A Family Threatened


Because it's Hart's birthday today, i've decided to add a second chapter. Hart is spending his birthday shooting another episode for the new season. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HART!

Chapter 7

Booth jumped out of his car and ran into the Diner. He looked around not seeing anyone before he ran out and drove to the lab, praying to god Brennan was there. He and Sweets ran in and into Brennan's office as Cam ran over to them.

"Seeley, what is going on?" She asked worried.

"Broadsky called threating Bones, I tried to call her and she's not answering." He said quickly as he paced trying to think. "She's not at the diner, she's not here…" He trailed off.

"Booth." Sweets said walking over and handing him a paper. "She went home. Does that mean you're apartment or hers?" He asked as Cam looked at the psychologist wondering when he had been told.

"Mine." Booth said turning and leaving Sweets behind with Cam, booth extremely worried.

"What's going on?" Angela walked in. "I just saw Booth run out of here."

"Broadsky called threatening Dr. Brennan and Booth can't find her." Cam said making Angela's heart skip a beat. "She left a note for him that she was going to the diner and then home and he took off."

"How does he know which apartment she went to?" Sweets asked.

"Because she calls her place, her apartment, and she calls his place home. It is just something I've noticed with the time I've been around them. You of all people should know better than to think Booth doesn't know her that well. And when did you find out?"

"Agent Booth and I were talking about the situation when Broadsky called." Sweets explained.

"Get Wendell to look at Broadsky's prison file and see if we can find anything in it to help Booth." Cam said as Angela nodded and went off to find Wendell while Cam went through the files on Brennan's desk looking for Broadsky's.

"Dr. Brennan has a lot of files. I've never seen her office so messy." Sweets said making Cam glance up at him.

"The last week or so she hasn't been able to do much. The baby has been very active any time she starts to do anything so some of her files have piled up a bit." Cam explained before running from the office to give Wendell the file. Wendell quickly scanned what he could and pulled the x-rays that had been place with it.

"The notes from the hospital ward say that the break to his hand was never set when he was arrested, and the bullet wound to his leg that Booth gave him was fixed up but never healed in the proper placement."

"What does that mean? Wendell we need to know and let Booth know." Cam urged him on as he took a deep breath trying to calm himself as Hodgins walked in.

"What's all the yelling about?"

"We think Broadsky got Brennan." Angela said quickly. "Booth is going to look at his place for her now." She said worried, as he looked shocked at everyone before he walked over and wrapped his arms around his wife.

"Broadsky cannot shoot and has very little motor skills with his right hand and he will not be able to run quickly. He'll have a bad limp and running would irritate the splintered bone still in his leg making it impossible for him to run." Wendell said as Cam nodded and called Booth.

"Booth." He answered as he was driving, sounding very upset.

"Booth, Broadsky can't do much with his hand and he can't run. The shot you gave him when you got him messed up his leg."

"Thanks, Cam." The line went dead as the group of friends stood looking at each other worried before they moved to sit in their break area to wait for news.

"Do you think Broadsky really did get her?" Wendell asked as he sat with them.

"No, no of course not. She just went home and fell asleep, that's why no one can get a hold of her." Angela said before a tear rolled down her cheek and Hodgins pulled her close to him and held her as she cried silently.

"If Broadsky's plan was to piss Booth off, I think it worked. He better know what he's doing getting him so mad." Cam said looking around.

"In all the years working with Booth, I've never seen him act so angry." Sweets said softly. "I knew he became angry and frustrated with cases and some people but…. The anger…." He trailed off.

"I've only see him like that once before. It was after he had got done talking to his dad when Seeley came home on a leave from the Army. Even then…." The group sat talking low, worried waiting for a phone call to tell them that their two friends were okay.

"We should let Max and Rus know what happened." Angela said lifting her head off Hodgins' shoulder. "I'll go call them." She said walking towards her office with Hodgins behind her.

"I'll call Jared." Cam said standing to go to her office.

An hour and a half later, the group sat with a few extra members waiting. Max and Rus sat next to each other looking very worried as Max sat trying to think of how he could help while Jared sat next to Cam talking low. The group was beginning to get anxious when Cam's phone rang and she put it on speaker.

"Hello?" She answered.

"Cam. I got Broadsky but Bones isn't here." He said his voice thick with emotion. "I'm bringing him in to question him but I doubt he'll give me anything. Is there anything that I can use to narrow down where he could be holding her?"

"There's nothing Booth, it's all completely random." Hodgins said. "I've been over the particulates hundreds and hundreds of times. There's nothing there."

"Then go over them again Hodgins." Booth snapped. "He has Bones. We need to find something." He said harshly before he hung up leaving the group to look around. Hodgins got up and went to work as the others watched him.

"I'll go meet Seeley at the FBI, maybe I can help with something." Jared said as he stood up.

"I'm coming with you." Rus said as Max stood agreeing.

"You three going wouldn't help anything. Your relationships with Dr. Brennan will only cause Broadsky to play even more games." Sweets said standing.

"You heard my brother on the phone. There's no way he can go in there and not kill that bastard." Jared said.

"This is something Booth is going to need help with." Max added as the three turned and started towards Jared's car to head to the FBI.

"Booth will call if he needs help; all three of you know that. We need to stay here in case he needs help." Cam told them making the three look at each other before deciding she was right.

Booth walked into the interrogation room to see Broadsky sitting with a smirk on his face. Booth took a breath to try to relax knowing that him getting upset wouldn't get anything out of Broadsky. He walked over and sat in the chair across from him.

"Jacob. I need to know where she is." He said softly making the man smile.

"Why would I tell you where she is? It seems that my son is now able to practice his aim and this will help him be able to kill anyone. If he can kill a pregnant woman then he'll be able to kill anyone." He saw the anger rising in Booth and he started to laugh. "You're not going to find her Seeley. Just give up and move on." He said before they heard a tap on the window making Booth walk out to see an agent holding a dvd. Booth's heart dropped as he looked at the disk.

"Agent Booth, this just arrived." He said handing him the dvd with a note tucked into the folder. Booth looked at the note.

'Let Jacob Broadsky go or things will be worse than you see on the video.' Booth read before he took off towards his office to look at the cd. He saw it open and start to play showing someone walking through a doorway to show Brennan tired up and beaten lying in a corner. She looked at the camera with the worst glare Booth had ever seen from her before she started to flail as much as she could before a fist came from behind the camera to hit her in the face making her fall to the side. The man reached out picking Brennan up and setting her on her knees as she looked up with as much hate as she could. She yelled and flung her arms out making the camera tilt as the man bent over. The camera refocused on Brennan and was set down as the man walked over keeping his back to the camera as he swung again hitting Brennan in the face again she pulled her knees to her chest as much as she could and quickly rolled having the man kick her back instead of her belly. She cried out before the man stopped and took a step back and she started yelling at him before he kicked her in the head. And moments later the screen went blank. Booth sat in his seat staring at the blank screen. The woman he loved, the woman who was pregnant with his child had been captured and was being beaten because of her connection to him. His heart ached and the anger rose as he stood up punching his desk. He pulled the dvd out and put it back in the case before he drove back to the Jeffersonian.

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