Death Ninja

Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Naruto sat in the chair with Azumi sleeping in his lap and Sakura sound asleep in her bed. He leaned his head back thinking about what had happened and tried to remember every detail about what happed and how Sakura was poisoned by something that only the dangerous kyuubi chakra and the soft chakra from Azumi could heal. He sat and retreated to speak with Kyuubi and discus how he knew what it was.

"It is something that only demons use in wars. Very potent to a demon, I'm surprised she held on and is doing so well."

"But how was she infected?" Naruto asked racking his brains as he tried to remember every last detail.

"It had to be one of the ninja. If they were able to even place a bit on the skin before she was pulled out it still would take effect. That would also explain why it took so long to take effect and also why it wasn't as potent as it should have been."

"Why did you have me use your chakra and mix it with Azumi's?"

"Because my chakra was too strong and dangerous to help. It was still filled with the anger and hatred form the battle. Adding the brat's chakra to it evened it out enough for the poison to be neutralized and Sakura's body to start healing without affecting the unborn kit."

"Naruto." they both looked into the darkness that was around and them.

"Looks like you gotta do some explaining kit." Naruto sighed as he relaxed and opened his eyes to find a small group waiting for him.

"How's she doing?" Ino asked as she sat on the side of Sakura's bed with her back to Naruto as she turned slightly to look down at the pale face of her best friend.

"She'll be fine. Just needs losts of rest." Naruto smirked and glanced at Sakura before looking at the others.

"Taking a nap?" Sasuke asked raising an eyebrow as he watched Naruto shake his head.

"Was just trying to figure some things out." He looked at Sakura as she turned her head in her sleep. "Kyuubi said the poison that was used is something only demons use in war. It's supposed to be really toxic to demons and he doesn't really understand why it was so weak. It had to have been put on her skin and that's why it took so long to take effect."

"Who would have done that?" Kiba asked looking from the sleeping woman to one of his best friends.

"It had to be one of the ninja who were around her."

"How's Sakura?" Kushina asked as she walked in with the rest of the friends and the death ninja with only Jiraiya being changed into his old clothes like Minato, Kushina, Rin and Obito had done.

"She'll be fine. The poison's completely gone and she's working on building her chakra back up." Tsunade said as she glanced at Naruto who shook his head slightly as he looked back at Sakura sadly for a moment. She smiled as she saw Azumi begin to stir and rub her sleepy eyes before she looked up at everyone confused.

"Did you have a nice nap?" asked Kushina with a bright smile as the girl sat up in Naruto's lap and smiled back at her grandmother.

"Uh huh." Azumi looked over at Sakura still sleeping then up at her father. "When is mommy gonna wake up?"

"When she's all better." Naruto told her with a small smile. Tsunade looked around and noticed the room was crowded.

"Why don't we go outside and talk for a bit? I'm sure we all want to catch up and talk about what comes next."

Naruto walked with the other holding Azumi's hand as they all talked about what they had been doing in the past years Azumi looked around noticing the children weren't with them and only one parent of each child was in the group.

"So you and Sakura finally got together." Jiraiya chuckled as he glanced at the little girl as she skipped along holding Naruto's hand as they entered the park. "And you had a pretty little girl." Azumi smiled at him while Naruto looked at Tsunade before both of them looked at Jiraiya as if waiting for him to continue. "What?" he asked the two confused.

"I believe you just got your answer Naruto." Tsunade smiled making Naruto chuckle and shake his head. "It's just something Naruto said when Azumi was born."

"What did you say?" Kushina was curious as to what was going on.

"I was just making a comment about what pervy sage would say." He told his mother making his father raise an eyebrow before looking at Jiraiya as he started yelling while three young women started giggling.

"I told you not to call me that!" Naruto could only laugh remembering how it had been all those years before.

"yer funny!" Azumi giggled as she watched Jiraiya yell at Naruto before turning to her not knowing what to say. "Daddy, what's pervy sage mean?" she cocked her head to the side as Naruto only smiled at her while Jiraiya started laughing.

"It's a dirty old man." Naruto told her making Jiraiya stop laughing and look sternly at Naruto. "Go play with the kids." He chuckled making her realize that they had walked over to the rest of the group. She ran off to play with the other kids while the others had to stop Jiraiya from going after Naruto.

"why don't we go sit down and we can start talking more." Kushina suggested leading the large group off to the side to talk and reveal a few things they had discovered.

"You're such a dobe."

"Come on bastard." Naruto chuckled as they walked off following the large group only being followed by the death ninja and a few friends. "So what exactly did you find out?" he asked as they all gather under a huge tree.

"A few things, mostly rumors but there's one thing that is a fact." Jiraiya told him. "Madara is getting nervous. He knows how strong you are now and he wants to get you out of the way. He's going to be focusing all of his attention on you, especially now that Sasuke got away from him. He will try to take the nine tails any way he can, even if it means playing dirty." Naruto nodded and glanced at the little girl with pink hair running around laughing.

"He's not the only one." Naruto looked back at Jiraiya as they all looked at him confused. "We've been dealing with people after me for years. We know how to protect everyone."

"Naruto, you should worry about yourself and your family, not the others." Tenten told him making him shake his head but before he could say anything he heard a little voice cry out to him. He sighed as he saw Azumi sitting on the ground crying, holding her knee while the other kids started walking over to her. He started walking over as the others watched him care for the child.

"None of you realize that Naruto and Sakura have been fighting against people since they were put together as a team. It only got worse when they got married and Azumi came along. Naruto and Sakura really do know what they're doing." Tsunade made everyone glance at her then back at Naruto.

"Don't doubt Naruto, he will protect everyone and his family till the end. You should all know that." Sasuke said as he sat down waiting for talk to start again and watching Naruto kneel down and lift the crying Azumi into his arms. "He'll do anything for his friends and family."

"Here, sit next to uncle Sasuke for a minute." He set her down and smirked as she crawled into Sasuke's lap while Naruto pulled a small cloth and bandages from a small pouch on his hip. "Something I don't go anywhere without." He said as he went to work.

"Something you can't go anywhere without." Sasuke commented making Naruto smirk and glance up from his work.

"You're one to talk." Naruto finished bandaging Azumi's knee and smiled. "There, all done. Now go back and play." She smiled as she climbed from Sasuke's lap to give her father a kiss on the cheek.

"Thank you daddy." She smiled and turned to Sasuke with a bright smile. "Uncle Sasuke will you come play with us?"

"I think uncle Sasuke needs to stay here and help me for a little while. Maybe later, now go play nice with the other kids." She smiled and ran off laughing and giggling as she joined in with the other children running around.

"She really doesn't take after you. Huh?" Jiraiya chuckled as he watched the girl follow her father's words.

"You've only seen a little bit of her." Ino smiled. "She takes after him more than you would think."

"Better than Sakura." Naruto chuckled. "Let's just hope she doesn't start acting like Sakura in the academy." Ino smacked the back of his head making several laugh as Ino put her hands on her hips.

"You're lucky it's me and not Sakura here. She'll kill you when she finds out what you said." Ino smirked making Naruto raise an eyebrow.

"If she finds out."

"Lady Tsunade! Master Naruto! She just woke up!" they heard a nurse calling as she ran up to them making every one but the friends who had been around for a while look confused at Naruto's new title. Naruto and Tsunade looked at each other before they quickly heard Ino and Sasuke speak.

"Like I said, when." She laughed making him look hard at her before she signed with a smile. "I'll take care of Azumi. You go to Sakura." Ino said.

"Go dobe. I'll take care of her." Sasuke told him making Naruto nod and take off back to the hospital with Tsunade not far behind.

"Now what do we do?" asked Tenten not knowing if they were supposed to follow or wait.

"Sit and relax." Ino smiled as she took a seat next to Sasuke.

"Naruto and Sakura have found new ways to heal, I guarantee they'll be back in no more than an hour or two." Sasuke told the group and saw them all take a seat.

"I couldn't help but notice you have a nickname for him." Said one of the death ninja making Sasuke looked at her and nod. :"why do you call him that? I thought he was your friend."

"It's just a name that stuck." Sasuke said looking over to the children running around. As the death ninja was about to ask farther Kakashi smiled under his mask and explained more.

"Naruto and Sasuke were always like that." Everyone looked over while the close friends laughed.

"More like Naruto really was an idiot." Ino laughed. "He was one of the dead last. He deserved the name."

"One of?" asked another death ninja making one smile behind his mask and the other chuckle.

"Yeah, Naruto, Choji, Kiba and Shikamaru were dead last. They were too lazy to do the work, distracted by food or out pulling pranks."

"Oh? So they were the trouble makers."

"Not completely. Only the dobe was the trouble maker." Sasuke smiled as he saw Azumi run after a ball that got away. "How he got Sakura to turn is a mystery."

"Talking about us teme?" Naruto smirked as he walked up with Tsunade smiling and Sakura leaning on him with a small smile.

"Aw is Sasuke-kun jealous?" Sakura laughed making Sasuke roll his eyes and look back to the little girl as she was backing away from a small group of older children who started to follow her out of the group of adults beating on her. He looked over to see Naruto and Sakura both looking over as anger began to grow in their eyes. Sasuke stood up and walked over as Naruto helped Sakura sit down.

"I'll be right back." He whispered as she continued to watch. Naruto stood and Found Sasuke waiting for him while the others continued talking. The two men slipped off with only a few noticing as they began walking over to where the adults started towards Azumi as she began to cry. Naruto saw the other kids run at the bigger kids and started hurting them. Naruto and Sasuke jumped over as the adult came closer and to them.

"You have a problem?" Sasuke asked with a smirk when all the adults froze and looked at him. "You know who she is, and you know what will happen if your caught doing anything to her."

"Daddy!" Azumi cried as Naruto scooped her into his arms looking angrily at the adults who had grown up with him.

"Guys that's enough. I think they'll think next time about going up against the kids of the best ninja in the village." He smirked as the kids all climbed off the older ones and stood beside him as their parents made their way over with Tsunade who took her place to the side of Naruto.

"What do we have here?" she looked at the adults who started to shy away. "Well I think you really need to sit and think about how lucky you are. There is no reason to continue the problems that happened when you were children. I have just the place for you to sit and think about it." She glanced at Naruto who had knelt down with Sakura and started to fix up Azumi. "What do you two think?" Naruto and Sakura glanced at the people and Sakura went back to work as Naruto stood back up.

"I think they've learned. Besides, if they do it again they may not have someone to stop the kids." Naruto saw the group of kids smiled and heard them all taunt the other kids and the adults. "Let em go this time granny, next time you can do what you want with them." The group looked at him surprised before Sakura stood slowly and held Azumi on her hip and looked at each and everyone. She opened her mouth to speak but was cut off by Sasuke.

"You try it again and you'll have more than the kids after you." he flashed his Sharingon and watched them all nod and bow before moving off with their children.

"Seems like you've been having problems Naruto." One of the death ninja chuckled making Naruto smile and nod.

"Ever since you died old man." Everyone looked between the two confused, no one knowing Naruto had figured out who the ninja were. "Granny didn't do too bad helpin me when she got here."

"How do you know who that is?" Kiba and the others were confused.

"heh. I knew as soon as I saw them." He glanced at Sakura who nodded with a smile. "So how long you guys gonna hide?" Minato smirked as Kushina smiled and the death ninja pulled their masks down to show their faces.

Sakura nearly fell to the ground with her jaw dropped as she saw the other ninja, while Sasuke could only stare, looking and wondering how he couldn't have noticed his parents were there. Naruto smirked as he saw Asuma look at Shikamaru, Ino and Choji who all could barely believe their eyes. He knew the third and Asuma but he didn't recognize any of the others but looked from Sakura to the man with reddish brown hair and bright green eyes.

"Dad?" she whispered as tears began to gather in her eyes. She smiled as Naruto took Azumi from her and held her while Sakura walked closer to the man. "Is it really…?"

"Sakura… I haven't seen you since you were only seven months old. How have you been? How's your mother?" Minato smiled as he watched Naruto and Azumi talk about the people and where they had been. He had been like Sakura's father when he first learned about Naruto. They had heard that at eighteen he was feared by most ninja. He was in almost all the villages' books as one of the most dangerous ninja in the world. He wanted to meet Naruto back then as soon as he learned that he was alive and doing well but knew that he needed to get his mission done and over with before he even tried to get involved in his son's life. He saw Sasuke wander closer to his parents and watched as they began to talk softly.

"Why don't you see for yourself? Mom will be so happy to see you!" Sakura smiled brightly as she turned and looked at Naruto talking to Azumi softly. "I'm sure you already know about everything but come here." She smiled as she pulled him over to Naruto. "Naruto, this is my dad." Naruto shifted Azumi to one arm and held out his other to shake.

"It's nice to finally meet you." Naruto smirked.

"It is my pleasure. It's not every day you get to come back to life and meet your daughter's husband and child."

"It's a good thing we were all given this chance." Minato said as he stood next to his son with smirk. "I guess you were right Kaori." Minato making Kaori start to laugh while the two young adults looked between them before Kushina explained.

"Just before Naruto was born these two would spend hours arguing about you two growing up and getting married."

"It almost didn't happen like this." Sakura smiled softly as she moved closer to Naruto who wrapped his arm around her waist. "If certain things never happened I probably would have been with someone else."

"Who would you have been with? What things happened?" Kaori asked as all the ninja who had died twenty four years ago looked over at them as Sasuke shrunk away from his parents and back to his two team mates.

"Azumi why don't you go play with Sakumo and the others." Naruto told her more than asked her as he set her on her feet. She only nodded and ran off to play as Naruto and the other three members of team seven looked between themselves before Naruto and Sasuke began to explain.

"when we were kids I made a lot of stupid mistakes and it lead to a lot of problems and if it weren't for them it probably would have lead to deaths." When the others looked at him strangely Naruto picked up as Sakura put her hand on his shoulder.

"Why don't we go somewhere we can talk more about this? It's not something that we want to have people remember." The group all nodded as Naruto called for Azumi and the small group of Tsunade, Jiraiya, Sasuke's parents, Naruto's parents, Kakashi, Anko, Sakumo, Rin, Obito and Sakura's father started off towards Naruto and Sakura's larger apartment.

"So what happened?" Kaori asked again as everyone took seats and listened while Azumi and Sakumo ran off to Azumi's room to play.

"It started during our chunin exams. Orochimaru showed up and started messing around. He showed up and started fighting us and was able to bite Sasuke and put a curse seal on him. It started to take over him and eventually he left the village to go with Orochimaru. Naruto promised to bring him back to the village and he had been working since we were twelve to do just that." Sakura smiled at the two men as Naruto bent down to talk to the two children and Sasuke looked down at them not really paying attention to Sakura.

"So you brought him back then?" asked Sasuke's mother making Naruto glance at Sasuke before nodding.

"Not without fighting for it." Sasuke said making eyes shift to him as Naruto continued talking with the children. "The dobe came after me a few times but this last time he finally managed to get me. After I killed Orochimaru I went out looking for revenge. I wanted to get Itachi back for everything he had done. He left me alone after he killed the entire clan and he told me that he wanted me to get stronger and to go after him. I went after him and eventually wound up working with a small group of people I had come to trust while under Orochimaru, and we became part of the Akatsuki. The leader had me under a spell and it wasn't until this last time that Naruto finally pulled me out of it." everyone looked over and saw Naruto smile as the two kids ran back into the room and he stood up. "It nearly cost him his life here with Sakura and Azumi but he pulled me out and back here."

"That'll teach you to ignore help, teme." Naruto smirked making Sakura roll her eyes while the others were confused.

"You almost died bringing him back here?" Sasuke's mother asked Naruto making him nod as Sakura explained a little more.

"Technically he did die." Sasuke and Naruto looked at each other and smirked making her roll her eyes again. "That doesn't mean anything you two." The two men looked at her as she went back to telling the others what happened. "These two went after each other and Sasuke actually killed Naruto and Naruto missed all the vital spots so he could be taken back to the village. It's only thanks to the Fox that Naruto lived."

"It's thanks to that fox Naruto lived through his entire life." Sasuke smirked.

"Better than being stuck up." Naruto commented back causing the two to begin arguing.

"At least I wasn't an idiot."

"No you were the ass."

"No I was the one all the girls wanted and you were the one they were running from, because you were too stupid."

"If I'm too stupid then how come I kicked your ass?"

"Alright!" Sakura called out making everyone look at her. "I swear one more word comes out of either of your mouths and I'll shut it for you." she warned making Naruto gulp while Sasuke only looked away and the others smiled at the site.

"Leave it to these two to cause a fight for no reason." Kakashi sighed.

"Leave it to the mini Tsunade to stop it." Jiraiya said making everyone but Tsunade, Sakura, Naruto and Sasuke smile and laugh.

"Pervy sage, I really don't think you should say stuff like that." Naruto warned as he glanced at the two women waiting for an excuse to hit him and finally go that chance when he chuckled.

"What is she going to do that Tsunade hasn't done already?" Naruto took a step back as Tsunade and Sakura both gathered their chakra and slammed their fists down on top of his head making him fall to the ground whimpering.

"I told you. Sakura can be worse than Granny sometimes." Naruto explained as he helped his old teacher back to his feet. "Wait till you see her fight."

"Which won't be happening any time soon." Tsunade warned the two young adults. "And that reminds me. Are you two going to be going to stay somewhere later?" Naruto and Sakura looked at each other and shrugged. "I suggest you do something as precaution after last time."

"Last time? What's going on?" Kaori asked confused as Sakura smiled and Azumi ran out.

"Daddy! Come help!" Naruto looked over to find a frustrated little girl with paint all over her and a young boy looking around the corner with the paint all over his face.

"Let's get you two cleaned up first." He chuckled as he led the two children to the kitchen to clean them up and Sakura continued.

"Naruto and I are going to have another baby." Tsunade and Kakashi smiled already knowing the news while the others stood stunned and Jiraiya smirked perverted-like only to be hit on the back of the head by Naruto as he walked past with the two children.

"And that is why you'll always be pervy sage." Naruto smiled as he walked into the other room with the kids to help them with what they were doing while Jiraiya only glared at him and the others who knew him laughed.

"Another baby?" Kaori smiled and looked at his daughter.

"Yeah, we found out the other day and were going to tell everyone when we wound up having to pull that whole thing."

"What about last time?" Sasuke's mother asked as Sasuke leaned back against the wall.

"When I was pregnant with Azumi my chakra slowly drained and I wound up not being able to mold any by the time I was five months along. When I was eight months along, Naruto was on a mission I was trying to get some shopping done and they refused to let me in. They started to yell and got the attention of villagers as they passed by and they all started beating on me. It was a good thing Hinata and Kiba were there and were able to stop the villagers and take me to the hospital…" she trailed off remembering the pain she was in and the worry in Naruto's eyes when he got back.

"If it weren't for those two and their ability to move quickly you possible could have died and you defiantly would have lost Azumi." Tsunade added making everyone looked at her wondering why she and Naruto had agreed to not do anything to those who were torturing Azumi earlier.

"Well they know they have more than just Naruto and the fox to worry about. They all know he could kill them with a small movement but I really doubt they'll do anything with everyone here now." Sasuke told Tsunade.

"You could always alternate missions to allow at least three people to be here just in case." Sasuke's father commented.

"There are times when I need all of my best out on the field, and all of my best is the entire group of friends leaving Sakura here alone, Fugaku."

"What if you leave Fugaku, Mikoto, and several of us here while the best are out?" Kushina asked as Tsunade smirked and looked around.

"Well you really would have to discuss that with Naruto. That does mean he no longer has a reason to visit the sand and bother Gaara."

"I can bother Gaara any time I want." They heard called from the other room making the others laugh. Naruto walked back out leaving the children to do their activity. "Do I really need a reason to bother him?"

"Gaara…. The Kazekage?" asked Kaori surprised.

"Yeah, he's always trying to find a way to keep me away."

That's because you annoy the hell out of him." Sakura told her husband making him chuckle.

"It's his own fault. He won't have a rematch with me."

"So you annoy him?" Sasuke asked raising his eyebrow. "Glad we got our match done and over with."

"That's what you think teme." Naruto chuckled, making Sasuke stand up and flash his sharingon at him. "I've seen your worst; you can't do anything to me." He laughed as Sasuke walked closer and Sakura had to get between them and separate them.

"Another time boys. What do you want to do Naruto?" She asked going back to their previous conversation.

"Whatever you want to do. If you want to stay and Granny can arrange it, or if you want to go stay with Gaara or something. They're both fine with me." Naruto looked at Tsunade who was thinking of how she could arrange things.

"well Sasuke has to stay in the village under guard for another five months, and after that I think I'll be able to work a way to get at least one person here with you."

"If you can do it then I would really like to stay." Sakura smiled.

"Why can't she just stay with you?" Mikoto asked.

"Because she's supposed to be resting when her chakra runs out. She can't do much and even walking to the corner store will wear her out. I have no place for her to stay in my office."

"She'll only get into fights with everyone who tells her she can't go anywhere." Naruto laughed getting elbowed in the side by Sakura as she frowned at him. "What do you say teme?" Naruto asked Sasuke.

"I will do it as long as I'm able to."

"Okay then it's settled, Sakura." Tsunade said as Sakura smiled and leaned against Naruto who instinctively wrapped his arms around her as he continued to talk to Sasuke. "I'll do the same thing I did last time and I want to check your chakra every week to see how it's progressing." Sakura nodded and leaned her head against Naruto who only continued to talk to Sasuke.

"Hey." Sakura pulled her head up and looked brightly at her speechless father. "Why don't I take you to see mom and we can get everyone back here later tonight. It is the night you guys usually play your games anyway." Sakura looked up at Naruto who shrugged as he let her go to walk over to her father. "Let everyone know while I go to my mom's. You're going to be the adult while I'm gone right?" she giggled at Naruto as he smirked and bit his thumb. Kaori watched amazed as Naruto summoned large toads in front of him.

"yo!" the red one greeted while the yellow one asked for snacks.

"I need you guys to do me a favor. Can you get word to the others and tell 'em to come by tonight about the usual time?"

"Sure thing. But only if you go training with Gamriki. I heard it's the funniest thing ever." The toad laughed making Jiraiya chuckle.

"Get going before I start training on you." He threatened making the toad laugh harder and disappears. "Sometimes I wonder about him." Naruto shook his head as the others looked at him.

"I never knew you could summon toads." Kushina said looking proudly at her son.

"Naruto can do a lot more than you think." Sasuke commented as Sakura shook her head.

"Like what?" Kaori was curious as he looked from his daughter to his son in law.

"Naruto can do so many things it would just be easier to show you." Sakura said jokingly only to see Naruto smirk. "No Naruto. You go out and start messing around you're going to get hurt."

"I'll keep him nice and safe." Sasuke smirked as he and Naruto locked eyes.

"Like I really trust you two going at it and neither one of you getting hurt." She rolled her eyes and sighed. "You're going to do it anyway so just don't overdo it." She sighed as she turned away and led her father out of the house.

"Wanta go tonight? We'll have everyone one there to practice with." Naruto told Sasuke who looked at him before shrugging.

"Maybe you can show me your little tricks." Sasuke said knowing Naruto knew he meant the defenses and offences against the Sharingon. Naruto chuckled and shrugged as they sat down to wait for Sakura to get back with her father.

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