dispersed." Brennan said as Booth looked around the house quickly finding no one there.

"What do you think Bones?" He asked as she pulled gloves on and knelt to look.

"Female, approximately 50 years old, from the amount of decay I would estimate time of death to be around two to three months ago." Booth nodded before he pulled his phone out and dialed to report the remains found.

"What do you have Bones?" Booth asked as he walked onto the platform to see her standing to the side looking at the remains from a far.

"The medical records confirm it. This is Jennifer Powell." She looked at him as he sighed. "She was not shot. She was killed by stabs to the chest, back and neck." She said pointing to the areas on the remains.

"Someone really wanted her dead." Booth said as he leaned against a cleared table looking at the remains with Brennan. "Anything you can give me on the killer?"

"Nothing really, the weapon was the bloody kitchen knife that was under the corner of the couch. We are running fingerprints now but the blood matched the victim. That's all I have for you." She said as he nodded.

"Did you eat yet?" He asked making her look up at him with a smirk.

"I had a snack." She said making him shake her head.

"You know you really have to take your breaks. That baby needs all the food you can eat." He whispered making her smile. "Come on, let's go get something to eat."

"Booth I have a lot of work here." She said as she turned to face him.

"It's mostly paperwork for now. Let us order and we'll eat here. It's almost nine at night and you haven't eaten anything. That baby much be starved by now." He smirked making her smile and shake her head. "Come on. Let go start on your paperwork and we'll order in." He said making her sigh knowing she was not going to win. As he turned to walk, she stopped and put her hands on her belly making him turn to see what was going on. "Bones? You okay?" He asked before he saw a small smile spread across her face.

"Feel." She said softly before she grabbed his hand and placed it on her swollen belly. As his hand rested gently on her stomach his confused look faded and was replaced by a bright smile as his eyes met hers.

"Bones…." He trailed off as he felt another kick before the movement stopped. He looked down and saw a look he had never see on Brennan's face as she looked up with a bright smile on her face. Her pregnancy was giving her the chance to have the emotions of a normal person, and the chance to explore those emotions and feelings. The two leaned closer and kissed briefly before they walked to her office both very happy even with the large case piling up around them.

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