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My Twin's clone


What happens when Kim Taehyung enters into college and happens to meet a person who looks alike his twin brother ?

Romance / Drama
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" Taehyung..Wait..! "

Taehyung knew without looking back whom that loud voice belong to. Park Jimin, his only friend in this college. So you might be thinking, Taehyung is a nerd having no friends at all ?

No ! Taehyung had lots and lots of friends in school. It's just that he came to this Bangtan's college in Seoul only yesterday from his hometown Busan. So everyone here is new. He couldn't find a single person from his High school. But he met with an amazing person and instantly became friends. He didn't bother to speak to anyone else or try to make more friends in the three hour duration of his first day in college yesterday, because this person was simply interesting.

Taehyung turned and his lips spread into a beautiful rectangular smile at the sight of the pink haired boy running to him holding his breathe in his chest. There was also an other taller boy coming running just behind him.

" Oh..Tae..Don't you hear me calling after you?"Jimin panted out. The other boy also stopped and breathed heavily trying to catch his breathe.

" Hey...Jiminie, You are always running. You know you will again collide with someone like how you hit me yesterday and not everyone will be nice like me. You will get beaten up. And who is this new running companion. ", Taehyung asked looking at the other boy and the guy smiled widely at Taehyung. It was most brightest smile Taehyung had ever seen in his life. He instantly liked the boy and his genuine smile.

" okay okay....hmm..This is Hoseok, My roommate. He is also studying business. He is in our class.",

" oh..! Woah..You are in our class ? Nice to see you. You know Hoseok, your smile is beautiful. ", Taehyung grinned.

" oh..Thankyou. You can call me Hobi.", Hoseok smiled again.

" Ahmm...I am Taehyung."

" I know, Jimin told me about you."

"Oh..! Hmm..Why did you guys run after me ?"

"Tae..I just wanted to ask you to have breakfast with us. Or did you already have breakfast ?", Jimin said

" No..I was walking to canteen.", Taehyung smiled. "Come let's eat together."


Taehyung, Jimin and Hoseok entered the cafeteria and sat around a table after getting sandwiche and juice.

" Hey Hobi, I didn't see you yesterday. Didn't you come to class ?", Taehyung asked.

" yeah..I was there. I saw you guys sitting together yesterday. I thought you both are best friends from highschool.", Hoseok said thinking how he wanted to be friends with these two cool guys when he first met them in the class talking and laughing. He was too shy to approach but coincidentally Jimin happened to be his room mate.

" No..We both met yesterday. You know how we met ? He came running to me like an express train and hit me. We both fell down in the damn hallway infront a lot a people, he on top of me. I was shocked. And he was not getting off of me. You know Jimin, all were laughing and whistling like we are the main actor and actress from a K drama. "

" Haha..Jimin told me that."

" He told ? Wooff..that was embarrassing. Hmm..what else did he tell you about me ?", Taehyung asked munching on his sandwich. Hoseok was about to speak but then Jimin started to speak.

" Tae..I didn't get off you instantly because my necklace got stuck with your shirt buttons and I don't want to broke it because It was a gift from my Mom on my birthday. "

" Hmm...that's okay. You told me already. But you should seriously stop running."

" I am really surprised. ", Hoseok said out of nowhere.

" Why..?", Taehyung asked.

" I can't actually believe you are the Son of Kim Daehyun, owner and CEO of Kim enterprises. You are so humble for that."

" Oh Jimin..you told him that ? "

" Yeah..anyway soon everyone will know.", Jimin muttered.

" Guys..I don't want to be popular. I just want to be an ordinary college guy like everyone else. You know, when we were in school, I mean me and my brother, we were really famous. My brother had a lot of girls crushing over him. Girls and guys come to us when we sit in cafeteria to take selfies. ooff..it was really annoying."

" Yeah..I can understand. It will be really annoying. So you only have a brother?", Hoseok asked.

" Yeah..A twin brother."

" Oh..Twin ? You didn't tell about that.", Jimin said in surprise. " Identical ? Does he look like you ? "

" No..Fraternal twin. ", Taehyung laughed seeing Jimin's excitement.

" It's nice to have a twin, right ?", Hoseok asked.

" Yeah..", Taehyung replied smiling. " And it's really hard and painful to get separated from your twin."

" Do you miss him ? Where is he now ?", Hoseok asked

" Hmm..He just entered into SNU college of medicine."

" oh..wow ! He is studying in Seoul's national university ? So he is near to us. You can go and meet him often.", Hoseok said.

" Your brother is gonna be a doctor and you are going to take over your Dad's business. Wow !", Jimin squealed.

" Yeah..But we both just entered into college. I am sure he will become a successful Doctor one day but don't know what's gonna happen to me."

" You will become a successful business man, more famous than your Dad.", Jimin said sipping on his juice. " What's your brother's name ? Is he more handsome than you ?"

" Jae..his name is Jaehyun. Hmm..yeah. He is more handsome than me. "

" Oh..Really ?", Hoseok asked with wide eyes. He was more than surprised because Taehyung is already the most beautiful person he has ever met and he was thinking how a more handsome person will look like. " Show us your brother's pic."

" okay..", Taehyung smiled and fished in his pocket for his phone. " oh..! .Spinach..! I think I left my phone at dorm. How the hell did I forgot ? Jae said he will call me later. "

" Oh..you forgot ? We are already late. We will be really late if you go to get it now.", Jimin said chewing his last bit of sandwich.

" Hmm..let's go to class. I will get it later. C'mon.", Taehyung said and stood up, looking around to find a trash bin to dumb their juice boxes. Hoseok had already finished eating. Jimin gets up from the chair slurping the last dregs of his juice down. He feels satisfied hearing the obnoxiosly loud breathy sound made by the empty straw in the juice box.

Jimin and Hoseok starts to walk but realizing Taehyung has not yet moved his legs a bit from the table, they looks back and sees a really shocked looking Taehyung standing still, with wide open mouth and his wide eyes blinking as he stares at a particular spot, with an empty juice box in one hand and an empty paper plate in other hand, his both hands shivering.

" Tae..what happened ?"

" J..J..Jae...I- I..wh..what's happening to me ?"


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