Death Ninja

Chapter 13

Chapter 13

It had been nine months since the rest of the death ninja arrived, Naruto and Sakura had been working on plans to protect everyone and how to go about ending the war. The death ninja were amazed at their ideas and how they worked to keep everyone safe while still having enough power to be offensive when it was needed.

"You two are really good at this." Kaori commented as he looked over his daughter's shoulder as she and Naruto worked on another plan to take.

"We've had plenty of practice." She smiled up at her father as she rubbed her hand over her swollen stomach. "You can't even image the things Naruto and I have been through."

"I don't think anyone has that good of an imagination." Kakashi laughed as he walked in with Minato and Kushina. "How are you two doing?"

"Not too bad. We have a basic plan to go from but it's a matter of if granny will be able to do it."Naruto explained as he looked over at another map with a small message on it then back at the notes he and Sakura had been looking over and gathering in the past nine months.

"Naruto, what if we take one through here while a second loops around? By the time we get moving they will all be gathered and getting ready to attack." Sakura pointed at the map as Naruto's eyes traced where her finger trailed before he looked back at the map.

"They were only talking about it. They still haven't made their move to gather together so if they start attacking and never gather we are going to have to stretch ourselves."

"What if you wait till they band together. Sooner or later they're going to have to move and back each other up." Kaori said looking down at the papers spread out all over the table.

"Did you ever go up against any of them?" Sakura asked and watched her father shake his head. "They're not as easy as they seem. We've been going after Kabuto since we were twelve, Madara and the others started when we were sixteen."

"These two have had their share of fighting with our enemy. They know best." Kakashi smiled as Naruto smirked shaking his head and Sakura jumped suddenly making Naruto glance at her to see she was alright while the others in the room stared at her about to jump and take her to the hospital any minute.

"Relax. It's just the baby kicking; you all are too wound up." Sakura smiled as they heard others start walking in.

"You all look about to burst." Tsunade commented and looked back at Sakura with a smile. "I take it the baby kicked." Sakura nodded with a smile as Tsunade walked over and the others behind her fanned out around the room. "How are you feeling?" she sat down next to Sakura.

"I feel fine." Sakura smiled and saw Naruto from the corner of her eyes as he looked from the side as if to tell her to continue. He looked at Tsunade and shook his head slightly before going back to reading notes form ANBU teams who could only get up to a hundred yards from the enemy's base.

"Sakura, you know you can't lie." Tsunade smirked as Sakura rolled her eyes and sighed.

"Yeah yeah. Not with you and this one here." She gave Naruto a playful glare as he only continued to read. "I feel more drained that I did with Azumi, that's all."

"Sakura-chan." Naruto said as he laid a map in front of her and the notes he had just been reading. "It looks like one of the ANBU might have found a way for us to sneak in. we're going to have to wait a little while to go this route because of the heavy rain fall but it may just give us the little bit of surprise we need." Sakura and he looked over the notes and followed where they said only to run out of directions.

"Looks like you don't know where to go from there." Asuma commented as everyone began to gather around the table.

"Sakura and I know our way once we get through this obstacle here." Naruto said as he traced a small amount on the map that was nothing but green. "I did find this year's ago before all of this really started up but I could never get through. This passage is directly behind a waterfall that you can only get through when the rain season lets up."

"In that area it won't be letting up for another six months." Kakashi said looking down at all the lines on the maps of possible directions. "Why can't you take this rout?"

"It's not the best way to go. You go that way even the very best can get lost."

"When we were up there we wound up getting lot in there for almost a week. Even the toads couldn't help us. Naruto and I finally gave up and made our own path. Another reason you really don't want to go in there to get around them is as soon as we cut through, the forest started closing behind us and was trying to get us caught again." Sakura told Kakashi as she looked back at the maps. "I think going through the falls and then up through here to circle around would be best."

"Have a team go through the falls, send another to the right and up and a third to the left and then send a small team through the village." Naruto said looking at how he and Sakura had worked. "Until we get more reports we only have a few options. This is the best one to keep as many people alive and safe. Go any other way and you risk people getting lost and killed along the way, even this way is risky." Tsunade nodded and looked down at the papers.

"Then we'll just have to call in the reinforcements." Sasuke smirked as he looked over Naruto's shoulder. We pull Suigetsu from there and get Karin and Jugo to come down from here. We have all bases covered and more people who know what they're doing."

"We know what we're doing. We've been ninja since well before you were born." Obito told him making Sasuke look up at him and shake his head.

"You may have become a ninja well before I was born but you also died well before I was born. You all have a little knowledge and a little idea about fighting these guys but we are the ones who have kept pushing through and fighting them since we were kids."

"You think you know more because you've been out there with Madara but you don't know anything about living as a ninja."

"You have no idea what has gone on-!" Sasuke started to yell only to be stopped by Naruto as he stood up .

"You all know what it really is like to be a ninja in the middle of a war but this kind of thing is what we do best. Sasuke may have left when we were kids and we haven't worked as a team for very long after he came back but all three of us were trained by all three sanin and we still remember how each other work."

"You are only kids to us. You can't expect us to follow your lead just because you say you know more about this. I've been following orders and doing what I've been told but you've been keeping everyone from knowing anything about what you all know. What the hell happened that makes you all above everyone else?" Rin placed her hand on Obito's shoulder as Naruto closed his eyes for a moment.

"You have no idea what everyone in this room has been through." Naruto started and as Obito opened his mouth to argue they heard Kakashi stop him.

"Obito. You have no idea what has happened since you died. You can act like that all you want but I really doubt you want to know exactly what we've all been through." Obito looked at his old friend. "We've all seen and done our share, some more than others but you talk about not knowing and you're the one who doesn't know what exactly we are all in the middle of."

"How can-?" Obito was about to ask before others began jumping in.

"Those three in particular have been passed hell and back and they still push on to make sure we are all safe." Tsunade started. "You know about what happed and how Sasuke left, but what you don't know is what Naruto and Sakura went through to get him back. You don't know what Sasuke went through while he wasn't here."

"I understand they have been through a lot but you are the Hokage, you are the one who's supposed to be calling the shots and telling us when and where to go, not them." Obito shot back.

"If you want to live here you will get used to them calling the shots. Now that they are finally old enough, they have become my advisors."

"Hey granny Sai said that there was an army working their way up to Madara, why don't I take them up there. Reports say Kabuto, Kisami and Kakazu's brother are leading it. I think we'll be able to use all the help we can get."

"Where are they?"

"They are starting to gather the army in the river country. With what Sai said it's going to take at least another month before they get moving out. If we wait for them to get just within the border of waterfall and we can take the army out. Once we do that Madara doesn't have the large army to fall back on."

"You think you can take them all out without anything getting out of hand?"

"The army isn't the problem. The whole problem is going to be Kabuto, Kisami and Ginji." Tsunade looked at him for a moment then up at Sasuke.

"You are to wait until they hit grass country then I want you to take as many as you need and take care of this as quickly and as under control as possible." Naruto nodded as he looked around.

"I think taking a large group would be better. Have some take care of the army and the rest working together on the three leaders." Tsunade nodded and looked around also. "I guess we better start training." He chuckled making those who knew him best laugh.

Four day later Naruto and Sakura stood watching as everyone started training with each other to get them all used t the techniques and to form a better way to fight. No one noticed Naruto and Sakura as they stopped and watched as their friends and families were all over. Sakura leaned on Naruto with a smile as she saw Sasuke, Jiraiya and Minato off to the side trying to teach the small group of children how to start training when Konohamaru started sneaking up behind the 3rd who stood to the side smiling as he watched.

"You better stop him before we have a problem." Sakura told Naruto as he chuckled and they walked over to the group of children. "How's training coming?" She asked as Naruto helped her sit down and he walked over to Konohamaru who had just realized the children.

"Having fun?" Naruto smirked as Konohamaru started to laugh.

"They were being so quiet; I didn't even know they were there."

"It's fine…. you can mess with the old man later. But make sure I'm around I want to see his face when he sees your new techniques." Naruto started laugh as they heard several calls for Naruto and Sasuke.

"None of them believe that you two are great fighters." Ino smiled as Sasuke and Naruto looked at each other and smirked.

"You just had to go and get them started, didn't you Ino?" Sakura looked at Ino who laughed and sat next to her best friend and laid her hand on the swollen belly.

"When are you going to tell us what it is? I know you and Naruto already know, why hide it?"

"Because it'll make you explode by the time it's born." Sakura smiled as the baby kicked making both women laugh as Naruto and Sasuke rolled their eyes and looked around.

"You guys gonna really go out and train?" asked Rin.

"When everyone's done. We don't want to pull anyone into it and who knows what we'll wind up doing." Naruto chuckled as they watched everyone clear the training field to sit and watch Naruto and Sasuke have one of their infamous battles. "Guess that means we're up."

"Go beat uncle Sasuke's butt, daddy!" Azumi cheered as she sat next to her mother.

"See what happens when you have kids…. You get your own personal cheerleader." Naruto laughed as he knelt down as Azumi kissed his cheek and Sakura spoke to him.

"You two don't overdo it."

"You know me Sakura-chan. I never over do it." He smirked as Sakura rolled her eyes and the two friends walked out onto the field and began their match messing around playing games with each other, neither wanting to get too far into a fight until they herd yells form their friends knowing they were only messing around. The two looked over at the large group then to each other and grinned evilly. They heard a few 'uh oh's' as Naruto crouched down and closed his eyes and started several hand signs while Sasuke started going through a serious of hand signs. Suddenly Sasuke started to glow slightly as the spectators watched the sharingon disappear in a sea of red; his hair growing slightly with a purplish tint and his skin seemed to dance as the elastics slid all around him. Naruto finished his hand series and opened his eyes with a fox like grin before a medium ball of fire appeared beside him.

"Using two against one, now that's not entirely fair Naruto." Sasuke smirked and watched Naruto stand up to his full height.

"Nah, figured I'd let Kyuubi get some air, besides I don't want to hurt you too bad." He laughed and looked at the fox that stood up to his middle. "wanta go keep an eye on them and make sure no one runs out in front of us?" Kyuubi growled at him. "Yeah, yeah. I'll let you roam for a bit as long as you keep an eye out and don't do anything that would get you in trouble."

"You sure are bossy for a brat." He grumbled as he moved off to the side where the stunned spectators sat watching. "You look as good as the brat said." He said as he took a seat next to Sakura who only smiled.

"It's nice to see you too kyuubi. You just going to wander until Naruto stops being stupid?"

"Figured I'd relax. Not every day I get let out." Everyone looked from the fox to Naruto who was starting to full out fight with Sasuke. They couldn't believe what they were seeing, between Naruto and Sasuke and the fact that a Minnie tailed fox was sitting next to them. It didn't take long for the group to begin to relax as Sakura and the kyuubi continued to talk before Azumi began to try to play with him.

"Azu-." Sakura was about to scold her when she felt a hard kick from the baby, making those nearby look at her quickly.

"Sakura you okay?" Ino asked as she put her hand on Sakura's stomach and felt her friend's body tighten. "Hey fox, get the idiot." Ino said as she started to help Sakura to her feet as everyone else went running for her. "Everyone!" Ino yelled as Naruto made his way through the crowd to Sakura's side and the group started to back up. Sakura wrapped her arm around Naruto's waist as he wrapped his around her shoulders and started walking towards the hospital. They made it as far as Ino's house and Sakura almost collapsed to the ground only to be picked up by Naruto and he jumped off to get to the hospital faster.

"Sakura Haruno. Where is she?" Kaori asked franticly making the young nurse look at him confused until Ino moved to the front pushing Kaori to the side to bump into Minato and Kushina.

"Uzumaki. Sakura Uzumaki, where is she?" the nurse looked down at her papers as Ino glanced at Kaori as Minato chuckled. "It's still hard to believe but Sakura has Naruto's last name and a lot of the people working in the village only know her as Sakura Uzumaki. Everyone that knew her maiden name are all working on missions and helping to get everything set for us to go out." The nurse looked up with a small smile.

"I was told not to give any information out. But I never knew that Sakura Uzumaki was Sakura Haruno. I heard rumors about when you guys were younger and were on those insane missions." She said before the phone rang. Ino and the others looked around at each other not knowing what to do while Azumi was still distracted by the children and the fox watching over them. "That was Sakura Uzumaki's room. They want Ino to go back. It seems like they're going to need a bit of help." Everyone began to get nervous as Ino started walking down the hall and heard the nurse yell the room number to her while the others were left in the waiting room to wait for the news.

"You think Sakura's alright?" asked Hinata as she sat down next to Kiba who shrugged and wrapped his arm around her shoulders. They had been going out for two years and they only got closer every day.

"Naruto and Ino are with her, nothing's going to happen to her." Sasuke said as he took a seat and waited to hear from his best friends. "Besides Tsunade's going to be delivering it." Temari looked hard at him as he stared down the hall.

"You know more than you're telling." She said making Sasuke smirk and look at her with his dark gray eyes.

"Maybe I do, maybe I don't." he smirked before he turned back to stare down the hall way. "I only know what the dobe and Sakura tell me."

"And what would that be?"

"That I cannot tell you." he smiled as everyone began to get frustrated. Kyuubi walked over to Sasuke with Azumi beside him. "What's the matter?" he asked when he saw tears in the girl's eyes.

"She believes the kit and vixen left her." Kyuubi said as the tears spilled over and Sasuke was forced to pick her up and set her on his lap.

"Your parents didn't leave you. They are right down the hall and you'll be able to see them in a little while." Tamari said as she knelt in front of Sasuke. "When they come out you'll get to meet your baby brother or sister."

"Really?" the girl started to cheer up as she looked back at Sasuke.

"Your parents wouldn't leave you behind. Believe me they would take you everywhere with them if they could." Sasuke told her and watched her face brighten as Kyuubi looked between the two and started to speak.

"Kit says they're going to be going into surgery in a couple minutes."

"What? What's going on? You better tell me everything or I'll kick your ass." Temari threatened the fox making him tilt his head wondering if she realized what she had just said and to whom.

"There's something going on and they need to go into surgery. He said it's about a cord wrapped around a baby's neck or something and being breached."

"How's Sakura holding up?" asked Hinata.

"From what kit tells me she's in a lot of pain. Tsunade's worried that they might lose the baby who is wrapped up in its cord."

"Oh no. poor Naruto and Sakura." Tenten said as everyone began gathering around closer to try to get more information from the fox who was still connected to Naruto. "Oh, since you're like part of Naruto, do you know what the baby is?" the fox nodded. "Well?" she asked when he didn't answer.

"You'll see when they come out with it." He smirked as everyone gave him a nasty look. "Let me see if I can get you any more information." He sat still closing his eyes and everyone watched as his chakra seemed to move about him before he started to talk again. "Looks like they're working on untangling the baby." he fell silent for half an hour ignoring the questions and the begging to continue until everything was over. "It's all done. They're taking the vixen back to a room and Ino and Naruto will be out in a couple minutes." The group sat waiting anxiously for Ino and Naruto to come out and tell them the news. Suddenly Naruto and Ino came from a side door that was closer to them both holding a small bundle making everyone's face drop.

"Twins?" Kushina smiled as Naruto and Ino stopped side by side. "They're adorable." She laughed and watched Naruto shift the baby and hand it over to her.

"You want to hold your grandson?" Kushina smiled brightly and took the sleeping baby from his father as Ino handed the other baby to Sakura's father who had just gotten back twenty minutes ago with her mother.

"What did you name them?" asked Akemi as she took the little baby from her husband.

"Her name is Saki and his is Satoru." He smiled as he watched the group crowd around the twins as they yawned. He felt a hand on his shoulder and looked to see Azumi leaning on him as Sasuke held her up. "You want to see your baby sister and brother?" The girl nodded as Naruto took her from Sasuke and started telling her about the twins and how she will have to take care of them. She was extremely excited and watched as the twins began to wake up. Kushina and Akemi rocked back and forth watching as they moved their blond fuzz covered head back and forth before opening their blue eyes.

"They look like you Naruto." Tenten smiled as she continued to watch as they woke up and started looking around.

"Just what we need, even more Naruto's." Ino laughed softly as Naruto smirked at her.

"It depends on when you're talking about Naruto." Tsunade said as she walked up with a smile. "We really could use a few more Naruto's when it comes to protecting friends but something tells me I should just give the Hokage title to him right now so he'll have to deal with his own kids."

"I think Sakura's blood will calm them down a bit." Jiraiya chuckled as he watched Tsunade and Naruto talk softly for a brief moment and Sasuke gave a small nod when Naruto looked at him.

"Azumi, I want you to stay with uncle Sasuke for a little bit alright? I'll come get you when your mother wakes up." The girl nodded as Naruto handed Azumi to Sasuke and took the baby boy as Tsunade took the little girl and the two left telling the group they would all be right back out.

After a year of slowly gathering information and forces, while Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura began their planning and teaching the others how to fight Madara. Naruto and the others were finishing up for the day while the families all gathered to walk home together when they all heard screaming and yelling. Everyone looked over in time to see a little girl with pink hair laugh and take off from her grandmother as she knocked over her brother and nearly ran her sister over.

"Azumi get back here!" Akemi yelled as Satoru and Saki began to cry making Naruto move fast to catch Azumi as she continued running and laughing and Sakura went to consol the twins.

"Hi daddy!" she smiled as Naruto picked her up. She smiled and looked at her father as he looked angrily at her and set her back on her feet.

"What did I tell you about knocking your brother and sister over?" she looked behind her at the twins as Sakura and her mother calmed them as they came closer.

"But they are always in the way."

"That's no reason to push them out of the way."

"Thanks for watching them mom; it means a lot to us. I know all three of them can be difficult." Sakura said to her mother as they walked up to Naruto and Azumi.

"It's no problem. The twins were great they had a fun time playing and they had a nice long nap." She smiled at her daughter before looking at Azumi standing beside her father. "Until this one got bored." Sakura and Naruto both looked down at Azumi as she crossed her arms and looked away before she glanced back to stick her tongue out and run away before her parents could get a hold of her.

"Azumi get back here and say sorry!" Sakura called as the girl stopped and looked at her mother with a scowl before she stuck her tongue out once more and took off again only to stop dead in her tracks when she heard her father's voice.

"Azumi!" The close friends al looked over surprised to hear Naruto raise his voice at his daughter who had begun to take on her father's attitude. They watched the girl stop in her tracks and very slowly turn around and look at the angry Naruto. Several of the friends scolded their children as they all stated making comments. "Get over here." He commanded and watched as Azumi walked over to him shyly. "What do you say?" the girl looked up at her mother and grandmother before her father.

"Sorry." She mumbled as she looked away.

"Start heading home." Naruto told her as she started walking as the adults followed and were joined by several others as Naruto took Satoru from his mother in law.

"That's some power you have over that little troublemaker." Kaori chuckled as he, Minato, Kushina, Jiraiya and Tsunade started walking with them.

"Takes a trouble maker to tame a trouble maker." Sakura smiled at her father as he took Saki from her. "Besides Naruto never yells at her, but when he does she knows she's in big trouble."

"We all know she's in big trouble." Jiraiya laughed making Naruto shake his head.

"I bet if you guys yelled at her she would do the same thing she does with me. Sakura always scolds her for things so her yelling at her is just like any other time." Sakura gave him a small glare making him chuckle.

"Just because you won't yell at her for doing things you can only wish you had thought of doesn't mean she should be able to get away with it." She told Naruto making him laugh and rub the back of his head with his one free hand.

"Just cause you were good doesn't mean everyone should be." He taunted and stuck his tongue out making Sakura roll her eyes with a slight smile while Akemi shook her head.

"Now we really know where she gets it from." Akemi said looking at Naruto as he laughed, then Sakura as she shook her head with a small smile.

"I swear I have to take care of four kids." Sakura said making Naruto laugh as he lifted his son over his head and set him on his shoulders.

"Aw I'm not that bad Sakura-chan." He smirked making her smile at him as the others around them began talking about the information they had gathered so far. "Sounds like we may have to head out sooner than we thought." Naruto said low so only Sakura heard.

"So everyone is going to have to get ready and head out in one week." Tsunade said. "We need to try to stay at least even with them if we want to try to win this." Naruto and Sakura nodded as they looked back at their children. "I'm sorry but there's no way to get around any of this." She said sadly to Naruto and Sakura who only looked at her and smiled.

"Nothing can be done about us leaving but if it means we can take out the bastards that could eventually kill my kids then its well worth having to leave them behind for a while." Naruto smirked as he and Sakura set the twins on the ground and they grabbed their father's hands and started to pull him ahead making him chuckle.

"I really do hate to do this to you two once again." Tsunade told Sakura making the young woman place her hand on her old mentor's shoulder.

"We told you the first time we had to leave Azumi behind; we knew what we were getting into and what we would have to do. We really do know you hate having to send us out and never know if we'll come home but we know you have no other choice, just like all the others we understand."

"It's their own fault anyway. If they hadn't all trained so hard and gotten so strong they wouldn't be the ones being sent out." Jiraiya chuckled making Tsunade and Sakura look at him hard.

"Naruto and I have talked about this many times, we were born and raised Ninja of the hidden leaf and we won't stop being so until long after we're dead. Besides, these missions give us a chance to get out without the kids" she smiled and started to laugh. "Give Naruto an excuse to sick the kids on you, or so he says."

"So he gets them going on purpose?"

"Did you really expect anything different from Naruto?"

"I guess not." She sighed "when I met you two all those years ago I would have never imagined that you two would be married with three kids and then two of the three most powerful ninja in the world." Tsunade smiled as she watched Naruto be fake tackled by a group of children.

"He's just like one of them." Ino said as she and the other friends gathered together and watched the children and Naruto.

"He'll never grow up." Sasuke said as he watched Naruto sit up and look at him with a mischievous grin before the large group of children looked where he was and charged as Naruto stood only to fall to the ground laughing as the children piled on Sasuke.

"Naruto!" Sakura scolded with a big smile as she bent down while he sat up. "You're so mean." She giggled as Naruto started whispering to her.

"They're like a couple of little teens." Jiraiya chuckled

"You think this is bad you should have seen them when they first started going out." Tsunade smiled as she remembered the two, years ago when they had first confessed their love to each other. "I think they'll always be like that. Those two will never grow up."

"I'm just glad they both found someone they love so much." Kushina smiled as she watched her son climb to his feet and wrap his arms around his wife and kiss her forehead as they watched the children play and irritate Sasuke.

"They weren't always like that." Kakashi added as he walked over next to his old teacher. "I'm sure you've heard all the stories."

"We've only heard a couple of them. We haven't had much time to talk about when they were kids." Kushina told him making him look at Naruto as he laughed and let go of Sakura to help Sasuke get back to his feet.

"None of them really like to talk about any more than they have to. They've been through a lot over the years, but I would have thought they would have told you most of the stories."

"It's because of Sasuke, isn't it?" Minato asked as he watched the three young adults as they talked to each other as their friends joined them.

"It was a difficult time for them. Naruto worked so hard only to bring him back to the village because he made a promise to Sakura." Jiraiya explained making the older adults look at the younger adults.

"If you really want to know the stories, why don't you just ask?" A Naruto clone said as he stood between his father and Kakashi making everyone jump.

"That is rude Naruto you shouldn't eavesdrop." Kushina scolded making her son smile and shrug.

"I was only trying to be in two conversations." He chuckled. "But if you guys really want to know all of the stories you should have just asked."

"You wouldn't have told them everything." Kakashi said making Naruto smirk.

"maybe." He chuckled and diapered in a puff of smoke and they watched as Naruto looked over with a smile.

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