A Family Threatened

The Clues

Chapter 8

"Ange!" Booth called as he ran into the lab. "Ange!"

"Up here Booth." Angela called as she leaned over the railing to look down at him.

"I need you to look at this if you can." He said before the group ran down to greet him and they went into Angela's office.

"Did you watch it already?" Angela asked him as she put it in her computer.

"Yeah." He said shakily before it came up on the screen and everyone watched. Angela turned away as Hodgins wrapped his arms around her. The others glanced at Booth as he had his arms crossed and he looked down trying to get himself under control. He looked up as it ended before he stared straight at the screen and spoke. "Ange can you find out where she is based on the room?"

"I….. I can try but there are no land markers to go off. I'll run it through a few programs and see what I come up with." She saw him nod.

"What about her talking…. Can you find out what she saying?" He asked softly as he finally looked over his shoulder at Angela who looked straight back at him and gave a small nod.

"I'll see what I can come up with." She said as he walked out of the room quickly. The others looked at each other before Jared took off after his brother knowing he was most likely the only one to be able to get through to him even a little.

"Seeley!" Jared called as he caught up to his brother as they walked into Brennan's office and Jared shut the door. He looked at his brother pace, not looking at him. "Seeley, you need to stop and think." He said as Booth glanced at him with red eyes before he turned and walked over and paced behind the couch. "Seeley."

"I can't just sit around, Jared." He said stopping for the first time to look at his brother. Jared was taken aback by the look on his brother's face. He had never seen him so worried, sad, and mad and he had never seen his brother afraid.

"We want to help. What can the rest of us do while Angela goes over the video?" He asked and Booth shook his head and started to pace again. "What can we do Seeley?" He asked again as Cam and Max walked in. "You were always the smart one, the one who could think of everything and anything, the one who could save a million lives. You're telling me you can't do that now? You can't think and take charge when the woman you love, the woman who is pregnant with your kid needs you most?" Jared asked, his voice rising as Booth turned and the two brothers started a fistfight only to have Booth shove Jared and he stormed out of the lab leaving Jared to look at Max and Cam.

"You shouldn't have said that to him. You know how he is Jared." Cam said. "You know he's doing his best."

"No he's not. If he was he would have found the bastard and taken his head off already." Jared said before Cam turned to go after Booth only to have Max stop her.

"If anyone knows about taking revenge and protecting family, it's me. Let me talk to him." Max said as he left Cam to look at Jared as he sat on the couch heavily.

Max walked out of the lab and looked around before he saw Booth sitting by the reflecting pool with his head in his hands. Max walked over slowly and sat next to him silently waiting for Booth to make the first move. He looked up at Max with his red eyes before he sighed and sat straight up.

"You here to tell me how I failed her too?" He asked.

"Nope." Max told him not looking at him. Booth looked at him confused. "Booth, you know why I was able to stay?" He asked and looked at the younger man. "You were always fighting and telling me about how much I hurt her by coming and going. It's because of you that I really stayed with her. If I thought you failed my daughter I would have killed you."

"You would have tried." Booth said making Max smirk.

"I guess you're right. Now there's a bastard who took my daughter from me, from her friends and family and most importantly you. We're all here to help, we're only waiting for instruction from the leader. If you beat yourself up for not being with her and how you should have had someone follow her and be with her instead of going after this guy hard, then I may just have to get the guts and teach you a lesson, because at that point…." He trailed off making Booth look at him. "You don't deserve my daughter if you don't get your head together. The choice is yours now." He said before he got up and walked back into the lab, leaving Booth to think on his own before his phone rang. "Booth."

"This case is getting out of hand."

"I have everything under control sir."

"No you don't Agent Booth. I want this taken care of by tomorrow morning. If it is not solved a new agent will be taking over the case."

"Sir, they have Dr. Brennan as a hostage."

"She's strong from what I hear. She'll fight through until the new agent is able to find her if you do not finish it tonight."

"Sir, she's not in any condition to-"

"She's worked through worse, I'm sure."

"She's pregnant with my kid. Eight months to be exact, she's been having difficulties with her pregnancy to begin with let alone being kidnapped and tortured."

"Why was her pregnancy not brought to our attention?"

"Because she is a consultant not an Agent, she had no need to share the information with the FBI."

"You will solve this case and be in my office in the morning."

"Yes sir." Booth said knowing there was no room for an argument and he hung up leaving him back with his thoughts.

"Max I'm going to need some help looking. Sweet I need you to get back to the bureau and see what you can get out of Broadsky, Hodgins take a look at the envelope and the note, Cam I need you to take charge here. Jared, Rus. You up for a search?" He asked as he walked into the lab making Max smile as the others looked at him before the group set about their work.

"Good to have you back." Max said with a smile making Booth nod.

"The FBI wants to pull me from the case so we need to get this bastard before that happens. There's a few places that I can think of to look. There's a cabin that belonged to Matt Lysinger, a little house that belonged to Jennifer Powell and a house owned by her family, and then there's Broadsky's girlfriend, Paula's place." The three men standing in front of him and nodded.

"Is the FBI going to help with this search?" Rus asked.

"For now. I have them taking both Powell places, and Lysinger's place. That leaves us with Paula's place." The men nodded before they followed Booth out to his car. Jared stopped his brother as Rus and Max continued walking.

"Seeley. I… I didn't mean anything I said earlier. I'm sorry I said what I did." Jared said as Booth nodded.

"You want to make it up to me? Then help me catch this bastard and get her back." Jared smirked as he patted his brother's back and they two caught up with Max and Rus. They climbed into the car and started on their way to the cabin owned but Broadsky's dead girlfriend. They were driving down the road the cabin was on when his phone rang. "Booth." He answered.

"I've been talking to him and trying everything I know but he's not talking. He wants to play some game to keep anyone from getting to her. He's determined to use her as a target." Sweets said.

"Okay, I want you to delve into his past as far as possible, find anything owned by his family. His father side or his mother's find me anything you can."

"Okay." Sweets said hanging up as Booth pulled into the little driveway. Booth and the others got out of the car and started looking around as they walked closer to the cabin where Booth knelt and picked the lock to open it.

"I thought there wasn't a lock that kicking didn't work." Jared said making Booth give a small smirk as he opened the door and pulled his gun.

"It doesn't look like anyone's been here in years." Max said as they slowly made their way through the house. Only to find dust and spider webs. "There's nothing here." Max said as they all joined back up outside of the house. Booth nodded as they got back into the car and drove to the lab where they went to see how Angela was doing with the video.

"Booth." Angela said slightly happy making Booth hope and pray that she found something. "I was able to run the video of her talking through a program and I was able to get what she said by matching her mouth." She said as she pulled up the two bits.

"Really?" He asked trying not to get his hopes up.

"This first one. You can't keep me in this cabin four miles from the road." Angela read with a small smile. "She was telling us where to go. Or at least trying." Booth smirked knowing Brennan was still fighting and knew this video would get to the Jeffersonian.

"What about the second?"

"The others will find out and Booth will get me." Angela smiled. "She just gave us a huge hint and she's not backing down any time soon."

"That's our Bones." Booth smiled as he ran from the room and into Brennan's office to call Sweets. "Sweets, we need a cabin that's about four miles off the road. Angela was able to get something from the video."

"I found several but they're scattered, even with the FBI help it will take too long to search them all." Booth looked at the doorway seeing a deliveryman standing there.

"I got to go Sweets, call me when you find something." Booth hang up with Sweets before he walked over.

"I have a delivery for Dr. Brennan." He said

"I'll take it for her." He said as he sighed the paper and took the envelope. Opening it up he saw another dvd with another note. 'This is the final farewell. You have until midnight to release Jacob Broadsky. If he has not been released this will be the last time you see your girlfriend alive. And do not worry that child will be put out of its misery as well.'

Booth looked up before he went to Brennan's computer and started the dvd. He saw the man walk over and kick Brennan awake. She rolled her head back and forth before he drug her up and attached her tied hands to a construction hook as he slapped either side of her face making her open her eyes, the scene was still for a moment before the camera moved a bit closer and Brennan began speaking. Halfway through her eyes started to tear and she let on tear fall before she finished talking and looked to the side of the Camera before talking again, this time looking furious before a fist knocked her out again and the camera went dead. He quickly pulled the disk and ran down to Angela's office where the others were starting to gather as hope slowly returned to them.

"Ange, I need you to go over this one with the program and see what you get." Booth said walking in and handing her the disk. He turned and looked at Hodgins and handed him the envelope and note.

"See if there's anything on here." Hodgins took the two and went to work as the others watched the video. Cam looked at Booth as he looked away when the man hit Brennan before he looked back as she was talking. She knew Booth was trying to separate so he could think clearer but everyone there knew that was impossible to do, especially for Booth. Cam watched as he looked away almost afraid to watch as the man hit Brennan so hard he knocked her out before the camera when dead.

"It's going to take a little while but I think I'll be able to get the words. The lighting isn't all that bad."

"Well hurry it up, we only have until midnight." Booth said.

"We'll keep going even if the FBI takes you off the case." Max said making Booth shake his head.

"The bastard gave us until midnight to turn Broadsky over of he'll kill her." Booth said walking from the room leaving everyone stunned.

"Get moving we have a deadline to meet and we are going to meet it." Cam said before she left and walked over to Brennan's office to see Booth sitting in her desk chair looking at the pictures and papers she had scattered on her desk. "We'll get her back." She said, as Booth nodded not taking his eyes from two pictures that were in his hand. "I've known you for what, fifteen years now? You've never let anyone down. I highly doubt you'll start now." Booth looked up and nodded as he held himself in control.

"Yeah." He managed before he saw Cam trying to look at the pictures. "The last picture we got." He said handing her the ultrasound picture as he laid the other one on the desk. Cam glanced at it see Booth, Brennan and parker in a photo booth picture. Cam smiled as she felt tears coming to her eyes.

"Did you find out what it is?" She asked and Booth shook his head. "You know you can tell in this picture." She said with a smile as his eye flicked to her quickly. "Do you want to know?" She saw him think for a minute before he gave a nod; not trusting is voice at the moment. "Well the doctor was able to get a pretty good angle… it looks like it's going to be a girl." She smiled and watched a big smile spread across his face.

"That explains why she's so stubborn and won't let Bones do anything." He chuckled.

"Do you have names picked out?"

"Not really. A few names Bones was thinking of but we really haven't had much time to talk about it with this case." He said softly as he dropped his eyes again.

"Well I'm sure you're in for the time of your life. A little girl exactly like her mother…." Cam said trailing off as Booth chuckled.

"Sometimes that's not such a bad thing." He smirked as they sat talking about the baby and who she was going to be like for the next fifteen minutes before they heard a yell from the hallway.

"Booth!" Booth and Cam jumped to their feet and took off towards Angela's office as the others came running. "I got it." She said as she put the video back up and started to play it as the subtitles came up.

'I refuse to give up even though this 30 year old man had beaten me and locked me in a room of this cabin. I know you will figure everything out and that is why I refuse to say any goodbyes. I know you will come get me. Especially you Booth.' The group looked at Booth as a tear fell from Brennan's eyes. 'Just think back to that case when we went to China.' They saw Brennan look off to the side as if listening to someone before she looked back fiercely. 'I do not care if you aren't sending sound and you are trying to get me to give up. My friends and family will figure it out and when Booth gets here you better hope there is a god.' Angela stopped the video before the man hit her. The group looked at Booth as he thought about the case she was talking about.

"The case when we went to China was on the airplane." He mumbled as he tried to clear his mind and think of the clues she was giving him. He looked at the clock they had two hours left. He took a deep breath as his phone rang and he put it on speaker.

"Booth, I've narrowed it down to five cabins as a possibility." Sweets said.

"Sweets, we only have 2 hours left before he kills her, we don't have time to search all of them." Cam said as Booth stood thinking.

"She said to remember the case to China, the one we had to do on the plane. Does that fit anywhere?" He asked. "Where are the cabins?"

"Virginia Highlands Park, Hill Crest Park, Patuxent River Park, RockBranch Park, and Four Mile Run Park."

"Do any of them have anything to do with planes?" He asked and waited as Sweets checked.

"Two are right by an airport. Hill Crest and Four Mile Run."

"That's it. Four-mile run. Four miles from the road. That's what she was talking about." Booth said.

"Booth the cabins in both parks are four miles from the road."

"There's not enough time Sweets, send back up to four mile Run Park Cabin." Booth said hanging up before he ran from the lab with Max and Jared behind him.

"You didn't think you were going alone did you?" Max asked as Jared smirked when they caught Booth and they got into the car.

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