Death Ninja

Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Naruto and a rested Sakura stood in the Hokage's office with Tsunade and the elders. Naruto was in yet another argument with the elders about their control when one of the ninja stepped in playing his part as he made everyone follow him out to find the other following the plan to a tee.

"That Uchiha went nuts, he joined up with a bunch of ninja and is demanding Naruto face him."

"What?" Naruto said as he took off out the door with the others following him. Tsunade and Sakura glanced at each other as they left the office with slight smirks as the elders smiled and went after Naruto.

"Naruto, we finish this here and now." Sasuke said as Naruto walked up to him. "and just so we know you won't be going anywhere…" several of the ninja jumped from nowhere and grabbed Sakura pulling her away from the others and knocking her out with 'chemicals' making Naruto turn looking furious at Sasuke.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Naruto shouted at him as he pulled a kunai. "Let her go!" Sasuke knew he had to play this to its fullest and smirked evilly as he watched Naruto get ready to 'fight' him.

"Come on dobe, I'll finish this and end the torture you're putting this village through." Everyone watched as the two lunged at each other. Tsunade looked up and saw Naruto and Sasuke as they actually fought. She glanced over to Sakura who was pretending to be unconscious and then to the elders who had small smiles on their faces as they watched Sasuke and Naruto battled back and forth. She started to make her way over to Sakura when Sasuke appeared in front of her.

"Why you-" Tsunade went for him before he appeared a few feet away.

"Stay away from her or I'll have my men kill her."Naruto slammed himself into him forcing his attention back onto him. As they were just beginning to have fun they were brought back to their plan when three children ran into the clearing screaming only to be caught by Kakashi, Anko, Rin and Obito.

"Dad! Dad!" Sakumo screamed as he and the two girls ran up opening their eyes wide at what they saw. They had known the adults were going to play around but the sight of Naruto and Sasuke fighting made him completely forget.

"Sakumo!" Anko called to him making him snap out of his thoughts "what's wrong?"

"It's… its Azumi. The ninja attacked her. They're trying to kill her!" Kakashi glanced over his shoulder to see Naruto stop and look over only to have a heavy fist then body slam into his chest throwing him backwards.

"Sakumo I want you to take the girls to a safe place and stay there until we get you." Kakashi told him and watched him and the two girls run into the cover of the trees not far away while the four adults took off to make a show of finding Azumi 'dead'. Sakura looked up at the elders to find them looking mighty pleased with themselves. She glanced and saw the ninja kneeling beside her.

"Looks like its working."

"For now. We just need the rest of this plan to fall into place." She whispered back and glanced at Naruto and Sasuke. "They're using this as a way to rematch." She sighed and shook her head slightly. "They can be such children sometimes." The elders watched entertained by Naruto and Sasuke going at it, until Kakashi dropped and started running to Tsunade with a limp child in his arms. He stopped and laid the little child down as Tsunade kneeled down and checked for life signs. Finding none she looked up at Naruto sadly as he glanced over to see the cotton candy pink hair smeared with blood and Tsunade looking sympathetically at him. Sasuke glanced quickly knowing that was the que and he ran at Naruto jamming his electrified sword through Naruto's chest making him fall backwards and to his knees. Sasuke watched as the other ninja played their part and drug a kunai across Sakura's neck as she screamed for Naruto. Naruto watched as he could only think one thing as he watched.

"it's fake, Sakura's not really being killed, it's all fake" he repeated to himself over and over again until he heard his friends scream his name as Sasuke swung his sword taking his head from his shoulders. Their friends could only stand and watch horrified at what they saw as Sasuke turned his sharingon eyes up to look at them then over to the elders.

"I knew we should never have agreed to let you back into the village!" called one as Tsunade stood not knowing if this was all part of the plan or if it was for real now.

"Do you have no mercy?" another called out from behind Tsunade as Sasuke started walking towards them.

"Killing a pregnant woman, even if it is the demon's sex slave, is in no way tolerated!" a third called out as he came closer and Danzo began walking out in front of the group. They watched as Danzo and Sasuke stopped in front of each other only staring at first until Danzo's mouth started to curl into a smile.

"You seem to be a great fighter. You have come at the perfect time, and I see my men have gotten my word to you." Sasuke only looked into his eyes as he continued. "You have taken out the first two major obstacles in the way of controlling Konoha. The rest stand all around you. I will grant you the ability to become the Hokage after me if you bring this era of insolent fools to an end." Sasuke narrowed his eyes as he glanced at the friend's beginning to circle around him. He knew if he didn't get moving with the plan they were bound to attack him not knowing anything. He gave a quick nod and saw several get ready to charge when he swung his sword and jumped behind Danzo trying to take his life quickly only to be stopped by Danzo and his kunai.

"Then I'll start with you." Sasuke pushed hard sliding both of them backwards to reset.

"Why you- you only came back to destroy us all and take over for yourself." Danzo called out making everyone look between the two not knowing if they should help Sasuke or Danzo. Minato, Kushina, Kakashi and Tsunade ran over to Sakura as they saw her chest slowly rise and fall as the blood pooled around her. They all knelt down as Tsunade was about to heal the gash she saw there was no life in the body before her.

"Looks like it was believable." They heard a whisper from the bushes making them jump and look up. Naruto smiled as he came closer careful not to be spotted. "Nice effect huh?" he chucked softly and saw Tsunade and Kushina look at the headless body still on the battle field then back at Naruto.

"How…?" Tsunade looked at him confused then down at the body of Sakura. "What about her?"

"Sakura-Chan and I worked hard on these, we only used them once before and they worked pretty damn well."

"But you're supposed to be dead and where's Sakura?"

"Sakura's sleeping; the amount of chakra it took really put her over the edge. We made these and hide them close. We had to make sure our timing was perfect or one of us could really be killed. It's a real pain in the ass."

"So you weren't hurt?" Kushina asked making Naruto shrug.

"Somewhat. Sakura got out before she had anything done but sometime we have to take a few hits before we can go anywhere."

"So how many did you take before you got out?" Minato asked his son and watched him smirk before glancing at Sasuke fighting Danzo.

"Naruto?" Tsunade got his attention making him look back at her. "You're bleeding." Everyone looked down at the blood as it seeped through his shirt making everyone worry, remembering the sword through his chest.

"I know." Naruto shrugged as his blue eyes went back to Sasuke as Danzo through him across the field. "Damn it Sasuke. I told you." he whispered to himself as the others only looked at him shocked.

"You took that sword to the chest and you don't care?" Kakashi asked raising his eyebrow as Naruto smirked and shook his head.

"Sasuke and I knew exactly what we were doing. That amount of his chidor couldn't hurt me. Besides we had to get me out somehow and if I switched before I was stabbed the fake would have just fallen and it wouldn't have looked real."

"Naruto that was a stupid plan." Tsunade scolded as she saw him shrug and grab a kunai in each hand.

"Keep an eye on Sakura, she's never used so much Chakra she didn't have before." Tsunade, Kakashi, Minato and Kushina could only open their mouths before he was gone and on the field once again. Tsunade glanced back as Naruto showed up suddenly between the charging Danzo and the exhausted Sasuke before she crawled through the bushes to find Sakura sleeping and immediately went to work checking her and the unborn child over. The other three saw Tsunade begin to work and turned back to watch the fight hearing Naruto and Sasuke calling to each other as they started taking turns fighting Danzo.

"Bout time dobe!"

"Looked like you could use some help."

"A little sooner next time, dork!"

"Quit complaining ya bastard!" Naruto and Sasuke jumped back landing next to each other with smirks as they charged and attacked with power in perfect unison. Their eyes went wide as their fists hit dead center of his chest and the body disintegrated. The two men landed and slid to a stop looking around. "You still got a few moves to keep up?" Naruto asked with a bright smile as the red started to swim in his bright blue eyes. Sasuke could only smirk as he made six hand signs and a wave of chakra flowed over him and out hitting everyone around making them step backwards. Naruto saw Sasuke's eyes turn blood red, his black hair grew slightly longer as the color tinged with a purple, his body began to glow slightly as electric waves danced across his skin.

"Enough for you?"

"Nice." Naruto said before he was surrounded by red chakra and the kyuubi took over control. "Let's go get rid of this fool, before he does something utterly ridicules to piss the kit off even more." The kyuubi said to Sasuke making the spectators weary. Suddenly they were gone leaving everyone to look around before they heard screams come from the opposite direction. The parents of children and Ino went running towards the screams while Minato, Kushina, Rin, Obito, Tsunade, Kiba and Hinata staid to look after the elders and Sakura who Tsunade had decided to pull out of the bushes.

"What's going on?" Rin asked as everyone gathered together. "What was that all about?"

"Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke seem to have come up with a plan to draw out anyone that was out for their blood." Tsunade said as the elders looked away crossing their arms disapproving. "It's better than them coming after all of you to kill you." they looked at her knowing her temper was flaring. "Someone did send ninja after their daughter while they were away after all. I guarantee every one of you would do the same in their position."

"Danzo sent ninja after a child?" one of the elder women asked.

"Yes, he wanted to kill her then Sakura and he figured he would leave Naruto to destroy himself."

"But Naruto wouldn't." Hinata broke in making everyone look at her as she trailed off shyly.

"The demon would after seeing his daughter, mate and unborn child killed." A man told her making every one look around confused before their eyes fell on Tsunade.

"Unborn child?" Kushina asked worriedly.

"Yeah. They found out a few days ago and were going to tell everyone today but this plan had to be worked out and I guess things slipped their mind. They have been doing a lot of things lately."

"But to let something like that slip their minds… they didn't even mention it." Kushina said as she looked down at her daughter in law. "Is the baby alright?"

"It's perfectly fine, Sakura's Chakra pool on the other hand has taken a beating again…." Tsunade looked down at Sakura still fast asleep. "And she wonders why I take her off duty completely when they find out."

"Why?" Minato asked confused.

"It happened last time when she was pregnant with Azumi. The pregnancy seems to take almost all of her chakra from her leaving her with a small amount to do small things with. It's only because of her and Naruto training together when they were younger that she has any left at all."

"What do you mean?"

"Naruto was born with a large chakra pool and it only grew as he began stretching it and mixing the foxes with his own, Sakura was born with a normal amount. The two used to do missions together where more chakra was required and Naruto started using all of his. They found a way to work together and train to stretch and make the chakra pool larger."

"You can do that? I heard it was only a theory." Rin was amazed that the young couple had figured a way to do something that many great ninja before them could not. "Did they really surpass everyone?"

"They've been far passed everyone since they were young teens."

"What do you suggest we do now?" asked one of the elders.

"I need to get Sakura out of here and to safety then we can stat finding out exactly what's going on and go from there." Tsunade ordered and watched as the elders started backing away making Tsunade follow their eyes and see Sakura starting to glow red before it suddenly disappeared.

"What the hell was that?" Kiba asked as everyone took a step back and Tsunade knelt next to Sakura. He looked over her student before she started to call her name.

"Sakura?" She only laid there, that's when the others began to realize what was going on. "Sakura, wake up. This isn't funny. Sakura!" Tsunade demanded as she moved to check her vital signs once more to find them nearly gone and fading fast. "damn." She bit her thumb and summoned Katsuyu. "I want you to go to Ino in that direction and Naruto in that direction. Tell them to get their asses back here, there's a problem." She pause and caught the little slug as it divided and was about to leave. "Tell Naruto its Sakura, he'll be back quickly." The little slugs nodded and disappeared.

"What's going on?" Kushina asked as she knelt on the opposite side. Tsunade could only shake her head as she placed her hand over Sakura's middle. Her hands began glowing a pink as Sakura's chest began to stop moving.

"Damn it Sakura, you better be perfectly fine when the brat gets back." She whispered before Hinata moved quickly to the other side next to Kushina and began to do the same thing Tsunade was. She had stood thinking that she wished there was a way that she and Naruto could be together but she never mean it to happen like this. She knew that if Sakura would die, along with their unborn child it really would kill him. She knew what she had to do and just moved before she could think.

"Hinata." Kiba whispered as he saw tears gather in her eyes. He knew Hinata somewhat resented Sakura for being able to be with Naruto so happily with a daughter and one on the way, but he saw she still cared for the old friend and didn't want to have anything happen to her. He looked around before turning and heading off.

"Kiba where are you going?" he heard Rin shout to him.

"I'm going to get Naruto's ass back here faster!" he called over his shoulder before he and Akamaru disappeared into the trees to the side. Rin and Obito looked at each other before moving in the opposite direction.

"If you're going that way bring everyone back, we may need some extra help." Tsunade said and watched Minato look at Kushina who nodded and stood. "You two better go help Kiba, knowing Naruto and Sasuke, they won't top until their job is done and in their state they may not recognize a friend." The two nodded and ran off to help bring Naruto and Sasuke back.

Naruto and Sasuke ran at high speed through the trees trying o catch up to Danzo only to have him slip off again. The two were getting extremely frustrated until they finally caught up to him and blocked every way out. The three began to battle with everything they had letting loose loud explosions and clouds of earth rising high into the sky.

"You two honestly think you'll be able o finish me and protect the others?" Danzo taunted as he bearly dodged another attack from Sasuke only making the young man open to be hit with three quick attacks that Sasuke and Naruto never saw. Sasuke flew backwards, crashing through trees and earth all the same leaving Naruto even angrier.

"You bastard!" he screamed and rushed in once more.

"You better be careful, you don't have that back stabber or that pain in the ass woman to help you out. I bet you won't have anyone to help you. They're probably all too afraid to follow you. They'll probably kick you out of the village and kill that little brat and you're little pregnant slave."Naruto became more and more angry with every sound that came from Danzo's mouth, soon more and more tails began to appear and Sasuke was still knocked out of the fight leaving Naruto with no one to pull him back to reality as he only pushed forward wanting to kill the bustards who dare put his friends and family in danger. Soon Danzo was Laughing as Naruto was almost fully transformed fighting as hard as he could almost winning when he saw five Ninja come into he clearing he had made. He roared at them as Danzo tried to run away. Naruto turned back and went after Danzo once again after placing the five death ninja as not a threat in his mind.

"Naruto?" one of the death ninja whispered as he reached up to take his mask off as three ninja came through the other brush. Making the five pull weapons and prepare to attack until they saw who they were. "Minato?"

"Jiraiya." Minato smiled as he, Kushina and Kiba stopped in front of them. "I guess you finally found me to tell me that they're making an army and about o move soon." Jiraiya took his mask off and smiled at his old student as the others began taking their masks off to reveal their faces.

"Naruto make this?" Kiba asked and watched Jiraiya nod before Kiba looked around and spotted another explosion and led the way. "He transformed." He said low as everyone came up beside him and could only watch as Danzo continued to fight back against Naruto who was obviously going to win.

"You will never be worthy enough to have friends, a wife who loves you or a child who looks up to you, no matter where you go, or what you do, you will always be the nine tailed beast who can only destroy and kill!" Danzo laughed as Naruto roared so loud it was as if the world around them shook.

"Naruto…" Kushina whispered as a small slug appeared on her shoulder.

"I found him a bit ago but I can't get anywhere near him." It told the woman.

"Where the hell is Sasuke?" Kiba looked around and watched Akamaru start t track and found the little pathway Sasuke's body had created.

"Naruto!" Minato called making the fox turn and look at him only to narrow his eyes. "You need to turn back!" the fox only roared and looked back trying to find Danzo once again. As Kushina tried to get her son to turn back and Jiraiya got ready to attack and turn the young man back, Kiba and Akamaru walked back out supporting Sasuke as he breathed heavy and called out to his friend.

"Dobe! Turn back; Kiba said we have a problem! It's Sakura, we have to get back and I sure as hell am not going back with a dobe like you looking like that!" the fox narrowed his eyes and snorted but did as it was told leaving Naruto to fall to his knees breathing heavy as Danzo ran off. Minato ran over to help his son to his feet and watched him wince as he moved.

"What happened?" he gasped as his father helped support him as they walked back to the others who watched amazed.

"We don't know, Tsunade wants you back there hoping you can help." Kushina told him and watched him take a deep breath and close his eyes before he took his full weight and jumped into the trees going back as fast as he could.

"That moron, he's going to wind up killing himself." Sasuke said as he took his own weight from Kiba and took off after Naruto.

"Talking of morons." Kiba mumbled as the group started back talking low about what had been going on. "So you guys came back too?" Kiba asked as he saw Jiraiya's face then looked and realized exactly who the others were.

"We better get back before something happens." Minato said as they started on the way arriving as Naruto hit his knees beside Sakura. "This doesn't look good." He watched his son lean down and put his forehead against Sakura's pale one. They saw Ino and the others walking up with the children and watched Azumi run full speed over to her parents screaming for them before Naruto looked up and pulled her close.

"Did she just-?" Jiraiya asked confused looking at the ones who had been around Naruto recently.

"Yeah, that's Azumi, she's three." Minato said with a smile as the two groups joined together as they watched Naruto talk to Azumi as tears flowed from her bright green eyes.

"you remember what mommy taught you about healing?" the little girl nodded." Okay, I want you to do that and I'll help. You think you can do that?" the girl nodded again. "Alright… let's make mommy feel better." The girl held her hands out so Naruto could place them over Sakura's heart before he put his own on Azumi's back. "okay." Suddenly the girl closed her eyes and a dull pink could be seen around her as Naruto took a deep breath and he was surrounded by the kyuubi's chakra. The group watched as within minutes Sakura was surrounded by the two. Tsunade could only watch as the little girl opened her eyes and back up to Naruto who was still working. Azumi maneuvered herself in his lap and she smiled as she saw her mother's pale green eyes begin to open.

"Daddy look! Mommy's all better!" she cheered as Naruto opened his clear blue eyes and watched Sakura sit up slowly with a small smile.

"I guess it does help to let Kyuubi take the lead once in a while." She smiled as she wrapped her arms around Naruto and Azumi. "Are you both alright?"

"Yeah. When we were hiding some bad ninja's attacked but we fought back and then everyone came and scared 'em off." Azumi told her mother who turned and looked at the group standing not far away.

"Sasuke!" Ino called as Sasuke collapsed as Sakura looked back and saw Naruto struggling to stay awake. Tsunade knew they both were beyond exhausted and knew they all needed a good rest.

"Take him to the hospital and let him rest." She told Ino as Kiba and Obito lifted him up and put him on Akamaru's back. "I want you two there too." She saw Sakura nod and watched Naruto roll his eyes. "You get moving before I drag you there." Naruto smirked as Azumi smiled and stood. He got to his feet slowly and reached to help Sakura to her feet to find she was still too weak to walk. Just as she started to fall back to the ground he scooped her up into his arms.

"Azumi, why don't you stay with us for a bit? We have someone who wants to meet you." Kushina suggested and watched the girl look up at her father who smiled and nodded.

"Stay with your grandparents for now. Be good." Azumi smiled and ran over to Minato who was talking to Jiraiya. "Thanks. I would really like to talk to pervy sage but Tsunade would kick my ass." He chuckled as he started walking towards the hospital leaving everyone behind.

"Daddy said I get to stay with you and grandma till mommy and daddy are all better." Azumi laughed as she ran over to Minato who bent down to talk to her with a bright smile.

"That's wonderful. You did really good helping your mother." Azumi giggled as Kushina walked over with a smile and picked her up making her burst with laughter.

"Jiraiya, meet Azumi, Naruto and Sakura's daughter." Jiraiya could only look at the smiling face. This was a child that he had never though he would be able to see, she was his god son's child, the same god son who had been shut out of everything growing up, the same one who grew up to be more like a grandson to him. Now here in front of him sat a giggling great granddaughter, so to speak.

"Naruto and Sakura's?" came a voice from behind them making them all look and find the other four ninja walking over.

"Who they, grandma?" Azumi pointed and looked up at Kushina.

"They would be more friends. You met Jiraiya… this but let's wait to introduce the others until everyone's here." The girl looked back to the other ninja and smiled.

"Uncle Sasuke gonna be okay? Aunt Ino yelled for him." She asked concerned making Kushina smile.

"Why don't we go and see how everyone is. Your parents should be good as new in a few hours and we'll even check on your uncle so you can tell your dad all about him." The little girl smiled and started to cheer as Kushina put her down and she took off over to Kakashi who was walking over with the rest of the crowd.

"She looks just like Sakura." Jiraiya smiled and watched the girl jump around Kakashi before a young boy grabbed her and talked to her causing a fight amongst the children.

"She may look like her but she acts like Naruto." Kushina told him just as Azumi smirked and charged full speed into Sakumo. "She can be a handful sometimes." The small group began to follow as everyone joined together to go to the hospital to see how everyone was laughing and catching up on information.

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