When Naruto and Sakura are killed, Sasuke and Ino take over caring and raising their infant twins. Sasuke, feeling that it was his fault starts fiddling in the forbidden scrolls to bring them back.

Lauren Boerner
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Chapter 1

I do not own Naruto!

Chapter 1

Naruto stood holding his newborn daughter proudly with Sakura beside him holding their newborn son. It was the first time they were going out to a party with the twins, let alone by themselves, since the twins were born three months ago. As they stopped with their friend in the middle of the park they became surrounded by all of their friends. They hadn't been so bombarded since their wedding only a year and a half ago. Naruto chuckled as everyone wanted to see the twins and the women took the little girl out of his hands and started making their own group leaving the men to stand and talk.

"So Naruto, how's it feel?" Kiba chuckled. "First one married and first one to have kids."

"I still can't believe it." Naruto smirked as he watched Temari take the boy for Sakura as Ino cooed over the girl.

"Well you get it all set up for everyone to follow like always."

"Oh really? So when are you going to be asking Hinata?" Naruto laughed at his friend who turned red when the girl's name who he had been seeing for a month had been mentioned.

"Naruto, stop torturing poor Kiba." Sakura scolded as she walked back over to the men who were not far away.

"You take all the fun out of things Sakura-chan." He laughed as she stood beside him and wrapped an arm around his waist as he, instinctively, wrapped his around her shoulders. "I thought Granny was supposed to be here?"

"Talking about me Brat?" Came a voice making them turn around to see Tsunade walking up with the two Sand brothers.

"What if I was? You're late old lady." He smirked only to be hit on the back of the head by Sakura. "I told you, you take the fun out of things."

"Someone needs to keep an eye on you." She smiled before walking back over to take the twin who began to fuss before Naruto rolled his eyes and went to get the other as they began to cry. The two parents walked back over where Tsunade took the boy from Naruto as soon as he stopped next to her making him roll his eyes again.

"Look at you two; you're getting so big now." She said as everyone gathered around and began talking. "Katara's looking more and more like you, except for her red hair." She told Sakura who smiled and nodded.

"Kaori looks exactly like Naruto; let's just hope he doesn't grow up to act like him." Ino laughed.

"Better than having any kids running around acting like you." Naruto told her with a smirk as she narrowed her eyes. As she opened her mouth to shoot a comment back, they heard an explosion in the front of the village. Tsunade took Katara from Sakura as the Ninja took off to see what was going on while Tsunade and several others started for cover.

"I thought you would come running, nine tails." Said a masked figure. Naruto and the others stopped when they saw him standing just outside of the village. They looked at the people he had brought and quickly recognized many of them. Kabuto stood with a smirk as Itachi, Sasori, Kakazu, Nagato, and Deirdre all stood in front of him while Sasuke stood to the other side of the masked man with Karin, Suigetsu, and Jugo beside him. "Come with us and no one will be hurt." Everyone looked at Naruto who stood up straight in front of them.

"Why should I? You'll just kill everyone any way." He said making Kabuto smile.

"Perhaps we have to do this the hard way." Kabuto said and was about to tell one of his puppets to go after him but stopped when a dark voice rang out.

"He's mine!" Sasuke declared stepping forward locking eyes with Naruto. "We can finish our fight now, Dobe." Naruto got ready to fight as everyone else moved to help only to be matched with an opponent. Sasuke charged at Naruto as he pulled his kunai to block the attack.

"I will never lose to you." Naruto ground out to Sasuke making him smirk before they were forced apart. Sakura started fighting her way over to him only to be held in her spot by Suigetsu. She saw the two men clash again and again as she turned back and focused on her own battle.

"Well that's a good thing." Sasuke smirked at him. "Keep fighting but I want to talk."

"What are you talking about?" Naruto asked confused as the held their weapons together.

"I will explain everything after this; I need your help taking Madara out." The two pushed back clashing again. "Will you kill him with me?"

"You left. We are supposed to kill you, what are you doing?"

"I've been able to work through his strong Genjitsu; he's been controlling me for a while now."

"Why should I believe you?" Naruto growled.

"Because I want to come home, and I need your help." He said low as if it was hard for him to admit he needed help. Naruto and he pushed back again and stared at each other while everyone fought their battles and Kabuto and Madara watched happily. Naruto glanced at Sakura holding her own with Suigetsu and charged once more at Sasuke.

"What about your men?"

"They're not my men, they never were." Naruto looked at him hard before they flung each other back with the force they were holding. Naruto looked a Sasuke hard as he stood in front of him before giving a slight nod and they two began to move closer and closer to Madara without him realizing how close the two had come. Naruto crated three clones and started making Rasengan while Sasuke charged his Chidori before Naruto charged barely missing Sasuke as he turned both slamming their techniques into Madara. Kabuto was quick to shove them both out of the way as his accomplices fell to a knee and everyone looked as Sasuke was slammed back into the wall around the village and Naruto skidded to a stop not too far. The two stood back up slowly as Sasuke's team looked at him confused.

"Sasuke-kun, why would you do that?" Karin called across the field as Kabuto started healing Madara only seconds before the two men ran at them again ignoring the calls the heard. Kabuto had enough time to react to them and for chakra around his hands making them deadly. Itachi attacked Sasuke getting out of the way so that Kabuto only needed to fight Naruto.

"It's been a while, Naruto-kun." He smirked making Naruto scowl. "I hear rumors of you enjoying your life." Naruto's blue eyes went wide. "Oh yes, I know all about it. How you would be terribly upset if your wife there were to be killed, and I don't think you want to imagine what would happen if something bad would happen to those new additions." Naruto narrowed his eyes and began to fight as hard as he could to defeat Kabuto, if only just for what he had said. The two fought back and forth unto Madara came from nowhere slamming his hand into Naruto's stomach making him grunt as he tried to stay alert for both opponents. Sakura slipped past Suigetsu when she saw Madara and Kabuto working together to take Naruto down. They had hit him several times as she was half way there Kabuto slammed his Chakra covered hand into Naruto's Chest making his eyes go wide and blood flow from his mouth. Sakura could only run to him as she tried to fight them off only to be stabbed straight through by Suigetsu. Everyone began to push harder so they could get to their friends Madara smirked.

"Looks like the Kyuubi is secured."

"I don't think so!" Sasuke called as he started putting as much pressure on them as possible as others began to break through to help making Madara and Kabuto fall back. Sasuke turned to see several friends already around the two fallen friends. He looked at each one and saw that not one of then sat on the ground un-battered

"Sakura, Naruto!" Ino said as tears came to her eyes and she sat next to her best friend. "You guys can't do this. Come on, you'll be alright." She said as Naruto's eyes began to slide closed and Sakura laughed at her. Sasuke dropped to his knees at Naruto's head making him open his blue eyes again and smirk.

"Guess you win… Teme." He coughed as more blood began to fill his lungs. "Do me a…. favor. Take care of … my kids."

"Dobe, you can take care of them yourself." He said looking down as Naruto coughed harder trying to catch his breath that was slowly getting harder and harder. Naruto shook his head and glanced at his old friend before his eyes began to close.

"Promise." Sasuke nodded as he tried to hold back his tears and he heard Sakura talking softly to Ino.

"Make sure you heal everyone. It looked like…. A few were hurt… bad." She gasped as Ino's tears rolled down her cheeks. "Don't cry Ino." She whispered. "Take care of… my babies." She said as a tear rolled from her pale green eyes onto her blood staid face. "We'll be okay… Besides… Naruto-kun and I…. are together…" She trailed off as the light was lost in her eyes only moments before Naruto gasped for the last time.

"Sakura, Naruto!" She screamed as she threw her body over her best friend and cried hard as the other friends shed their tears their own way.

"Shikamaru, go tell the Hokage and Kazekage that the enemy are gone." Kakashi whispered before he took off. "They died fighting and protecting the village."

"Sakura managed to take two of them down." Shino said making everyone look onto the battlefield where the dead body of Karin laid sprawled and the dust from Nagato's body was scattered. Suddenly Kiba grabbed a hold of Sasuke's shirt and held him closer to him as he growled and demanded answers.

"What the hell are you still doing here? What were you doing while they both hit him at once? Where the hell-"

"Kiba that's enough." Shikamaru said as he walked back with Tsunade and Gaara following him. Tsunade stopped in her tracks as she looked at the still, bloody bodies of Naruto and Sakura as Kakashi closed their lifeless eyes. "He and Naruto were working together. I don't know what went on but Naruto trusted him and worked with him." Tsunade knelt beside Ino and slowly pulled the young woman to her and held her tight as she let a few silent tears fall.

"Then he should have done his part! Naruto was fighting and right back on his feet every time he went down. He was barely there to say he was fighting!"

"Kiba!" Tsunade demanded making everyone go silent. "We do not need to be arguing over whose fault it is. We need to deal with what we have to now. Go to the hospital and get taken care of, I will have the ANBU clean everything up." Everyone gave a small nod before Ino looked up at her with tears in her eyes.

"She….She knew they weren't coming out of this." She cried as Tsunade held her. "She told me to watch the kids and that they would be okay… She said she would be okay… because she was with…. Naruto." Tsunade held her tight and closed her eyes trying to hold her emotions all inside.

Two days later Tsunade held a special funeral for the two of them as everyone stood paying their respects. Ino held Katara while Sasuke stood beside her holding Kaori, it had been decided that they would take care of the twins since that was what Naruto and Sakura had asked before they died. Ino was trying to keep Katara from crying as everything went silent. Seconds after she began to scream and then her brother's cries could be heard mixing in. The two walked off to the side where they would be able to take better care of the crying twins. Sasuke watched as Ino changed their diapers as tears slid down her cheeks he couldn't help but feel like this was completely his fault.

Sasuke sat at the dining room table as he looked over several scrolls for, what seemed like the millionth time in years. He put his head in his hands and sighed looking at them sprawled on the table before he felt two slender arms wrap around his shoulders. Sasuke looked to see Ino leaning over his should looking sleepy making him sigh again. They had been married for two months now and it had been two years since they both lost their best friends.

"Sasuke-kun, come to bed." She said before looking at what he was reading. "What are you doing with these scrolls? You know the resurrection jutsu is forbidden." She said sternly as he nodded.

"I know, but I still feel responsible. I'm slowly fitting pieces together and I think I'll be able to bring them back so they can pick up where they left off." Ino gave him a hard look.

"Sasuke, it's been two years, you need to stop feeling responsible and just…" She sighed as she took a seat and looked at him holding his hands. "Sasuke please. They are gone and there's nothing that will change that. It's time we all let them rest in peace." She whispered as a tear slid down her face only to be wiped away as they heard a tiny voice from the doorway.

"Auntie." Said a two-year-old girl with long red hair and pale green eyes as tears slid down her face.

"What's the matter, sweetie?" Ino asked and opened her arms letting the girl run to her.

"I see man in the room." She cried. "He scary." Sasuke smiled softly as he reached out and took the scared child and stood up.

"We'll go take care of him." He said making the girl give a small smile. Over the years of raising his best friends' children, he had learned the small things that make them happy. He smiled as he carried her back into the room she shared with her brother who was sound asleep, sprawled out across his bed like his father used to. Sasuke looked at the boy who took after his father so much making his urge to bring back is friends even stronger. Sasuke went to lay the little girl back down when he caught a glimpse of someone sanding at the window. His heart skipped a beat as he saw the green of Zetsu's body disappear as the girl started to cry again.

"What's wrong?" Ino asked walking into the room wondering why the girl started to cry again. "Sasuke?" She asked as he turned handing the girl to her.

"Stay inside and watch the kids close." He told her and ran out into the darkness not knowing what exactly what he was looking for or hoping to find. After walking around the house, finding nothing he went back in to find Ino walking from the twins' room.

"Sasuke, what was that about?"

"Zetsu was here, which means Madara is ready to make another move and he's coming back here, but for what exactly." He asked himself as he thought before his eyes opened wide and he looked at Ino. "They think Naruto passed the Kyuubi onto one of them before he died. They must be coming back to get it."

"What do we do?"

"We'll talk to the Hokage in the morning. For now, I have all the traps and extra traps set so, let's get some sleep before the long day tomorrow." The two walked into their bedroom to fall asleep before they had to wake up in four hours.

The next morning Sasuke and Ino walked behind the twins as they laughed and played the entire way to the Hokage tower stopping to say hi and talk with people as they walked by.

"Hi!" Kaori called to a random Stanger who ignored him making him frown and cross his arms before both heard a voice from behind them.

"You shouldn't talk to people you don't know." They turned and found Kakashi smiling down at them.

"Unky Kashi!" They both cheered as he knelt down letting them wrap their arms around his neck.

"He's always trying to get people to talk to him." Ino smiled as she watched the Jonin stand with a twin in each arm. "Just like Naruto." She laughed remembering her blond friend always talking.

"You come play?" Katara asked him making him shake his head.

"Not today. I have a few things I have to do. You two be good." He smiled and spoke to Ino and Sasuke as he placed the twins on the ground and they started trying to find others to talk to again. Suddenly they heard Sasuke before they could talk to anyone walking past.

"Come on you two." The two looked at him before they each grabbed their hands, Katara walked content on holding Sasuke's hand while Kaori held Ino's hand happily, as they continued to the Hokage tower to meet Tsunade who was thrilled to see them. The two ran to her laughing.

"What brings you two here?" She asked looking at Sasuke and Ino.

"We need to talk to you." Sasuke said with a flat tone that meant it was important.

"Why don't you two go with Shizune and play?" She said to the twins before they smiled up at Shizune as she took their hands and walked them out to play. "What is this about?"

"Last night we saw Zetsu snooping around their window."

"Why would Akatsuki be looking at them? Why would they be here at all?"

"I think it's because they think Naruto would have sealed the fox in one of the twins. They don't know that he died before he could do anything." She looked at him and Ino worried. "I have enough traps set and I will not let anything get to those two, so you don't need to worry about that. Ino and I have that covered, you just needed to know what they are most likely after, I mean it's the nine tails and the eight tails left and what's an easier target than a child." Tsunade nodded knowing she would have to start organizing teams to get information.

"Sasuke is leaving tomorrow night, is there any way I could have someone stay with me and help keep an eye on them while he's gone?" Ino asked. "They aren't really a problem, thank god they take after Sakura for that, but I want help in case someone shows up." Tsunade nodded understanding.

"I'll find someone, go relax before you have to leave, and don't worry about the twins. I'll watch them for the rest of the day. It gets me out of work and I really do miss spending time with them." The two nodded and left letting Tsunade walk off to find where Shizune had taken the two children to play.

Tsunade smiled as she watched the twins she delivered, run around laughing and giggling as they played with several other children before she heard several mothers yell at their children before grabbing them and walking off yelling at them.

"You are not to go near them. You understand me?" One scolded their child while another scolded theirs not far away.

"You are to stay away from them, they are demons and if you play with them they could hurt you." Tsunade narrowed her eyes as she saw Kaori and Katara stand still looking around as the parents took their children home leaving them alone. They looked at each other before plopping down on the hard grass looking sad. Tsunade walked over half tempted to find those adults and have a talk with them but she knew they wouldn't care. She knelt by the twins as they looked up at her with tears in their eyes making Tsunade's heartbreak.

"Granny, what's a demon?" asked Kaori

"Why do they run?" Katara asked sadly as Tsunade stood both of them up with a small smile.

"Don't you worry about them. They are just mad because they can't have fun like you guys. And you don't need to be bothered with what that is Kaori. Come on lets go get something to eat." The two nodded and walked with her to the ramen shop they were in love with, like their father.

"I'm home." Sasuke had just returned home to find Ino relaxing and the house silent. "Where are the kids?"

"Tsunade took them for the week. She says it's to give me a break and so she can see them but I think it's just so she can get out of work. They should be coming home today." Ino smiled as she gave Sasuke a kiss. "How was your trip?"

"Good, I got a few more things I can use, but I think it's still going to be a while before I can do anything." Before either could speak, the front door opened and Katara ran straight to her room as Tsunade followed carrying a sniffling Kaori.

"What happened?" Ino asked as she took Kaori.

"They've been nothing but bullied by children and adults. They can't play or go anywhere without being called names and being made fun of." Tsunade said angrily.

"I'm going to go talk to Katara." Ino said as she carried Kaori with her.

"What do you mean?" Sasuke asked.

"One day the parents are pulling their kids away yelling that they aren't allowed to play with them and that if they play with the 'demons' they'll get hurt. Several of the kid's actually started making fun of them saying they don't have parents. I think that's what upset Katara the most." Sasuke nodded stiffly.

"Naruto was always afraid of that." Ino said as she walked out leaving the twins in their room to take a nap. "I got them to fall asleep after they told me what happened. Naruto was always afraid that Sakura would be pulled in but everyone settled that when we stuck up for her when people started to say things. Then Sakura told me he was worried about having kids because of what people might do to them."

"Well we see his fears unraveling." Tsunade said obviously not happy. "God I wish they were here. They would shut them all up in a minute." She smiled remembering Sakura's short temper and Naruto's feelings to protect the twins from everything.

"Mommy and Daddy home?" asked Kaori as he and Katara stood in the hallway looking into the living room where the adults where making them go speechless.

"The kids say, Mommy and Daddy never home. Where they?" Katara asked as Tsunade sat on the couch and opened her arms making them run to her.

"You don't pay any attention to those kids. They are just jealous because they aren't loved as much as you two. I thought you were taking a nap."

"Can't, thinkin' 'bout the kids." Kaori said softly. Tsunade pulled them closer as she held them tight trying to think of something to help ease their little minds before she heard Sasuke.

"They'll be home soon." He said making both children look at him.


"Yes. Now go play with your toys." He said before they ran off and both women fixed him with glares. "What? They were upset and you don't want to tell them so this fixes it. Besides, I'm working on it." He mumbles the last part under his breath but both women heard it.

"What? Sasuke that is a forbidden jutsu. Beside it will only bring them back to do the bidding of their summoner." Tsunade scolded making Sasuke shake his head before going to get the scrolls he had brought home.

"Look, I can use several jutsus and I will be able to bring them back and let them live their lives like they were supposed to."

"Sasuke you are still messing with Forbidden things." She warned as he smirked and nodded. "Don't let me catch you doing it." She said with a small smirk making him smile, knowing she was telling him to do it quietly without getting caught so no one could be pinned with punishment.

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