Family Reuniouns


Kagome goes to her family reunion but not without her half demon body guard. Problems with her family cause awkward moments.

Lauren Boerner
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

I do not own Inuyasha or any of its characters!

Chapter 1

Kagome walked out of the well house and made it to the house as she always had. Walking into the hallway to the living room she heard voices making her stop for a moment before she heard her mother's soft voice. Slowly she made her way into the living room fining her mother sitting with another older woman and a girl about seventeen.

"Oh Kagome, you're home." Mama said with a smile as she looked at Kagome's wounds and torn clothing.

"Oh my and what have you been doing?" The older woman asked looking at the condition Kagome was standing in.

"Kagome was with a few of her friends playing games. Are they alright dear?"

"Yeah, Shippo only had a few bumps, Sango and Miroku were beat up pretty bad but most of it was small, and Inuyasha... well you know him." Kagome smiled.

"Alright, why don't you go get cleaned up before dinner?" Mama asked and watched Kagome nod before walking up the stairs to her room.

"Aunt Akemi, where is your bathroom?" The girl asked standing up.

"It's up the stairs, the first door on the left." Mama said before she and the other woman began talking again. The girl walked up the stairs turning to the left noticing Kagome's door was cracked open allowing her to see. Kagome sat on her desk chair with her legs on the bed as she cleaned her wounds and started to bandage them.

"Why does he always have to be a jerk about things?" She mumbled. "He gets beat up so badly he can barely move and still tries to go after Naraku, and then he's so mean when I try to stop him. That will be the last time I worry about him..." She trailed off angrily. The doorbell rang scarring the girl who was spying and making Kagome grumble as she continued to dress wounds on her legs, arms, and torso. The girl turned and went back down the stairs figuring she wouldn't see much else as Kagome pulled her clothes out and was about to change.

"Kagome, remember we are going to the reunion in a few days." Mama said as Kagome walked into the living room to see several more relatives. "They are coming out early to stay before we all head to the reunion together." Kagome nodded as she looked around knowing many of the people.

'Aunt Asuka was here with Kimi, and I guess the rest just followed.' Kagome thought as she walked looked back at her mother.

"Mama, where's the first aid kit and the antiseptics? I want to make sure Miroku and Sango don't get infections."

"They are in the hall closet. Oh and before I forget, I have some poky and treats for Shippo."

"Treats?" Kagome asked to herself but was heard by her mother.

"Yes, I picked up his favorite poky, and some candy, and I got more crayons and coloring books for him."

"Who is this Shippo?" Asked a tall young woman who was about twenty years old.

"Shippo is a child Kagome goes to see with her friends, Rika." Mama said with a smile as Kagome gave a nod and quickly turned to gather what she needed. She walked to the well house and was stopped as she opened the door to the hidden well by a voice from behind her.

"Where you going?" Asked the feminine voice. Kagome turned around and found her older cousin standing there with a young man she had never met before.

"What do you mean?" Kagome asked wondering how to get out of this.

"I thought you were going to your friends and that child, why are you going into the well house?" Kimi asked and watched Kagome's eyes go wide before she answered.

"First of all it's none of your business; secondly I don't have to explain anything to you." Kagome turned to walk into the well house hearing her cousin take a deep breath of air ready to yell when Kagome shut the door in her face and jumped into the well before Kimi could open the door and find her gone. Kagome found Sango with Shippo near Kaede's garden.

"Kagome!" Shippo called as Kagome smiled.

"I didn't think you would be coming back so soon." Sango said as she looked at the things Kagome was holding.

"I wanted to bring some things back for you guys. There's more bandages, and medicines there and my mom got more treats for Shippo." Kagome handed it all over to Sango and looked around. "Where's Miroku and Inuyasha?"

"Miroku is off in the village somewhere and Inuyasha wandered off soon after you left."

"Figures." Kagome said shaking her head. "Well I won't be able to come back for a few days, please keep an eye on Inuyasha. His wounds were pretty bad." Sango nodded before Kagome hugged Shippo and walked back to the well. Arriving back in her own time she climbed out of the well and heard her cousin speaking outside the door.

"Where could she have gone? We looked everywhere, Koukai." Kimi said.

"She can't have just disappeared." Koukai said as the two stood talking Kagome sighed not knowing what to do. Taking a deep breath, she decided that she would just walk out and go back into the house. Slowly she slid the door open making the two look at her and narrow their eyes.

"Where did you go? How did you disappear?" Kimi asked as Kagome only walked past them and continued into the house.

That night Kagome tossed and turned sleeping on the couch. As she turned and finally started to doze off a shrill scream filled the air making Kagome jump to her feet and run to her room where her two older cousins were sleeping. Making her way through her family members who were blocking the doorway, she found Inuyasha passed out on the floor bleeding heavily. Kagome ran to Inuyasha and pulled him onto her lap.

"Inuyasha... Inuyasha can you hear me?" Kagome said moving his hair out of his face noticing how hot he was. "Mom!" Kagome called only to see her mother run in with the emergency first aid kit. "Thanks." Kagome began taking Inuyasha's shirt off to look at the bloody bandages.

"Who is he?"

"Where did he come from?"

"What's going on?" Her relatives asked from the doorway as Kagome worked on fixing Inuyasha.

"At least he remembered to hide his ears." Kagome smiled softly as she continued to work only answering questions when she was done.

"We want answers, Akemi." Said a tall man.

"I'm very sorry about this. Inuyasha is... is..." Kagome glanced at the young man she had been traveling with for the last eight months. "His name is Inuyasha. When he gets hurt, he comes and finds me so I can fix him up. He knows where my room is and didn't know I wasn't in it."

"How did he get in?" Asked another man.

"He... he..." Kagome stumbled trying to think of an answer.

"He has an extra key." Akemi said making several look at her shocked. "Kagome why don't we take him into the living room and everyone can get some rest while you patch him back up?" Kagome nodded and looked at Inuyasha.

"I'm gonna need some help, he's actually pretty heavy." Kagome said as Sota ran in to help. Kagome, Sota and Akemi carried Inuyasha to the couch where Kagome had been sleeping while the others went back to their beds to rest. "Thanks, I'll be able to take care of it from here." Kagome told them before they left her to cover Inuyasha up and grab cool water and a rag for his forehead.

The next day Kagome still sat beside the couch looking at Inuyasha as his breathing became more labored and the sweat continued to soak his hair.

"He still in bad shape?" Her mother asked as she and a few others walked into the living room.

"I don't know what he got into this time but it really hurt him." She said low looking at Inuyasha. "Mom, he was bad when I left, but this... He was in another battle after I left." She said looking at her mother with tears in her eyes. Akemi nodded and looked at Inuyasha before looking at her worried daughter.

"Kagome, perhaps he came here not so much as to be patched up but to have someone he truly trusted look after him." Kagome thought for a moment and gave a nod. "I'm going to take the family out to eat for breakfast. I'm going to try to keep them out for most of the day." Kagome nodded as Kimi walked into the living room narrowing her eyes at Kagome before looking strangely at Inuyasha.

"Oh, good morning Kimi." Akemi smiled looking at her niece. "I'm sorry about last night."

"It's alright aunt Akemi. I understand." Akemi nodded and smiled at Kagome before leaving the living room to meet the others. Kagome looked up to see Kimi staring at her and Inuyasha.

"What do you want, Kimi?"

"Oh nothing. It's just that, he didn't come through the door. I remember him coming from the window even though there was no ladder or any way for him to get to the window." Kagome turned to glare at her cousin before the girl left laughing.

"Oh, Inuyasha, what happened to you?" She said softly grabbing his hand and watched him turn his head to the side as his brow furrowed.

"Ka-Kagome..." He whispered making her move closer to him. She ran her hand across his forehead and looked at him worried. "Ka-gome... no..." He said making Kagome curious as to what he was dreaming about. After a few minutes, she began to hear him speak again. "Don't... 'gome, don't... I...i... lo-..." He was cut off as his entire body trembled and he cried out in pain making several people run into the room. Kagome pulled the blanket down to see the blood soaked bandages tinted slightly purple making Kagome's eyes go wide.

"Sota!" She called making her brother move closer to her. "Sota I need you to get me the drawing salve, the antiseptic, towels, string, a needle, and plenty of bandages." Her brother gave a nod as she turned back to Inuyasha and started to take the dressings off as Sota returned with his mother.

"Kagome how can I help?" Sota asked.

"Mom, can you get everyone out? I need to get this poison out of his wound." Akemi nodded and went to clear the crowd as Kagome looked at her brother. "I need you to help me out okay. Can you hand me things?" He nodded and Kagome began cleaning off the wound before pouring antiseptic on the open wound that showed his gut. Quickly she stitched the wound closed and placed drawing salve over it and bandaged it. Suddenly she heard clapping from the doorway seeing a few family members who had staid and saw Kagome work.

"You seem practiced at this." Said an uncle as he walked over to look at the wound. "You would make a wonderful doctor."

"I've been told something like that before." Kagome smiled as Akemi came back into the room.

"'Gome..." They heard as Akemi pulled the last of the relatives out of the room and outside to leave for the day.

"Inuyasha, I'm here. I'm not going anywhere." She said as she held his hand. After sitting for several more hours she started heard him trying to talk again. "Inuyasha, it's alright now."

"Gome, don't... leave... I..." He trailed off again.

"Inuyasha, please wake up, this is all really scaring me. You've never been hurt this bad. Please... please I love you; I don't want you to die." She cried letting her head fall to his shoulder as she gripped his hand. Inuyasha continued to turn his head, speak in his sleep repeating the same words over and over again as his fever continued to spike.

Kagome woke up to the slight movement making her head turn. Sitting up looking down she saw Inuyasha turn his head again, slowly she felt his forehead and felt it back to normal giving a revealed sigh and a small smile as she heard him call her name once again, but this time it was clearer as his eyes began to open.


"Kagome..." He whispered before trying to sit up only to have pain and Kagome hold him down.

"Don't get up; you're hurt really bad this time."

"What... what happened? How did I get here?" Kagome looked at him slightly confused as to why he did not remember.

"I don't know what happened to you, all I know is in the middle of the night you scarred my cousin when you fell in my bedroom. After all night and most of today you had a fever and weren't doing well. I was so afraid I would lose you." She said as tears began to fall down her cheeks.

"Ka... gome...I'm sorry." He said low. "Stop with the tears will ya." He said making her look at him sternly.

"What did you expect getting yourself nearly killed and worrying me like this?" She half yelled half cried at him making him look at her trying to think of a way to stop her from crying.

"I'm alive so stop crying already." He said making her glare at him before standing and storming out of the room leaving him alone. "What's her problem?" He asked laying his head back for a moment before following his feeling of needing to comfort her. Slowly he began to sit on the couch. Pushing the excruciating pain aside, he stood and started stumbling to the stairs, following the scent of her tears when his legs gave out making him fall on the stairs. Kagome ran from her room at the sound of the thud his body made and ran to him as he tried to get up again.

"Inuyasha, what are you doing? No, don't move just yet." She said looking at the wound on his gut seeing it begin to bleed slightly. She looked at the wounds running her fingers across his wounded body looking at each cut, scrape and bump to see if they were healing. What she never noticed was his honey colored eyes watching her softly as she looked everything over.

"Kagome, I'll be fine." He said making her roll her eyes before helping him to stand back up and walk him over to sit on the couch.

"Now I want you to stay here until I say." She told him leaving no room for discussion in her tone. He looked at her and nodded as she started to clean up the mess from the night before.

Inuyasha was sitting in the kitchen with Akemi when he looked around and started to growl softly. Suddenly he jumped to his feet and ran outside catching Kimi and Koukai kicking and punching Kagome. He shoved the girl away as he punched Koukai in the stomach making him fall trying to catch his breath again. Inuyasha knelt down, picking Kagome up gently to look at the blood on her face and clothing as tears slid down her face.

"It's alright now Kagome." He said softly as she grabbed his shirt and pulled herself closer to him as her mother ran out and the other two took off not being seen.

"What happened?"

"I caught two of those kids beating on her." He growled and stood up with her in his arms.

"Take her into my room; it has a bathroom attached to it. Get her cleaned up and I'll deal with the two who did this." Akemi said knowing who her daughter had had problems with in the past. Inuyasha nodded and took her into the house and to Akemi's room. He shut the door and laid her gently on the bed as more tears escaped her eyes that she refused to open. He walked into the bathroom getting several towels wet before returning to start cleaning of the blood from Kagome's face.

"Kagome, open your eyes." He said softly looking at her as she rolled her head to the side. "Please open your eyes, it's alright now." He said and watched her slowly open her eyes and look up at him seconds before she shot up and latched onto him, holding him tight as she cried. He sat shocked not knowing what to do before he slowly got her to lay back. "Why did they do this?"

"They... Kimi and a few others have always beaten on me. This time it was because of all the talk about how I fixed you're wounds and then when they tried to follow me into the well house and they couldn't find me, and about you." Inuyasha started to growl thinking of all the pain Kagome had been through. "It's just another reason I don't want to go to that stupid family reunion." She said letting another tear slide from her eye. She was surprised when Inuyasha wiped it away gently.

"Then don't go. I'm sure your mother will understand if you don't go, especially after this."

"No, it's not her; it's my grandmother and other relatives. I have to go." She sniffed taking a towel from Inuyasha and starting to wipe her face only to have Inuyasha take it back.

"Let me do it." He said and began to gently clean the blood from her face.

"Inuyasha, Kagome?" They heard as the door opened and Akemi walked in. "Kagome, they are hiding behind several others, I think it would be better if you stayed here."

"No, grandma and the others always want me to go, and..."

"Kagome... I know they have been picking on you for years but this... Kagome this it too far, I want you to stay home." Inuyasha saw the saddened look in Kagome's eye making him think.

"What if I went with you?" He asked making Kagome look at him as Akemi stopped, thinking about the idea.

"What about Sango, and Miroku, and Shippo and the Jewel?" Kagome asked as Inuyasha shook his head.

"We don't have any more leads to follow. Besides Sango and Miroku need to heal."

"I think it's settled then but we can't have you going as just a boy going with us." She said looked at the two as they looked at each other then back at her with wide eyes. "Well I'll leave it to you for the story." She smiled and walked out leaving the two to look at each other.

"Well..." Kagome said looking down thinking. "I guess she's right we can't just say the guy who comes to me in my room to get fixed up is going with us." Inuyasha looked at her nodding.

"Then what do I have to be?"

"Mom was hinting at a relationship." She said looking away with a slight blush thinking about what that would mean.

Inuyasha and Kagome walked out to the car loading up their luggage before the long trip to the beach where they were holding the family reunion this year. They still were nervous about having to play girlfriend and boyfriend but knew there was no other way to do it without getting major questions. The two stood by the sacred tree talking as Kimi and Koukai walked over with Rika, each with an evil look on their face.

"So you two are actually going out?" Asked Kimi making Kagome nod as she heard Inuyasha begin to growl softly.

"Why didn't you say that earlier when he came into the bedroom?" Koukai asked with a smirk.

"Because it's none of your business.

"Oh, well if you're going out you wouldn't mid putting our minds at ease and proving it, would you?" Rika asked making Kagome and Inuyasha look at each other. "Prove you're going out by kissing right now." They looked at each other for a moment. Inuyasha stood thinking that if he were going to protect her he was going to have to play along. Taking a deep breath he pulled her close and placed his lips on hers making the three glare before walking away. Slowly Inuyasha pulled back and looked down at Kagome who was looking up at him not really knowing what to say or think only wearing a bright red blush that matched his.

"I'm... "

"It's alright; we had to get them to leave us alone." She said looking away before walking over to the car as everyone piled into the three vehicles they were taking. Inuyasha stood staring after Kagome as he began to think of what he was thinking when he kissed her. Slowly he walked over and climbed into the van, sitting next to Kagome for the long drive.

After three hours, Kagome was getting tired. She started falling asleep against the window but found it very uncomfortable as she constantly moved trying to get comfortable. Suddenly she felt someone pull her away from the window making her look to see Inuyasha pulling her to lay on him with his arm wrapped around her shoulders. Although feeling awkward she quickly fell into a deep sleep letting Inuyasha watch her as his thoughts went in circles.

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