Death Ninja

Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Three days later, Naruto watched his daughter run around with the other children before he let her know he was there to pick her up. He stood leaning against a tree not far away with a smile across his face as Azumi ran giggling as she followed the other children and tackled each other.

"She seems to take after you a lot more than Sakura would like." He heard making him look around and find Sasuke walking up to him.

"She's still got plenty of her mother in her." Naruto chuckled as he looked back as Azumi was tackled by Shikamaru's young daughter. "Although Sakura-Chan thinks she'll only grow up to be more like me."

"Let's hope not. We don't need another dobe running around the village." Naruto rubbed the back of his head and chuckled before he glanced at Azumi who had finally caught sight of him. She laughed as she ran up to him and jumped as he bent and lifted her into the air.

"You have fun today?"

"Yeah! Iruka-sensei said he's gonna start teachin me some stuff. He said I might have trouble." She looked confused as she wondered aloud. "He said we see who I take after….. What that mean?"

"Let's see who's chakra you have first." Naruto smiled as he placed her on the ground to let her walk beside him. "Come on, mama's waiting at home." Azumi giggled as she started running off in front of him. "Don't go runnin off, Azumi."

"Okay, daddy." She smiled over her shoulder as she continued to run not looking where she was going until she hit something and fell backwards hard. "ow." She whined softly before she looked up to see what it was.

"Didn't your father just tell you not to go running off?" Minato asked as he picked her up and sat her on her feet again. Azumi looked away sadly before nodding. Minato smirked as Naruto and Sasuke walked up to see her being scolded for running off.

"Looks like she will be having trouble." Sasuke commented before he chuckled softly. "Should we go warn the fifth?"

"She's got some of Sakura, she'll be fine." Naruto smiled as he looked down at the confused girl.

"Even if she does take after you, she'll be perfectly fine." Kushina smiled up at her son as Azumi giggled and started off again making him sigh and say goodbye before he had to follow after her with Sasuke beside him.

"Azumi." Naruto called making her stop dead in her tracks and wait for the two men to catch up to her. "You still want to come over for dinner tonight?" Naruto laughed as Azumi began to run in circles around the two making both men smile.

"Yeah. We need to start talking about getting this war done and over with."

"Yeah, we want to get that done and over with as soon as we can so we can stop leaving Azumi behind for long periods of time." Azumi stopped and looked up at her father with her bright green eyes.

"You and Mama gonna leave again?" Naruto looked down at his daughter and knew that when it was time to leave again he would have a hard time leaving her home while he and Sakura went into battle and may not return.

"Not for a while." Naruto told her as she grabbed his hand and they walked up to the house to find Sakura working on dinner. Naruto walked over and kissed Sakura's cheek as Azumi wrapped her arms around her leg to give her a hug. In a split second the girl was gone to grab Sasuke's hand to show him the doll Naruto and Sakura had just gotten her. Sakura smiled as Naruto laughed at Sasuke when the young girl made him sit on the floor and play along.

"How was training today?" Sakura glanced at Naruto who had found a spot on the counter to lean on to watch Azumi and Sasuke play.

"Not bad. Still trying to get that one jutsu finished. How was the hospital?"

"Not too bad. It seems like the number of patients has dropped drastically. We're all hoping it stays down. Fewer patients mean less fighting and less of us have to be on."

"About that. We're gonna have to figure out a plan and go talk to Granny and the others soon. The sooner we get this over with the better."

"I completely agree but maybe we should put it off for a little while longer." She glanced at him as he looked at her confused. "Say about ten months or so." He looked at her even more confused as she began to smirk and watched as her suggestion slowly sunk in. He looked at her not knowing exactly what to think or say.

"Are you…" Naruto said low and trailed off as he saw Sakura begin to smile and nod before Naruto wrapped his arms around her and swung her around in the kitchen laughing making Sasuke look over cocking an eyebrow and Azumi tilted her head slightly as they watched Naruto and Sakura.

"Why is mama and daddy actin funny, uncle Sasuke?" Azumi asked making Sasuke turn back to her.

"Why don't you go find out?" he watched as her face lit up and she took off running out to her parents. He gave a small smirk as he saw Naruto pick her up with a bright smile as she asked why they were acting like that. He decided he would follow so he would be able to get her out of the way if need be. Over the past month he had been back in the village he had become a baby sitter to the little girl and a helper to her parents.

"Why you act funny?" she asked as Sasuke walked up to the other side of the counter.

"yeah, what's all the excitement?" he asked as he lean on the counter and watched Naruto and Sakura look at each other with bright smiles.

"We're happy." Sakura started to explain while Naruto smirked and went to get a snack before dinner. "You're going to be a big sister." The little girls face went bright before she started to cheer. Sasuke looked between the two as Naruto chuckled at his daughter.

"Are you two serious?" Naruto and Sakura both nodded.

"We should go talk with Granny tomorrow and we can start planning." Naruto told them as he and Sakura began setting the table and setting the food on the table.

"Have you three talked about what you want to do?" Tsunade asked as she sat behind her desk while the rest of the room was filled with friends to help plan, and strategize. The three looked at each other before Sasuke sat back in his seat.

"We did come up with the beginning of the plan. We wanted to wait till everyone was together to be able to plan everything out." Sakura told her. "We planned on starting our full attack in about nine or ten months." Tsunade looked at her confused.

"Why wait? We have a perfect opportunity to take them all down now." Ino said.

"Because we'll definitely need me Sasuke and Sakura up front." Naruto told her, "but we need to wait so that we'll be able to have everything planned right and make sure everyone will be able to go into battle."

"I don't get it. If we're all ready now, why not make our move?" Kiba asked confused as Tsunade looked between the three from team 7 and smiled.

"Alright. We'll start planning strategies for eleven months from now, but if attacks must be made sooner, we need to be able to compensate for those we might be missing."

"So where do we go from here?"

"We work slowly and go from reports we get in." Minato said from his spot in the back of the room. "We have only small talk to go on as of right now. I suggest we send teams to gather what information we can before we make our move." The group all agreed and Tsunade told them she would send out a couple ANBU teams to see what they bring back.

"Everyone is dismissed…. Except you two." Tsunade announced.

"You guys are in for it now." Ino teased as she left with the others. As soon as the door shut behind the group Sakura began to speak.

"We're sorry. We really didn't mean for this to happen. We-" Tsunade smirked and glanced at Naruto as he covered her mouth.

"Let granny talk, I'm pretty sure she knows we didn't plan this." He smirked as Sakura looked from him back to Tsunade and was silent.

"I wanted to check and make sure the baby is alright after your fight last month. Besides the fact I want to know why you waited for this big meeting to say anything."

"I found out yesterday and we needed everyone to understand that we need to make plans just in case." Sakura told her.

"Did you tell Azumi yet?"

"Yeah, she's excited." Naruto chuckled. The three got up and walked out of the Hokage tower together they found a small group just outside with Azumi talking. Tsunade smirked as Sakura bent and gave Azumi a hug before Naruto picked her up.

Naruto and Sakura had him watch Azumi while they had a day to themselves to travel to a small hot spring just before the two men left; he of course had no idea how to take care of the little girl full time. He had taken the girl to the park so she would play with the other kids and he wouldn't have to worry about what to do with her. He looked away to see more children run up, not noticing that was his eyes shifted the young girl took her chance. Sasuke's dark gray eyes widened as he searched the crowd of children for Azumi.

"shit." He mumbled under his breath as he turned and started looking around for the young girl. He started wandering around calling for her making the other adults roll their eyes and walk away. "Have you seen-"

"The demons spawn? No." one villager woman scoffed as she turned and walked away. Sasuke looked after her shocked to hear the comments that began to rise. "He probably killed her." "Yeah, it's the only way he can beat that beast." "That child was nothing but trouble anyway." Sasuke looked around; these people were speaking as if he and Naruto were kids again. These people should have been grateful to Naruto, he had risked his life to save every one of them and here they were talking behind his back, talking about the sweet little girl who had done nothing but be born to Naruto and Sakura. Sasuke was about to open his mouth to retort but was stopped as Ino walked out in front of him.

"Lose Azumi?" Sasuke only looked at her speechless. "She's goes missing every now and again. Usually it's when the ungrateful hags start talking." She gave a small glare over her shoulder as the gathered women scoffed and walked away angrily. "Come on I'll help you look. I know a few of the places she runs off to but some only Naruto and her know." Sasuke could only nod and follow as she walked past the other women. The two walked around as Ino took Sasuke to a few of the special hiding spots.

"I guess you've done this before?"

"Yeah, a few times. The villagers really need to learn to be thankful. They start shooting their mouth off like that and hurt her feelings when she never even did anything at all. Sometimes I wish Naruto wasn't so forgiving."

"You really hate those villagers."

"Of course. They talk behind my best friends' backs and they make all kinds of comments to their daughter making her ask questions and finding out things she shouldn't. They make her really upset and it took everything in Naruto and Sakura not to go after the villagers, especially the one time."

"What happened?"

"Tsunade made sure she took care of it but we've all been fighting this battle since Naruto and Sakura got together. The villagers thought it would be entertaining to see how the 'demon spawn' reacted to things. A few got together and beat her." Sasuke watched as she clenched and unclenched her fists as she spoke. "They're lucky Kiba and Hinata were the ones who found them. They were more concerned about breaking the group up and getting Azumi taken care of. Naruto and Sakura were so upset… I never want to see the look in their eyes or the way Azumi looked that day. Naruto and Sakura talked for a long time before they decided to let it go, they said that the villagers would never stop and them going out to do something about this would only make them hate them more. Tsunade obviously wouldn't stand for it and she arrested the villagers and put them in jail for a week."

"Good, they deserved much worse." He told her as he thought about how anyone could hurt that poor defenseless little girl, then a thought hit him, it was just like when they were younger. Suddenly he was snapped out of his thoughts when a young girl ran up to them.

"Aunt Ino!" she stopped painting in front of her. "There's some low rank ninja picking on a little girl. They were hitting her and everything and…. And I think its Master Naruto's daughter." Ino glanced at Sasuke. "Sakumo, Akane and Hirumi are fighting them off now." The girl was near tears now as she explained what the ninja were doing.

"What's wrong Naomi?" asked Shikamaru as he walked up and saw the daughter of one of his best friends look up at him as tears began to flow.

"It seems the ninja are starting things now. Azumi took off again and Naomi said ninja were going after her. Your daughter is fighting them with Sakumo and Akane." Ino explained.

"Naomi, go get your father and the others, tell them where to meet us and that it has to do with Azumi, they'll know what it means." The girl looked up at him and nodded as the three adults took off. "They are really lucky Naruto isn't here. I don't think he would be so forgiving this time."

"What's wrong with Azumi?" called Minato as he and Kushina joined them.

"Ninja's are taking advantage of Naruto and Sakura's absence." Ino said making them angry. "Naomi said they are .on the other side of the village, back by the wall behind the Uchiha and Aburame houses." The group watched as Sasuke suddenly disappeared leaving them all to run as fast as they could gather more and more of the old friends as they went.

"What's the matter demon spawn? Did yer monster father go nuts and kill both of yer parents?" one Ninja asked as four walked up to her. She looked up with tears in her now dull green eyes.

"Go tell the others we found a monster we need to protect the village from." Another chuckled as a third took off only to return a few minutes later with fifteen others. "Looks like it will take everything we have to keep it from getting to the village. We'll all be heroes when we tell the Hokage that it took after its monstrous father and attacked us. We had to do our duty and protect the village." The other laughed not noticing the four children hiding in the bushes.

"Go tell someone and bring my dad." Sakumo told Naomi as he pulled a kunai.

"Go get all of our parents. We'll hold them off for a bit and try to get Azumi out of there." Hirumi said as she did a few hand signs and smirked at Naomi. "Azumi's always got our back, these ninja are gonna be sorry." Naomi nodded and took off as she heard Azumi cry out.

The three children jumped out with Sakumo leading them into battle, he jumped in front of Azumi and blocked a kunai as Hirumi and Akane brought Azumi to her feet.

"You okay?" Akane asked as she used her sleeve to dry her best friend's eyes. "Come on, Azumi; let's get you out of here."

"No, you guys go. They only want to hurt my daddy and mommy. Daddy will take care of them, and I won't let them get away with what they were saying. Go get your moms and dads; I think I can hold out for a little bit, daddy was teaching me a little bit before he left."


"Oh so the little brats want to join in. Let's see if you children can handle it." One ninja said as he pulled more weapons.

"Wait Dai." One grabbed his arm to stop him. "That kid… he's the copy ninja's kid. You attack and you'll have the copy ninja out for your head."

"Let go of me Aki." Dai pulled his arm free and readied to fight when he was stopped again.

"Dai, look, those kids are the kids of the great ninja's. They'll have their entire clans out after us."

"Shut up Aki, we finish them all off and no one will know. We'll just tell them that the demon spawn killed 'em." He saw the four kids put their backs together ready to fight. "They want to fight beside the demon spawn, they will die beside it. Let their clans come, I'll kill anyone who sides with that Monster!" he and several of the other ninja began their assault, throwing weapons and attacking hand to hand. After only five minutes Sakumo and Akane were back to back while Hirumi and Azumi were trying to stay on their feet and near each other to help. It only last for an instant longer when all four were attacked hard and thrown in random directions. Sakumo and Azumi began to get up very slowly when Dai went after Azumi only to be stopped just before he hit her. He looked up to find two red sharingons staring at him.

"You have a problem?" Sasuke asked as he pushed the man backwards making him stumble. The other ninja looked around as the others came from nowhere. Sasuke turned around and found Azumi back on her feet looking hard at Dai. "You okay?"

"Yeah, thanks uncle Sasuke." She smiled up at him making the ninja who were fighting look at Dai then around as the parents of the children fighting made sure the child was fine and began to move closer.

"How could you all side with the demon and his spawn? They will be the end of us all!" Dai shouted. "You will all see when it comes time for our war, they will not help you."

"I told you who those kids were! Dai, I told you they would come!" screamed Aki as he shoved Dai.

"We should have been faster; they would have never known the difference between us killing them and the monster."

"Stop it!" everyone turned to see Azumi limp her way out from behind everyone. She looked up at the ninja with a small smirk. "You don't know anything about me or daddy, so before you go after us and try to hurt us you should learn." The man frowned at her and went to grab her only to see her gone and behind him with a smirk the crowd knew well. "My name's Azumi Uzumaki, and like my daddy, I won't lose to someone like you!"

"Why you little-"the man pulled a kunai and went to stab her only to have an electrified sword through his chest. "How…?"

"Don't mess with my niece. You don't know what an Uchiha can do to you to make the little life you have left a living hell." Sasuke warned as he twisted his sword free and let the body fall with a dull thud. He looked at the others as they cowered away from him and the others stepped in.

"You seem to forget the little incident with Pein, where Naruto saved every single one of your sorry asses." Ino said making a man named Eiji glared at her hard before he did two hand sighs and was off towards Ino while his seven men spread out and began going after the children and whoever was closest to them. Aki and his nine men stood back not wanting to get into any more trouble than they were already in. As they came closer and kept the adults occupied, three ninja snuck behind them and attacked the children as they all huddled together. As the three men came down to hit them a figure appeared knocking them backwards hitting the ground hard enough to knock them out leaving the figure kneeling on one knee.

The other looked behind them to see Naruto stand up turning his furious blue eyes to look at the other ninja making them all stop in their tracks.

"Naruto." He heard several of his friends whisper knowing that he was furious and about ready to kill the ninja.

"Sakura take care of the kids." He called over his shoulder as Sakura came out of the trees to kneel next to the children and started to heal their wounds. Everyone watched as Naruto began walking through the crowd to stand in front of them and look each ninja in the eye.

"Sakura what are you guys doing back so soon?" Ino asked as she went to her friend's side.

"Naruto taught Azumi how to summon a toad. She was able to get one to us and we came back as fast as we could." Sakura smiled and hugged Azumi. "You did wonderful sweetheart. Now let your father take care of the rest."

"Why did you go after her?" Naruto asked as each ninja looked at him before looking away. "You have a problem you come after me, not my daughter!" he yelled at them as his friends and parents stepped forward. "Let me correct that…. You have a problem you don't go after children, you come after us!" the group behind him smirked as the ninja took two steps backwards.

"We're sorry. We were only following orders." Aki told them as he took a step forward looking at the ground still. "Dai was ordered to gather ninja together and kill the little girl. Dai said that the orders came from up high but wouldn't say who. She said it was an order and we couldn't go back on it, so we had to do whatever it took to kill her." Naruto walked forward with Sasuke, Kakashi and Minato behind him.

"Is that all you know?" the man looked Naruto dead in the eyes making Naruto nod. "I see." He grabbed the man's arm roughly and pulled him along with him to the side as Sasuke followed while Minato and Kakashi got the others to begin rounding the remaining ninja before following Naruto and Sasuke.

"Tell me everything!" Naruto demanded.

"All I really know is Dai was in some secret society and he would occasionally get missions from them and we would go out. He would never say anything about who it was, but it was always someone up high. He said that if we didn't go with him to do this and farther missions then the higher ups would make sure we and our families were killed. They might still now that we didn't even try after everyone came." He started to panic.

"Relax." Minato said. "You and your men did good not following orders all the way through."

"But if they found out already-"

"Kushina!" Minato called his love over. "Get two people for every ninja that followed this man and go to their families. Protect them and get them to safety."

"Where do you want us to all meet?"

"Uchiha province." Sasuke said. "There are more than enough places for them to live if need be and it is one of the easier places to keep safe." Kushina gave a nod and took off to start separating and heading out.

"What were the farther missions?" Naruto asked making the other men turn back to him.

"We were to kill your daughter and anyone who stood with her, then move to lady Sakura and anyone in our way, then slowly anyone standing with you and the higher up would take care of you." Naruto glanced at Sakura still healing the little wounds on the children. "Dai said that we wouldn't need to go any farther than lady Sakura. He told us that killing her and the child she carries would destroy you." Naruto stood stunned. He knew there were only four who knew about the pregnancy, three of which were in the field at that moment. Kakashi, Minato and Sasuke looked from the ninja to the stunned Naruto.

"Naruto?" Minato raised an eyebrow looking at his son as he turned and smirked as he rubbed the back of his head.

"If we didn't know about the pregnancy, how did you?" Sasuke asked looking back at the ninja.

"I told you it was all from the higher ups told to Dai and Dai would tell us." Aki started to panic as Sasuke turned his Sharingon on.

"Sasuke relax." Naruto said putting his hand on his friend's shoulder. "We need to start making preparations for the 'higher ups'. I have an idea who they are and I had a few problems with them in the past." He turned and began walking over to Sakura.

"You find out what's going on?" she asked as Naruto hugged his daughter.

"Yeah, found out more than that. Looks like the Elders found out." She looked at him shocked before looking at the others standing around. "Feel like taking them on again?"

"We're going to need Tunade's help." Naruto nodded and smiled down at his daughter and the other children. "I think we may have a little extra help. Sasuke I want you to get Ino and take half the kids and get Shikamaru and Temari to take the other half. Meet us at the Hokage tower and wait for us to send a signal. Get everyone else there too but stay in two groups." Before anyone could ask any questions Naruto grabbed Sakura and they were gone.

"What do you think he's planning?" Minato asked as he looked at the spot where Naruto and Sakura were just standing.

"Knowing Naruto, it could be anything." Sasuke said as he looked down at the group of children. "Naruto has a knack for being unpredictable."

"We did good right?" Azumi asked looking up at Sasuke and the others.

"You sure did. You were all wonderful." Minato said as he knelt down. "Did your mother heal everything?"

"Yeah. Mommy said that I heal kinda like daddy." Minato looked at her then up at the two men standing. "She said that daddy and key-o-be…kyo-" she furrowed her brows as she tried to get the word out.


"Yeah… Mommy said I take after them a very little bit."

"You heal like your father?" Minato was confused; the only way for anyone to heal like he did was to have the kyuubi within them and he knew for a fact that kyuubi was still contained within his son. His granddaughter nodded happily.

"We'll have to ask Tsunade how that could be possible." Kakashi said as his son went to his side. "Sakumo, I want you to go get your mother and tell her to gather the other sensei's and meet us at the Hokage tower." The young boy nodded at his father and started running.

"Let's get moving, it's going to take a while to get to the others with the children." Sasuke said as he looked at the three remaining children. The group started on their way to the Hokage tower to wait for the signal.

"Granny" Naruto called as he and Sakura ran into her office. "We might have a problem soon."

"What are you talking about? Why are you two back so early?"

"I taught Azumi to summon one of the toads. She sent us a message and we got back as fast as we could. It seems the elders have set up a way to get me to stop fighting. They sent a group of ninja after Azumi and they were going to kill her and the other kids then Sakura."

"What? Where did you find all that out?"

"Several of the ninja didn't want any part of it and told us everything they knew, including the pregnancy." He said low making Tsunade stand up extremely pissed. "Call them for a meeting today in three hours. We have a plan." He smirked and watched her give a nod before he and Sakura left to meet everyone down at the entrance.

"So what are you up to dobe?" Sasuke asked as he saw Naruto and Sakura walk up to them smiling.

"I got something for you to do for me." Naruto gave him a mischievous smirk. "I actually have a job for everyone. I need to have several people ready to fight when I need them and I need a few to fake one. Sakura is going to go with you Sasuke and you're going to take the half the ninja with you. I want you to hold her somewhere where everyone will see her knocked out and you'll come after me with all of the elder's ninja. I want the kids to come running as we're fighting and start talking about how they found Azumi dead. Split up and leave only a few here and take the rest." He turned to Aki. "I want you to lead the attack on me with Sasuke. I think we may need some help before we go doing this."

"You have a whole plan in that short of time?" Ino asked looking from the smiling Naruto to the smirking Sakura.

"He's smarter than he looks Ino." Naruto looked at her to argue but was stopped when Sakura smirked. "We only have three hours we better get started, kids stay here." Naruto nodded as they moved off to the side where they were under cover and they faced each other five paces away from each other.

"You ready?" Naruto asked as Sakura took a deep breath and nodded.

"Only if you and kyuubi are." The two began making hand signs faster than any of the others could see. Once done the hand signs they both put both their hands on the ground in front of them making dust fly up around everyone. Once the dust settled they saw Naruto and Sakura smile to each other before Naruto lunged forward and caught Sakura as she passed out.

"Sakura!" Ino called out and ran over to Naruto's side and looked down at Sakura. "Is she alright.

"She'll be fine. She doesn't have much chakra when she's pregnant and she passes out." Naruto looked down at Sakura as he scooped his other hand under her knees and stood up while the others stood staring at him shocked.

"Naruto, what did you just…. Say? Sakura's pregnant?" Ino asked as the others stepped forward to look at what they created. "And I can't believe you two made that thing." She pointed to the figure they created to look like a dead Azumi.

"We can make almost anything but this is probably the most for now. We can make living copies of people when Sakura has her full Chakra pool."

"So let me get this right, you can't do that because Sakura's chakra pool is low and it's low because she's pregnant?" Ino looked at him sternly as he chuckled softly.

"Yeah, about that." Naruto glanced down at Sakura before walking back out into the open where the kids stood with Hinata and Tenten.

"Sakura." Tenten whispered making Hinata and the children look at Naruto carrying Sakura back over to them. "What happened? She going to be okay?"

"She'll be fine and will be able to do much more in about seven or eight months." Ino smirked as she walked up to them.

"What?" Hinata asked confused.

"That's why everything was put on hold. The Hokage wants us to wait for the baby to be born before we make any moves."

"Sakura's pregnant?"

"Guess everyone knows now." Sakura whispered making everyone around look at her as her pale green eyes cracked. "I need to lie down for a while and build my chakra back up."

"I know, go to sleep for now." Naruto told her and watched her eyes closed "we have almost three hours. I need someone to take what we made up where they attacked set the scene and then come back so we can set the rest up. I'm gonna take Sakura to Granny and we'll get everything moving." Azumi, come on I have some things I want you to do." The girl looked at him happily as she walked along beside him.

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