A Family Threatened


Chapter 9

Booth pulled over to the side of the road a few yards from the cabin. The two men watched as Booth got out and went to the back of his car. They followed him to see what he was doing. They watched him open his sniper rifle case and he handed his handgun to Jared and his little personal one to Max.

"Stay behind me. Those are only to protect yourself." He said pulling the strap over his head. He walked around the car and looked through the scope trying to see what he was in store for. He saw all the lights were out except for a tiny light that must have come from a basement light. He scowered the little plot of land seeing a car in the driveway and nothing else around, he slowly started moving forward with the two men following behind him. They watched as his army training took over and he moved quickly without a noise. He had them stop and he ran over to look in the little crack, trying to see the basement. He stood up and told them to start moving in the front door as quietly as possible as he went around the back. He watched them go in before he moved to the cellar door and looked through the glass at the man who was looking up hearing the footsteps of Max and Jared. Booth watched the man as he started for the stares before he kicked the door open and fired twice in one fluid movement taking out both legs of the man as his rifle went sliding. Max and Jared ran down seeing Booth lift Brennan up off the construction hook and cradle her.

"Tempe." Max and Jared breathed before they saw the lights of the other agents and heard them moving in. Booth sat on the ground as he tried to wake Brennan. The two men watched as their hearts sank when she didn't respond then suddenly her eyes started to flutter.

"Booth?" She whispered as she opened her eyes looking very week as he smiled at her and held her tight as tears started to gather in his eyes before he pushed them back.

"I'm here. Everything's going to be okay. I'm here now." He whispered to her as she smiled at him.

"I knew you would." She said before she let her eyes drift closed and she cuddled closer to him as she held one of his hands. "Booth, it hurts." She said. "The baby, make your child calm down." She said with a soft smile making him grin as he laid a hand onto her swollen belly only to feel her muscles tense underneath his hand making his heart skip a beat. He looked over as paramedics wandered in and checked on her as another set came in for the murderer.

"You know her?" Asked one Paramedic.

"Yes, this is my girlfriend. Her name is Dr. Temperance Brennan. She's was held hostage and beat for the last 12 hours." He said lifting her onto the stretcher as the Paramedics began setting up ivs and getting things working.

"How far a long is she?" He asked as they brought them out of the cellar and into the crowd of agents.

"She is 36 weeks. She has been having a hard time the last two weeks. She told me she was in pain when I got to her. I think she's in labor." He said as they stopped as Brennan cried out.

"Booth?" She asked as the Pain hit. He grabbed her hand and smoother her hair back.

"I'm here. I'm right here, Bones." He said glancing over to see Haker and Cullen walking over with one of the newer deputy directors. Booth knew what was coming but at this point he didn't care as Brennan cried in pain and Max and Jared were led away from the crowd.

"It hurts. It hurts Booth. Make it stop." She cried as he switched hands he was holding and he placed the other on her belly again to feel it tight.

"It's going to be okay, Bones. I'm right here."

"Make it stop." She said still not opening her eyes. Booth looked at her scared as he ran a hand along her face.

"I wish I could, baby. I really do but we're going to get you to the hospital and get you taken care of." He said as she started opening her eyes.


"Shhh, it's okay baby." He said with a small smile as the paramedics started sending a little pain medicine into her IV. He looked up as the three stopped and watched as he tried to let go to talk to them.

"No, Booth, don't leave me. Please don't leave me." She said as tears streamed from her once again closed eyes. He looked at the three men waiting as Booth looked down at Brennan worried as Max and Jared made their way back over.

"Max, take my rifle and get everyone to the hospital. Bones is in labor." He said making the two men take Booth's rifle and run to the car as the Paramedics started loading her into the back of the ambulance. "Bones, I have to let go so they can get you in the ambulance. I'll be with you in one second okay?" He asked and watched her nod before he kissed her forehead. He looked at the three men as they walked over. Haker wore a sad but content smile as Cullen had a small grin while the third man stood angrily.

"It's about time." Cullen smiled. "Just don't bicker like children with your own." He smiled as Booth looked at him confused and shocked.

"I always knew there was something between you two. Go make sure she's alright. We'll talk later." Haker said making Booth smile as he looked back at Brennan calling for him. He turned and went to her quickly grabbing her hand and kissing her forehead again as the third man started to yell while the paramedics closed the doors.

"Carter, this matter has nothing to do with you. your only make sure people are working when I am not at work, you have no say in what is to happen to them. so shut it." Cullen said making Carter look at him as Haker smirked.

"We better get to the hospital; he said she was in labor." Haker said making Cullen nod before the two went off to get to the hospital.

It had been three hours since everyone had arrived at the hospital. It was three in the morning but they all refused to leave until everything was done. They still didn't know anything that was going on and all were worried as they waited. Angela lay across several chairs and slept while Michael was in his stroller asleep. Cam sat with her head lying against the wall as she dozed next to Padame. Jared sat with Hodgins, Max, Rus Wendell, Sweets, Haker and Cullen talking low. Sweets had been able to have a conversation with his two bosses when they all arrived and they knew there was no way possible for them to break up the team that had the highest crime-solving rate in most of the world. They jumped every time the doors opened hoping to see Booth coming out with some information for them. Another two hours passed. Five in the morning and there was still nothing. Suddenly the doors opened and Booth walked out making the men jump to their feet.

"How is she?" "What's going on?" "Is everything okay?" He heard making him look at the group.

"Everything's fine. They were running a bunch of tests to make sure she and the baby were okay. Other than a few bruises and cuts, and a few stitches she's going to be okay and the baby is fine. apparently Bones was able to move so the baby was never hit. The contractions are getting closer so we're just waiting." He said looked at the men.

"But she's okay?" Rus asked.

"Yeah, they gave her some medicine to relax her and ease the pain from the contractions; she just fell asleep so I figured I'd come let everyone know what was going on." He looked at Cullen and Haker. "Was there enough to get Broadsky and his son?"

"More than enough to convict both of murder. Caroline is working those things out. Don't worry about any of that, you have a baby about to be born." Cullen smiled as Booth's face brightened. "And don't worry about Carter, I heard he was trying to get you off this case and he will be trying to cause problems in the future."

"We know how well the two of you work together, and the psychologist also agrees that breaking the partnership would only cause harm, so don't worry about carter or work. Take care of Temperance." Haker said with a smile as Booth nodded.

"I'll let you guys know when I know anything else." He looked at the three women sleeping. "They should go home."

"You tell Angela that she has to go home to sleep when Brennan's about the have the baby, after she was just rescued from a guy who beat the crap out of her." Hodgins said shaking his head. "I'm not that stupid." He smirked as Booth shook his head before rejoining Brennan in her room. He walked in and saw her start to stir. She opened her eyes and looked around finding him walking over to her.

"Hey, Bones." He said softly as she opened her eyes and looked at him with a smile. "How are you feeling?" He asked as he tucked a bit of hair behind her ear.

"Much better." She smiled. "I knew you would get me. I knew you wouldn't stop till you got there and I wasn't going to either."

"Sh, don't worry about that right now. You're safe and sound and we're going to get you taken care of and hopefully we'll see our baby in a few hours."

"Our baby…." She trailed off with a smile as she looked into his brown eyes. "Booth….. I'm ready."

"Ready? Ready for what?" He asked confused as she smiled and her eyes started to become heavy again.

"Everything. I want everything, with you." She said making him look at her for a minute before a smile crept across his face.

"Are you serious?" He watched her nod. "Why don't we wait to talk about all of this until after the baby is born and you're feeling better?" She shook her head.

"No, I know I want…. I want to be with you for the rest of my life, Booth." She almost whispered making him smile as he leaned down and kissed her forehead. "It's not going to change…." She trailed off before her body tensed and moaned in pain.

"Okay then. Just relax and let's take one-step at a time. We can't go any faster right now so relax for a little while." He watched as she nodded and looked back up at him.



"I think I finally understand what you mean when you talk about love." She said making him smile brighter before the doctor walked in to see how far along the labor was. Booth held her hand and spoke to her as the doctor smiled.

"Okay, it's time to start pushing. Let me get some things and we'll have this baby." The doctor smiled as Booth look at Brennan as she squeezed his hand tighter while everything was getting set.

"What's wrong, Bones?" Booth asked her as she looked up at him worried.

"I…. Booth I'm scared." She whispered as he smiled and gave her deep kiss. Pulling back, he looked down at her with a smile.

"Just think, as soon as this is done we'll have a little baby. You can finally stop being kicked in the lungs and you can work without being interrupted with kicks." He smiled as he kissed her again. "You can do this." He said softly as she looked up and a smile crossed her face.

"Alright. When you feel the contraction I want you to push." The doctor said as she sat at the bottom of the table/bed as a nurse set Brennan's feet in the stirrups. Brennan continued to look at Booth as he refused to look away.

"I'm right here, and I'm not going anywhere." Booth said as he kissed her forehead seconds before he body tensed and she started pushing. She laid back taking slow deep breaths as she looked back to Booth who was still holding her hand with one of his and had his other smoothing the hair from her face.

"Booth…." She painted. "I love you." She said making him smile brightly.

"I love you too Bones." He said. It did not take long for another contraction to hit and Brennan was pushing again and again and again. After fifteen minutes, they heard a little cry making Booth look to see the Doctor holding the baby as Brennan melted back into the bed exhausted. "It's a girl." He said softly as his smile spread and he looked at Brennan who was breathing heavily with a bright smile.

"A girl?" Brennan asked as they took the baby to the side to be cleaned up as Booth nodded and kissed her.

"It's a baby girl." He said again. He watched as they handed the baby to Brennan who cuddled her and looked down at her. "She looks just like you." He said as he looked between Brennan and the baby.

The doors opened making the men jump as they saw Booth walking out with a baby in his arms. They immediately woke the women as they all gathered around him to see the sleeping baby wrapped in a little pink blanket with a pink hat. Booth couldn't help but smile as they all stood looking at the baby and talking about her.

"Meet Christine Addison Booth." He said looking back at the baby as Angela kissed his cheek.

"She's beautiful." Angela said as Booth handed the baby to Cam who coddled the little baby. "How's Brennan?"

"She's good. She should still be awake if you want to go in." he said low to her as the others were distracted with the newborn. Angela smiled and walked in to see her best friend while the others passed the baby around.

"She looks like Tempe when she was born." Max said with a smile as he got to hold her.

"She was four weeks early right?" Cam asked.

"Yeah, the doctors said she'll be okay. Just need to keep our eye on her but she'll be like any other kid." Booth smiled. He watched as his friends gently passed his newborn daughter around to each other. He could not be happier, he was with the woman he always wanted, they had a baby and they were talking about staying together forever. He couldn't ask for anything more.

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