A Family Threatened

The Call

Chapter 6

Three months after the second body turned up and the body of Jennifer Powell was found Brennan was in her office lying on the couch with her hand on her eight month swollen belly. As her pregnancy progressed, she seemed to be having less and less energy to do much of anything but lay in her office and work on paperwork. Luckily, most of the people at the lab knew she was pregnant and they were taking things upon themselves to make it easier on Brennan. She looked at the doorway as Booth walked in with a smirk seeing her lying down again.

"Baby won't calm down again?" Booth asked as he walked closer to her and she sat up letting him take a seat next to her.

"No. The baby will let me do any work today." She said with a sigh as she leaned her head against his shoulder and he put his hand on her swollen belly. He felt several kicks before everything stilled making him smirk at her as she gave him a small playful glare. "You keep that up you're going to be following me around constantly." She said making him chuckle.

"Not my fault the baby knows its dad." He said making her giggle. Over the last two months they had begun opening up more in public and Booth took it upon himself to do everything he could for Brennan, at least up to what she allowed him to do. They had told their families about her pregnancy and were still keeping it as quiet as possible. Brennan and Booth had resorted to only talking on the phone when he was in his office. They even managed to hide it from sweets by her wearing clothing to cover her swollen belly when they went to their partner's therapy.

"I can't wait until the baby is born." She said looking up at him as he smirked.

"Yeah, then you can get back to work." He joked making her smile as his phone rang. "Booth." He said with a smile but slowly the smile faded away. "Yeah… okay… yeah thanks." He said before hanging up.

"What is it?"

"Another body. This one apparently is completely bone." He said before he sighed and stood up. "Guess we better get moving." He held out his hand to help Brennan off the couch.

"If your child would hold still long enough maybe I could do my job." She smirked making him place his hand on her belly again only to have her shake her head before the two were off to the crime scene.

Pulling up five minutes later, they saw the FBI and police cars along with several news vans. Brennan and Booth walked towards the yellow tape as Booth showed his id letting them through. Booth pulled a paper and a pen from his jacket pocket and he got ready to write as Brennan bent to look at the remains.

"Brow ridge and pelvis suggest a female, approximately 45 to 50 years old. She has been out here no less than two months. I can't tell much else from the bones until I get them back to the Jeffersonian." She said as she pulled her gloves off and straightened up.

"Okay, everything shipped back to the Jeffersonian." He called as they started walking back towards the SUV and she had to stop and hold her belly. "Bones? You okay?" He asked as he stopped beside her and watched her take a few short breaths.

"The baby kicked my diaphragm." She said getting the air back in her lungs. He smirked at her as he helped her back to the SUV. Once they were both in their seats he started the car and reached over placing his hand on her belly and instantly the baby calmed.

"Maybe you should take off the rest of the day, Bones." Booth suggested as he started to drive. He saw the look he got from her and shrugged. "The baby obviously doesn't want you to be moving around, and when you're working on new remains you're moving nonstop." He said reaching out and grabbing her hand. "We've been barely able to hide it from Sweets and he's going to be at the lab today. All you need is one good kick again and he'll find out."

"I kept him from finding out when I was sick, I'll contain myself until he leaves. I cannot just let everyone run around working while I lay in my office." She said as he looked over at her and smiled.

"I know, Bones. Just make sure you lay down if you have to. Don't go pushing it. Sweets is going to be at the lab because he thinks there's something going on and he's hoping he'll find out by following you around."

"Then how is me lying in my office going to change his mind? Logically, the best thing to do in a situation like this is to pretend that nothing is going on." She said making him squeeze her hand with a small smile.

"I'm sure the others will keep him busy while you relax a bit. Sweets is definitely going to be asking why you've been avoiding him and why we've been telling him that one of us is sick in the recent partners' therapy."

"I know, but if we tell him…"

"Don't worry about it." He smiled as he leaned over at a red light and gave her a soft kiss. "Everything will work out." He pulled up in front of the lab letting her out before he went to his office to see what information he could find on the new body.

"Agent Booth?" He heard from the doorway making Booth look away from his computer to see Sweets walk in. "You have a minute?" He asked making booth sigh as he sat back in his seat. It had been three hours since he dropped Brennan off at the lab and he was surprised Sweets was still in the offices and not at the lab following Brennan around.

"What's on your mind Sweets?" Booth asked as Sweets walked closer to his desk.

"Dr. Brennan and you have been sick a lot recently and mostly on the days you need to attend your therapies. I've noticed there was a change between the two of you for a while now but no one seems to want to talk to me about it and it's becoming more worrisome."

"Sweets, there's nothing to worry about. It there was something to worry about Bones and me would tell you." Booth said simply making Sweets shake his head and look at Booth before he sighed. Booth stood and closed his door before facing the young psychologist. "Are you asking at the FBI psychologist or as a friend?"

"Well a part is the psychologist but most of it is as a friend. There's something going on and I don't know what it is."

"That's because of your loyalties to the FBI first." Booth said walking around the young man.

"I'm asking as a friend you, you and Dr. Brennan. What is going on?" He asked and watched as Booth turned to look at him.

"Strictly as a friend?"

"It's locked in my vault." Sweets nodded as he Saw Booth look uneasy as he leaned against his desk. "Is there something wrong with Dr. Brennan's health?"

"When her intern was killed I had her stay at my place and some things…. Happened…." He said uncomfortable talking to the young man.

"You and Dr. Brennan went forward?" Booth glanced at him and gave a nod. "You two became a couple? How are things working between the two of you now that the tension between you is gone?"

"Yeah, everything's fine." He said as he got a look from Sweets. "Don't go talking shrink on me. She told me she was pregnant the night Angela and Hodgins son was born." Booth said knowing he was soon going to regret his words. He saw Sweets stare at him with his mouth agape and his eyes wide. "You okay there Sweets?"

"Yeah….yeah…. I just…. She's pregnant?" He asked as he tried to gather his thoughts again. "And that's what you and everyone else has been hiding?" Booth nodded. "Why were you hiding it?"

"Because we tell you, you tell the FBI and then our partnership is taken away and I'm most likely out of a job." Booth said going to sit in his seat again.

"I would not have told anyone you did not want to know." He walked over to sit in his seat and tried to think.

"Yeah, well we're still screwed when the baby is born. Can't keep it all that secret then."

"Let me see what I can come up with." Sweets said looking at Booth before his phone rang.

"Booth." He answered before he pulled his phone away from his mouth. "Broadsky. Trace." He mouthed to Sweets who got up to get another agent. "What do you want Broadsky?" Booth asked as he put the phone on speaker as Sweets walked back in.

"I want to know how precious those lab rats are to you."

"What are you planning to do to them?"

"Does it matter Seeley? Are they important to you or not? Or perhaps one more than the others?" Booth looked at Sweets who looked back worried.

"Who are you talking about Jacob?"

"That pretty little woman you're so fond of. You know the one you take everywhere. Crime scenes, work….. home…. That partner of yours, the one who's pregnant. I am assuming it is your child since you spend so much time with her at your apartment and hers."

"Jacob, if you go near her-"

"What will you do Seeley? There is nothing you can do to stop me from putting one of my bullets through that pretty little head of hers killing her and that child she carries." Booth clenched his fists as he tried to stay calm.

"Why would you kill her, Jacob? She isn't a criminal. You would be going after ordinary people now would you?" He asked making Broadsky laugh as an agent held a paper up to the window of his office making him nod. "She's never done anything in her life to make you go after her."

"Yes well you see I need more targets to be able to give my son for target practice."


"Yes, Seeley, it's a shame you never go to meet him earlier. He's a great kid but very impatient. You see I'm finding more targets to teach him patients and I think that girlfriend of yours would be the perfect target." Booth slammed his hands on the desk as he stood up.

"Damn it Broadsky, if anything happens to her I will make sure you suffer until the bitter end." Booth yelled into the phone only to hear Broadsky laugh.

"We'll see about that." The call was ended making Booth puck up his phone and speed dial Brennan.

"You haven't technically-" Booth ended the call as his heart sank. He dialed Cam as he began to pace.

"Dr. Saroyan."

"Cam, where's Bones?" He asked quickly.

"She went to grab something to eat at the diner I think. Why, what's going on?" She asked as Booth grabbed his jacket, hanging up and ran from his office with Sweets behind him grabbing the paper form the other agent as they ran down the stairs.

"Agent Booth." Sweets said as he ran behind his friend. "Booth!" He called making Booth look behind him.

"She's not answering Sweets." He said as they reached the car, both getting in and driving off to the diner. "Cam said she went to the diner and she's not answering her phone." He said as he flipped the siren on and he drove faster.

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